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sterlingice 08-21-2014 07:49 PM

I'm enjoying it but don't start over. Let's give it a go, warts and all :)


collegesportsfanms 09-02-2014 11:24 PM

Just so everyone knows, it could be a few weeks before I get the conference tournaments and the RPI rankings and tournament brackets figured out. As if I wasn't busy enough, I just added another job to the mix (desparate times call for desparate measures when you're almost broke) and will have even less free time than I already had. Fortunately I have some spare time during my day job to work on this project, although it will be slow moving. I hope to have the tournament brackets figured out by the end of the month. Be patient everybody!

sterlingice 09-03-2014 03:40 PM

Real life still comes first but good to get an update :)


bbgunn 09-03-2014 11:18 PM

Agreed. Congratulations on the job. Any opportunity to make money that you need is a good one.

collegesportsfanms 09-09-2014 11:26 AM

Here are the results of the other 24 conference tournaments, all 24 teams will have a spot in the postseason, but only about 10 or so will have a spot in the NCAA tournament (I will mostly fill the 14, 15, and 16 seeds with some of these teams.) The rest will be shipped to either the NIT or the "Best of the Worst" tournament.

America East- Stony Brook
Atlantic Sun- N. Florida
Big Sky- Weber St.
Big South- UNC Asheville
Big West- Long Beach St.
CAA- Charleston
C-USA- Tulsa
Horizon- Youngstown St.
Ivy- Yale
MAAC- Siena
MAC- Buffalo
MEAC- NC Central
MVC- Evansville
MWC- Nevada
Northeast- Robert Morris
Ohio Valley- E. Kentucky
Patriot- Army
Southern- Chattanooga
Southland- Sam Houston St.
Summit- Denver
Sun Belt- Georgia St.
SWAC- Alabama St.
WAC- Utah Valley
WCC- Santa Clara

I have combined these teams record percentage, RPI, and conference RPI to get a final power rating which will be used to decide which teams go where, and to help seed the fields.

As for the 8 conference and 128 teams that I focused on, I've gotten the winning percentage part of the RPI done for 3 conferences, 5 more to go. Then it is on to opponents winning percentage, which I fear could be a headache and take a bit longer than I wanted. Alas, I will get it done! I won't even attempt to do the opponents of opponents RPI, as that is just too confusing. I will just give the winning percentage RPI 35% and give opponents winning percentange 65% to come up with a final RPI. Then I will add that, the record, and conference RPI to come up with a final power ranking for these 128 teams.

Anybody confused yet? I know I'm getting there, and nowhere close to being ready to seed the tournament.

I have all but decided I won't be doing anymore of these season formats, as they are taking too much out of me. Next time will probably just be some kind of round robin tournament like I've done in the past.. but before we even think about next season, I've got to get this one done first!

sterlingice 09-09-2014 08:46 PM



collegesportsfanms 09-25-2014 12:56 PM

Just an update, I am just starting to figure opponents RPI for the first conference. My plans to have this done by the end of September have been stalled after battling a 2 week flu bug (and still having to work through it, which meant when I wasn't working, I was sleeping.)

I'm feeling up to par now, and will shoot for mid-October to have all the RPI and ratings figured out, and get the tournament brackets up. Bare with me folks, I will get this done, just not as quick as I wanted to.

collegesportsfanms 10-07-2014 09:22 PM

Another update, I am halfway through figuring RPI, rankings, etc etc. 4 more conferences to go, I'm still shooting for having tournament pairings up by mid-October.

I am using record, rpi, and conference rpi and combining them then averaging by 3 to get a total percentage, then I am listing the teams in that order. With a few minor tweaks (auto bids, moving a team up or down based on conference affiliation, etc etc) I will pretty much be seeding teams straight down the list. There are going to be a lot of surprises. Right now, if things were to hold on par, NC Central, who wasn't even in the original 128 teams, would be a 4 seed in the NCAA tournament. Granted, that will probably change, but it'll be very interesting to see where some teams end up.

Just a reminder, I will have a 68 team NCAA tournament, a 32 or 40 team (haven't decided yet) NIT, and the remainder of the teams will go into a tournament that I am calling "The Best of the Worst."

More updates soon..

collegesportsfanms 10-14-2014 09:59 AM

Well, there's been a slight setback, as my home computer just went in for repair this morning, so I'm without it for about a week. I'll have some time to get some stuff done in between tasks at work, but that mid-October projection of having the brackets figured out.. that's out the window. At this point I'm shooting now for the end of October! Ugh! Sorry guys, if it's not 1 thing it's another. I'm hoping to at least have all the opponent RPIs done by the end of the week (I can work on them a little bit at work), then next week start sorting through and seeding teams. Be patient all, this project will get done. :)

collegesportsfanms 10-22-2014 05:04 PM

OK, I finally have the RPIs all done and have the teams ranked. There are 152 teams.. the 128 original teams plus 24 winners from other conference tournaments.

Of the 24 non-original teams, 14 will compete in the NCAA tournament. 4 will be 14 seeds, 4 15 seeds, and 2 16 seeds, with the other 4 in play-in games for the other 16 seeds. Granted, some of these teams could have been seeded higher, but I chose to just have them at the bottom since they weren't actually in this dynasty the whole time.

Those other 10 teams going to the NIT, 4 will be 10 seeds (I'm making the NIT a 40 team tournament), 4 will be 9 seeds, and 2 will be 8 seeds.

Now the original 128 teams have all been ranked. Seedings for the NCAA tournament will change some based on auto bids. I can't remember how many auto bids I had right off hand, but the teams have been ranked specifically based on a combined formula. I took their records, RPI, and conference RPI and combined them, then divided by 3 to give them a final percentage. Conference RPI was based on an average of the 16 teams in the conference, and RPI was based on 35% of the team RPI, and 65% of the opponent RPI. They will be seeded just as they are ranked, it's the easiest way to do it.

I'll do the same with the NIT teams, and that leaves 44 teams. I will have a CBI and a CIT, but I haven't decided yet how many teams to have in each. I'm leaning toward 24 for the CBI and 20 for the CIT.

I'm hoping to have all the seedings done by the weekend. I am going to try to make it so that no first round games in any tournament involve A. Conference teams, or B. teams that played each other in the non-conference portion of the season.

Anybody have any questions or comments? We're in the final stretch on this, it's tourney time baby! I know you all are on the edges of your seats wanting to see if your team made the big dance, or some other tournament that nobody cares about. ;)

collegesportsfanms 10-22-2014 10:55 PM

And now, it is time to reveal the 2013-2014 WIS season NCAA Tournament Bracket!

The overall #1 seed was Louisville. Other #1 seeds were Michigan, Kansas, and Arizona.

Let's start with the play-in games:

Long Beach St. vs. Sam Houston St (winner gets 16 seed and plays Louisville)

Utah Valley vs. Robert Morris (winner gets 16 seed and plays Michigan)

Oregon St. vs. Indiana (winner gets 12 seed and plays New Mexico)

Southern Miss vs. VCU (winner gets 13 seed and plays Wichita St.)

