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JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:15 PM

One and Done Challenge
Hello FOFC.

Welcome to the One and Done Challenge, created by QuikSand. This should be a fun competition between a few FOFCíers to see who can do the most with one year of draft picks.

So, to begin, I need to trade all of my future picks for picks in this yearís draft. I think my strategy is do to my interviews first, figure out how deep/strong this draft class is, and decide whether I want a ton of 2nd/3rd/4th round picks, or a few really high picks.

Before I begin the interviews, I need to decide what kind of systems Iíll be running on offense and defense. On offense, I usually prefer to build a strong running and short passing team. On defense, I prefer the 3-4, run defense, and man-to-man coverage.

Iím probably going to go through this career pretty slowly to begin. With this being my only chance to build the team, I have to do it right.
Letís take a look at individual positions. The numbers in parenthesis are how many players I interviewed at each position.

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:17 PM

Quarterback (2)

Believe it or not, I’m not looking for the best quarterback in the world here. I’m just looking for a good short passer with a good accuracy, timing, and sense rush rating. There are a few guys that I like. Briggs, Taylor, and Harrison obviously look good to me at the top. I also like Bert Mayhem, and I could definitely trade down out of 1(1) to get him and pick up a few extra picks. He has pretty good combines as well. As of right now, I think Mayhem is my top choice. He has good intangibles, good combines, and is better at the shorter stuff. I’m gonna interview him now and see what my scout says about him.

The scout says he’s underrated. Not taking one of the top 3 QB’s could be a risk, but I think I’m gonna go this way. I also liked Carl Ellison as a later pick, but he was very overrated according to my scout.

Running Back (3)

This is one of the most important positions to me. I’d love to have a legitimate feature back, so I’ll definitely take a good look at these guys at the top. Tyrus Torres has great looking bars, and my scout tells me he’s hard to read. This guy has a shot at being my first pick in the draft, I just don’t know if I’m willing to spend the 1(1) on him. I don’t like O.J. Winters bars, but he does have great combines. Bryan McMillan came out very overrated, so I probably won’t go with him.

I also like Kenny Balogh. He came out very underrated and has bars that I like.

Fullback (1)

I like Nicky Whalen at the top, but I don’t know if I can spend a first-day pick on a fullback. I’m gonna have to wait until UDFA time to get one of these guys.

Tight End (7)

So here, I’m probably just looking for a guy who can catch and block for our running back. The first few guys I’ve interviewed were listed as either overrated or very overrated, but Granger was listed as hard to read. I do like him, so he’ll get a serious look if he lasts until the 2nd round.

Wide Receiver (6)

So I think I decided that I’m gonna invest heavily into two dominant WR’s. I figure I can get away with a decent QB if I have great receivers. I interviewed the top 5 players here, as well as Kenyon Shields. Newman, Ciscone, and Reeves came out underrated or very underrated, so my goal is to get 2 of those 3 guys.

Offensive Line (5)

The only top player I interviewed was Steve O’Field. I figure that I’m gonna get a ton of late 1st rounders or early 2nd rounder, so I pretty much just interview guys that I think will be around then and am just hoping for the best. Pass blocking doesn’t mean too much to me right now. I’m just looking for strong run blockers who can stay on the field.

The other 4 players I interviewed:

G Lance Ramos (AS)
T Preston Kohl (AS)
T Les Gustafon (AS)
C Randy Wolfe (HTR)

Defensive End (6)

I’m not impressed at all with this defensive end class. Lot’s of specialist type guys but no real stars. I interviewed 6 guys that looked like they could contribute or had decent combines. Nothing special here.

Defensive Tackle (7)

I feel the same here. No one too special, but a bunch of guys who could contribute.

Linebacker (11)

These guys look pretty good. I interviewed the top 2 ILB’s, and got a HTR and a VU. This is going to be tough, because I have to decide whether I want to spend my top pick on a QB, WR, or LB as of right now. The top OLB’s have great combines but all came out as O or VO.

Cornerback (7)

Hmmm. A few good looking guys here. I doubt I’ll use my top pick on one of these guys but a few look like good late first rounder’s or second rounder’s.

Safety (4)

Well, Kendall Anderson looks dominant, and I love having a great safety to help in run support as well as create turnovers. He has a serious opportunity to get picked first for this team. Lindsay, Ready, and Hines also look really good. Perhaps I’ll make sure I get one of these four guys, and get one of the top 3 WR’s on my short list.

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:18 PM

Okay, so now the interviews are done, and itís time for the draft. But first, I need to trade my future picks for picks in this draft. After seeing what this draft will give me, Iíve decided to get the highest picks I can, and then use UDFA to fill in any other holes. That could be a terrible choice but there does seem to be some good talent at the top of this draft.

