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My Most Memorable Sports Gaming Experience 
Posted on October 9, 2012 at 12:28 AM.
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Back in the day I remember playing Madden '93 on Sega Genesis. One of the first sports games I ever played. (The other being NHL). I was the Giants trying to stop the Eagles and Randall Cunningham was going wild. It was a back and forth game. A classic. One for the ages. And the Eagles were driving in a final 2 minute drive that would beat me if I couldn't stop them.

There was about half a minute left in the game when my door buzzer rang.

It was my girlfriend was I was madly in love with, coming over. But I was out of time outs and back in 1993, as I remember there was no pause button, or if there was, I wasn't using it. The game had to be finished. The buzzer rang again, and I had no choice but to buzz her in.

I was so wrapped up in this game, I could not stop. She walked in the door and saw me playing. I couldn't turn away but I managed to greet her between plays.

But she wanted my attention right then and there, and did a great job of getting it. However...there were seconds left. Cunningham scrambled, and I could not stop him.

I had to make a decision between my girlfriend and Madden. Madden won.

Sadly, I lost the game but gained a lifelong love of video game playing. What happened with the girl? Oh, my GF and I survived the argument that ensued, but the relationship didn't work out in the long run.

What can I say? Girlfriends come and go but gaming is true love.

So What's Your Most Memorable Sports Gaming Experience? Please Share below!

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