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2012 OS Awards: Indie Sports Game of the Year

Trials Evolution

Indie Sports Game of the Year

In the award otherwise known as the Out of the Park Baseball Award, it's become commonplace to talk about managing your baseball club in this space on a yearly basis.

Until now.

Trials Evolution finally broke through and won an award the series has also been deserving of for so long: Independent Sports Game of the Year. Be it the amazingly crafted tracks, the addicting 'just one more time' gameplay, or any of the littany of reasons in between: Trials is one of the finest sports gaming/puzzle gaming experiences you will ever have the pleasure of trying.

The thrill of completing a difficult track is unmatched, but so is the value Trials offers. For 1/6 of the cost of a normal game, you can get hundreds of hours of amazing and addicting gameplay. In short: there isn't a better value on the market today.

Stop what you're doing right now and go get Trials Evolution, our Independent Sports Game of the Year**.

** - We are not responsible for a lack of productivity and/or social life as the result of this recommendation.

Readers Choice: Out of the Park Baseball 13 (41.73% of the vote)

Both OOTP and Trials had strong showings in this category (the latter with around 34% of the vote) while the remaining games split the rest of the vote. This confirms how the staff felt as well, either OOTP or Trials are amazing games and great options for this award -- it's hard to recommend one over the other. Thankfully the readers bailed us out and chose OOTP so we can do just that in this space. In short, OOTP is a text and menu driven business of baseball simulation where you build teams and their finances in a dynamic world from the farm system on up while striving to win a championship. If you love baseball, the business of baseball, and/or just simulating crazy scenarios OOTP is a great game for you.

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