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Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:19 PM

WW DII - The Dungeon 2 : Dungeon Harder! GAME OVER!!!

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:20 PM

You MAY NOT coordinate with others for race/class combination. Just pick what you want and pm it to me once we begin, which is really far away, like next week.

Sign Ups begin tomorrow, Wednesday, at NOON EST. I will post that sign-ups are ready, and then anyone who posts after that is in.

You must pm to me your class/race combination, starting weapon and other choices (such as spell) no later than Noon, EST, Saturday.

The game will technically begin Sunday, but the first action will not be until Monday Morning, Apr 2nd.

The Day:

Each day is divided into the following:

Morning Action Deadline - 10 am
Movement Deadline - 4 pm
Afternoon Action Deadline - 9 pm
Evening Action Deadline - 1 am

(All times are EST)

You may take one action during each action phase. If you want to do a non-action (such as heal) that will be done in the same pm and at the same time.

Although this game has more deadlines that normal, I suspect it will not require your participation as much as some games in the past. As long as you check in around the deadlines, you should be fine.

Remembering that most characters will not even need to make the Evening Action Deadline, since you will need to sleep, you will only need to worry about the other three deadlines. You don't even have to send a pm for the Evening if you are sleeping, it is automatically assumed. If you want to do stuff for the evening regularly, take the Sis'Sharr race or trade for all of the items that allows you to take an Evening Action.

In a normal WW game, many players find themselves logging on and reading and doing a lot of catch up at a variety of times during the day, and the time commitment can be an hour or more per day with one deadline. here, the amount of time should be much less (unless you want it to be more) with fewer posts and info in the thread. However, you have more deadlines during the day.

I am happy taking actions by e-mail if you can't access FOFC during the work day or something.

Notes from the first Dungeon:

This iteration of The Dungeon will have some more visible mechanics such as XP vs level and the damage various spells and weapons deal. Also, there are more classes, races, and many changes to existing rules so make sure you read them just as carefully as if you were new. Some rooms were retained from the first Dungeon, some appear to be retained, but have been changed. And some are brand new. Similarly, magic items and monsters that made appearances in the first game may be just as powerful, weaker, or stronger. There will be new weapons and new monsters, and some will be retired.

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:20 PM

ROSTER of Adventurers:

1. Autumn, Guzak, Assassin, Evil - Killed Night 4 by Ghoul KWhit; Finally slain by Thomkal on Move 14
2. ntndeacon, Sis'Sharr, kensai, Good
3. Zinto, Guzak, Paladin, Good
4. PurdueBrad, Sis'Sharr, Myrmidon, Neutral
5. Julio Riddols, Guzak, Ranger, Neutral

6. Thomkal, Qwith, Ranger, Neutral - Killed Movement 14 by Ghoul Simbo; Finally slain by PB on Move 15
7. JAG, Sis'Sharr, Battle Mage, Neutral
8. dubb, Human, Paladin, Good
9. Chief Rum, Qwith, Druid, Neutral
10. Simbo Klice, Taurian, Priest, Neutral - Slain Night 9 by Ghoul Autumn; Finally slain by JAG on Move 15
11. The Jackal, Human, Bard, Neutral
12. Darth Vilus, Human, Bard, Good

13. bhlloy, Human, Lay Healer, Good
14. mauboy1, Qwith, Ranger, Good - Slain Night 9 by Ghoul Autumn; Finally slain by Thomkal on Move 14
15. Ragone, Qwith, Bard, Good
16. mckerney, Trow, Assassin, Neutral - Died Day 7, Killed in Level One by Cave Ticks
17. hoopsguy, Human, Paladin, Evil
18. KWhit, Human, Myrmidon, Evil - Died, Day 3, Killed in Level One by a Crawling Claw; Finally slain by JAG on Move 15
19. Danny, Taurian, Battle Mage, Good
20. Crimson Fox, Sis'sharr, Priest, Good


PeanutButterJellyTime: Danny , Hoops, The Jackal - Danny left the room
9 Lives: Julio, Zinto (leader but not via bold). bhlloy
Party Time: Simbo (leader), Mauboy Now Defunct (Leader Killed, Mauboy killed)
Axis of Evil: Autumn, KWhit (Leader), Now Defunct (Leader Killed, Autumn killed)
Qwith Choir Killers: Chief Rum (leader), Ragone
Cursed 4 Life with JAG - JAG (Leader), PurdueBrad - Now Defunct, after JAG and PB can;t be members of parties
Sssibilant Ssslithery Sssaintsss - CrimsonFox (Leader), ntndeacon


1. dubb, killed Basilisk in 9H on Movement, Day 17
2. PurdueBrad, killed four giants in 7E on Afternoon, Day 17
3. JAG, solved the Kitchen Murders in 8H on Night, Day 18
4. Darth Vilus, slayed the Dracolith Euplatious in 7G on Afternoon, Day 19
5. CrimsonFox, killed many giants in 7E on Afternoon, Day 19

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:21 PM

It's that time of year again.

Over eighty years ago, the people of Intaria were unorganized and meat for various marauding monsters, until a large band of adventurers committed to ridding the nation of many of its problems, and began to administer the area.

Decades later, the retired adventurers have passed laws discouraging the populace from becoming adventurers themselves. Instead, the older adventurers use their contacts in the adventuring world to complete various tasks, such as raising dungeons, investigating ruins, killing rogue bands of monsters, and so forth. Since adventuring is the fastest way to wealth and riches, many young locals resent the rules.

In order to demonstrate the harsh reality of adventuring, the rulers decided to create a sprawling underground complex of 144 rooms with various monsters, items, obstacles, traps and more. Any native Intarians interested in becoming adventurers were given a small amount of equipment and ushered into the labyrinth at the beginning of each month. The first five would-be adventurers that reached a sufficient amount of experience were declared official adventurers and could try to formalize their lives of fame and glory and adventure. Those who survived but did not win would re-acclimate to the normal lives, with additional wisdom and experience from their plights in the dungeon. Some would die there, and would not make it.

Five years ago, the group of Adventurers that encountered the dungeon were of particular note. Some have gone on to tremendous careers, including the evil general KWhit, who had raided many towns along the border of Intaria but outside her borders and protection.