Instead of locational regionals (West, Midwest, South, East), I am naming the regions after the #1 seeds. So let's start with the #1 overall seed Louisville.

Louisville Region Second Round Games

Long Beach St./Sam Houston St. vs. (1) Louisville
(9) St. Johns vs. (8) Virginia
(12) Green Bay vs. (5) Duke
Southern Miss/VCU vs. (4) Wichita St.
(11) Xavier vs. (6) Utah
(14) Georgia St. vs. (3) Florida
(10) Pitt vs. (7) LSU
(15) E. Kentucky vs. (2) Iowa

The #4 overall seed is Kansas.

Kansas Region Second Round Games

(16) Denver vs. (1) Kansas
(9) UCSB vs. (8) Penn St.
(12) Hawaii vs. (5) Wisconsin
(13) GA Tech vs. (4) Creighton
(11) Tennessee vs. (6) Georgetown
(14) Buffalo vs. (3) Arkansas
(10) Michigan St. vs. (7) UCLA
(15) Yale vs. (2) Memphis

Arizona is the #3 overall seed.

Arizona Region Second Round Games

(16) Siena vs. (1) Arizona
(9) SMU vs. (8) Oklahoma St.
Oregon St./Indiana vs. (5) New Mexico
(13) St. Josephs vs. (4) LA Tech
(11) Iona vs. (6) Oregon
(14) Tulsa vs. (3) Syracuse
(10) Florida St. vs. (7) UConn
(15) Santa Clara vs. (2) Baylor

And Michigan is the #2 overall seed.

Michigan Region Second Round Games

Utah Valley/Robert Morris vs. (1) Michigan
(9) Arizona St. vs. (8) N. Carolina
(12) San Diego St. vs. (5) Kentucky
(13) Minnesota vs. (4) GW
(11) Harvard vs. (6) Iowa St.
(14) Nevada vs. (3) Gonzaga
(10) W. Virginia vs. (7) Missouri
(15) Evansville vs. (2) Villanova

In the Final Four, it'll be the Louisville Region winner vs. the Kansas Region winner and the Arizona Region winner vs. the Michigan Region winner.

Guys, I worked really hard on the bracket, made a few changes to it, but I like the matchups. I'm almost 100% positive that there will be no rematches or conference opponents playing in the second round. The third round is a possibility.

Tomorrow I'll work on the NIT, CBI, and CIT brackets.

sterlingice 10-23-2014 05:59 AM

Yay! Brackets are out!


collegesportsfanms 10-23-2014 02:40 PM

The NIT brackets are set, and the #1 seeds for the NIT are as follows: Utah St., Providence, Clemson, Auburn.

Utah St. Region

Play-in Games

(9) Charleston @ (8) NC Central
(10) Chattanooga @ (7) Marquette

First Round Games

Charleston/NC Central @ (1) Utah St.
(5) Georgia @ (4) BC
(6) St. Bonaventure @ (3) New Mexico St.
Chattanooga/Marquette @ (2) Colorado

Providence Region

Play-in Games

(9) N. Florida @ (8) Weber St.
(10) Stony Brook @ (7) Wake Forest

First Round Games

N. Florida/Weber St. @ (1) Providence
(5) Richmond @ (4) Oklahoma
(6) Notre Dame @ California
Stony Brook/Wake Forest @ (2) BYU

Clemson Region

Play-in Games

(9) Army @ (8) Purdue
(10) Alabama St. @ (7) N. Dakota St.

First Round Games

Army/Purdue @ (1) Clemson
(5) Manhattan @ (4) USC
(6) Houston @ (3) Kansas St.
Alabama St./N. Dakota St. @ (2) Seton Hall

Auburn Region

Play-in Games

(9) Youngstown St. @ (8) San Francisco
(10) UNC Asheville @ (7) Alabama

First Round Games

Youngstown St./San Francisco @ (1) Auburn
(5) Texas Tech @ (4) Duquesne
(6) Ohio St. @ (3) Maryland
UNC Asheville/Alabama @ (2) Texas

Next to come are the CBI and CIT, and hopefully tomorrow I can start simming games, starting with the CIT and working my way up to the main event.. the Big Dance!!

collegesportsfanms 10-23-2014 03:14 PM

So now that the brackets for the big two tournaments (NCAA, NIT) are out, do you guys wanna chime in on your Final Four predictions and championship game and tournament winners? Since WIS is so random sometimes, I'll be the first to throw in my predictions.

NCAA Final Four:

Louisville vs. Memphis
Syracuse vs. Michigan

NCAA Championship

Louisville vs. Michigan

Winner- Louisville

Hard to go against the 2 teams that totally dominated in this WIS season. I hope the match-up happens, I'd love to see it.

NIT Final Four:

Colorado vs. BYU
Kansas St. vs. Ohio St.

NIT Championship

BYU vs. Kansas St.

Winner- BYU

The NIT is such a toss-up, but I'm not sold on the strength of some of the #1 seeds. But, that's why they play the game.. or in this case, sim them. haha

collegesportsfanms 10-23-2014 09:13 PM

The CBI bracket has been made. It is a 24 team single elimination bracket. No regions, just 1 bracket. Top 8 seeds get byes to the second round. Here are the First and Second Round pairings.

CBI First Round

(17) Texas A&M @ (16) Miami (FL)
(24) Delaware @ (9) Dayton
(20) Mercer @ (13) Vanderbilt
(21) N.C. State @ (12) Ole Miss
(22) Butler @ (11) Ohio
(19) St. Marys @ (14) St. Louis
(23) Northwestern @ (10) Fordham
(18) Cleveland St. @ (15) Akron

CBI Second Round

Texas A&M/Miami @ (1) UMass
Delaware/Dayton @ (8) Stanford
Mercer/Vanderbilt @ (4) Temple
N.C. State/Ole Miss @ (5) Nebraska
Butler/Ohio @ (6) Stephen F. Austin
St. Marys/St. Louis @ (3) Boise St.
Northwestern/Fordham @ (7) Middle Tennessee
Cleveland St./Akron @ (2) UNLV

collegesportsfanms 10-23-2014 09:28 PM

Last, but not least, the CIT bracket. 20 teams, single elimination. 4 teams get a bye to the second round, with 4 first round games. Here we go!

CIT First Round

(17) TCU @ (16) Belmont
(20) Miss. St. @ (13) DePaul
(19) VA Tech @ (14) S. Florida
(18) Indiana St. @ (15) LaSalle

CIT Second Round

TCU/Belmont @ (1) Rutgers
(9) George Mason @ (8) Illinois
Miss. St/DePaul @ (4) Cincinnati
(12) UCF @ (5) Washington
(11) Rhode Island @ (6) S. Carolina
VA Tech/S. Florida @ (3) Toledo
(10) Wyoming @ (7) W. Michigan
Indiana St./LaSalle @ (2) Washington St.

collegesportsfanms 10-23-2014 09:29 PM

All of the brackets are set. Tomorrow, I will start simming the CIT tournament and see how far I get. We are in the homestretch, now it's time to determine 4 champions.

collegesportsfanms 10-24-2014 03:57 PM

CIT First Round

(16) Belmont- 80, (17) TCU- 71 -- The only difference in this game was that Belmont shot just a little better, other than that, statistically, it was almost even. Reece Chamberlain led the way for Belmont with 18 points, but TCU's Kyan Anderson was the games leading scorer with 21.