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:18 PM

The Draft

And so the fun part begins. The first two players taken off the board were QBís, which makes me nervous. Iím really hoping Mayhem falls enough so I can trade up to get him. Iím currently at 1(3) but I also have a 1(21) and a 1(24). I also own 2(2),2(3), 2(28), and 2(31), so I have some serious value to move if I want to.

Iím gonna take a big risk here. Iím gonna move back a few more spots and hope that my QB is still on the board. I think Iím gonna try and move down to 1(8).

I get the Giants to give me their 1st through 5th round picks, and I move down to 1(8) in the 1st round. Letís hope Mayhem is still there.
The next two players to go are QBís. Thatís 4 straight to start off the draft!

At 1(7), QB Taylor is still on the board and Mayhem is next, so Iím fairly sure heís going to last until me unless the team before me takes him.

Well, Taylor and Mayhem are still there. But so are all 3 of my WRís that I like as well as all of the safeties. I decide to trade down one spot to Washington at 1(9) just to pick up some value. They take the top rated safety Kendall Anderson, but that still leaves me with the other two guys at that position that I liked. Now, Iím having some crazy thoughts. Even though WR Harris Powell was listed as very overrated, he looks almost too good to pass up. He had amazing combines (4.27 Dash!!!) and has ridiculous bars. Iím going to take him, and then once QB Taylor is taken, Iíll trade up and take Mayhem. Also, if the 2 RBís before Torres go, Iím trading up to get him. So I have a few possibilities.

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:18 PM

Well, at 1(12) QB Taylor was taken. So, Iím going to use some of my picks to move up to 1(13) and take Mayhem. I send my 2(3), 2(28), 3(1), 5(17), and 7(28) to move up. My plan for running back is still in effect.

I make it to 1(21) and no running backs have been taken, I still have 3 safeties that I like, and still have the 1(24) and three 2nd round picks coming up. I decide to trade down again, this time to the bottom of the 1st round at 1(29).

Shockingly, I arrive at 1(24) and still, no one has been taken thatís making me jump to get a 2nd or 3rd ranked player at a particular position. So, I trade down again, and until I pick someone, I wonít report on another trade down.

I make it to 1(27) and finally pick my top-rated WR, Jerry Reeves. So now, my passing offense is complete, and Iím still planning on getting the running back that I want.

At 1(29), there is a RB rated ahead of Torres but Iím not going to take a risk. I take Torres and add a dynamic running back to the team. Now that Iím out of the 1st round, Iíll stop reporting and just give you the players I pick.

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:19 PM

1(9) WR Harris Powell
1(13) QB Bert Mayhem
1(27) WR Jerry Reeves
1(29) RB Tyrus Torres
2(2) S Andrew Ready
2(13) T Christian Furrey
2(31) T Les Gustafon
3(3) DE Fernando Barlow
3(12) DT Floyd Hicks
3(22) TE Les Schact
3(23) TE Jerald Granger
3(25) G Lance Ramos
3(29) CB Chris Auguston
3(31) S lee Kinney
4(2) CB Roderick Barker
4(3) CB Matthew Tafoya
4(11) OLB Jonathon Krueger
4(20) ILB Tommy Anhalt
4(22) RB Lewis Eskridge
4(27) FB Marcel Maloney
5(1) K Fernando Sigman
5(3) DT Cedric Garrard
5(10) OLB Tyrone McKnight
5(23) C Harvey Halama
5(25) ILB Toby Houston
5(26) G Ellis Murphy
5(29) P Stanley Robbins
6(2) WR Stephan Chapman
6(3) S Trevor Gomez
6(7) QB Buddy England
6(25) C Randy Wolfe
6(28) DE Willie Malcomson
6(29) ILB Vinny Sudano
7(1) T Ike Prescott
7(9) TE Oscar Farr
7(17) RB Cedric Hoffman
7(24) WR Preston Segraves
7(27) DT Darrell Brody
7(29) OLB J.T. Mills
7(31) QB Aaron Ellard