This year, you are the top twenty applicants to be adventurers, and have been granted access to the dungeon. You have a piece of armor, a weapon on your choice, 5 days of rations, 5 torches and 50 gold. Your initial rooms are oriented such that forward faces the center of the dungeon.

You do have allies in the dungeon. Various sylvan creatures are here to help you. Sprites, Pixies, and Faeries will aid you in your quest at various times, usually with information.

Good luck, and don't die too early!

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:22 PM

This is where information given by Sprites, Pixies, Djinni and Fairies will be collected:

Heya! I'm a Pixie. We're a bit shy, but we don't like seeing nice folk like you die. We come out and help when needed. Our powers are minor, but they are here. Today, at least one of you would have died! Oh no! We couldn't have that, so we appeared and protected anybody from dying. This protection will extend throughout rest of the day, but then are powers are mostly spent and we can't help as much later. Sorry.

The sprites tell you, "This Dungeon has 169 rooms, which is the same it always is. But there is something more outside it!

We heard that four adventurers are already level 2! by Day 2 movement action

Oh no! Not everyone will survive today's movement action!

Nocturne Potions allow you to take a Night Action! Some rooms really need three actions to fully explore.

Most people are level 3. Nobody is level 1 anymore, a few are level 2, and one person has reached level 4 already!

Somebody else has died on Day 7!!!

Before each iteration of The Dungeon, the rooms are shuffled randomly! Well, mostly...

A Fairy Says:

I just want to thank this sis'sharr Kensai for freeing me from that Evil Druid! I have blessed the altar and will give succor rest and knowledge to all who come by my grove, in the second rank of the Dungeon, in room 3E!!!

We would like to announce that The Jackal has slain the most powerful creature on the first level of The Dungeon - The Four Headed Beast of Death!!!

dubb has defeated the most powerful creature in the UnderDungeon, a Mujina!!!

JAG and PurdueBrad crushed the most powerful villain in the second level - a Green Slime!!!


Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:23 PM

Rules Post #1 - Creating Your Character, Race and Alignment


At the beginning of the game, you must choose an alignment, either good, evil, or neutral. Some classes may restrict you in certain choices. Alignment can restrict spell choice, class choice, and has some impact in the game. There may also be some consequences for changing alignment during the game.


Human - A player who is human can choose every class except for one, and has a 10% bonus to experience gained.

Dvergr - A Dvergr is used to being underground, as a short, squat stocky humanoid with a gruff attitude and an affinity for rock and crafting. They get double the chance to detect a secret door, and they have infravision. There may be places that only a small Dvergr can reach.

Flame-Kin – This elemental humanoid with the body of fire (with a level of heat they can mentally control) has several advantages and disadvantages. They won’t need torches. They are immune to fire damage, but take double damage from water or cold sources. There may be places in the Dungeon that only a Flame-Kin can walk, due to immunity to fire. If immersed in water, they take 20% of their max HP each round, and will thus die in a maximum of five rounds if fully healthy. They can ignite items in rooms by touch. If one becomes an Assassin, they cannot ambush - they are too bright (they still can if Invisible though).

Guzak – The small catlike humanoids known as guzaks can also squeeze into small spaces like a dvergr. Due to their naturally lithe nature, they take no damage from falling, and have infravision.

Qwith - A Qwith is a sylvan, slender creature a bit taller than a human with a mixture of faerie features. They have infravision and get twice the chance to detect a secret door.

Sis’Sharr - The lizard like Sis’Sharr are a species of humanoids living in the Western Reaches, an extensive desert. As such, they have developed the ability to go a long time without food, water or much sleep. A Sis’Sharr requires rest only once per every other day and do not need to keep track of food.

Trow - The trollborn, about human size bestial creatures with a high degree of intelligence, have a variety of subspecies, and this represents the adventuring Trow. Trow have an innate Go Berserk ability which can sometimes trigger randomly in combat.

Taurians - The largely extinct Taurians are an old seafaring warrior race that terrorized the local coasts until defeated several hundred years ago. These large Bullmen have trouble fitting into some of the more cramped spaces in the dungeon, and there may be places they cannot access. All Taurians deal +2 damage in combat in addition to class or weapon bonuses that might apply.

Special Racial Abilities:

Infravision - This is the ability to see the infrared spectrum in the dark, thus enabling you to make out warm blooded creatures in darkness. Note that some creatures, like an animated skeleton, are not seen by infravision, and some nearby effects (like lava) will interfere with infravision. A character with infravision can never be ambushed by a warm blooded creature naturally if their sight is running properly. (although magic may change things).

Go Berserk - The Trow may, occasionally, go crazy in combat. When this happens, they are completely immune to most magic except damage that is dealt directly like fire bolts and lighting balls. They become very powerful, with stronger, more fearsome attacks dealing +4 damage. However, they ignore any defensive posturing, and are very easy to hit by enemies, and are at +4 to be hit. They cannot do anything but attack. Once you have Gone Berzerk, it is hard to come out of it, and only after your hp have gotten low enough can you try, in order to use a potion, run, etc. There is a 20% chance you will be unable to de-berzerk each round.

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:25 PM

Rules Post #2 - Creating Your Character, Class

The Classes

Each class is in one of three categories, those that focus solely on combat, those that focus solely on magic, and those that either mix the two or focus on something else in the middle. Each category has its own hp, to hit ability, and XP chart for leveling.

Fighter Classes –

These classes get +1 to hit each level, and get 10 hit points per level. Other details vary by class. All begin with chain mail, (except Kensai) and a weapon of their choice. Some may begin with something more. All Fighters have the following Experience Chart:

Level 2 1200
Level 3 2400
Level 4 4800
Level 5 9200
Level 6 18400
Level 7 40000
Level 8 65000
Level 9 90000
Level 10 115000

Kensai – At the beginning of the game, select a weapon. You have double specialization when attacking with any weapon of that type (+2,+2). You cannot use any other weapon in combat, except those that are that type. You cannot wear any armor, but you begin the game with the reflexes equal to robes, and you will get one harder to hit each level you rise as you get more dodgey. You can attack twice a turn after you hit level 6. You cannot use bows, exotic weapons, or a shield. Only humans and sis’sharr can be Kensai.

Berserker – Only dvergr and trow can take this class. This character cannot specialize, nor can it use a shield or any armor heavier than chain mail. However, this character can Go Berzerk constantly in combat, and dive out when needed without needing to roll. This can make them very powerful in combat, but also weak for how much damage they take.

