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Option Coast Offense 
Posted on April 18, 2017 at 08:44 PM.
Through out my time playing NCAA Football 14, I have made quite a few playbooks. Most times out of boredom, I would just randomly put formations together with similar plays but no real philosophy behind these formations. Then I started to tinker with flexbone sets presented in the game. Being a man who loves the option , both the spread and traditional under - center varieties, I began to employ these sets in their entirety, some I liked more than others. Once I found the sets that I enjoyed the most, I began to find ways to attack defenses beyond the standard dive, pitch, keep protocol. I researched different ways to employ a simple passing attack. While Run and Shoot is often the standard when taking about flexbone passing, I saw potential from another school of thought; the Bill Walsh school that is. I began to tinker with how a simple West Coast passing game (slant - curl combinations, smash, stick, etc.) with the quick hitting inside runs and option schemes in the flexbone can be effective. That's when I began to see the flexbone more as a formation to facilitate the offense rather than the entirety of the offense itself. A ball control running game mixed with a simple ball control passing attack; the true definition of death by a thousand cuts.

The philosophy of this offense , at least in the way that I use it, is as follows:

Using a simplified West Coast passing attack in conjunction with a Run - Heavy attack featuring the option in order to:

Control the clock with the run and the pass.
Tire the mind of the defenders, not just the body (cloudy minds equal slow feet).
Make passing the ball an planned strategy, not just a surprise tactic.
Creating a more balanced approach to the game.



  • Close
  • Normal
  • Twins Over
  • Wing Trips


  • Full House
  • Flexbone Slot
  • Flexbone Trips


  • Normal
  • Trips Over

Base Plays

  • Midline Iso
  • Triple
  • Inside Zone/FB Dive
  • Triple Option Pass
  • Slants
  • Flood
*Disclaimer: While these are plays that I will run throughout a game, these are not all audibles due to to the limitations present in the game*


QB- I would honestly try to find a guy who is an effective passer before I worry about speed. Due to the increased amount of passing that will be taking place I would suggest that you try to find a guy with above average accuracy (roughly 75 and above) and slightly above average speed (4.8 and faster will suffice). He needs to be able to make the short throws , while being fluid enough to get at least 2.5 yards on the ground. Why 2.5 yards. Well for me, I go for it on 4th quite a bit when I am in a 4th and short situation ( 3 yards or less). If I can get 2.5 yards on any given series,with any given ballcarrier, for four downs, that will be a first down every single time (hypothetically, of course).

FB- He will be our battering ram in the middle. Average speed( >4.75 40yd) and slightly above average receiving(> 65 catching) is suffice. He has to be able to move the chains and be an effective receiver as he will usually be the check down option in this offense.

HB- Our HB will not be a traditional HB. When I recruit for the position I find short (5'5" - 5'9" though willing to find the fastest player available regardless of height) WR to take this position. The theory is that due to the HB alignment, it would be easier to have a WR carry the ball than to have a HB catch the ball. Speed is mandatory at this position ( no slower than a 4.5). He has to be able to recieve the pitch or the pass and create lightning.

WR- Again this position will not be filled traditionally. I like to use tall (> 6'2") receiving (no slower than 4.8) tight ends in the WR spot. They are our deep ball threats as well as our blockers on the perimeter.

OL- Quick (>4.92 ) run or balanced blockers ( preferably balanced) who can cause havoc on the edge.
# 1 wings95 @ Apr 19
Good stuff. What is your avg run and pass yards per game?
# 2 dgarrett92 @ Apr 19
Through 2 games in my current dynasty

183 yds passing
148.5 yds rushing

Although the per game numbers aren't spectacular im also averaging

3.91 yards per carry
11.8 yards per pass completed
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