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OS Awards: Text-Sim of the Year
Many may argue otherwise, but 2009 seemed to be a rather down year for text-sims, especially at OS. While a few of the regular titles were released once again, there were not as many new titles that stood out among the rest. However, it might not have made a difference because Out of the Park Baseball X improved upon an already stellar offering and had already won this category the previous year. In the end, Out of the Park Baseball X ran away from the competition for its second straight win.

Text-Sim of the Year: Out of the Park Baseball X

Caley Roark: Out of the Park still gives you nearly limitless options, in-depth features and is always a joy to play. When I find myself becoming tired of or unsatisfied with my current franchise, I simply start a new one, perhaps in a different era or with completely made up teams. The modding community also makes this one a keeper.

Matthew Coe: OOTPX is not only a baseball fan's dream, but a modding community's dream as well. The game also has excellent simulation engine with limitless customization options for historic eras of baseball or the current real-life season. What an amazing game.

Chris Sanner: Out of the Park Baseball X was released at the beginning of 2009, and I am still playing it on at least a weekly (if not daily) basis. While there are countless other endorsements I could give the game, the simple fact that it is just as fun now as it was when I first started playing is an endorsement enough. Of course, it goes without saying that the new improvements implemented this year were fantastic once the game was fully patched up. If you can find a few friends (say 30 or so) to play an MLB League with, my apologies to your closest friends and family -- they will not be seeing you much for awhile.

Reader's Choice

Winner: Out of the Park Baseball X

Voting Results: Out of the Park Baseball X (61%), Baseball Mogul 2010 (17%)

Reader Comments: OOTP is the perennial king. - Dislimb

OOTPX owns. TEW 2010 has this locked up for next year, though. - The Giggas

WMMA 2 gets my vote. Just as addicting as the TEW series. - DTX3

Member Comments
# 1 JohnDoe8865 @ 12/30/09 04:13 PM
I agree, it was a down year for text based sports sims in 2009. I'm hoping that OOTP 11, TEW 2010, and maybe a couple new titles will make 2010 a really great year for PC text based sims. I'll be following Total Pro Basketball 2 among others..
# 2 psucolonel @ 01/18/10 01:06 AM
Why was Football Manager 2010 not considered?
# 3 Mo @ 01/18/10 02:35 AM
Originally Posted by psucolonel
Why was Football Manager 2010 not considered?
Cause I dont think anyone ever played the game(OS Staff).

I don't even remember a review ever being done either.

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