Paladin – They can only be taken by humans and the guzaks. They cannot use a shield. The Holy Warrior (or Unholy Warrior) focuses on dealing damage and killing evil. They do not get the ability to specialize in a weapon type. Paladins gain several activated abilities. Firstly, they can, once day, heal 50% of their original hit points. Secondly, they can, once per day, cast Detect Magic on a room which may cause objects or monsters to be identified as magical. If you take this class, you cannot be neutral. You must either be fighting for good or evil.

Ranger – This character specializes in ranged combat. They are the only character that begins the game able to use a bow. They use the bow to attack at range first, and then combat begins. At level 4 and 8, the Ranger gets the ability to fire an extra shot before close range combat begins. Qwith, Guzak and Humans can be Rangers. They cannot use a shield, or specialize, or use armor heavier than chain. They begin the game with a bow in addition to chain mail and a hand weapon of their choice.

Myrmidon – The basic professional warrior. Every race can take a Myrmidon. When you do, select a weapon, and you begin the game with specialization in that weapon (+1,+1 to it). You can use every weapon, other than exotics and bows. At level 5, you gain specialization in another non-bow weapon. At level 4 you can use a bow like a Ranger, but you only ever get one shot off. At level 8, you can use all exotic weapons. You can use a shield, and you even start the game with one.

The Mixed Classes:

These classes all gain +1 to hit every other level (3, 5, 7, and 9), and have either 6 or 8 hit points per level, as described below. All of these classes have the following Experience Chart:

Level 2 1000
Level 3 2000
Level 4 4000
Level 5 8000
Level 6 16000
Level 7 32000
Level 8 55000
Level 9 80000
Level 10 105000

Priest – You gain 6 hit points per level. This class can be taken by every race. You cannot use any weapon other than blunt weapons (staff, warhammer, flail, mace, and club), or any armor heavier than chain. In addition to decent weapons, hit points, and more, you gain the ability to use Divine Magic as per the rules on it. You may not use a shield.

Assassin – You gain 6 hit points per level. This class can be taken by Trow, Guzaks, Humans, Sis’Sharr, Flame-Kin and Qwith, but not Dvergr and Taurians. The assassin focuses on getting into and out of places, and has abilities that support that, such as picking locks, climb walls and disarming traps. Their chances start at 50% at first level and increase 10% as they go up a level to a maximum of 95%. When this class attacks an enemy, they get an Ambush special ability that allows them to do significantly more damage in their first attack. After level 3, the assassin gains the ability to poison their blade, if they can find any. Due to the nature of their profession, assassins need close range precision weapons that pierce the skin, namely the gladius and dagger. They begin the game with one of those two weapons of their choice, and leather armor. They cannot wear more than studded leather. You cannot be good and an assassin. Here is your Ambush Bonus – Level 1-3: 2x Damage, 4-6: 3x Damage, 7-9: 4x Damage.

Battle Mage – You begin with 6 points per level. This class can be taken by all races. You can only use a staff, dagger, gladius, or club. You can use Wizard Magic, as per the Wizard Magic rules. You cannot use armor heavier than leather armor, and you begin with robes and one weapon listed above.

Bard – The bards are masters of information, and no class learns as much from their surrounding as bards do. Bards can wield daggers, staffs, or a gladius. Bards can automatically identify any magical item discovered. Bards get 6 hit points. Bards get the enhanced ability to search for traps, secret doors, and other hidden things just like assassins, but cannot disarm traps, climb walls, Ambush or poison. At every third level (3, 6, 9), they gain the ability to cast one Wizard spell from the next level (at level three, one first rank spell; at level six, one second rank spell, and so forth). Bards also get a combat ability called Lore, and it allows me to fight with the knowledge of the monster that I have, rather than what you have. It is described in the combat section below. Only qwith and humans can be bards. They can wear up to chain, and start with studded leather

Druid – Druids get 8 hit points per level, and can be taken by qwith, guzaks, trow and humans. They cannot use any armor heavier than studded leather, and can only use clubs or staffs, but they can use a shield. Like bards, druids gain one spell every third level starting at 3, but from the Divine List. They can use items as if they were a priest. At level 2, a druid can shapechange into a wolf and attack like a wolf. It is possible that with better items, the druid himself can attack better than a wolf, so it is not automatically used. At level 5, a brown bear can be the form, instead of a wolf. At level 8, a druid that is in their shapechange form can dole out 4 extra damage and hit creatures normally only hit by magic weapons, and gets +2 harder to hit themselves.

Magic Users:

These characters do not get better in combat as they level up, instead focusing on magic. They have 4 HP per level. All of these classes have the following chart for gaining Experience.

Level 2 1400
Level 3 2800
Level 4 5600
Level 5 11200
Level 6 23000
Level 7 50000
Level 8 75000
Level 9 100000
Level 10 125000

Sorcerer – This powerful class only gets 4 HP per level, and can only use a dagger or club in combat. However, in exchange for a weakened physical presence, the Sorcerer can select spells off either the Divine or Wizard spell list when they level up. However, doing so means that you gain spells using the rules for Divine Magic, not for that of Wizard Magic. They begin the game with robes and their weapon, and cannot wear larger armor. Only humans can be a Sorcerer. They can use items reserved for priests and wizards.

Artificer – This class can only be taken by a human, flame-kin, or dvergr. They cannot use any spells that directly harm the opponent, however, which are among the most powerful spells on the Wizard List (this includes Finger of Death). Artificers can identify magical objects immediately, if they found it. Artificers can also use and reuse magic items with charges as if they had no charges, once per combat (so, if they found a Wand of Trap Detection with three charges, they could use and keep using the object for the rest of the game, without using any charges.) If an Artificer finds an item that would deal damage directly to an opponent, they can use the item (so a Wand of Lightning Bolts could be used against an opponent, but an Artificer could not memorize the spell Lightning Bolt). 4 HP per level, can use dagger, or club only, and no more than robes, which they begin with.