(20) Miss. St.- 71, (13) DePaul- 58 -- The Bulldogs forced 18 turnovers and shot over 50% to advance to the second round. Fred Thomas had 17 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 5 steals to lead Miss. St. DePaul was led by Brandon Young with 14 points and 7 rebounds.

(19) VA Tech- 61, (14) S. Florida- 53 -- S. Florida shot just 36% in bowing out at home, ending their season. John Egbunu was their leading scorer with 12. On the winning side, Jarell Eddie was the only double digit scorer for VA Tech, he had 21.

(18) Indiana St.- 70, (15) LaSalle- 67 -- The Sycamores become the 3rd lower seed to win in the first round, as they got 16 points, 6 boards, and 6 assists from star Jake Odum. LaSalle, in a losing effort, had the leading scorer with Jerrell Wright, who had 19

collegesportsfanms 10-24-2014 04:27 PM

CIT Second Round

(16) Belmont- 91, (1) Rutgers- 78 -- Belmont continues to show that they played below their talent level in the regular season, with a win that wasn't as close as the score indicates. J.J. Mann lit it up with 26 points, and for the top seed Rutgers, they go home a lot early than expected. The Scarlet Knights were led in scoring by Myles Mack, who had 23.

(8) Illinois- 67, (9) George Mason- 48 -- 34.7% shooting doomed George Mason, who was led in scoring by Sherrod Wright with 22. Illinois had 4 players in double figures, led by Rayvonte Rice who had 24. Rice also added 10 boards for a double-double.

(5) Washington- 70, (12) UCF- 60 -- A good win for the Huskies, who were led by C.J. Wilcox and his 22 points. UCF was just 9-17 from the line, which really hurt them. They did have a terrific performance from Isaiah Sykes, who had 11 points, 8 boards, and 6 assists.

(20) Miss. St.- 63, (4) Cincinnati- 61 -- The Bulldogs, who came into the postseason the lowest possible ranked team of all 152, are getting hot at the right time. They held Cincy to just 17 second half points, but were very lucky to win. Craig Sword and Colin Borchert had 13 points each to lead the way. Cincinnati, on the other hand, was a dismal 6-15 from the line, and because of that their season is over. They were led by Sean Kilpatrick who had 18 points.

(6) S. Carolina- 69, (11) Rhode Island- 64 -- A pretty even game, but the Gamecocks did just enough. Sindarius Thornwell had 19 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists, while Xavier Munford had 16 points for Rhode Island in a losing effort.

(3) Toledo- 82, (19) VA Tech- 73 -- Toledo had 2 guys with over 20 points in this second round win. Justin Drummond had 23 and Julius Brown had 20. J.D. Weatherspoon posted a double-double with 11 points, 10 boards. The Hokies, who doubled up Toledo from the three point line, see their season end, and were led by Jarell Eddie with 16.

(10) Wyoming- 68, (7) W. Michigan- 66 -- The Cowboys relied on 4 players tonight, who combined for 53 of the teams 68 points. Josh Adams had 15, Riley Grabau 14, and Larry Nance Jr. and Nathan Sobey each with 12. W. Michigan relied on the three pointer too much in a losing effort, going 4-18 from behind the arc. They had the leading game scorers thogh, as Shayne Whittington had 22 and David Brown had 17.

(2) Washington St.- 76, (18) Indiana St.- 66 -- The Sycamores lost this game defensively in the second half, as they gave up 49 second half points. Dawon Cummings led Indiana St. with 14 in the losing effort. For Washington St., they move on to the quarterfinals, as they got 23 from DaVonte Lacy and 16 from D.J. Shelton.

The match-ups for the CIT quarterfinals are set:

(16) Belmont @ (8) Illinois
(20) Miss. St. @ (5) Washington
(6) S. Carolina @ (3) Toledo
(10) Wyoming @ (2) Washington St.

collegesportsfanms 10-27-2014 12:37 PM

CIT Quarterfinals

(8) Illinois- 71, (16) Belmont- 70 -- A great effort by both teams tonight, but a couple missed baskets late cost Belmont. They were led by J.J Mann who had 16 points. Illinois got 16 points from Tracy Abrams, but IMO the player of the game was Rayvonte Rice, who had 8 points, 8 boards, and 7 assists.

(5) Washington- 81, (20) Miss. St.- 66 -- The upset kings ran out of luck, and the worst ranked team in this dynasty is now going home, as Washington shot better from the field to advance to the CIT semifinals. C.J. Wilcox led the way for the Huskies. He had 19, and was 1 of 5 Washington players in double figure scoring. For Miss. St., they were led by Trivante Bloodman and his 16 points.

(3) Toledo- 78, (6) S. Carolina- 76 (OT) -- 5 extra minutes were needed to decide a winner in this one, as both teams left it all out on the floor. A heartbreaking loss for Carolina, who had a chance to tie the game late but turned it over and couldn't catch a Toledo player in time to foul. Tough luck! 6 players combined for all but 6 of the Gamecock points. All 6 of those players were in double figures, led by Sindarius Thornwell with 15. Toledo had 4 players in double figures, led by Justin Drummond, who had 19. J.D. Weatherspoon added 18 and Julius Brown added 17.

(2) Washington St.- 53, (10) Wyoming- 37 -- Bad shooting was the key of this game, as if you were looking for a lot of offense you came to the wrong place. Wyoming shot just 34.8% from the field, 21.4% from behind the arc, and a ridiculous 28.6% from the line. That free throw percentage doesn't have a lot of sample to go off of though, as they only attempted 7 free throws. Overall it was a clean game with only 16 free throws total being shot. Only 2 double figure scorers the entire game. DaVonte Lacy led Washington St. with 12, and Larry Nance, Jr. led Wyoming with 10 points and 9 boards.

The CIT semifinals look like this:

(8) Illinois @ (5) Washington
(3) Toledo @ (2) Washington St.

collegesportsfanms 10-27-2014 01:01 PM

CIT Semifinals

(8) Illinois- 65, (5) Washington- 63 -- Another well played game by both teams, who were pretty much even statistically. Washington shot a little better from three point land, while Illinois was a little better from the line. The game ultimately came down to a Nnanna Egwu offensive rebound and putback right before the buzzer that shocked the home crowd and sent Illinois to the CIT championship. Jon Ekey led the Illini with 15 points and 8 boards, while Washington was led by Perris Blackwell, who had 16 points.

(3) Toledo- 76, (2) Washington St.- 56 -- The result of this game probably shouldn't be a surprise. In reality during the 2013-2014 season, Toledo was a 26 win team while Wazzou was a 10 win team. But you stick a team like Toledo in the very tough Big Ten Conference, and the result is a CIT berth. Nevertheless, it was over from the start, as Toledo led by 16 at halftime. You definitely can't call home cookin on this game, as Toledo shot made more free throws than Wazzou attempted. Toledo was 20-26 from the line, while the Cougars were just 9-12 from the line. Leading scorers: for Toledo, Julius Brown had 16, while J.D. Weatherspoon put in a double double with 13 points, 10 boards. For Washington St., Royce Woolridge and D.J. Shelton each had 12.

