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Dynasty Musings: What Dynasty Mode Is the Best?

Hi, my name is Dave Pearson and I am a franchise nut. I am 21 years old and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My favorite sports teams are the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Wild and Miami Hurricanes.

Some of my favorite athletes became role models simply by performing well for me in my franchise modes. When Peyton Manning was a rookie and a 78 overall in Madden 99, I traded for him in my Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise and he became one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game within that single franchise. When Vladimir Guerrero was an up-and-comer with Montreal, I traded for him in Triple Play 98 and he was a perennial all-star and the cornerstone of my franchise for a decade. I have posters of both of these players in my room for those specific reasons.

If you are like me, you would care if EA Sports added in the new Minnesota Gophers’ TCF Bank Stadium into NCAA Football so you could play with them in Dynasty mode. You would care if Madden added the supplemental draft so you could potentially find that second-string offensive lineman that could plug holes. You would care if The Show added a shortlist so you could follow your minor leaguers closer.

I have always loved the idea of running my own team or franchise. I love stockpiling young talent in the minor leagues, trading over-the-hill vets, clearing cap space and winning championships with my constructed masterpieces. I love the idea of making economical decisions that affect an organization for years at a time. Do not get me wrong, I love to play the actual game as well, but there are not many more things sweeter than drafting a 19-year-old kid, letting him develop in the minors, and then bringing him up and watching him compete and succeed at the highest level. To me, that is just as exciting as netting a hat trick with Crosby or hitting three dingers with Pujols.

With that said, here are my current top six console franchise modes:


As it stands right now, MLB '10: The Show's Franchise mode is the best of the bunch.
As it stands right now, MLB '10: The Show's Franchise mode is the best of the bunch.

1. MLB: The Show (SCEA) – I think The Show is head and shoulders above the competition right now. There is a deep minor-league system, correctly progressing players (post-patch), dynamic updates in-game that are relevant to your franchise, quick sim times, the ability to edit players, and clean and quick menu navigation. The list could go on and on, but the next step for The Show should be free agency. As of now, I feel like far too many players are not re-signed. My other significant complaint about The Show’s franchise mode is that the scouting system seems a little too random at times.

2. NBA 2K (2K Sports) – I am not a huge basketball fan, but 2K has a phenomenal franchise mode. Associations are always very, very fun. First off, pretty much every setting is customizable. Whether it is the order of your fantasy draft or the alignment of your divisions, the developers really let you play the mode in whatever way you please. One thing that I would love to see 2K implement is better trade logic. I have seen very, very few actual legitimate trade offers from the AI during my many Association runs. No, sorry Atlanta, I do not want to trade my second-year all-star for two guys that could barely crack my rotation and make about $10 million more than they should per year. With that said, Association mode has loads and loads of depth. The rotation and target minutes addition is absolutely phenomenal and is now a must for every basketball video game in the future.

3. NCAA Football (EA Sports) – While I have many complaints and suggestions for the developers of NCAA Football, most of those are minor. I think college football is the best base for a franchise mode because you can play all the games and not spend three months completing a season. NCAA has leveled off in terms of adding features into Dynasty mode, but the developers have made the presentation much more fluid over the years and definitely given recruiting some variety over the past few years. I am liking what I am reading and hearing about the improvements for the new year, but I am skeptical and will wait to bump NCAA up until after I play it.


FIFA's Manager Mode is a Champions League away from being at the top.

4. FIFA (EA Sports) – If the developers would add the Champions League, this series would be at or very near the top of the list. It is a great mode with a ton of options and replay value, but the fact that arguably the biggest event in soccer other than the World Cup is not in the game really bothers me. I like the transfer system and the ability to upgrade your club using money that directly ties to your player budget. However, one thing I do not like is the extreme stamina carryover from game to game if you choose to play them all -- even after updating your club's fitness as far as it can go.

5. Madden (EA Sports) – Until Madden fixes its long-standing simulation problem, it will stay at this spot for me. There is really only one way to build a team in Madden. Simply put, if you do not have a quarterback with 90-plus awareness on your team, it is extremely rare to make the playoffs or even win more than one or two road games a season. The worst part about it is, if your QB does not start the mode with good awareness, it does not go up more than 10 points over a player's career. You cannot tell me Donovan McNabb and Drew Brees both came into the NFL as top-five quarterbacks in terms of awareness. Quarterbacks develop awareness as they gain experience. I also can't count the number of times I gave Aaron Rodgers the reins (pre-roster update) and then promptly threw my controller after seeing him throw 20 INTs a season simply because his awareness was in the 70s. It is a huge problem and limits the replay value of the mode.

6. NHL (EA Sports) – The addition of the fantasy draft really helped, but the offseason and actual season simulations are really lacking. There are way too many really good young free agents on the market every year, and the computer-generated prospects are usually pretty poor as well. In addition, goalies never put up realistic stats, bottom-six players never eclipse decent plus-minus ratings, and fourth liners annually report in around minus-40 for the season. (Apparently, I have a bunch of benders who can't tie their own skates playing for my NHL team every time I put them on the fourth line.) With that said, these are all pretty small tweaks that could push NHL into the elite.

What are your top franchise or dynasty modes? What real-life sport do you think has the best base for a franchise mode?

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# 1 adembroski @ 07/12/10 04:27 PM
Did you ever mess with the career mode in NFL Head Coach 09? It'd be interesting to hear your comparison to the existing franchise modes.
# 2 rrrdawg2 @ 07/12/10 04:43 PM
To adembroski: I have 1 thing to say about NFL Head Coach 09: Glitchy. I played it about 8 seasons in with the dolphins, simming all games and doing all college prep (scouting and drafting), free agency and coaching/philosophy changes myself. The passing game is unstoppable, players act even more retarted at times than Madden, bugs and freezing issues (at least for me), and it's just really easy. If you get past the first couple of years you're set.