Lay Healer
– This specialist healer class only gets 4 hp per level, and can only use a club. They can wear any armor and use a shield. They get access to Divine Magic, but cannot memorize any spell which deals damage (the Cause spells and Harm). When they heal, they heal double damage, even from healing items. In fact, Lay Healers are so good at healing, that they cast healing spells or use healing items immediately, and without taking a turn, so they don't have to slow down to heal. Like Paladin, the Lay Healer can heal 50% of hit points of their HP once per day for free, but unlike the Paladin, they can target another ally in the room if they want, in addition to just using it on themselves. All party members are healed of all damage at the end of each day by being with a Lay Healer. They begin the game with chainmail and a club. Only humans and sis’sharr can be lay healers. You cannot be evil.

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:28 PM

Rules Post #3 - Divine Magic

Divine Magic

Magic works thusly. At the beginning of the game, Sorcerers, Lay Healers and Priests can select one First Rank spell. For the rest of the game, they can cast this spell once per day. Here is the chart for these classes:

Second Level - Another First Rank spell may be chosen
Third Level - A Second Rank spell is selected
Fourth Level - An additional Second Rank is selected
Fifth Level - A powerful Third Rank is picked
Sixth Level - Another Third Rank is picked
Seventh Level - Another First and Second Rank are picked
Eighth Level - The all powerful Fourth Ranks give you one spell
Ninth Level - You may select another Fourth Rank spell
Tenth Level - Another Third Rank is picked.

When you have these spells, you may cast one per day. Some spells are combat spells, and can only be used in combat. Other spells allow you to take actions in various stages during the day. No spell can be learned more than once. Note that although a Sorcerer may choose spells from the Wizard Magic list too, they learn them with the restrictions of Divine Magic. Note that Druids and Bards essentially act as Divine casters for their spell acquisition as well.

You may not take the Cause spells or Harm if you are good. They work by causing excruciating pain in the target, are very torturous, and thus good characters cannot memorize or use them.

Divine Spells

First Rank -

Cure Light Wounds - Heal one player, (could be yourself) of 10 hit points. Used Automatically.
Luck - Increases your chance of detecting secret doors and traps by 1 in 6. Constantly in effect.
Detect Evil - This is an action that can be taken at any time, and can be used as part of a search action. All evil items and players in the room will glow. Unholy items and cursed items glow as evil.
Cause Light Wounds - Combat spell harming one opponent of 10 hit points.
Remove Fear - Combat spell which prevents you from running or fleeing as a result of a spell or effect.
Turn Undead - Combat spell which forces one undead creature to flee the dungeon and never return. You get no experience for defeating the creature, and no treasure.

Second Rank -

Cure Moderate Wounds - Heal one player of 20 hit points. Used automatically
Detect Traps - This requires an action to use, or can be used as part of a search. All traps are automatically detected.
Cause Moderate Wounds - Combat spell dealing 20 points of damage.
Heal – This healing spell ends all poison and disease.
Protection from Fire and Cold - Combat defensive spell that prevents all fire/cold based damage from harming you or your items.
Charm - This combat or action spell forces one humanoid monster to become non-hostile to you, but you do not get treasure or experience for it.

Third Rank -

Cure Serious Wounds - Heal one player of 30 hit points. Used Automatically.
Cause Serious Wounds - Combat spell dealing 30 damage to an opponent.
Dispel Evil - This combat spell has a 50/50 chance of sending a creature from another plane back to its plane of existence. It may have a few room specific uses as well.
Expertise - This combat spell turns you into a Myrmidon of the same level for the combat. You gain hit points equal to the divide between you and your Myrmidon persona, and the attack ability of the Myrmidon. You do not gain specialization with a weapon.
Toughen – This combat defensive spell forces all weapons to deal their minimum damage to you. Magic spells and things like cold, noxious gas and fire will still deal normal damage, as will poison and such.
Protection from Normal Weapons - This combat defensive spell prevents non-magical weapons from hitting you, which can include anything from a bear’s paw to a sword. Fire will still harm you, as will cold, acid, magic, and so forth.

Fourth Rank –

Avoid Death – Once, when you would otherwise die, you can instead cast this spell to regain all of your hit points. This spell can only be used once in the adventure by you, and it only works on you.
Atrophy - This spell allows you to target one item a player in the same room as you has. When you touch it, there is a 50/50 chance of that item being destroyed. This must be used as an action. You must choose an item based on the description of that player given in your message.
Call Creatures - This combat spell summons a powerful minion, randomly chosen, to fight in your stead. Whether its wins or loses will be based on the monster you are fighting and what is summoned.
Cureall - This spell completely heals the recipient of all damage, neutralizes poison, disease, withering, artificial aging, and any other negative condition except drained levels, which are permanently gone.
Harm - This combat spell gives an opponent a 50/50 chance of dying.
Wizardry - This spell allows you to select one item you own that can normally only be used by Wizards. You can use that item in perpetuity for the game, but only that item.

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:32 PM

Rules Post #4 - Wizardly Magic

Wizard Magic

Much like Divine Magic, Artificers and Battle Magi start with one spell of their choice. However, that is where the comparison ends. They have a spellbook, and as they find Magic Scrolls, they can choose to inscribe the spell in their book if it is a Wizard Magic spell, and the scroll is destroyed. Thereafter, they can cast that spell when needed. Wizards never have to memorize any spell, and they can use whatever spells they know as much as they want, to a certain limit, equal to Divine Mages. Those limits are:

Level 1 – 1 Rank One Spell
Level 2 – 2 Rank One Spells
Level 3 – 2 Rank One, 1 Rank Two.
Level 4 - 2 Rank One, 2 Rank Two
Level 5 – 2 Rank One, 2 Rank Two, 1 Rank Three
Level 6 - 2 Rank One, 2 Rank Two, 2 Rank Three
Level 7 - 2 Rank One, 2 Rank Two, 2 Rank Three, 1 Rank Four
Level 8 - 3 Rank One, 3 Rank Two, 3 Rank Three, 1 Rank Four
Level 9 - 3 Rank One, 3 Rank Two, 3 Rank Three, 2 Rank Four

So, if a Battle Mage has four rank one spells in her spellbook, and is second level, she can cast any combination of those spells in one day, up to two total. So, she could cast Magic Missile twice in combat, for example, or Detect Magic in two rooms, once before moving and once after, or Armor to protect herself early and then Magic Missile in combat, etc.

Note that spell progression for Wizard Magic is slightly different than that for Divine spell casters.

If you do not want to use a spell that is used automatically at the beginning of each day (like Armor or Floating Disk), just tell me.

