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NBA Live 10: Trouble getting to the FT line and using Layup Solutions? READ THIS! 
Posted on November 10, 2009 at 01:52 PM.
Have you given up on Live because you can't get to the FT line? Or because the CPU has an unfair advantage and gets all the foul calls while you get pummeled and the refs swallow their whistles? Or because you're tired of getting sucked into bad collision animations where you never make the shot and never get a foul called? Tired of too much stupid contact?

Well, pick Live back up one more time and give this a try...

C/P'd from my post in the Live 10 forum.

It was all user error, I finally 100% got Layup Solutions and the euro/pro/spin moves down. In turn I get to the FT line plenty (30+ times when aggressive) and in turn the ugly contact animations are all gone.

All it took was one trip back to Mike Wang's shooting tutorial and I immediately found my problem. 7 minutes in, 7:10 to be exact - as soon as I heard it I knew my problem (and probably everyone else's).

When you want to start these moves from 15'-18' feet out you have to have turbo pressed. That was my problem, I got so used to never using turbo besides the open floor that I was trying to execute these moves without holding turbo. That's when the crap-fest contact bonanza begins. Unless the lane is parted like the Red Sea you aren't gonna get these layups off without a bad contact animation w/o turbo. You must have turbo pressed.

So I tried balling with D-Rose on Superstar, still rarely using turbo but pressing it down just before I flick the stick and press the shot button when I want a layup solution...

....magic.... **There are fouls on Clip 1, 4, 5 & 7 (it's hard to hear the whistle)

For comparison sake, below is the one time I chose not to press turbo while trying a layup solutions move, look familiar to a lot of you?

There's no fancy editing to try and make this look better than advertised, those were literally the first seven times in the game I took it to the rack with D-Rose and properly used turbo to do a Layup Solution. I didn't edit out or not save any bad contact replays. Funny thing is the Warriors adjusted like crazy after this and really collapsed into the paint. I forced it one time and got a "good contact animation" and missed the shot. So don't think this is cheese either.

Now of course you still get contact and you still go to the FT line a lot (which is good, and realistic) but when turbo is pressed you DO NOT see this animation (below) that makes everyone want to bang their head against the wall. Mid "cool layup animation" and you get sucked into the "bad contact animtion". This does not happen when you have turbo pressed. Obviously in this clip with Hughes I didn't have turbo pressed, he did miss the shot, I know the clip is cut a little short.

Also don't be an idiot and go barreling into the paint all the time, make sure you still pick and chose the right times to drive and use layup solutions. Still make quality basketball decisions.

Sooooo damn happy I finally figured this out! Live was teetering the edge with me because this aspect of game play was so frustrating. I can't see this disc leaving my PS3 for long time now. So good to finally be able to dominate with small, quick guards who get into the paint IRL. It's also huge because crappy defensive teams no longer feel better than they are. I quickly tested Tony Parker versus the Knicks for 5 minutes on Superstar and ate them alive, same thing as the D-Rose vid.

So the key things to remember are...

1) Start 15'-18' out
2) Have turbo pressed when you press the shot button (but still don't abuse turbo)
3) Make sure the stick isn't pressed towards the hoop, that make you attempt a dunk which you don't want.
4) Don't use turbo while doing your dribble moves (r-stick or size up). Wait until after you beat your man to press turbo and go into your layup solution.

Right now I have all fouls maxed out except for reach in (default 50) and air collision fouls (somewhere near 75).

Good luck to everyone when testing this out.
# 1 TreyIM2 @ Nov 10
Quite honestly, once the patch hit the PS3, I goto the line WAAAAY more than the CPU does, now. I'm averaging over 50 trips to the line per game on 12min qtrs on All Star level. Funny thing is, I can STILL lose, time to time. That's a bit of an equalizer. I've figured out a bunch of ways to get to the FT line when the CPU seemed to get more whisles than I did (the funny thing is, they really weren't. It was just they timing and types of calls but at the end of the day, we would usually goto the line around the same amount of times) and knowing when to turbo is one of them. Where u get the ball and if your facing the bucket can help, as well.
I think the patch was a great improvement on the overall game with the CPU not just standing and dribbling in place like it was pre-patch and the foul calls.

Live 10 gets a TON of burn in my PS3 but glad u figured things out. Enjoy.
# 2 inkpimp007 @ Nov 11
great post, I tried this out last night and I have to say your right this does work. I still lost but i could at least get Kobe to the line (went to the line 15 times). I'm playing on All-Star 11 min. qrts defualt sliders.
# 3 Steve_OS @ Nov 11
Good blog Ehh!
# 4 ataman5 @ Jan 11
This has been here for such a long time and i have now noticed it

Thanks a lot Ehh, it's been more than helpful.
# 5 SacKings1999 @ Jan 12
Oh my goodness! Thank you for writing this post! I'm new to Live and I could tell I was missing something huge! It felt like I had no chance against the CPU. You saved me a lot of frustration! Thanks again.
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