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Franchise Mode Showdown: 2K12 v. MLB 12: The Show - The Menus [Show Part 1] 
Posted on March 28, 2012 at 11:47 PM.
Before we dig into head to head franchise games, lets take a look at the menus you'll be navigating during the campaign.

First off MLB 12: The Show

There have been some changes to the franchise menus for 12. Not the wholesale changes I, or maybe others were expecting.

There is a new [old?] backdrop this year. Gone is the stadium shots from 11, here is the MLB Network style banner effect with the teams logos swimming around. You will see this look somewhat represented in the OSD's within franchise games this year. its a nice professional background and much improved over last years cartoony stadium look. IMO.

The main hub for chise has been tinkered with, using a nice black, silver and white look which screams class.

Added this year as seen in this screenshot is the next games starters on the left drop down box and rotating league leaders on the right.
Its a nice addition to the main hub though I wished you could use maybe the d-pad to quick scroll to different categories. As it stands now, you just wait 3 or 4 seconds and new categories appear. Minor but yea.
Here's a pic of last years screen. this years is much more tv styled, less video-gamey. Hey the newspaper.....

The perennial favorite, the newspaper returns! Somehow, In this internet age, its crazy that SCEA hasn't moved on from this and added team webpages to access team news. Things like this show the games stagnant position when it comes to certain aspects. I mean the articles are not even that interesting.
There's a shot that this in-game newspaper might outlast the NY Times. Let's hope not.

Presently there is NO way to find out what is going on around the league unless you check box scores.
-Did Nolasco throw a no-no? I don't know- know. There's no
-How many games in a row have the Cubs lost? 9? Wow! How did I find this? I went to the teams schedule and counted them off.
-Wonder if Halladay reached that Complete Game milestone? Hold on,, let me go fudge around in the stats page for the Phils.
Hopefully MLB13 remedies this. Because not knowing what is going on around your virtual league really ruins the immersion and makes you fell lik you are playing in a vacuum. Your team and thats it.
As far as trades around the league, you are only notified of BIG trades, any others you will have to scroll through transactions screens to find them. Even then, don't wait too long as the game has a previous date cut-off.

Here's one vote for using 30 team control: if you do, you will get pop-ups in the schedule screen of ALL trades [as well as MiL and ML playoff bracket announcements] as they happen. Why can't this be the case for single team control?
Again immersion.

I'll break this up and hit on some more MLB SHOW 12 Franchise menu thoughts in the next blog as we get closer to the season.
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