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Posted on October 15, 2009 at 03:37 AM.
Its time to lighten the mood and get fun for a bit on here. Live is just a game, lets enjoy it while we have it. With that being said, there's things I want to see implemented next year.
This year, Live went small on features and focused on fixing the core gameplay experience and it paid off.
But next year, I hope to see some new things rolled out.
In my 26th bi-annual installment of the 'top ten features' list I look at things I hope aren't some of the things

And now....


10] All New Player Models With Real Time Sweat [And Exclusively To NBA Live, Authentic NBA Smells]
Now think twice before playing Brian Scalabrine 35 Plus minutes.

9] Referee Dynamic DNA
Feeling like the computer a.i. ALWAYS comes back late in games? With new Referee DNA, it wont be a surprise when certain teams keeps covering the spread. Former ref Tim Donaghy provided feedback and insights to make this feature one of a kind.

8] Revolutionary Enhanced User Control
Gamers Will Now Be Able To Take Charge Like Never Before [Do not confuse this with being able to actually take charges]. New MindScrape 2011 technology will allow Live fans to make developer Mike Wang admit rhere Is comeback AI code in the game. Even if it really Isn't in there.

7] 'My 12th Man' Mode
Why control ANY player, when you can control the 12th man? Lead the charge on the bench by pounding on the X button during team rallies. Hold down the O button to lean your head to your knees while your team blows a double digit deficit. Tap the left and right trigger buttons successively to shake your head in amazement when the coach runs another Iso for Brandon Jennings. Get garbage time down by 42 and watch nobody pass you the ball. Not even Luke Ridnour. This is the first year, so you will only be able to control Roko Ukic.
[Note: A rumored patch in November will add Kellana Azubuike].

6] All New Mini Games. Including Get Eddy Curry Through Training Camp
Heck it wont be easy getting him TO training camp. On the way there he drives by 2 Taco Bell's and a Carl's Jr. Things like showing up for practice without your sneakers or actually lacing them up for an actual full practice session, will fluctuate an all new 'Patience Meter' which will gauge how tolerant Mike D'Antoni is of your antics. Send the meter plunging and a pop-up showing Donnie Walsh will appear, stating that he wishes he'd stayed in Indiana. Coach D has recorded authentic Italian expletives exclusively for this mode.
Sponsorship provided by Bobs Big Boy.

5] GM Mode: Be A David Kahn
Take control of an NBA franchise and handle the day to day duties of the General Manager position. Options will include mangling the cohesion of your backcourt in 23 minutes, alienating your hundreds strong fanbase and trading for then trading away Quentin Richardson. Note: there is no limit on point guard signings.
Steve Kerr will act as your mentor for this mode and has recorded 9 new lines specifally for this feature.

4] Online Free Throw Shooting Contest [First To 100 Wins]
Cheezers beware. Try leaving one of these contest's when ur down 98 to 82 and watch it result in an automatic loss.........of six hours of your life.

3] Steve Kerr's Voice
In one of Lives biggest coups yet, we got rid of a guy who doesn't even announce anymore and added the voice fans have wanted since Live10.
Marcus Stevenson. Come on now, don't YOU want to know what he sounds like my man?

2] New, Simplified 6 Button Backdown Mechanic
Get busy under the hoop with a digital Dwight Howard. Back down the big men of the league with a new control scheme that will prove just how hard it would be for some 24 year old in his moms basement to move Shaq around in the paint with just a ps3 controller. Never. Yea, thats about right.

And the number one thing I do NOT want to see implemented in NBA Live 11......


Ok now that thats out of the way, let me say, I love Live, this is for fun, lets ball in 10 and beyond. Aint' life short?
# 1 econoodle @ Oct 15
An NBA 2K top ten list coming soon.
# 2 Tha_Kid @ Oct 16
Ha, read these Wednesday (?) in the wishlist thread. Number 2 hurt, i'm 22, on 360 and not in the basement but still.
# 3 econoodle @ Oct 16
Hey Kid, I played the stereotype there, all in good fun. didn't mean to offend.
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