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OS Roundtable: Which Team Are You Looking Forward To Playing As Most in MLB 14 The Show?
Which team(s) are you looking forward to playing as most in MLB 14 The Show?

Robert Kollars: Well as hard as it is to admit, it will be the Cubs. Yes, the same Cubs teams that has lost a total of 197 games over the span of the last two years. Why would I do this to myself? Simply because the minor leagues are full of guys that I am excited to bring through the system. There are numerous guys I'd like to send to the North side of Chicago. Guys like Kris Bryant (3B/OF), Javier Baez (SS/2ND), CJ Edwards (P), Alberta Almora (OF), and Jorge Soler (OF).

Even though the minor leagues are seemingly loaded with guys that could have a big impact on the Cubs organization for years, the teams big league club isn't void of talent, it's just limited. You have Starlin Castro (SS), Anthony Rizzo (1B), Junior Lake (OF), Mike Olt (3B), and Jeff Samardzija (P). The first year may be a struggle, but things should only be looking up for the Wrigley faithful in the very near future.

The final reason I am excited to play as the Cubs in the Show 14 is the fact that on top of the NL Central, which is pretty good this year, the Cubs will play host or visit the AL East in interleague play in 2014. This schedule includes trips to Toronto, New York, and Boston, and playing host to the Yankees and Orioles.

Jayson Young: There is not yet a Major League Baseball team in the state of Tennessee, but there is the Nashville Sounds -- the Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, who were the Sounds' affiliate from 1998 through 2004, used to be my Major League team of choice, but nowadays, my first pick for franchise mode is always the Brewers.

Since the switch, the Sounds have helped develop MLB All-Stars like Prince Fielder, Nelson Cruz, Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks, Corey Hart and Yovani Gallardo.

My first move as Milwaukee's manager will be trading off the lying, cheating, no-good son of a gun, Ryan Braun, to Texas for Prince Fielder. Corey Hart will then be reacquired from Seattle to replace Braun in right field.

The team's logo and uniforms will also be permanently changed to the classic blue and gold glove, while the ugly navy and gold "wheat ball" will be banished to baseball's record books.
Ben Vollmer: It's an unfortunate time to be a Philadelphia Phillies fan. Our roster is comprised of mostly old, often injured, and overpaid players. It will certainly be a fun rebuild in franchise mode, but I'd be lying if I said they didn't have one of the least exciting rosters to start with.

Instead, I'm much more intrigued by the Sabremetric using Tampa Bay Rays. Maybe it is because the infamous Tropicana Field is one of my favorite ballparks to visit, or that Joe Maddon is my favorite manager in the game. One way or the other, I love managing the low-budget underdog in the best division in Major League Baseball to success. They already have a strong foundation with Evan Longoria, Ben Zobrist, Will Myers, and David Price. It will be a fun task to build around those guys without breaking the bank.

Caley Roark: I'm in the same boat as Ben--as a Phillies Phan, it's a tough year to choose them for Franchise.

Yet, I think that's what I will probably do. One of the most appealing aspects of franchise is seeing how prospects develop. Admittedly, the Phillies have trade most of their good prospects away, but guys like Cody Asche, Darren Ruff, and Maikel Franco will be fun to play as. Perhaps I'll even use the new player lock feature to simulate part of their careers.

Plus, I always imagine that I am the newly hired GM of whatever franchise I play--that way, I'm not as bound to the real life moves of the off-season. In the past few years, that scenario didn't make much sense for the moderately successful Phillies. But this year, many Phillies fans are hoping for a new GM to replace "Ruin Tomorrow, Jr."

And, I'm not sure what direction the real-lfe Phillies are going, so my first task will be to enter full-on rebuild mode--always a fun challenge in any franchise mode.
Matthew Coe: I gotta admit, I'm looking forward to taking my favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds to the playoffs and hopefully beyond in MLB: The Show 14 for PS4. I've never had a chance to play the show before this year, so I'm extra excited to deploy Votto, Phillips, Bruce in the batter's box and throw fire at batters as Aroldis Chapman.

