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E3 Preview Roundtable, What We Expect At The Show

E3 is coming! E3 is coming!

This upcoming Monday, all of the big companies will hold their press events in a way too organized manner to reveal their upcoming big projects. As with most years, we'll see what each company has up their sleeves for the upcoming year.

As far as sports games go, we'll see the usual suspects in attendance. Here's what we are expecting out of this year's conference...

Will we see anything from the new NASCAR game at E3?

Bob Kollars - I have learned to temper my expectations with regards to the spectacle that is E3. That may seem to have a negative connotation to it, but it is not my intention. E3 is a venue for developers to showcase and market their newest IP, and the actual presentation and product rarely live up to the hype or expectation. With that said, I still get excited for the event and will take in as much as possible.

As far as predictions go, I honestly don't see many surprises this year. I can guarantee you that we will see nothing new in regards to a second baseball sim being developed, nothing in regards to college athletics being reintroduced, no mention of a new Fight Night, nor a second hockey sim. While that sounds depressing, and it is to a small degree, I have hopes for maybe some new info on Joe Montana 16 and the introduction and breakdowns of the current sports titles that are already on the market. I am also hoping to see a bit of information regarding the new F1 title for the current gen systems, and the new NASCAR game in development.

If Joe Montana Football is a thing, we'll probably hear about it next week.

Glenn Wigmore There aren't a great deal of likely surprises for this year's E3, but the one that's at least gotten a bit of smoke is Joe Montana Football 16. It's supposedly being developed with Unreal Engine 4 — and it's allegedly an Xbox One exclusive — but whatever form it takes, it's hard to see them showing much of it at E3. It might just be an announcement. Could MS have some licensing wizardry (with their NFL deal) to make it more salable?

For Sony, the likeliest sports title to get some air time is the new Gran Turismo, but Polyphony Digital is a notoriously slow developer. it's hard to see them having too much ready for the show, but a sizzle real with a bit of gameplay would likely be enough to put it in the conversation alongside Forza 6.

Other than that, it's probably looking to the existing properties for crazy new features, and that means stuff in FIFA 16 or NBA 2K16. There's also the chance that a few indie developers come out of the shadows and show something interesting in the competitive or arcade spaces, and I hope that's the case.

Is this week our first look at the EA Sports UFC sequel?

Matthew Coe: In general I expect this to be one of the most exciting E3 shows in the last 5 years. This is going to be a good one in my opinion and I'm excited. When it comes to sports games I think the outlook isn't as great, but there is still plenty to be excited about.

I'll start with EA Sports who not only has a presence at the Electronics Arts conference but also at Sony and Microsoft's conferences as well. We know we'll get info on Madden 16, FIFA 16, NBA Live 16, NHL 16, and probably PGA Tour Golf 16. There's also a solid chance that we'll hear something on the new Need for Speed and the follow up to EA Sports UFC.

2K Sports is typically either absent or very quiet at the E3 show itself, so I don't expect much coming out of their camp during the show about either NBA 2K16 or WWE 2K16. It's possible we'll get some info from Konami about Pro Evolution Soccer '16 at the show, I certainly hope so. I expect more information about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 at E3. I don't know if HB Studios or anyone else in the space has any plans to make any announcements (Tennis?, Rugby?, Boxing?) but I'll be watching!

I'm intrigued to see what, if anything, is shown or revealed about Joe Montana Football. It's the elephant in the room right now as far as potential major game changing sports titles. It could be everything from a simulation football title for PC/PS4/XB1 to a mobile game, to a console exclusive. We just don't know yet but I think we're about to find out at E3.

There are quite a few racing games I'm eager to hear about, including MotoGP 15, RIDE, Gran Turismo 7, Forza Motorsport 6, and Assetto Corsa on the PS4/XB1. I'd love to hear about DLC for Project Cars as well. It's probably too early for information on Nascar '16 for PS4/XB1 but I'd love to hear something about it at E3. There's also rumors of Logitech revealing a G29 racing wheel for the PlayStation 4 and I'm hoping to get confirmation on that as well.

All in all I expect a super memorable E3 show! On the sports side of things, I'm hoping for surprises, some exciting reveals on titles we know are coming, and some information drops that keep us excited the rest of the year!

Microsoft may need something special to get sports gamers excited about their platform.