Now to the OP: I don't really have a favorite game for dynasty/franchise, but I will agree with you with MLB the show. It's really deep, complex, and satisfying. However, I prefer NCAA. I'm just a sucker for recruiting; nothing feels better than getting that #1 recruiting class. And now with all of the upgrades to recruiting, I can't wait for tomorrow.
# 3 aldon_47 @ 07/12/10 04:47 PM
Fellow MN guy here (going to school in WI) and like you said in your introduction, I am excited for NCAA Football for TCF Stadium, just as I was excited for Target Field in MLB 10. Also, what keeps me coming back to sport games are the dynasty type game modes. I am not a huge online sports gamer so managing all the aspects of a franchise keeps me coming back. Good article.
# 4 Chargersa7x @ 07/12/10 05:05 PM
Good article. I agree with the previous poster regarding head coach. The offeseason was probably the best in all of sports. The game play and sim stats weren't quite there though. The draft process though was amazing. Can we please get this in madden next year?

I love the show but feel there could be a lot more depth to scouting and the draft. And I agree with the free agency being a problem.
# 5 Dave Pearson @ 07/12/10 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by adembroski
Did you ever mess with the career mode in NFL Head Coach 09? It'd be interesting to hear your comparison to the existing franchise modes.
Yeah, I played Head Coach. The idea of the game itself is absolutely fantastic, but the execution was poor. The glitches were miserable and extremely noticeable. After a few hours of gameplay, my game would always freeze at the end of the 3rd quarter for some reason. It just seemed rushed to me. I think if you are going for a straight simulation like that, you're better off making it on Windows so you can patch the game easier and allow for more leeway in that regard.
# 6 GlennN @ 07/12/10 05:11 PM
No love for NFL 2k5?

I also have to put NHL 10 higher. I thought the scouting/trading/drafting were all done very well. I also am a franchise nut, looking to build my team from the ground up. NHL 10 was a blast to do that in.
# 7 stlstudios189 @ 07/12/10 05:22 PM
FIFA is intense.
# 8 Dave Pearson @ 07/12/10 06:10 PM
Originally Posted by GlennN
No love for NFL 2k5?

I also have to put NHL 10 higher. I thought the scouting/trading/drafting were all done very well. I also am a franchise nut, looking to build my team from the ground up. NHL 10 was a blast to do that in.
The scouting process is on the right track for NHL, but I am questionable over the user generated draft prospects. A 5'8'' wing with 70 speed and an 80 wrist shot acc/power should not be projected as a top 5 pick. A 6'6 defencemen with 90+ speed, 75-85 checking, and 65-75 def. awareness should never be projected as a 3rd rounder. The projections are just way off. I love that you can edit the draft class, though. I just feel like NHL has so much more improvement ahead of them in terms of the sim engine, trade AI (which is way off.. I can trade 2-3 midlevel prospects each year for a top 10 draft pick), and CPU gen prospects. Not to mention there are at least 5-6 FA's under the age of 27 each year that would never be let go in real life.
# 9 K the Q @ 07/12/10 06:49 PM
NCAA basketball 2k3. I'm not even joking, you could play hundreds of years, seasons (if you simmed) lasted less than 10 minutes... Recruiting was awesome and simple. Personally my favorite dynasty mode ever. I still play it.
# 10 cbass1 @ 07/12/10 07:41 PM
Love the article. Its nice to see I'm not the only Dynasty nut out there. With that being said you have to put College Hoops 2k8 on your list. With AAU ball and year round recruiting. I think its the best in the biz.
# 11 thudias @ 07/12/10 08:51 PM
High heat baseball
# 12 Dave Pearson @ 07/13/10 01:16 AM
College Hoops 2K8 is one of the best franchise modes of all time. That said, it's from 2008. I really, REALLY hope 2k Sports can get that license back. These are "current" franchise rankings, so games within the year.

CH2K8 definitely in my top 5 in terms of all time franchise modes
# 13 Step2001 @ 07/13/10 02:02 AM
My selections from the sports games I play on the PS3:

1. MLB 10 The Show
2. NFL Head Coach 09

I play Madden 10, but it does not rank near the two games I listed, those two games set & rasied the bar!

NFL Head Coach 09 is second because things are missing that were going to be added. While MLB 10 has continued to grow and improve.

As for NCAA College Football, this will be the first year I am getting the game for the PS3!
# 14 KG @ 07/13/10 11:25 AM
College Hoops 2K8 and it's not even close.

  • Coaching Carousel (Coaches retire, leave for other jobs, assistants become HC's and implement new offenses/recruiting priorities)
  • In-depth recruiting where recruits look at things like expected minutes, current depth chart, etc..
  • Weekly wrap-up shows
  • Season preview show
  • Great editor (in-season too)
  • Sharing files online (roster, playbooks, dynasty saves)
  • etc...
# 15 AtlusSaGa @ 07/14/10 07:53 AM
No way should Madden be ranked higher than NHL. NHL's Be a GM mode is pretty deep and has potential too be even better if the implement all the other leagues they're acquiring. Madden's franchise is stale, shallow and completely broken with it's potential system.
# 16 ManOfLaMange @ 07/14/10 02:08 PM
I have bought (and mostly sold back after the "cycle") every game on your list, and I think you nailed it in the order you listed.

I also REFUSE to let go of my College Basketball 2k8 copy, and that is the metric I use to judge other dynasty/franchise modes. Excellent article. I'd love to hear your rankings for best year in a series for dynasty (i.e, Madden's 05 PS2 franchise is the best Madden year for dynasty).
# 17 PlatinumJuice @ 07/15/10 02:35 PM
Madden shouldn't even be on this list

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