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Dawgfan19 06-04-2019 09:42 PM

USFL has a few openings
Solid league with many vets if you are looking for a competitive challenge. We share tips and tricks to help the newer GMs.

We also feature periodic podcasts (bowl game, draft reviews, etc.). Draft starts Saturday March 26th.

Post here to claim a team.

Dawgfan19 11-11-2020 06:48 PM

We have two open teams with the draft starting in a couple of days. Great time to join.

jamesUMD 12-10-2020 07:06 AM

I looked and it appears you filled the opening you had, but if one comes available, I'd like to take a look at it.

I am just starting my 2nd season of the Imperial Football League, played in the Cyberfootball league way back and have been playing FOF since the first iteration (still miss expansion teams in the one version :( ), but the multi-player changes have taken a bit to get used to.

Flasch186 12-12-2020 05:16 AM

We have Boston open. Come on over to the forums if you'd like to take them on :)

beeznik 12-18-2020 11:23 AM

Hi Howard. That link above isn't working anymore. Can you shoot me a link to the site please?

How are you btw? :)

Landshark44 12-18-2020 05:19 PM

hey beeznik...

beeznik 12-20-2020 05:56 AM


ogBruh 12-30-2020 08:51 PM

Anyone let me know if there is another opening available. Im interested in joining

Landshark44 01-01-2021 10:39 AM

i think we have one....

janis4HOF 01-29-2021 11:26 AM

Still an opening?

Flasch186 01-29-2021 11:49 AM

We’re doing check ins right now over there

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LuckyJohn59 05-17-2021 10:01 AM

The off-season starts in 5 days. This is a great league and a league with a history of almost a full or full amount of human players, instead of AI teams. If you like playing against humans and not AI in multi-player leagues then this is the league for you. Playoff teams from last year are open.

Dawgfan19 06-07-2021 09:51 PM

We have filled a couple of teams with only one open team currently.

Sort of a unique opportunity if you have ever wanted to try your hand at winning in FOF using an affinity strategy. The Honolulu Surf is open with a solid affinity base in place. A couple of conflicts needs to be cleaned up, but that should not present an issue. And the team has a 43/82 sophomore QB to add to the mix. This would be a fun team to manage and continue to build.

Sign up in the link below or PM me here and I can have our commish get you set up.

For those of you with busy schedules, we run only two games a week, so a lighter load to take on. Come join the fun - surfs up!!!!

Dawgfan19 03-21-2022 09:02 AM

We have two open teams with our draft starting Saturday March 26th.

Post here to claim a team.

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