Wizard Spells:

First Rank:

Armor - This spell increases your armor to the level it would be at if you wore chain mail. It interferes with any magical armor you might find later, and it is cast at the beginning of each day automatically, not requiring an action for use.
Detect Magic – This is an action that can be taken at any time, and can be used as part of a search action.. It will cause any magical items in the room to glow. It does not tell you what they are, only that they are magical.
Dodge – This combat spell enables you to dodge every attack that comes your way for this round and the next. It does not work on magic, or area effects like Icy Blast.
Floating Disk - This spell increases your normal carrying capacity, allowing you to carry all items you find. It is used at the beginning of each day automatically.
Identify - This spell allows you to identify two magic items per day. You need only to PM me which items in your inventory you would like to examine. This does not take an action
Magic Missile - This combat spell attacks your opponent for 1d4+1 damage per level.
Shrink – You can cast this spell as to enter a room that you would not normally be able to enter.
Spook - This combat spell forces one opposing creature to flee for one round, requiring a second round for it to return, so you get two rounds to flee, take combat actions, prepare defensive spells, pepper it with arrows, drink potions, and so forth.

Second Rank –

Acid Arrow - This combat spell hits your opponent for acid damage equal to your max hit points this turn, and an equal amount next turn for free as well.
Create Poison – This spell poisons your weapon with a powerful poison whose deadliness increases as you level up. That weapon then poisons the next time it hits in combat.
Icy Blast - This combat spell deals ice damage to all opponents equal to your maximum hit points. The damage radiates out from you for fifteen feet and all enemies will take damage if in the radius.
Invisibility - This combat spell gives you the Ambush special attack during your first battle of each day, at the power of a 5th level scout ignoring infravision. It can also be used to automatically flee a battle without an attack of opportunity by those engaging you.
Mirror Image - This defensive combat spell creates a few phantom copies of yourself. These phantom copies are hit in combat before you are, with a number of copies being made equal to your level. This spell wears off at the end of a combat.
Oracle - This is an action that can be taken at any time, and can be used as part of a search action.. For that action, you will know every piece of information about a room, including secret doors, traps, and other hidden information. This does not detect magic or dispel illusions.
Sleep - This combat spell puts to sleep one opposing creature, no matter size, type or experience level. The amount of rounds the creature is asleep equals your level.

Third Rank -

Dispel Magic - This combat spell dispels any defensive spells an opponent might have operating, such as Stoneskin or Mirror Image. It also has many uses in rooms.
Lightning Bolt - This combat spell deals a significant amount of damage to one opponent, killing many outright. It will dole out 1d10 damage per level.
Pierce Armor – For the rest of the combat, one enemy’s armor is dropped to the level of humble robes.
Rebound – This combat defensive spell sends the next offensive spell that attacks you back at its caster.
Seduce - This combat spell will stop many monsters from attacking you. It will only work on one monster, and it will only work on those with a mind. It works on many more creatures than the 2nd level Divine spell Charm.
Stone to Flesh – When you cast this spell, you can target any person that has been petrified. That person returns to normal. If you are petrified, and you have a spare third rank spell left to cast for the day, you can instantly cast this spell as you are turning to rock in order to stop it.
Stoneskin - This unusual defensive spell is not combat, and creates a number of false skins which absorb damage before being destroyed. A number of skins is created equal to your level at the beginning of the day. Unlike Mirror Image, they wear off at the end of the day if unused, instead of at the end of a combat. This is used automatically.
True Sight - All spells and magical effects that rely on illusion are dispelled. This will counter Mirror Image or Invisibility, for example. It is often used in combat to counter illusionary defenses, and can also be used as an action in a room to remove all illusions and reveal all magic and evil items and people. It can also be used as a part of a room search.
Passwall – You may move through a wall to the next adjacent room, even when there is no door there.

Fourth Rank -

Divinity - This spell allows you to select one item you own that can normally only be used by Clerics. You can use that item in perpetuity for the day. It can only be used automatically at the beginning of each day.
Enervate - This is the only Wizard spell that can target a player. As an action, you may cast this at another player in the same room as you, and that player permanently loses one level. Only evil characters can use Enervate.
Finger of Death - This combat spell gives one opponent a 50/50 chance of dying instantly.
Fire Rage – This spell inflames every enemy in the room for 1d12 damage per level.
Globe of Invulnerability - This combat defensive spell prevents you from being targeted by spells or damaged by normal weapons for the duration of the combat. It can be disenchanted by a Dispel Magic and area effect spells, like Icy Blast, will not be countered.
Mystic Summons - This combat spell summons a powerful minion, randomly chosen, to fight in your

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:33 PM

Rules Post #5 - Combat, Weapons and Armor

Combat -

During the game, you may be forced into combat with one or more creatures. You might also choose it, during an action.

Combat is resolved automatically by myself. Any spells or items labeled as combat may be used by me in order to ensure your survival. After combat, you will be told of the results.

For example, suppose you enter a room during the movement phase, and you discover a sleeping giant in the room. You are given the option of trying to sneak out, or attacking the giant with a bonus. You choose to attack.

During combat, in order to kill the powerful giant, you might have to drink a potion and cast two combat spells. You also take a lot of damage. I will send you a report telling you how much damage you take, what temporary items are now gone, and what spells were used. You will also receive experience from winning a battle with a monster, and have a chance at finding items on the monster’s corpse.

If your hit points are reduced to 15% or less of their original total, you will automatically flee, which gives the monster one final free swing at you. Should you survive that attack, you will be moved to the room you came from, and possibly thrust into battle there. You will also flee if an opposing monster deals 50% or more of your maximum hit points in one hit. You will also flee if you cannot damage the monster.

After you have cast spells earlier in the day, but find yourself in combat later that day (which happens occasionally but rarely), your used magic cannot be reused, so beware.

It is possible that you will die in battle. Some monsters are not to be trifled with, especially by lower level players. Some monsters will be like players, with classes. An opposing mage with a full slate of defensive spells is a tough thing to take out unless you are prepared, for example.

Combat will always be resolved in the most expedient way possible. For example, if you have a Protection from Cold scroll and encounter an Ice Elemental, you will likely use the scroll and then beat up the Ice Elemental while taking no damage. The result is a dead creature and you used up a temporary item, no spells and took no damage. Now perhaps you might have liked to have kept the scroll and just fight the Ice Elemental normally, but in this game, combat is resolved in the most efficient way possible.