Our CIT final is (8) Illinois at (3) Toledo. These teams were in the same division of the Big Ten, therefore playing twice. Each won at home, which bodes well for Toledo, since they are higher seed and thus will be playing at home. This is the rubber match, so to speak, so let's see what happens.

CIT Championship

(8) Illinois- 86, (3) Toledo- 66 -- Well forget what I said about home court advantage for Toledo. The Illini were having none of it. After a close first half which saw Illinois lead by 5 at the break, the Illinois offense got hotter, and hotter, and hotter, which led to 56.1% shooting from the field and 50% from the three point line. Any chance for a comeback late was written off as Illinois scored the last 10 points of the game, and they are the 2013-2014 What If Sports CIT champions!

Tracy Abrams had 21 points to lead Illinois, Nnanna Egwu had 17 points and 10 boards.
Toledo had 2 double digit scorers. Julius Brown had 13 and Nathan Boothe added 11.

collegesportsfanms 10-27-2014 01:03 PM

Well 1 bracket down, 3 to go. Now you guys all get a chance to play catch-up, as I'm going out of town for a few days and won't be back until late this week. So therefore, I won't be posting any other tournament results until Sunday at the earliest. So, I'm hoping you all are still reading and have some comments for me to read when I get back. ;)

collegesportsfanms 11-03-2014 10:46 AM

Alright guys, I'm back, so let's jump into the next tournament.

CBI First Round

(17) Texas A&M- 55, (16) Miami (FL)- 40 -- It was a dominating defensive display from the Aggies, who held Miami to just 25% shooting. A&M was led by Alex Caruso and his 14 points. Miami put one guy in double figures. Rion Brown with 13.

(9) Dayton- 69, (24) Delaware- 65 -- A very spirited game in which neither team had a lead bigger than 8. The difference came on the boards, in which Dayton had a rebounding edge of 42-32, which led to several extra second chance points. Devin Oliver was a beast on the boards for the Flyers, pulling down 16 of those 42 rebounds. Jarvis Threatt did his best to advance Delaware, as he had 22 points and 9 assists, contributing for well over half of his teams offensive output.

(20) Mercer- 72, (13) Vanderbilt- 63 -- A 34-17 halftime deficit was too much for Vandy to overcome, as Mercer started hot and held on from there. They were led in scoring by Daniel Coursey who had 18. Vandy had 3 players in double figures, led by Rod Odom who had 17.

(21) N.C. State- 59, (12) Ole Miss- 57 -- The Rebels of Ole Miss were going to live and die with star Marshall Henderson tonight, as he took 18 of their 63 shots, including a badly missed buzzer beater, as N.C. State escapes. Henderson did finish with 18 points, but ended his college career doing what he does best, arguing with the fans and flipping them the bird. (If there are any Marshall Henderson fans reading this, no offense meant, just a little comedy to add to this report. ;) ) N.C. State had pretty balanced scoring, with just 1 guy in double figures, as T.J. Warren had 11.

(22) Butler- 67, (11) Ohio- 65 -- The lower seeds continue to dominate this first round, as Butler becomes the 4th lower seed to advance in 5 games so far. Khyle Marshall led them in scoring with 16, while Ohio was led by Maurice Ndour who had 17. Nick Kellogg added a double double with 10 points, 13 boards.

(14) St. Louis- 69, (19) St. Marys- 60 -- 33.3% shooting did in the Gaels of St. Marys this game, as St. Louis survived their 15 turnovers to move on. Jordair Jett led the Billikens with 22 points, while St. Marys was led by Stephen Holt and his 13 points.

(10) Fordham- 68, (23) Northwestern- 66 -- Again, a game comes down to a last second shot, this time a buzzer beat that went in. Mandell Thomas just beat the buzzer on a 15 foot jumper to send Fordham on. He finished with 12, while Jon Severe added 19 and Branden Frazier had 18 points and 9 boards. Northwestern was led in scoring by Drew Crawford, who had 15.

(15) Akron- 64, (18) Cleveland St.- 59 -- A good battle of non-BCS Ohio schools that don't play in the same conference, since a lot of the non-BCS Ohio schools seem to be in the MAC. Akron wins this battle though, holding Cleveland St. to 32.8% shooting. Quincy Diggs had a nice all-around game to lead Akron, as he had 13 points, 6 boards, 6 assists. Bryn Forbes led Cleveland St. with 12 points.

collegesportsfanms 11-12-2014 01:26 PM

CBI Second Round

(1) UMass- 82, (17) Texas A&M- 65 -- UMass won 2 key statistics, rebounding and turnovers. They outrebounded A&M 35-24 and only committed 8 turnovers to A&M's 14. They were led in scoring by Chaz Williams who had 22. Jamal Jones led Texas A&M with 14 points.

(9) Dayton- 72, (8) Stanford- 63 -- Another game that statistically was pretty even, but Dayton just made a few more shots down the stretch. Jordan Sibert had 22 points for Dayton, while Stanford had 2 with 13 points. Josh Heustis had 13 points, 11 boards, and Dwight Powell had 13 and 9.

(4) Temple- 82, (20) Mercer- 71 -- 16 second chance points did Mercer in, as Temple advances to the Quarterfinals. They had 4 in double digits, with Will Cummings having 21. For Mercer, they were led by Langston Hall and his 20 points.

(5) Nebraska- 78, (21) N.C. State- 59 -- Nebraska pulled away in the second half thanks to a 14-1 run. They were led in scoring by Shavon Shields who had 18 points, 11 boards. N.C. State once again was led by T.J. Warren who had 16 points.

(22) Butler- 91, (6) Stephen F. Austin- 60 -- This game was over from the start, as Butler shot 58.3% from the field and were completely unstoppable, outrebounding SFA 38-18. Kellen Dunham had 21 and Khyle Marshall had 20 to lead Butler, while SFA was led by Nikola Gajic who had 16.

(14) St. Louis- 59, (3) Boise St.- 56 -- Despite turning the ball over 15 times, the Billikens found a way to win late. They had 3 tied in scoring, as Jordair Jett, Dwayne Evans, and Rob Loe all had 11. Boise St. was led by Derrick Marks who had 17.

(7) Mid. Tenn.- 65, (10) Fordham- 59 -- Fordham led at halftime but couldn't hang on, being outscored 34-23 in the second half. Kerry Hammonds II had 19 for Mid. Tenn., while Fordham was led by Jon Severe who had 15.

(2) UNLV- 67, (15) Akron- 58 -- UNLV had 10 blocks in the game, blocking away any chance of an Akron comeback. Get it? Thought it was pretty clever myself. ;) Khem Birch had 5 of those blocks, he also had 14 points and 5 boards. Akron was led by Demetrius Treadwell with 12.

