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Key Areas of Improvement for Madden: Part I

Madden has seen its fair share of failures this year between the franchise mode problems, online lag and more. Many believed back in July this was Madden's resurgence, the year we got a next-gen game worthy of its inflated $60 price tag. What we got instead was one of the worst iterations of the Madden franchise in some time out of the box. Thankfully, due to many delayed and belated patches and with promises of more to come, Madden is slowly coming back into a game that resembles a playable title. However, there are some very key areas that EA could really stand to improve upon in the development of Madden 08 next year.

1)Better QA Testing: Whoever tested these games this year were complete and utter morons. I don't use that strong of language very often but the game testers this year were just stupid. They let through some of the most glaring bugs that you could ever hope to see. My first suggestion to EA is to get guys who actually know about Madden to test the game that will be able to catch bugs as you develop. And when you get to a point where you can start getting to the end of the games development, start looking for bugs and......

2)Issue more timely patches: No doubt EA has completely screwed up this year's patching process. I think this is something that should be taken care of very soon. With better QA testing..eliminate bugs before the title is released as best as possible. Keep testing the final product when the game is on the pressers and start formulating a patch if you missed anything. Then release a patch within a month of release for the top bugs. Then release another patch the second month after the masses find even more bugs you missed. Do this...and people might actually keep buying your game as time goes on..unlike this year.

3)Completely redo the playbooks: We have been calling what seems like the same plays or very similar variations for years now. How about we get a new way to call the plays and completely revamped playbooks for the first time in years? Actually go to an NFL Coach or 32 and figure out what the teams call...how they work their offenses and integrate that into the game. Right now it just feels like a flavor of vanilla. We're getting what 'roughly' looks like what the teams are running on the field but it's now time to go to the next level...actually make things more realistic by modeling the playbooks even closer after what the teams (or coaches if you really want to be realistic) run.

4)Continue to Add on to the Gang-Tackling System: We have something that works...now let's make it better. I would guess AT LEAST 50% of all tackles made on Sundays are 2+ guys doing it. Therefore, by making it where 80% or more of tackles are 1 on 1 the most basic function of football is being severely misrepresented. Focus on this very basic part of football and make it much more realistic.

What do you think? We are going to be doing this series throughout the week with new additions as the week goes on. Be sure to let us know your idea by commenting to this and later articles!