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My amazing experience with My Player 
Posted on October 4, 2011 at 11:54 PM.
Ok, guys I have been playing 2k12 since I got home from good ol' college today and I must say this is the best basketball game EVER MADE. I wanted to say that about 2k11 but I couldn't ever bring myself to do it. I felt like saying something was the best ever should be very rarely said and still wasn't sure if 2k11 deserved that, but 2k12 most certainly does!

That being said before I start with my MY Player story, I have a little back story. I have been in love with the game of basketball since the age of 6. I grew up a Kentucky Wildcats fan and an all around NBA fan in general( meaning I basically like all NBA teams with exception of LeBron).Luckily, for me Wildcat players are loyal to their fans, that being said a lot of time Wildcat players go around to different spots in Kentucky and meet and greet fans where you can get autographs and a picture. Now I know it sounds dopey but every chance I get I go to these events. I've met quite a few Wildcat players over the years and actually have tickets to one coming up this weekend. The most notable ones I've met though are the ones that have played in the NBA. I've met 3 NBA ones so far. Met Rodrick Rhodes at a Wal-Mart one day. wasn't even a special event just there he was walking down the aisle. That was pretty cool. But I've also met Chuck Hayes and Jodie Meeks. I've gotten autographs from both and have met both. This might not be a big deal to some. But it is a huge deal to me!

That being said I started up My Player today which is a lot more fun this year, the one rookie game we have has a hyped feel to it and I love the fact that overalls are better this year. But here comes the part that made my experience amazing. After the game I got three interviews one from the Sixers(where Meeks plays), one from the Rockets(Where Hayes plays), and one from the Wizards (where John Wall plays) Needless to say I was on cloud nine with these three interviews. I really didn't care which I went to. I answered the question as honest as possible and ended up getting drafted 16th by the Sixers. OH YEA. Teamates with my homie Meeks.

First drills I played were all shooting drills against meeks. I so love this game. Feels almost like all this was meant to happen.
# 1 RB10 @ Oct 5
Yes sir! I went 13 to the Suns and am being mentored by Steve Nash. But I plan on requesting a trade to my T'wolves to Mentor Rubio! It is just such a PURE game, I haven't found much wrong. My teammates are actually doing pretty good for me. I always thought on 2k11, I'd love the chance to only play key games, but on 2K12 I WANT to play every game. I don't want to see my stats drop or even rise cause I skip a game, I WANT to play every game. I'm glad you are having a positive experience with the game as well.
# 2 Retropyro @ Oct 5
I got interviewed by Philly, Washington and Indiana. Ended up going 16th to Philly. The coolest moment for me was in a game against the Clippers I had the ball at the top of the key and the commentary turns to how I "broke out" in the last game against the Bucks and they started rattling off my stats from that game. Right there, Madden got owned. I ended up having a rough game against the Clippers and late in the 4th when I missed a shot the commentators bring up my last game again but this time say how I just fell back to earth.
# 3 eaterofworlds888 @ Oct 5
@Retropyro lol. yea this game is awesome and the commentary is great too. I was always an association guy and don't get me wrong I started up an association yesterday as well, but My Player may ultimately get most of my playing time this year
# 4 eaterofworlds888 @ Oct 5
@RB10 I honestly don't know what to do. To be honest I don't have the time to play every single game. If I do by next year I'll only be in like my third year. I would really like to play through at least 10 seasons. But I'm the same way you are I don't want to see a dramatic change in my stats just because I skip games.
# 5 DoubleJMix965 @ Oct 5
I think this makes me happier than anything else. My Player was fun last year but still lacked some of the small things. Sounds like 2k12 got it right, or at least they're on the right track to do so. Good review/information!
# 6 ajf14 @ Oct 5
I was on the fence about getting this game because of the lack of a season, but this just set my mind on getting it. thanks man, looks legit.
# 7 BRxSKINSx @ Oct 8
My player mode is awesome....the CPU just hits too many shots and everyone has a 3pt symbol...other than that, I enjoy my player.....I haven't even played a regular quick match or anything yet...this year's my player mode is too fun....
# 8 eaterofworlds888 @ Oct 8
@BRxSKINSx Yea so far I haven't had any issues with My Player. It's been great, but so far most of my gameplay has been torward Greatest Mode. Trying to that out of the way so I can focus on My Player and Offline Association. But, yea so far My Player has been great even though I've only played Rookie Showcase and then got drafted. I haven't even played an official game yet for the Sixers as I said I am trying to get Greatest Mode out of the way.
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