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Best Way to Beat the D? Smart Offense

Oftentimes, we see some very simple, yet interesting questions about how to counteract certain aspects of an opponent’s game. What is seemingly something so simple as playing “smart” may not always be as easy as someone might think.

Take this most recent question I found in our Madden General forum in a longe, more drawn out format than I will list below:

How do I break down man and zone coverages when passing?

Now, normally, the answer to this question would be long and drawn out…and for good reason. However, fellow forum member, All out Blitz, gave another perspective and one simple enough that just about any player can use to great effect in the game. His response went as follows:

K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Either 1 safety high or 2 safties high. (1 FS in the middle of the field or 2 of them playing halves)

1 HIGH—can only be Cover 3, Cover 1 Robber or Cover 1 (man 2 man with FS as a free player in the middle 1/3)

2 HIGH–can only be Cover 2, Cover 2 Man or COV 4.

This is a simple point to jump off of. If you know that a certain defensive setup can only be one of a small number of plays in pass coverage, you as an offensive gamer can make sure you play the defense differently and make sure to place your passes right.

AoB’s biggest piece of advice though, is one which we can all understand and make valuable use of: use motion before the snap and change formations constantly. Now go out there and tear some defenses up.