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QuikSand 06-19-2022 02:14 PM

Any interest in an offseason-only sandbox league?
I confess that I REALLY miss the old GML, its most recent iteration was set up to run a full season in two weeks of real time. Regular season run in one day, injuries off, then the postseason the next day.

It's a demanding pace for the simmer, and for the GMs. There's no chance there are still 32 GMs out there for this, but is it possible that even without Ben as simmer there still exists a core enough to fire this up again? Like a willing daily simmer and... perhaps 6-10 GMs?

Just floating the idea, just in case it's there and we didn't even know it.

finkellll 07-18-2022 10:45 AM

I miss it too, it was the perfect league for what I wanted in a MP game. I would join as a GM, but not as a simmer. No time (same as everyone else that wants to join lol)

tzach 07-24-2022 06:50 AM

i miss it too -- for me it was the ideal pace for FOF MP.

i still have a (long term?) project of setting up a simmer-less fof mp league with a similar pace as GML. i'm pretty sure it can be set up in the cloud and run by itself in a no-trade mode (pretty much what gml was, except when a new gm would come in or a busy gm would roll over all their picks to a future season).

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