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PBR Out of the Chute Interview
What are some of the key features of the game?
PBR Out of the Chute Wii is a full featured game and great value for PBR fans and sports gamers of all ages. The top features are:
1. Play as one of 12 PBR pro riders or 12 of the ‘rankest’ bulls in solo and head-to-head multiplayer action.
2. Create a rider or bull character and compete in 10 different locations including the World Finals in Las Vegas.
3. Quick Ride, Season and Unlimited Ride modes.
4. Unlock new riders, bulls, movies, music, power-ups, signature moves and bonus points in Season mode.
5. Intuitive Wii  Remote and Nunchuk controls optimized for both rider and bull – master both roles to become a true champion.
Is there any sort of story or career mode?
Yes, there is a career mode where players can create a rider or a bull character and take that character through a season in the PBR.
What were the challenges of bringing professional bull riding to the Wii?
The biggest challenge with licensed products like PBR is meeting the expectations of the licensor and fans who have high expectations for visual realism especially when it comes to their favorite riders and bulls. We believe the animations and other visuals live up to those expectations and deliver a solid experience of being part of the PBR.
How does the control scheme work?
We actually implemented two control schemes to give players a unique challenge depending on whether they play as a rider or as a bull. The standard rider control primarily uses the Nunchuk control stick, which gives maximum feel and precision in reacting to the bull’s movements. The rider can also choose the advanced control which focuses on the Wii Remote accelerometer. The bull control uses the Wii Remote to control spinning and jumping and the Nunchuk control stick is used to kick and run after the dismount. Riders can also spur and use grip depending on the skill level while bulls have a variety of kicks. Both riders and bulls can unlock signature moves We’re very happy with the control interface and believe it gives players both variety and ongoing challenge as they get better playing the game.
Will the player have to move the wii-mote in the opposite direction of what is happening on screen to counteract the visual movement of the bull in order to be successful?
The key to rider success is staying as balanced as possible, which is indicated by the position of the rider’s free arm – if it is raised straight up the rider is perfectly balanced, if the arm is level the rider is less balanced and if the arm is low the rider is off balance and may get bucked off soon. That’s accomplished with the control stick in standard mode and with the Wii Remote in advanced mode.

How much customization is available when creating a character for season mode? Are there attributes?
Yes, riders and bulls each have four distinct attributes ranging from Balance and Reflexes (rider) to Strength and Force (bull) rated on a scale from 1-25. The higher the rating the better the performance. Attributes can only change in Season mode and increase based on good performance.

What kind of soundtrack is there? Any recognizable country or rock songs?
Yes, all the music is licensed from the PBR and includes songs such as Born to Ride (PBR theme song) and Agony by Guy Thomas

Is there an option to be a Bull Fighter (not rodeo clown)?
No, the bull fighters are controlled by the computer and do their best to control the bull’s rampage after the ride is over. By the way, when you play as a bull you can actually rampage around the arena and kick the fence or try to trample over bull fighters or the rider.
You've been in this industry for quite some time, what do you consider the greatest leap and disappointment in sports gaming?
The greatest leap in sports gaming is undoubtedly the amazingly realistic graphics we see in the top games from EA Sports, Midway and others. The biggest disappointment is how complex these games have become to play. For many players this complexity has taken the fun out of playing and made it much more difficult to use these games as a way to socialize with friends and family. We intentionally made the controls in PBR Out of the Chute easy to pick up and play so everyone from novices to experts can have fun with game ‘out of the chute’ (pun intended). There is no doubt that the success of Wii Sports is due in large part to their simple, physical controls and social game play which we’re happy to see given our focus as a download publishing company (see below).
The Madden and NHL series has come a long way since you were part of the team, have you played the current games and if so, what do you think about them both?
Both franchises are visually stunning and very deep but due to their complexity are really designed for hardcore gamers who can devote the time to master them. My company D2C Games is focused on creating and publishing “small-form” sports games that I believe will bring back the easy to play controls,  fun for everyone game play and social interaction that was the hallmark of these and other sports franchises back in the 90’s.

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