Ben Vollmer: Simply put, I don't think there are going to be a ton of surprises at E3. The best bet for some shocking news would be Joe Montana Football 16 and I think all it would take is a quick glimpse at some gameplay. If it looks like it can rival Madden's gameplay - which frankly, wouldn't be that difficult - I think there's a lot of room to excite people.

Another possibility that hasn't been mentioned a lot is that Microsoft breaks into the baseball market. With R.B.I. Baseball being a failure on most counts, Phil Spencer (the head of Xbox) doesn't want an entire genre of gamers making the decision to go Sony. Still, with faint rumors of Joe Montana being a Microsoft exclusive, it is possible that that's their ploy to win over sports gamers.

Lastly, I really expect to see some impressive stuff from EA, but prepare for it to be in the background with Mirror's Edge and Star War's Battlefront getting most of the screen time. Now that the past-generation has all but been moved on from, developers getting the chance to focus entirely on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One will be a good thing for gamers. I would be surprised if Madden doesn't take a significant step forward, as well as NBA Live.

Caley Roark: It seems as if most sports games see little attention at E3, most likely because, as Bob puts it, it's a venue for new and innovative IPs. Unless Madden or FIFA adds something tremendously exciting, we'll probably see most of the focus on AAA games like Star Wars: Battlefront.

Speaking of Star Wars, one sports-related game I am following, at least on a personal level, is Disney Infinity 3.0. The Disney Infinity series has been a hit at my house; it's a great way to play video games with my daughter using characters that appeal to both of us.

The third version of this toy/game hybrid adds not only Star Wars characters, but also a dedicated kart racing mode. What's more, the racing portion of this game is being developed by Sumo Digital, the studio behind the well-reviewed Sonic & Sega All-Stars racing series (as well as the 360 version of Forza Horizon 2). It's nice to see this kid-friendly sandbox game getting some first class kart racing attention.

WWE 2K15 should be making an appearance at this year's E3.

Chris Sanner: This feels like a pretty ho-hum year, and I think that's eventually what we'll end up with. I'm not seeing much of a reason to get exceptionally excited about any surprises or new big box titles, although EA Sports UFC's sequel could make an appearance here.

2K is usually completely (or nearly completely) absent from E3, so its doubtful we see anything noteworthy coming from NBA 2K sans perhaps at the Sony press conference. It would be awesome to find out what this big, new, gamechanging feature 2K is teasing ends up being this next week. WWE 2K is apparently scheduled to be at E3 as well.

Otherwise, much of what we'll hear from EA will likely be expansions of what we already know, and people will play early versions of this fall's sports games with the typical impressions. It'll be interesting to see what the opinion is coming out of E3 of each title, especially given that a couple are literally on do or die years (Live, NHL).

On the surprise factor, look to the indie scenes. We'll see Snow, Blood Bowl 2, and probably a few other sports games from indie developers. There will also be a ton of racing games out there to digest. Unlike the rest of my peers, I'm not as excited about a major football effort from any third parties -- and I suspect any new football game announcements will likely leave gamers disappointed at best given the lofty expectations out there.

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# 1 underdog13 @ 06/13/15 01:56 PM
Can't believe no mention of Rocket League? Indie game with the mix of soccer and racing
# 2 Wiggy @ 06/13/15 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by underdog13
Can't believe no mention of Rocket League? Indie game with the mix of soccer and racing
Rocket League does look cool. I'll be checking it out at the show.
# 3 sooperb @ 06/13/15 03:00 PM
Yeah I actually liked Rocket League. It just needed more twist and moves to pull off with the cars but I'm sure it will have much more when the full version is released.
# 4 underdog13 @ 06/13/15 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by sooperb
Yeah I actually liked Rocket League. It just needed more twist and moves to pull off with the cars but I'm sure it will have much more when the full version is released.
All the moves possible are in the beta, the more experience you have the more your able to pull off such as flying, dribbling, etc.
# 5 wicko72 @ 06/13/15 10:29 PM
So youre allowed to talk about JM16 but we cant have threads...
# 6 rudeworld @ 06/13/15 10:46 PM
I think M$ will talk about a AAA MLB game... why is their a MLB game already?
# 7 13whitebread @ 06/13/15 11:33 PM
NHL 16 saving something big to announce to NHL series fans after lackluster NHL 15 they owe us big time😁
# 8 bxphenom7 @ 06/14/15 12:13 AM
2 more days feeling like forever. Hope to hear stuff about Joe Montana Football 16, and can't wait for gameplay from several titles

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