Here are the matchups for the CBI Quarterfinals:

(9) Dayton @ (1) UMass
(5) Nebraska @ (4) Temple
(22) Butler @ (14) St. Louis
(7) Mid. Tenn. @ (2) UNLV

collegesportsfanms 11-12-2014 04:47 PM

CBI Quarterfinals

(9) Dayton- 60, (1) UMass- 58 -- Only 2 points separated this game, statistically, it was pretty much even, but a late bucket by Vee Sanford with less than 5 seconds to go sealed the win. Matt Kavanaugh led Dayton with 11 points, while Cady Lalanne led UMass with 12.

(4) Temple- 66, (5) Nebraska- 64 (OT) -- This one needed 5 extra minutes to be completed, as Temple made a huge defensive stop late to preserve the OT win. Nebraska was led by Shavon Shields with 19 and Terran Petteway with 17. Temple was led by Will Cummings with 17.

(22) Butler- 67, (14) St. Louis- 49 -- Butler continues to roll, impressively, as they jumped out to an 18-2 lead and never looked back, forcing 17 Billiken turnovers. They were led by Kellen Dunham and his 13 points, while St. Louis had 1 double digit scorer: Rob Loe with 14.

(7) Mid. Tenn.- 59, (2) UNLV- 57 -- Mid. Tenn. rallied from a 7 point halftime deficit to advance to the semifinals, getting 18 points from Kerry Hammonds II. UNLV was led in scoring by Roscoe Smith and Bryce DeJean-Jones, each with 12.

So here are the CBI Semifinals:

(9) Dayton @ (4) Temple
(22) Butler @ (7) Mid. Tenn.

collegesportsfanms 11-13-2014 12:34 PM

CBI Semifinals

(9) Dayton- 78, (4) Temple- 69 -- Better shooting all around won this game for Dayton. They turned the ball over more, but shot better, and advances to the CBI Finals. Devin Oliver led Dayton with 14 points and 14 rebounds, while Temple was led by Quenton DeCosey with 16.

(7) Mid. Tenn.- 66, (22) Butler- 47 -- It was only a 2 point lead at halftime, but Mid. Tenn. came out hot and never looked back, allowing just 16 second half points. Again, Mid. Tenn. was led by Kerry Hammond II who had 17 points, and Butler was led by Elijah Brown who had 14.

So our CBI Championship is set: (9) Dayton @ (7) Mid. Tenn. These teams did not meet in the regular season, but both teams drastically underperformed, so this will be a great match-up.

CBI Championship

(9) Dayton- 71, (7) Mid. Tenn.- 46 -- Yikes! A very anti-climatic championship here, as Dayton led by 10 at halftime and extended it throughout the second half, winning going away. The Flyers forced 17 Mid. Tenn. turnovers and held them to just 34% shooting. Matt Kavanaugh was Dayton's leading scorer with 14, while Mid. Tenn. was led by Tweety Knight and Eric Wortham Jr. who each had 12.

collegesportsfanms 11-13-2014 12:34 PM

So 2 tournaments down, 2 to go, as we slowly get to the one everybody cares about, the Big Dance! Any followers still out there?

sterlingice 11-13-2014 12:38 PM

I'm half paying attention to the CBI and will probably do the same with the NIT. I'll be more interested when we hit the big dance


collegesportsfanms 11-14-2014 11:47 AM

NIT First Round

Utah St. Region

(8) NC Central- 66, (9) Charleston- 56 (OT) -- It took extra minutes to decide this one, but NC Central dominated the overtime period. Willis Hall led Charleston with 16, and Karamo Jawara had 16 for NC Central.

(7) Marquette- 83, (10) Chattanooga- 74 -- Z. Mason had a monster game for Chattanooga in a losing effort, as he had 23 points and 14 boards. For Marquette, Jamil Wilson led the way with 18 points.

Providence Region

(8) Weber St.- 68, (9) N. Florida- 62 -- Weber St. won this game at the line, making 12 more free throws than N. Florida. They were led by Jeremy Senglin who had 23, while N. Florida was led by Travis Wallace with 14.

(10) Stony Brook- 61, (7) Wake Forest- 51 -- Stony Brook won the rebounding battle 41-30 and made a few more three pointers. They had balanced scoring, led by Dave Coley and Anthony Jackson who each had 12. Codi Miller-McIntyre led Wake with 12.

Clemson Region

(9) Army- 88, (8) Purdue- 87 (OT) -- What a game this was, as Army made 15 three pointers, including 5 from Kyle Wilson who led all scorers with 24 points. Purdue had 2 with 18 points: Ronnie Johnson and A.J. Hammons.

(7) N. Dakota St.- 80, (10) Alabama St.- 63 -- Not much of a game here as N. Dakota St. led by 29 at one time before taking the foot off the gas. Taylor Braun led them with 16 points, while Jamel Waters had 19 for Alabama St.

Auburn Region

(9) Youngstown St.- 77, (8) San Francisco- 67 -- A bit of a shocker here, as Youngstown shot 54% from the field. They were led by Bobby Hain who had 19, and Kruize Pinkins led San Fran with 12.

(10) UNC Asheville- 80, (7) Alabama- 63 -- Another surprise here, as Asheville pulled away late. They were led by Jaron Lane with 17, while Alabama was led by Trevor Releford, who had 22.

collegesportsfanms 11-14-2014 11:48 AM

No promises, but I am going to try to whip through the NIT this weekend, so that next week I can start the Big Dance, as SI has made it clear that's what he is waiting on. In fact, I think everybody is waiting on that. I know I'm ready to get to it!

If anybody has any comments or questions or anything at all, feel free to post.

collegesportsfanms 11-15-2014 06:13 PM

To make things go along quicker, I have decided I will go scores only the rest of the way, at least through the NIT. Unless I find a really dominant performance in a box score that deserves to be mentioned. Now, if you guys want game by game recaps in the NCAA tournament, I can do that.

NIT Second Round

Utah St. Region

(1) Utah St.- 75, (8) NC Central- 65

(5) Georgia- 74, (4) BC- 71

(6) St. Bonaventure- 80, (3) New Mexico St.- 76

(2) Colorado- 71, (7) Marquette- 67 -- Davante Gardner dropped in 25 points in a losing effort for Marquette.

Providence Region

(1) Providence- 83, (8) Weber St.- 65

(5) Richmond- 80, (4) Oklahoma- 76

(6) Notre Dame- 69, (3) California- 57

(2) BYU- 68, (10) Stony Brook- 60

Clemson Region

(1) Clemson- 82, (9) Army- 58 -- Kyle Wilson scored 24 points in a losing effort for Army, including 10-10 from the free throw line.

(4) USC- 74, (5) Manhattan- 57

(3) Kansas St.- 86, (6) Houston- 81 (2 OT) -- What a game!

(2) Seton Hall- 73, (7) N. Dakota St.- 63

Auburn Region

(9) Youngstown St.- 83, (1) Auburn- 82 (OT) -- Auburn has the fate that no team wants, to be the first #1 seed to lose in the NIT.

