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beatle 08-15-2021 11:24 PM

Why can't I start a game in 1974?
I have not played the game in awhile. So I decided to play a the game. I find I can't input the start date of 1974. I have a file for 1974 as well. and it won't read the file. What is going on?

QuikSand 08-16-2021 04:48 PM

Sorry it's been a long time since I fiddled with anything like this...

IIRC, if you're using the default player file you have several years to choose from, but if you have your own player file, the starting year is coded into that file.

beatle 08-16-2021 08:11 PM

Thanks, In the old days, I think you you needed to manually put the year in.

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