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NBA 2K12 ratings thoughts and who are you guys changing 
Posted on September 27, 2011 at 10:41 AM.
What are your guys' thoughts on the ratings. I'll be changing a few myself. Here is what is changing for me.

Durant 92-94
LeBron 98-95
D-Wade 96-95
Noah 82-77
Boozer 77-80
M. Gasol 73-75
Bosh 80-82
D.Harris 78-81
P. Gasol 86-87
D. Nowitzki 85-88(maybe a little higher depending on what he is low in.)
R. Westbrook 88-87
K. Love 81-83
86 Jordan 92-94

I do agree with most of the rankings these are just a few slight changes I'm making. What are your guys' thoughts and who are you changing
# 1 heeeejdu @ Sep 27
u want Noah to be a 77? man, that's tough...
# 2 eaterofworlds888 @ Sep 27
I just can't see how Noah is better than Boozer and Bosh. I like Noah but I don't think he deserves 82.
# 3 ccjj1010 @ Sep 27
There is no way Durant is a 92. He shoule be 95 easily. Cannot be stopped. Only flaw he has is strength.
# 4 eaterofworlds888 @ Sep 27
dude I bumped Durant up. Obviously he is better than 92 but I still think Wade and LeBron are a little better. KD is tied with KB in my opinion at this current time
# 5 ccjj1010 @ Sep 27
I would completely agree and kobe is my favorite player. Durant to me is top 3 or 4 players in the league.
# 6 tmab @ Sep 27
Messing with the ratings in 2k is pointless, it's not a number measuring their rank, it's just their skills. Dirk is an 85 because his defense sucks, which is true, and allows him to play like his real life counterpart. Lebron is a 98 because he really is the best at everything whether you agree or not, his stats prove it. This isn't like madden where the ratings don't matter, and basically just determine who's better than who because they're rated one point higher.
# 7 SdotThaDon @ Sep 27
The reason why Kd is a 92 is easy. His d is average at best, no post game, weak for his position. Not a great playmaker, and of the top tier stars his buckets are assisted more than the others. His iso game is strong but not on the level of lebron, Kobe, dwade, or melo. He lags behind just a bit, but his ceiling is high because he's still young...
# 8 Darkoslam @ Sep 27
I definitely saw some shady ratings, I think Darko deserves better than a 62 first of all. I also saw that Hawes dropped 10 points down to a 59, did he really have that bad of a year last year? Cousins also might deserve higher than a 71. I also feel that Beasley had a good year and should have higher than a 78. Rubio looks about right though, although I was very surprised to see him actually on the game.
# 9 Josephlaker123 @ Sep 27
i think brian scalbrine and kwame and darko are a little too high but im bumpin dirk by 6 and kobe by 1 and deductign lebron by 3 and rose by 2 and kd by 3
# 10 eaterofworlds888 @ Sep 27
@tmab it's not pointless maybe they have underrated a few things and it needs bumping up. and also @sdotThaDon KD is a better than a 92 end of story. @Darko I agree with you but Cousins is about right with 71 rating. He'll get better in future but 71 right now is fine. and finally @josephalker KD at 89 seriously?
# 11 SdotThaDon @ Sep 27
If you've played nba games for more than a few years then you know better than to say player x is better than y ovr. Kd is just right, he's more or less one dimensional. If he wasn't athletic he'd be rated the same as dirk. Being athletic is a big boost to ovr as well as being good at many different things. Saying he's better than 92 end of story says the fan in you is speaking and not the common sense.
# 12 eaterofworlds888 @ Sep 27
@ SdotThaDon well I didn't mean to insult you intelligence but I really can't fathom how KD can get below a 92 and I've been playing NBA Games since NBA JAM. so yea. I've owned every 2k besides 2k,2k1,and 2k6 and have also owned every live from 2000-2010 excluding 01 and 07 so I know my basketball games. Back to KD he is NOT one dimensional he is very talented and right on par with Kobe right now. Kobe is getting older so he's dwindled a bit and KD is getting more experienced so he's getting a bit better. Kobe and Durant are very similar players so it is fair to compare them. I can understand how comparing Dirk to KD would be unacceptable as they are completely different players. and I do agree that athleticism adds to a lot. I am factoring that in. I still think KD is slightly underrated with a 92.
# 13 ccjj1010 @ Sep 27
Lebron isnt the best at everything. Is he the best passer in the league? Best rebounder? best shooter? best scorer? Name one thing Lebron is the best at in the NBA please. Best athlete maybe yes. Im not sure what his individual ratings are. But im sure he is too high in all categories.
# 14 eaterofworlds888 @ Sep 27
@ccjj1010. I never said LeBron was the best at everything. Maybe best overall but def. not best shooter, rebounder, or passer
# 15 eaterofworlds888 @ Sep 28
I respect your decisions man. Personally, I think Afflalo and Howard are about right, as well as Kobe. LeBron is the best but I still think 98 is to high. I'm still sticking by raising KD a bit. Most have disagreed with me today on Boozer and Noah. I'm sorry I just think Noah is a bit overrated and Boozer (while he had a bad season last year) is still a little bit better. Yea M.Gasol is beast but 75 is about as much as he's getting from me. P. Gasol is beast too. To be honest, I don't really know why I lowered D.Will I often get him and D.Harris mixed up so that's probably why. I'm changing that cause he should remain 90. and yea Westbrook is overrated too.

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