Lore – If you are a Bard, you have a combat ability called Lore. You know everything there is to know about your enemies, so you will tend to fight smarter. It also means that you will not use the most expedient path when you know it’s not the valuable one. For example, suppose you have a Protection from Fire scroll, and enter a room with two Fire Fundamentals. You know that they are little flying creatures with 4 or 5 hp, each, and at level 6, should be easy for you to kill. You will not waste the Protection scroll on these two little guys, and just do combat normally. Other classes will use the Scroll, make themselves immune to the damage, and then automatically kill the Fundies. This is the difference Lore can make.

Weapons –

Club – 1d4
Staff – 1d6
Warhammer – 1d4+1
Mace -1d6
Gladius – 1d6
Dagger -1d4
Long Sword -1d8
Battle Axe – 1d8
Bow - 1d8
Spear -1d6+1
Halberd - 1d12
Flail - 1d6+1

Rules for Halberd, Quarterstaff, and exotic weapon Lajatang:

You may not use these with a shield, since they both require two hands.

There are four exotic weapons, the Lajatang, Manriki-Gusari, Chijiriki, and Kusari-Gama that can be found. Each is better than normal weapons, but they cannot be used well by someone who does not know how to use exotic weapons.

Armor -

In order of protection from least to most:

Robes AC8
Leather AC7
Studded Leather AC6
Chain Mail AC5
Plate Mail AC4
Full Plate AC3

AC is the Armor Class, and it tells you how hard they are to hit. Each is one better than a previous one. A basic shield improves your AC by 1. (So Full Plate + shield is AC2). A shield +2 and a chain +1 would give you an AC of 1, as an example.

Only Myrmidons, Lay Healers, and Druids can use shields.

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:34 PM

Rules Post #6 - Items

The Djinni Sale -

Starting with Day Two, a group of Djinni merchants will arrive at the dungeon and announce their items for sale and prices. They have limited numbers of some items, and unlimited numbers of other items. You may purchase any items from the Djinni Sale by pming me your choice. You may also sell any item you wish for 50% off its normal price at the Djinni Sale. Each time the Djinni arrive, they may have different items with them, and they may have some items sold to them by your peers. Participating in the Djinni Sale requires an action, and takes place in the Afternoon Action stage of even numbered days. Just pm me that you want to spend the action shopping, and what you’d like to buy. Limited items are on a ticket basis, with a modified first-come, first-serve tickets assigned based on level and experience. You will still lose an action if you only want one item and it’s purchased first. You can place conditional orders (I’d like to buy a Halberd of Abe for 500, and if that is gone, then I want a Potion of Abe is Cool for 350 instead). Magical items at the Djinni Sale will NOT have any descriptions with them, but no items for sale are cursed. The most expensive items in the game are the Long Sword of Righteousness and Plate Mail of Ablation, each at 3000. The Djinni will not purchase unidentified magical items or cursed items.

The Black Market –

Player may also trade items out here in the thread. When a player finds an item, and does not want it, they may post the item here.

If a player sells an identified magic item to the Djinnis, or trades it with another, it remains identified. If it is found on the corpse of a player, it will have to be identified again.

In order to trade, one person must post, in bold:

“Black Market:
Steve will give Jay his Ring of Abe
Jay will give Steve his Wand of Sargent”

And then the other person must post the same. Once both players have posted it, in bold, the trade is made as that turn (as soon as I can process it), and may be used in combat or actions later that day. Objects cannot be traded more than once per day and you do have to be in the same room to trade. Trading does not require an action.

You may also trade a service for gold or an item. In order to trade a service, you must be in the same room similar to trading objects, and then use the same post outline as above. For example:

“Black Market:
Steve will use Cure Light Wounds on Jay
Jay will give Steve 25 gold”

Just remember you have to be in the same room when you trade services and/or items.


There is a limit to what a person may carry in the dungeon with them. Characters may not carry more than one extra set of armor and two extra weapons. Knowing Floating Disk allows you to significantly increase your holding capacity as you place extra items on this floating disk of force. There are items that can help you here too.


You begin the game with five days worth of rations. During the game will automatically consume one ration during the movement phase (except for Sis‘Sharr who do not need to eat). You will have to find more food during the course of the game, or buy some from the Djinni Sale. If you ever run out of food, your character will be paralyzed until the next Djinni Sale, at which point you must buy food from the Djinnis and then you can begin adventuring again.


Each time you move, you consume one torch. You begin the game with five torches. If you have infravision, being without a torch means you can only see heat sources, such as people, but not things like cold coins in a coffer, or a chest, and so forth. You can still fumble about. If you have no infravision and no torches, you will be immersed in total darkness and unable to do anything until you acquire more from the Djinnis. Some rooms may be lit up, and you will not need torches in them.

Prestige Items:

During the game, you might acquire a scroll with a recipe on it. If you acquire all of the items on that scroll, it will dissolve and they will magically form the new magic item. These are usually powerful items.

Magic Items:

What sorts of Magic can you find?

Weapons, Armor, Shields
- These increase your abilities in combat, and are especially important to characters who are in combat a lot. Some of these may give you non-combat abilities.

Scrolls - There are a few generic scrolls that can be used by any class, but most scrolls can either be used by Divine Magic casters or by Wizardry Magic casters. Scrolls are a one use item with a spell-like effect.

Rings - You may only wear one ring on each hand at a time. Rings vary widely in power from minor to very strong.

Wands - Wands are items with multiple charges. There are a number of utility wands that can be used by all classes, and the rest are usable only by Divinity or Wizardry users.

Potions - Potions are a one shot item, rather fragile. All potions can be drank by anyone.

Misc Items - These are random items that are used in a variety of places. Note that you can only wear one necklace, one cloak, one pair of boots, one pair of bracers, one set of earrings, one pair of gloves or gauntlets, two rings, and one headpiece at a time.

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:35 PM

Rules Post #7 - Actions


These are the actions you can choose.

Sleep - This can only be chosen at night. Most characters will choose this most nights, although Sis’Sharr can operate every other night, giving them a lot more actions available to them. All players must sleep during the night phase unless they are Sis’Sharr or have an item that allows them to act. It is assumed that all players are sleeping in the Night Action, unless they say otherwise. No pm needed for that. That means most players can ignore the Night Action phase.

