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The Jackal 04-26-2012 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by hoopsguy (Post 2647757)
Nope, we are in as good a spot today to take on a 2nd room as we've been in quite some time. So we should seize the day.

We need to put in the order for using the horses now, correct? No need for a Nocturne potion along with the horse figurine?

Right, we can both say use the horses and go forward.

The Jackal 04-26-2012 07:43 PM

Order sent.

ntndeacon 04-26-2012 08:20 PM

CF I dont think it is going to happen. I have to go soon myself. We will muddle through without it

Danny 04-26-2012 08:24 PM

I am using potion of speed now, dot thonk i need abacus of plenty

ntndeacon 04-26-2012 08:30 PM

well we had to try

Danny 04-26-2012 08:32 PM

yeah np, I have to try and make my push now to at least be competitive. I need to kill one of those 20k xp monsters.

Danny 04-26-2012 08:44 PM

I have decided there will now be 10 winners

Danny 04-26-2012 08:44 PM

And Hoops and Jackal are disqualified

Danny 04-26-2012 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by The Jackal (Post 2647871)
Right, we can both say use the horses and go forward.


Danny 04-26-2012 08:45 PM

Though I am doing the same thing myself.

Danny 04-26-2012 08:48 PM

My honest prediction for the last two of DV, Crimson, Hoops or Jackal.

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 08:48 PM

Afternoon actions begin!!!

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 08:49 PM

Darth Vilus is entering the center room of the Dungeon!!!

Let's watch what happens!

Danny 04-26-2012 08:50 PM

Uh oh, I take back my DV prediction

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 08:50 PM

You move into the room with a....


Euplatious has come back as a Dracolich after dying

Will Euplatious still be immune to magic as a Dracolich? Nope. Your Lightning Bolt tears into her for 9d10 damage, so let's get some dice out. You dole out 59 damage - RAR!!!

However, with her new Dracolich powers, her magic is even more fierce! She casts....FINGER OF DEATH at you!!!

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 08:51 PM

Darth has a 50/50 chance of dying right now. I picked up a d6. On a 1, 2, or 3, Darth is dead. He rolls a.........4!

Danny 04-26-2012 08:52 PM


Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 08:52 PM

Darth grabs a Wand fo Acid Arrow and flings Acid at it, however, this new unknown creature IS immune to Acid damage. Darth is targeted by an Enervate spell to reduce his level by one.

His Brooch of Life Holding is disintegrated, and he is still fine!!!

hoopsguy 04-26-2012 08:52 PM

Hmm, looks like someone hit Level 9 ... good thing, I don't think there would have been much of a chance of beating that thing without the Lightning Bolt.

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 08:55 PM

Darth's Lore kicks in and he doesn;t expect the undead to be able to be effected by his sleep - undead usually aren't. He instead grabs his Dagger of Growth and attacks! He hits and deals 8 damage to it. Euplatious casts Cause S Wounds and he takes 30!

He quaffs a pot, 5 left. Eupaltious casts Cause M wounds and he takes 20. He quaffs another pot. 4 left. Magic Missiles slash him for 34 damage. Pot #3 is drank. - 3 left.


Danny 04-26-2012 08:55 PM

If he dies, it opens up one spot, if he kills it I have to imagine he is level 10

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 08:56 PM

Euplatious casts Create Poison and coasts her mouth with a deadly posion that will kill in five rounds. Darth Vilus has drunk an Antidote potion, so that won;t work! He stabs her for 7 damage.

Danny 04-26-2012 08:57 PM

oh damn, Darth has an answer for everything

Danny 04-26-2012 08:57 PM

I would have killed euplatious by now

Danny 04-26-2012 08:58 PM

wait she is immune to acid, nevermind

Danny 04-26-2012 08:59 PM

I would have been killed by euplatious by now *fixed

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:01 PM

Without fire breath now, Euplatious moves in for physical combat and no poison.

Battle begins.

Darth misses. Euplatious has a poisoned mouth but that will only deal 1d10 damage without the poison backup. She also has TWO wing attacks for 1d10 as well. She attacks. Due to his +4 chain, she needs 15 or higher. She hits once for 7 damage


Darth misses again. She adds anotherr 11 on two hits.


He quaffs pot #4 2 elft. She misses


He misses again. She htios once for 1 damage


He hits for 3 damage,a nd she nails him once for 8


Darth adds 5 damage and she misses.

He misses, and she hits THREE tiems for....

21 damage


He quaffs pot #5 and she adds 3 damage on another ht. 28/54. He quaffs his last pot and she misses


Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:03 PM

Darth misses and takes 4.


He hits for 4 and takes 4


He misses and she does too

He misses and she hits twice for 9 damage


He spends the next two turns eating Herbs and she hits twice for 16 damage


Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:03 PM

Darth is now out of healing items

Danny 04-26-2012 09:03 PM

Uh oh

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:03 PM

He misses, and she hits for 9 damage once.


he htis for 7 and she misses.

he misses, and she hits for 5


Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:04 PM

Darth hits for a lot of damage - 8 and she is still up. She atttacks and hits once for....7 damage


Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:04 PM

Darth misses, she does not and he takes another 4


Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:05 PM

Darth connects for 9 damage and she's up. She misses

Danny 04-26-2012 09:05 PM

down to the wire

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:05 PM

Darth misses. She hits once for 4 damage


Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:06 PM

Darth hits for 5 more damage and Euplatious is....



Still standing!!!!!!

She bites and misses, swings and misses and....wings and misses!!!

hoopsguy 04-26-2012 09:06 PM

Is this the part where Darth flees?

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:06 PM

Darth misses. She misses again!!!

Danny 04-26-2012 09:07 PM

so close

Danny 04-26-2012 09:07 PM

Going to be epic finish

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:07 PM

Darth attacks. he rolls a 17, and that's a hit

Th Dagger of Growth deals 1d8+2 damage since it is a dagger that projects a force field teh length of a long sword.

He rolls damage and get a 5. That's 7 damage

And the Dracolich Euplatious has DIED!!!!

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:08 PM

Darth gains enough XP to put him over the top

Darth has won the game!!!!

Danny 04-26-2012 09:08 PM

wow, so epic, grats Darth. Hope its ok, but I gave him play by play via text cause hes at work. He may have died from a heart attack though

Thomkal 04-26-2012 09:09 PM

Congrats Darth

Danny 04-26-2012 09:09 PM

And now let the screwage begin as people vie for that last spot.

Danny 04-26-2012 09:09 PM

Good to see a Bard win though

Abe Sargent 04-26-2012 09:10 PM


hoopsguy 04-26-2012 09:11 PM

So did Darth take this battle on after getting knocked around by giants earlier?

Danny 04-26-2012 09:11 PM

Now for mine! You hit with acid arrow, it dies, you gain 7500 xp and hit level 7!!!! VYAY!!!!!

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