(4) Duquesne- 72, (5) Texas Tech- 66 -- Gotta throw some stats out on this one, Duquesne shot 61.1% from three point land, and check out this stat line from Duquesne's Micah Mason: 22 points on 6-6 from the field, all 3 pointers, plus 4-5 from the line. Wow!

(6) Ohio St.- 65, (3) Maryland- 48

(2) Texas- 81, (10) UNC Asheville- 72

Here is the NIT 3rd round schedule:

Utah St. Region

(5) Georgia @ (1) Utah St.
(6) St. Bonaventure @ (2) Colorado

Providence Region

(5) Richmond @ (1) Providence
(6) Notre Dame @ (2) BYU

Clemson Region

(4) USC @ (1) Clemson
(3) Kansas St. @ (2) Seton Hall -- This is the only region to have the top 4 seeds advance.

Auburn Region

(9) Youngstown St. @ (4) Duquesne
(6) Ohio St. @ (2) Texas

Well, #3 seeds didn't fare very well in this round, as all but 1 were defeated. On a bright note, all but 1 top seed is still alive, and all 4 #2 seeds are still alive.

collegesportsfanms 11-17-2014 10:59 AM

NIT Third Round

Utah St. Region

(1) Utah St.- 68, (5) Georgia- 64

(6) St. Bonaventure- 71, (2) Colorado- 68

Providence Region

(1) Providence- 73, (5) Richmond- 70 -- Bryce Cotton had 25 points for Providence in this one, a nice game.

(2) BYU- 79, (6) Notre Dame- 64 -- Tyler Haws also had 25 points for BYU.

Clemson Region

(1) Clemson- 72, (4) USC- 62

(2) Seton Hall- 77, (3) Kansas St.- 57 -- Dangit Wildcats, you weren't supposed to lose this early. Ugh! Fuquan Edwin had 26 points for Seton Hall, and I myself have now lost all interest in this NIT. Unfortunately, I have to finish it out.

Auburn Region

(4) Duquesne- 85, (9) Youngstown St.- 82

(2) Texas- 68, (6) Ohio St.- 65

The quarterfinals are set:

Utah St. Region

(6) St. Bonaventure @ (1) Utah St.

Providence Region

(2) BYU @ (1) Providence

Clemson Region

(2) Seton Hall @ (1) Clemson

Auburn Region

(4) Duquesne @ (2) Texas

Not bad, of the 8 teams remaining, all but 2 are either a 1 or 2 seed, and in 2 of the regions we get 1 vs. 2

collegesportsfanms 11-17-2014 11:06 AM

NIT Quarterfinals

Utah St. Region

(6) St. Bonaventure- 74, (1) Utah St.- 63

Providence Region

(2) BYU- 76, (1) Providence- 74 -- Bryce Cotton put Providence on his shoulders this game, scoring 35 of their 74 points, now if he could have just gotten a little bit more help.

Clemson Region

(1) Clemson- 54, (2) Seton Hall- 43

Auburn Region

(2) Texas- 82, (4) Duquesne- 51 -- Wow, total domination there, that looked like the Texas teams of old.

So the NIT is headed to Madison Square Garden for the Semifinals, and the matchups are set:

(6) St. Bonaventure vs. (2) BYU
(2) Texas vs. (1) Clemson

sterlingice 11-17-2014 11:12 AM

Even have a Cinderalla in St. Bonaventure


collegesportsfanms 11-17-2014 03:05 PM

NIT Semifinals

(6) St. Bonaventure- 85, (2) BYU- 79 -- The Bonnies keep the Cinderella run going.

(2) Texas- 67, (1) Clemson- 58

Our NIT Championship is set:

(6) St. Bonaventure vs. (2) Texas

So as week as the Atlantic Ten Conference was overall in this dynasty, they still have a chance to take home a postseason trophy. The Bonnies were the 4th best team in the A-Ten, so it's not a stretch to see them here, but I for one am shocked they got past BYU.

NIT Championship

(6) St. Bonaventure- 77, (2) Texas- 58 -- Unbelievable! Not only do the Bonnies wrap up the Cinderella NIT run, they do it in convincing fashion. I'm absolutely stunned. What does this hold for the NCAA Tournament?

collegesportsfanms 11-17-2014 03:08 PM


Sorry for screaming, that was a weak attempt at a Michael Buffer impersonation. But, it's been a long, long process to get to this point, and here we are. The NCAA Tournament. 68 teams trying to take home the most prestigious title in college basketball.

Games will begin... TBD. Possibly tonight, possibly tomorrow, it's hard to say. For those of you still reading, would you like to see a quick wrap-up with leading scorers after every single game? Or would you prefer like I ended up doing with the NIT, just post scores and only post a game recap if something really jumps out at me? I'm good either way, obviously scores only would get it done a lot faster, but I have no problem with a short recap, especially for a noteworthy performance.

So SI, since you've been my most loyal follower, you get the first vote. ;)

sterlingice 11-17-2014 06:41 PM

My vote would be a little of both.

Do something like 4 or 8 game chunks- whatever works best for you- where you talk a bit about the good game or games and just do a line about the boring ones. If they're all good games, just do 4 at a time instead of 8 :D


collegesportsfanms 11-21-2014 11:24 AM

I like your idea SI, breaking it down into pods, per say. I think what I'm going to do is have every round of every region be a pod. For example, First Four will be a pod, then we move to the 2nd round (or first round, however you wanna call it), of every region, will be a separate pod. All the way down to the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, etc etc.

The only thing right now is those 1st round games are 8 per region, not sure if I want to have a group (pod) that big or not. I'll get the First Four done today and then sit back and figure it out from there.

sterlingice 11-21-2014 12:46 PM

Mercifully, the NCAA announced that starting 2016, it will be back to being the 1st and 2nd round rather than 2nd and 3rd nonsense

As for the writeup, I think I'd do it based on how many interesting games. If they're boring, you can do all 8. If they're not, the pod becomes "pod writeup part 1" and "pod writeup part 2"


collegesportsfanms 11-21-2014 04:22 PM

NCAA First Four Pod

Game of the Pod

Indiana- 70, Oregon St.- 63

This game didn't look like it would be much of a game going into halftime, as Oregon St. looked like it would lead 40-27 going into the break, but Indiana's Yogi Farrell hit a buzzer beater to end the half, putting the Hoosiers down just 40-29. That basket proved to be huge as Indiana kept that momentum in the second half, slicing the lead all the way down to 1, before Oregon St. got it back up to 7 at 56-49. From there Indiana would go on a 21-7 run to end the game, as the Hoosiers advance to the Second Round as the 12th seed in the Arizona Region and will take on (5) New Mexico. Farrell led all scorers with 24 points, while Devon Collier lead Oregon St. with 18.

Other Pod Games

Sam Houston St.- 82, Long Beach St.- 62 -- Sam Houston lead 40-26 at halftime and never looked back, earning the #16 seed in the Louisville Region, playing (1) Louisville in the 2nd round.

Robert Morris- 59, Utah Valley- 62 -- Despite committing more turnovers, Robert Morris held Utah Valley to just 30.6% shooting in earning the #16 seed in the Michigan Region and advancing to play (1) Michigan in the 2nd round.