Search - This action searches for hidden doors, traps and other secret goodies. Although all characters can take this action, some are going to be better than others based on race, class, items, and spell selection. Characters with Magic that enhances a search may use those spells or items during a search action, such as casting the Detect magic spell or using a charge from a Wand of Trap Detection.

Pick Locks - This action can only be taken by Assassins. It will attempt to pick a lock on a chest or door.

Disarm Traps - This action can only be taken by Assassins. It will attempt to disarm a trap. Higher level ones will instead try to dissemble traps where appropriate.

Trigger Trap - If a non-Assassin finds a trap, they can trigger the trap to set it off, and then access the area, door, chest, or whatever is trapped. Since you do not know anything about traps, you are likely to hit yourself, and who knows what will happen. Not for the fearful of heart.

Bash Object - If you are a non-Assassin, you can try to open a door or chest by bashing it. You may take some damage, it will be very noisy, it may not work, and you often break some items inside chests.

Use Object - Some items give you an option for an action. Some objects may duplicate actions (such as a Wand of Lock Picking) and others may give you a unique action. The object description will tell you what is what.

Investigate Item
- You spend your time investigating an item, trying to find clues about it. You will wield a sword, wear a ring, look for runes, taste a potion, try to use a wand and wave your hands in an attempt to discover what the item does. At the end of this action, you may know if an item is magical, and if you are lucky, what properties it has. Choose what item you would like to investigate when you take this action.

Cast Spell - A variety of spells read that they must or can be used as actions. You may cast one as your action for the phase.

Room Actions - You may get options based on the room you enter. Perhaps there is a fountain. Would you like to drink from it? Perhaps there is a chair. Would you like to sit in it?

Go to Djinni Sale - This action may only be chosen during the Afternoon every even numbered day. Tell me in the pm if you’d like to sell and/or buy and what items interest you

Do Not Take an Action:

These things never take an action.

Scribing a Wizard spell into your spellbook (it is destroyed in the process)

Healing by casting a spell, using a healing item

Using the Black Market

Picking up items in the room and from the corpse of the creature you’ve killed.

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:36 PM

Rules Post #8 - Miscellany

Winning the Game -

Players leave the game in one of two ways. Either they die, or they reach level ten. Heck, some of you might have to die twice :) Once a player reaches level ten, they have won the game. Any player who is level ten is retired from the game. Retired players have won the game. The game continues until we have five winners, or everybody is dead or the time limit runs out. Retired and dead players may not continue to participate during the game.

You do not know how long you have before time runs out. You will be given a warning a few days before it happens.

The Day:

Each day is divided into the following:

Morning Action
Afternoon Action
Night Action

You may take one action during each action phase. If you want to do a non-action (such as heal) that will be done in the same pm and at the same time.


During the game, you can officially form a party (team) if you wish. Once you have formed a party, you can have others join if:

1). Both of you are in the same room
2). Each of you posts in the thread, in bold, something like “Player X joins Party B.”

Teams move and attack as a group. Treasure from opponents is split around the players, but other actions in the room are not split up, so if an Assassin finds a secret cache with some gold in it, they keep it. The team needs to designate a leader, who will pm the team’s movement. Teams will split the XP for any monster they kill.

Thus, the more people in your team, the harder it will be for you to gain XP from monsters and items and gold. However, it can increase your chance of survival significantly. Players in a team will gang up on monsters, or split up monsters. This dungeon is designed to be beatable by a solo character, but it will be difficult and people will die.

Whoever deals the most damage to a monster gets any special items it has. Suppose that three players enter a room and attack and kill a Stegosaurus. If it had 60 gp and a Scroll of Abeish Power, and was worth 1200 XP, each player would get 20 gold, 400 XP, and the player that dealt the most damage would get the scroll. Of course, you can trade the scroll as soon as you like.

At any time, a player may leave a group by publicly posting in the thread. In bold, that she is doing so.

Parties may NOT automatically pm each other about what to do or where to go. That discussion must happen in public in the thread. In fact, there is no game mechanic which allows you to PM with another living player, ever.

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:37 PM

Rules Post #9 - The Dungeon

Nothing happens in corridors, all of the action is in rooms. You can only move during the move action, but you are not required to move, should you desire to stay in room you are currently in. After the move action, all automatic combat is resolved with monsters. Most combat is automatic. You enter a room, there is a troll here, so you and the troll tussle. Results come to you in your pm. Some combat is by choice. As an example above, I gave the sleeping giant that could be attacked or circumvented.

The dungeon is all one big map, but there are more difficult areas of the dungeon. The bricks in the rooms in which you begin are Tan. The next level has Burnt Sienna bricks. The third level has Raw Umber bricks. The final, most dangerous areas of the dungeon have Black bricks. If the brick color changes, I will tell you in the pm. Otherwise, there is no change. The darker the color, the more danger you face, but the better the treasure.

You begin on the outskirts of the dungeon, and as you move towards the middle, the bricks will darken. No two players will begin in the same room. When two or more players are in the same room, you will be told in a pm, since some things (like spells) affect them.

If two or more players enter a room, there are several possibilities for combat. If there are multiple monsters in the room, each player will take a share of the monsters to fight, so you will divvy them up. If you arrive with one monster and multiple players, one player will fight the monster at a time, until the monster is killed (unless you are a team). The player with the lowest level will fight first. If tied, Fighters go first, and if two of the, are in the room (or two non-Fighters) then it will be random. So, if Bob and Steve arrive to find a Grizzly Bear, Steve will fight it since he is level 3 and Bob is level 5. If Steve wins, he gets the XP and any treasure the Bear had. If Steve runs away or dies, then Bob fights the Bear.

If multiple players are in a room with a curious object, such as a chest, then priority is given to investigate in the following order – Lower level character first, Assassins second, roll off third.

Many rooms are created in such a way as to have multiple encounters over time, but many rooms may have just one monster, one treasure, and will be vacant later in the game. Thus, it may behoove you to move deeper into the dungeon.

There are some rooms that are only accessible by various things. Some rooms or areas will not be accessible to Taurians. Others may only be guzak and dvergr sized. Others may have locked doors that are best picked by Assassins. There may be other restrictions to places you may go.

