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QuikSand 11-14-2020 06:39 PM

NFL Quarterbacks - Class of 2020
Okay, seems like time to start this conversation up.

We saw three heralded college quarterbacks get selected with the first six picks of this year's anomalous rookie draft. All three have now gotten game experience, and we at least have a flavor of what they "look like" in an NFL setting. Meanwhile, in typical NFL style, a few other guys have gotten at a cup of coffee and/or a bit of camp hype, and there was some draft buzz about others. Anyway... as interesting a group as I can recall for a good while.

So...let's play the speculation game!

Let's hear...

-How many Superbowl rings will this year's rookie class of QBs eventually earn as starters?

-How will the class sort out, in the final analysis? (rank 'em)

-Who will be the most impactful among those picked after the top three?

-How will the QB Class of '20 be graded, collectively, when it's all said and done?

stevew 11-15-2020 12:49 AM

Herbert/Tua/Burrow maybe unlikely to earn any rings as starters. Just playing the odds when Cincy/SD/Miami have won a total of 2 of 159 superbowls. And they're all in the same conference. Plus there's a good chance that Trevor Lawrence and Justin Field end up in the AFC as well. Flores is a good coach, so I think Tua might get one ring but Tua could always get hurt again. There's supposed to be 5-7 first round QB's in 2021 so, say, for example the Steelers/Pats/Colts may reload at the QB position. Those franchises are far more stable than Cincy/SD/Miami.

I guess Love is in this first round, but he's such a wild card that he's nearly impossible to project. Maybe he's Josh Allen. Maybe he's easily forgotten. 17 pick seasons in college don't inspire confidence. I actually like Hurts a lot and I do think Philly actually has a good structure. I think he'll win 1 ring.

Tua-1 (thinking Miami builds a bad ass defense one season and he hands it off 600 times)

Final analysis-
Burrow is good, and likely to have a Marino/Rivers type career. But as with Herbert, both are on absolutely 2 of the worst possible owner teams.

Burrow/Herbert-both Fringe type HOF numbers. Effective downfield passers, assuming health they'll throw for a ton of yards.

Tua-injury wildcard. maybe he'll be like Boomer Esiason or something

Hurts-4-5 year peak level career as a starter. (best after the top 3)

Love-insignificant career. thinking something like DeShone Kizer/Osweiler/Henne maybe even Kaepernick type career.

Fromm/Eason/etc-pocket lint.
Also I'm bearish cause these guys will have to deal with Mahomes, Watson, Allen, and Jackson for at least 2/3 of their career. I assume Mahomes will take something like 3-4 of the next 12 super bowls, and probably 6/12 of the appearances for the AFC.

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