Outside of my team, I'm actually pretty excited to try out the Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, and Washington Nationals for different reasons. I admire the way Oakland has been built through "moneyball". Baltimore was my favorite team growing up before the Reds and the Nationals just seem like a fun team to play as.

No matter who you're looking forward to using it's great to have a next-gen baseball game coming.

Chris Sanner: The Texas Rangers which made the World Series in consecutive years, are no longer intact. The 2011 team has been completely dismantled, with just 8 of the 25 players on the World Series Roster still with the team, most of them pitchers.

As a Rangers fan, I feel playing with this year's team is a necessity just to get to know the new guys. Prince Fielder (1B) and Shin-Soo Choo (OF) are two of the big additions into the lineup. The bottom of the lineup isn't as strong as previous years either.

If you can keep the pitching staff healthy, the Rangers have a pretty good one. The foundation is there to make the playoffs -- but long term the challenge is rebuilding the club's minor leagues which were once the best in the league.

Simply put: There's a lot of reasons I'm excited to play as the Rangers this year.
What about you OS? Which team(s) are you most excited to play as?

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Member Comments
# 1 BSUFAN @ 03/31/14 02:08 PM
My Cardinals will rule the Central Division of the NL.
# 2 ShowTyme15 @ 03/31/14 02:09 PM
Tampa Bay Rays
# 3 ghettofocker @ 03/31/14 02:11 PM
Dodgers Baby!!
# 4 ddvette9 @ 03/31/14 02:21 PM
Tampa Bay Rays. Just good enough to compete with the higher ranked teams, but will still require user skill to win games against the big boys. Great depth and farm system for franchise modes also. Gives you the small market feel with actual world series potential.
# 5 Killabruh @ 03/31/14 02:25 PM
Tampa Bay! Great franchise to play with
# 6 skrody @ 03/31/14 02:29 PM
i'll likely play one season with every team except the yankees.
# 7 fdr216 @ 03/31/14 02:33 PM
# 8 andrewochs615 @ 03/31/14 02:35 PM
Originally Posted by ddvette9
Tampa Bay Rays. Just good enough to compete with the higher ranked teams, but will still require user skill to win games against the big boys. Great depth and farm system for franchise modes also. Gives you the small market feel with actual world series potential.

Actually the Rays farm system isn't what it used to be. If you want a sleeper in the AL east go with the O's.
# 9 cusefan74 @ 03/31/14 02:43 PM
Mets, always the Mets.
# 10 paintray98 @ 03/31/14 03:04 PM
Originally Posted by ShowTyme15
Tampa Bay Rays
This, always this. Been a fan since 1998
# 11 Armor and Sword @ 03/31/14 03:10 PM
# 12 Darkleaf @ 03/31/14 03:26 PM
As someone who can't play with any other team but the Jays,
I'd like to try out the A's or the Royals. Getting sick of the AL east..
# 13 CaseIH @ 03/31/14 04:32 PM
Only team I ever use is my favorite team the Reds. I also play quite a few of my minor league teams games thruout the season as well. With QC this year, I probably will play even more of my minor league games than in the past even.
# 14 37 @ 03/31/14 04:35 PM
always started one with the Astros but never seem to get too far in to play with their minor-leaguers....maybe that'll change this year
# 15 porkys8077 @ 03/31/14 04:39 PM
White Sox or Jays.
# 16 KMRblue1027 @ 03/31/14 04:45 PM
Philllies as always.
# 17 bjthomas121 @ 03/31/14 04:48 PM
My repeating SOX!!
# 18 BoomerHB52 @ 03/31/14 04:58 PM
Yankees! Obviously

But I want to do another one as well. Im thinking Padres or Marlins.
# 19 analogdan @ 03/31/14 05:08 PM
Rangers and Pirates.
# 20 Cuse 15 @ 03/31/14 05:28 PM
Always the Yankees, might do a NL franchise too this year, maybe the Cubs, I like Wrigley

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