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If the NFL must revise the extra point, here's how: 
Posted on February 18, 2014 at 05:59 PM.
First, yeah, even myself being a kicker when I played, I agree that extra points are too automatic these days...because the athletes are so far superior. I seriously remember being in high school (Fall of 1990 to Spring of 1994), and it was a big deal that I kicked a football like a soccer ball. It was still rare. Here at exactly 20 years later, I have seen the kicking game change and become rather clutch from the mere 20 yards (straight on) required of a PAT. But, I don't want kickers eliminated. Let's just make it more of a challenge:

1. - Keep the same option of kicking for one or going for two...but move back the yardage from which both must be achieved. Make going for two points mean that you must snap the ball from the 10 yard line - it'd actually open the field up more for coordinators and make it more likely they'd try it. It, too, wouldn't seem as automatic from only 2 yards out - that's weak for a game played with the strongest athletes we have. And if going for one point at only officially 20 yards and dead on straight away is too easy??? Make it officially 35 yards, but only straight away if the touchdown was scored dead over the middle, between the narrowest hash marks. If you scored from closer to the sidelines, then you kick 35 yards away from whichever hash mark/side of the field accordingly. Perhaps, too, you reintroduce double hash marks back into the game/onto the field. I'd go for that. ---- Now, to keep it transitional and more fitting, though, PAT's in the NFL being 35 yards, then NCAA would have to be from 30 yards and high school set at 25 yards.

2. - Myself and other kickers, for years and years, have been wanting a boost in points for our abilities. I could hit from 50 yards out pretty decently (probably 45% accuracy at least), as can most dependable kickers, but any kicker will tell you that it get's harder judging winds, kicking into the wind, getting proper lift, footing, etc. etc. and such that far. It's definitely not automatic. Per the NFL elite, it's very evident, too. about giving us 4 or 5 points for a field goal 50 yards or more? That dynamic on scoring would really make it interesting.

I just don't want the kicking game to be stripped away. To me it would feel like no longer needing QB's to be hiked the ball or then having to hand off the ball because there's only a small percentage of fumbles doing either exchange...and so they made the stupid rule just letting the QB or RB start the play already holding onto the ball.

Goodell needs a better creative team for his half-jacked ideas changing stuff around.
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I've been gone a long time. A lot has occurred in life. I'm back to being able to have time to be passionate about sports again and even be settled as just a human being. Oh, and I'm on medicine, too. I'm not proud to admit I was OCD and probably an A-hole in the past...but that is just that...the past. I hope I can be welcomed back and talk about some great sports/games.
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