Southern Miss- 72, VCU- 60 -- The havoc defense of VCU didn't pay off, as Southern Miss had no trouble breaking it and getting many easy baskets off of it, while holding VCU to just 35% shooting. Southern Miss earns the #13 seed in the Louisville Region and will take on (4) Wichita St. in the 2nd round.

bbgunn 11-21-2014 11:46 PM

C'mon, Hawaii!

collegesportsfanms 12-01-2014 01:06 PM

NCAA Tournament- Louisville Region Second Round, Part 1

This write-up focuses on the top half of the Louisville Region, so with this pod of 4 games, let's get to the Game of the Pod.

(9) St. Johns vs. (8) Virginia -- St. Johns started out early, jumping to an 13-4 lead, with D'Angelo Harrison and Rysheed Jordan scoring 11 of those 13 early points. Virginia then went on a 9-0 run to tie the game at 13, and the game stayed close for a while until St. Johns stretched it out again to 29-19. The first half would end with St. Johns leading 42-37. In the second half, both teams remembered how to play defense as the points came tougher, but St. Johns maintained their lead throughout. Harrison sealed the deal with 2 free throws, giving St. Johns a 65-60 lead with 3 seconds left, and a Joe Harris three pointer at the buzzer wasn't enough as St. Johns won 65-63. Harrison ended up with 16 points for the game to lead all scorers. Virginia was led by Malcolm Brogdon who also had 16.

Other Pod Games

(1) Louisville- 79, (16) Sam Houston- 56 -- Luke Hancock lead Louisville with 19 points, but Montrezl Harrell had 18 points and 20 rebounds, wow! Sam Houston was led by Jabari Peters who had 11.

(12) Green Bay- 71, (5) Duke- 61 -- The Phoenix held Duke to just 34.6% shooting in pulling the upset, and were led in scoring by Keifer Sykes and Alec Brown, who both had 15. Jabari Parker had a double double for Duke, scoring 13 points and grabbing 11 boards.

(4) Wichita St.- 73, (13) Southern Miss- 63 -- Neither team shot the ball particularly well this game, as the Shockers shot just 36% but held Southern Miss to 32.1% shooting. Cleanthony Early led Wichita St. with 17 points and 11 boards, and Fred VanVleet had a nice game with 11 points, 7 boards, and 6 assists. Michael Craig led Southern Miss with 11 points, 10 boards.

sterlingice 12-01-2014 01:51 PM

Am I crazy or does WhatIf love to do the "meaningless last second 3"?


collegesportsfanms 12-05-2014 09:35 AM

SI, you're not crazy at all. WIS loves to do the last second 3, meaningless or not. I don't look at a lot of the play by plays, but the ones I've looked at, in either one half or both, involve a last second shot of some kind. Now granted, most often the first half of a game ends with some kind of shot, but not always the second half, especially in a game that's already decided. WIS is a weird little sim, but it gets the job done for projects like this.

Speaking of which, I haven't abandoned this thing, just been busy dealing with some unexpected issues at work. I hope to get back to it on Monday.

Also SI, could you do me a favor, if you haven't already? Would you check out my DICE Baseball Tournament thread that I posted on here last weekend? I'm still looking for some ideas about how to run my championship and consolation tournaments on it, and I'm taking any advice. Thanks.

sterlingice 12-08-2014 10:02 PM

Was out of town this past weekend. I'll check it out sometime this week


collegesportsfanms 12-09-2014 12:54 PM

NCAA Tournament- Louisville Region Second Round, Part 2

And now we go to the bottom half of the Louisville Region, and the game of this pod.

(10) Pitt vs. (7) LSU -- This game featured 11 lead changes and 8 ties, truly an Instant Classic. No team led by more than 5 points in the first half, as Pitt took a 34-29 lead into the locker room. LSU would respond by scoring the first 6 points in the second half, and the game stayed nip an tuck throughout. LSU built an 8 point lead late on a thunderous dunk by Johnny O'Bryant, but Pitt would refuse to surrender, getting it back down to 2 thanks to a couple of three pointers from Lamar Patterson, but with 4 seconds to go and Pitt down 3, Patterson missed a game tying trey, and LSU would seal the deal with a free throw from O' Bryant, as The Tigers hold on to a 67-63 win. O'Bryant had 17 points and 12 boards to lead LSU, while Pitt was led by Talib Zanna who had 18 points.

Other Pod Games

(6) Utah- 73, (11) Xavier- 64 -- Brandon Taylor had 16 points to lead Utah, while Dee Davis had 16 for Xavier.

(14) Georgia St.- 65, (3) Florida- 61 -- The Panthers pulled the upset by holding Florida to just 17 first half points. R.J. Hunter led Georgia St with 17 points while Florida was led by Dorian Finney-Smith who had 12 points, 6 boards, and 5 assists.

(2) Iowa- 66, (15) E. Kentucky- 62 -- Despite 30 points from Glenn Cosey, the Colonels fell short of the upset, as they were outrebounded 41-25. Iowa was led by Roy Devyn Marble and his 16 points.

Well there were some exciting games in the bottom half of the Louisville Region, but here are the Third Round pairings:

(9) St. Johns vs. (1) Louisville
(12) Green Bay vs. (4) Wichita St.
(14) Georgia St. vs. (6) Utah
(7) LSU vs. (2) Iowa

collegesportsfanms 12-10-2014 02:47 PM

NCAA Tournament- Kansas Region Second Round, Part 1

This post features the top half of the Kansas Region, and our game of the pod.

(12) Hawaii vs. (5) Wisconsin -- It didn't look like this would be much of a game early on, as Wisconsin raced out to a 14-4 lead, but Hawaii would come storming back, taking their first lead of the game, 33-32, on an Isaac Fotu jumper. From there the lead changed several times, but Hawaii led 55-49 at halftime. There were 10 lead changes and 4 ties in the second half alone, but with 2 minutes to go and Hawaii leading 81-80, the Rainbow Warriors would score 13 of the last 19 points of the game. Hawaii pulls the upset, 94-86. All 5 starters scored in double digits for Hawaii, led by Fotu with 17. Wisconsin was led by Traevon Jackson and Frank Kaminsky who each had 16.

Other Pod Games

(1) Kansas- 73, (16) Denver- 63 -- The Jayhawks got more of a test than they bargained for in this one, but pulled away late. Andrew Wiggins led KU with 19 points while Brett Olson led Denver with 17 points.

(8) Penn St.- 79, (9) UCSB- 60 -- Penn St. outscored UCSB 43-26 to break open a game that was 36-34 at halftime. D.J. Newbill and Donovan Jack each scored 22 for the Nittany Lions, while UCSB was led by Alan Williams who had 16.

(13) GA Tech- 74, (4) Creighton- 63 -- Creighton star Doug McDermott was held to just 12 points in this one, as the Yellow Jackets pull the upset. Trae Golden had 15 to lead GA Tech.

collegesportsfanms 12-10-2014 03:04 PM

NCAA Tournament- Kansas Region Second Round, Part 2

Now we feature the bottom half of the Kansas Region, and the game of the pod.