It is possible for you to leave the dungeon through magical means, or by retiring. There are no exits. Not in the usual sense.

Every player will see the dungeon from their own perspective. In order to give you a sense of direction, every starting room will have the ability to move forward (some may have additional options). Forward from all starting vantage points will be towards the center of the dungeon. That’s my little help for you. I recommend using a map if you want to keep track of where you have been, in order to ensure you will not get lost. A quick map on a sheet of paper should suffice.

The Dungeon! is magical, and may do unusual and nasty things. That’s my warning….

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:43 PM

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 08:44 PM

Okay, you may now post questions, tell me I'm awesome and so forth

CrimsonFox 03-25-2012 09:51 PM

Can I be a 15th level Abe?

Abe Sargent 03-25-2012 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by CrimsonFox (Post 2629246)
Can I be a 15th level Abe?

Only after you GM a certain number of games

Danny 03-25-2012 11:30 PM

Im in, will read the rules and ask questions when i have a few spare hours

CrimsonFox 03-25-2012 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by Abe Sargent (Post 2629198)

Also, signs ups will not begin for a while, so Do NOT sign up.

ta da!

CrimsonFox 03-25-2012 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by Abe Sargent (Post 2629253)
Only after you GM a certain number of games

Announcing WW LX1 1/2 Solo adventure!


CrimsonFox 03-25-2012 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by CrimsonFox (Post 2629289)
Announcing WW LX1 1/2 Solo adventure!



CrimsonFox 03-25-2012 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by CrimsonFox (Post 2629290)

Okay CF, you're in!


1. CrimsonFox

The game has begun.

CrimsonFox 03-25-2012 11:55 PM


Originally Posted by CrimsonFox (Post 2629291)
Okay CF, you're in!


1. CrimsonFox

The game has begun.

Um....VOTE CrimsonFox

EagleFan 03-25-2012 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by Danny (Post 2629279)
Im in, will read the rules and ask questions when i have a few spare hours

I see one rule you didn't read yet... :)

CrimsonFox 03-25-2012 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by CrimsonFox (Post 2629292)
Um....VOTE CrimsonFox



CF 1: CrimsonFox (24)

CrimsonFox is hung and is a WOlf!

CrimsonFox WINS!


THere, that out to be worth at least 2 XP toward my goal of 15th Level Abe

CrimsonFox 03-26-2012 12:03 AM

Well on my way to post king.

Abe Sargent 03-26-2012 12:52 AM

I still win the thread, whore!

Danny 03-26-2012 01:29 AM

I need top top 1000 posts for this one. And i still in

Danny 03-26-2012 01:30 AM

At least we have vrimson to replace poli for this one as well

JAG 03-26-2012 06:13 AM

Abe, you're awesome.

PackerFanatic 03-26-2012 08:57 AM


Originally Posted by JAG (Post 2629336)
Abe, you're awesome.


Autumn 03-26-2012 09:55 AM

AS I said, the one surefire way to spark Werewolf again would be Dungeon 2 ... though I was pushing for the Electric Boogaloo tag line.

Abe Sargent 03-26-2012 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by Autumn (Post 2629408)
AS I said, the one surefire way to spark Werewolf again would be Dungeon 2 ... though I was pushing for the Electric Boogaloo tag line.

I hope so too!

I was working on the rooms and recipes this week, and I realized that I was roughly 6-8 hours from being done, so I figured, let's do it next!

ntndeacon 03-26-2012 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by PackerFanatic (Post 2629358)


Danny 03-26-2012 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by Abe Sargent (Post 2629200)
ROSTER of Adventurers:



Poli 03-26-2012 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by Danny (Post 2629317)
At least we have vrimson to replace poli for this one as well


Danny 03-26-2012 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by Poli (Post 2629543)

Meaning someone who would challenge me for most posts. Personally, I wouldn't have an issue with you playing in this game since it's not actually werewolf and you were such a huge part of the first one. However, most importantly you would need Abe's ok for that.

CrimsonFox 03-26-2012 05:16 PM

I was about to ask what makes me POli too :)

CrimsonFox 03-26-2012 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by Autumn (Post 2629408)
AS I said, the one surefire way to spark Werewolf again would be Dungeon 2 ... though I was pushing for the Electric Boogaloo tag line.

...or Freddy's Revenge.

CrimsonFox 03-26-2012 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by Autumn (Post 2629408)
AS I said, the one surefire way to spark Werewolf again would be Dungeon 2 ... though I was pushing for the Electric Boogaloo tag line.

I've actually had something semi-ready for a little while but just not secure in the start time especially with this tooth problem I'm having.

Will wait for after Dungeon.

Poli 03-26-2012 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by Danny (Post 2629593)
Meaning someone who would challenge me for most posts. Personally, I wouldn't have an issue with you playing in this game since it's not actually werewolf and you were such a huge part of the first one. However, most importantly you would need Abe's ok for that.

I'd be honored to, but I would defer to Abe. I have apologized numerous times, but I can understand being held out.

Danny 03-26-2012 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by Poli (Post 2629612)
I'd be honored to, but I would defer to Abe. I have apologized numerous times, but I can understand being held out.

After consideration, even though this is not officially a WW game, it's still within the WW community and the feelings that were expressed to me previously should stand. I apologize if I got your hopes up Poli :(

Chief Rum 03-26-2012 06:54 PM

Please sign me up! Thanks!

Poli 03-26-2012 08:03 PM

No worries, Danny.

CrimsonFox 03-26-2012 08:20 PM

Vote POli


I have the ring of septuple votes and am wearing the crown of vote triplication so that's 21 votes for poli.

don't you feel loved? :D

Poli 03-26-2012 08:56 PM

I just got lynched before the game? Doesn't surprise me, I've been getting lynched without playing for years.;)

I'm kidding, of course.

Can't wait to watch this unfold.

CrimsonFox 03-26-2012 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by Poli (Post 2629684)
I just got lynched before the game? Doesn't surprise me, I've been getting lynched without playing for years.;)

I'm kidding, of course.

Can't wait to watch this unfold.

That's really for luckyduking me in Beowulf. That still stings....:)

The Jackal 03-26-2012 11:11 PM

I'm in. Reading comprehension is for high schoolers.

The Jackal 03-26-2012 11:12 PM

Now I get to do something productive at work tomorrow and think about what race I want to be!

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