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:19 PM


Front Office Football 2007
Dallas Cowboys Roster, Scout Overview
  Player                #  Pos  Start Exp  Current Estimate  Future Estimate Cntrct
Mayhem, Bert            17  QB    QB    1    16                37                4 yrs
England, Buddy          4  QB          1    13                36                3 yrs
Ellard, Aaron          11  QB          1    10                50                3 yrs
Torres, Tyrus          32  RB    RB    1    47                61                4 yrs
Hoffman, Cedric        29  RB          1    30                44                3 yrs
Eskridge, Lewis        31  RB          1    26                40                4 yrs
##Kelso, Kelly          40  RB          1    23                42                2 yrs
##Gibson, J.C.          34  FB          1    27                47                2 yrs
Maloney, Marcel        25  FB    FB    1    25                54                4 yrs
Granger, Jerald        87  TE          1    30                52                3 yrs
Schacht, Les            88  TE    TE    1    37                54                3 yrs
Farr, Oscar            80  TE          1    21                47                3 yrs
##Cambell, Nicky        84  TE          1    22                25                2 yrs
Reeves, Jerry          86  FL    FL    1    24                38                4 yrs
Segraves, Preston      81  FL          1    22                38                3 yrs
Chapman, Stephen        85  SE          1    21                44                3 yrs
##Hardy, Marc          83  SE          1    16                45                2 yrs
Powell, Harris          82  SE    SE    1    35                58                5 yrs
##Halama, Harvey        59  C          1    11                29                3 yrs
**Wolfe, Randy          56  C          1    25                42                3 yrs
Chun, Erik              63  LG          1    16                41                2 yrs
Fisk, Albert            65  LG    LG    1    19                45                2 yrs
Ramos, Lance            64  RG    RG    1    28                61                4 yrs
Murphy, Ellis          66  RG    C    1    22                48                3 yrs
##Lester, Dana          68  LT          1    16                33                2 yrs
Furrey, Christian      67  LT    LT    1    39                52                4 yrs
Prescott, Ike          73  RT          1    19                44                3 yrs
Gustafson, Les          74  RT    RT    1    25                35                4 yrs
Robbins, Stanley        15  P          1    56                62                3 yrs
Sigman, Fernando        6  K          1    27                51                3 yrs
Barlow, Fernando        97  LDE  LDE  1    38                60                4 yrs
Walsh, Dennis          77  LDE        1    16                30                2 yrs
Malcomson, Willie      70  RDE  RDE  1    28                45                3 yrs
Garrard, Cedric        75  RDE        1    25                45                3 yrs
Hicks, Floyd            90  LDT  NT    1    31                51                4 yrs
Chamberlain, Don        98  RDT        1    18                39                2 yrs
Brody, Darrell          79  RDT        1    31                48                3 yrs
Bronson, Shane          57  MLB  SILB  1    21                48                2 yrs
Houston, Toby          91  MLB  WILB  1    15                37                3 yrs
Anhalt, Tommy          53  SLB        1    14                48                4 yrs
McKnight, Tyrone        51  SLB  SLB  1    21                47                3 yrs
##Mills, J.T.          93  WLB        1    15                23                3 yrs
Krueger, Jonathan      99  WLB  WLB  1    23                35                4 yrs
Beyer, Brandon          54  WLB        1    25                32                1 yr.
Augustson, Chris        26  LCB  LCB  1    28                56                3 yrs
Barker, Roderick        49  LCB        1    26                44                4 yrs
Buchanan, Jonathan      44  LCB        1    23                41                1 yr.
Tafoya, Matthew        43  RCB  RCB  1    32                53                3 yrs
McDonald, Daniel        48  RCB        1    16                31                1 yr.
Gomez, Trevor          33  SS          1    15                41                3 yrs
Ready, Andrew          47  SS    SS    1    47                55                4 yrs
Kinney, Lee            37  FS    FS    1    31                63                4 yrs
Andersen, Kerry        41  FS          1    25                41                1 yr.
$$ - player is suspended, ## - player is inactive, 
** = player is injured, %% - player is on IR. 
Players Under Contract: 53
Inactive: 7
On Active Roster: 46
Salary Cap: $109,000,000
Cap Room: $14,880,000
Maximum for New Player: $15,190,000
Cap Room Lost (to old contracts): $62,010,000
Cap Room Lost Next Year (to old contracts): $490,000
Cap Room Required Next Year: $40,790,000

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:20 PM

I ended up deciding on using a modified version of SkyDogís Run and Short Pass Offense for this challenge. I think I picked players that suit it well, so weíll see how it goes. Iím most worried about the defense. I have good WRís, a great RB, but the defensive line, and entire defense in general, is pretty shaky.

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:22 PM

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:23 PM

JetsIn06 12-25-2007 10:24 PM

JetsIn06 12-26-2007 05:33 PM

JetsIn06 12-26-2007 05:43 PM

JetsIn06 12-26-2007 07:15 PM

JetsIn06 12-26-2007 07:30 PM

JetsIn06 12-26-2007 07:47 PM

JetsIn06 12-26-2007 10:19 PM


JetsIn06 12-26-2007 10:34 PM

JetsIn06 12-26-2007 10:40 PM

And this was my last year, as unfortunately, I had 8 players retire this off-season bringing me down to only 38 players. I came about as close to a super bowl appearance as you can get, having the lead with less than 2 minutes left, then losing the lead and missing a field goal that would have tied it up at the last second. I have no idea how I got that far in 2016. In 2015 we went 3-13, and obviously had the same roster.

I'll be taking a more in depth look at some of the players history shortly.

JetsIn06 12-26-2007 10:46 PM

JetsIn06 12-26-2007 10:56 PM

This brings me to a score of exactly "100" for this challenge. Nice! :)

Subby 12-28-2007 09:54 AM

Mayhem was definitely my second option at QB - neat to see how he did in the parallel universe...

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