(11) Tennessee vs. (6) Georgetown -- Georgetown lead 32-25 at halftime, but the Vols kept rallying, taking their first lead of the second half, 41-40. The game stayed close the rest of the way, bringing us to a dramatic final 12 seconds of regulation. With the Hoyas down 3, Markel Starks hit a three pointer to tie the game at 71. Tennessee held for the last shot, but Jordan McRae shot too soon, missing a jumper with 2 seconds left. Georgetown got the rebound and got it to halfcourt, calling a timeout with 1 second left. The ensuing inbounds pass was stolen by Jarnell Stokes, leading us to our first overtime game of the tournament. The extra 5 minutes were just as exciting, as the teams traded buckets, then with 2 seconds to go, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera knocked down a corner three pointer to give Georgetown a 3 point lead. In his hurry to get the ball upcourt, Tennessee's Antonio Barton was called for a carry, and The Hoyas won in overtime, 78-75. Stokes and Smith-Rivera combined for 49 of G-Towns 78 points. Stokes had 29, Smith-Rivera 20. McRae led the Vols with 17.

Other Pod Games

(3) Arkansas- 69, (14) Buffalo- 67 --If not for the G-Town vs. Tennessee game, this would have been the game of the pod. Arkansas led by 13 at halftime but Buffalo came storming back, getting within 2 before Xaiver Ford missed a buzzer beater that would have tied it. Javon McCrea led Buffalo with 20 points, while Rashad Madden led Arkansas with 19 points.

(10) Michigan St.- 72, (7) UCLA- 57 -- UCLA played even in the second half, the difference was the first half as the Spartans had a 40-25 halftime lead. Gary Harris led Michigan St. with 20 points, 5 boards, and 5 assists. UCLA was led by Jordan Adams and his 18 points.

(15) Yale- 81, (2) Memphis- 73 -- Yale pulls the upset of the tournament thus far, getting 30 points from Justin Sears. Yale was 28-39 from the line for the game, that proved to be a huge difference. Memphis was led by Michael Dixon Jr. who had 18.

So again, a region with a fair amount of upsets. Here are the Third Round pairings:

(8) Penn St. vs. (1) Kansas
(13) GA Tech vs. (12) Hawaii
(6) G-Town vs. (3) Arkansas
(15) Yale vs. (10) Michigan St.

collegesportsfanms 12-10-2014 03:51 PM

NCAA Tournament- Arizona Region Second Round

With not a lot of exciting second round games in this region, I've combined all 8 games into 1 big pod. Only 3 of the 8 games were decided by single digits, but 2 of those games weren't as close as the score indicates. So without further adieu, let's get into our surprising game of the pod.

(15) Santa Clara vs. (2) Baylor -- The Bears found out early that Santa Clara wasn't to be taken lightly, as they trailed 7-0 early on, and 30-29 at the half. Baylor took control early in the second half, building the lead up to 9, but Santa Clara retook the lead 44-42 with just under 10 minutes to go. That would be their last lead, as Baylor got the lead back up to 10 and held on late. The Bears advance with a 64-57 victory. Jared Brownridge led Santa Clara with 21 points while Baylor was led by Gary Franklin and his 16 points.

Other Pod Games

(1) Arizona- 73, (16) Siena- 46 -- The Wildcats had no trouble in this one, toying with Siena in the first half then doubling them up in the second half. Siena had no double figure scorers, their leading scorer was Lavon Long with 9. Arizona was led by Nick Johnson and Brandon Ashley who each had 12, but the scoring effort was very balanced.

(8) Oklahoma St.- 79, (9) SMU- 58 -- Not exactly what you'd expect out of an 8-9 game, but the Cowboys led from start to finish, getting 26 from Le'Bryan Nash. SMU was led by Sterling Brown who had 11.

(5) New Mexico- 67, (12) Indiana- 59 -- The only thing that kept this one from being a blowout was the Lobos' inability to make free throws, as they were just 58.8% from the line. New Mexico was led by Cameron Bairstow who had 24, and Indiana was led by Yogi Ferrell who had 12.

(13) St. Josephs- 68, (4) LA Tech- 55 -- This was an interesting matchup, as St. Joes was probably underseeded based on their performance in the regular season. But a 44-25 edge on the boards helped St. Joes to the fairly easy win. They were led by Langston Galloway who had 16, while LA Tech was led by Raheem Appleby and Chris Anderson who each had 11.

(11) Iona- 85, (6) Oregon- 74 -- You wouldn't have thought this would be a double digit win based on how even the stats are, but Iona made 4 more shots and 2 more three pointers, which was really the difference. The Gaels were led by Tre Bowman who had 21. Oregon was led by Mike Moser and Johnathan Loyd who each had 13.

(3) Syracuse- 62, (14) Tulsa- 52 -- If you wanted to see lights out shooting, this was not the game to see, as both teams hot under 38%. Tulsa was just 1-11 from behind the arc however, just 9% and that proved to be the difference. James Woodard led Tulsa with 17, and Syracuse was led by Tyler Ennis who had 19.

(7) UConn- 82, (10) Florida St.- 73 -- The Huskies rallied from an 8 point halftime deficit to win this one going away, thanks to 52% shooting. Florida St. shot a little over 49%, a stark contrast from the Syracuse/Tulsa game. UConn was led by DeAndre Daniels who had 21, but the real star was Shabazz Napier who had a triple double: 17 points, 11 boards, 11 assists. The Seminoles were led by Okaro White and his 14 points.

So this region, for the most part, held true to the seeding. Only 2 lower seeds won, and both of them probably should have been seeded higher. Third Round pairings are as follows:

(8) Oklahoma St. vs. (1) Arizona
(13) St. Josephs vs. (5) New Mexico
(11) Iona vs. (3) Syracuse
(7) UConn vs. (2) Baylor

collegesportsfanms 12-11-2014 10:38 AM

NCAA Tournament- Second Round, Michigan Region, Part 1

This report focuses on the top half of the Michigan bracket. There were 2 really good games, of which either one could have been the game of the pod, but I'm going with:

(12) San Diego St. vs. (5) Kentucky -- In reality, we know that San Diego St. was better than a 12 seed during the 2013-2014 season, and Kentucky, in my opinion was underseeded as an 8. But San Diego St. vastly underachieved in my WIS season. Kentucky jumped out to a 7-1 and 20-11 leads early, but San Diego St. wasn't going anywhere. The Aztecs took their first lead at 30-29 with about 6 minutes to go in the half. The game stayed close the rest of the way, tied 43 at halftime. The second half was much the same, as neither team could build a lead of more than 5. With Kentucky leading 77-73 with about a minute and a half to go, San Diego St. took over. Xavier Thames hit a bucket, then Dwayne Polee hit a three pointer, and Thames made 2 free throws to give the Aztecs an 80-77 lead. Kentucky had one more chance, but Aaron Harrison missed a three pointer and Thames stole the rebound away from Dominique Hawkins as San Diego St. held on to win 80-77. Thames and Harrison were the leading scorers for their teams, with 23 each.

Other Pod Games

(1) Michigan- 75, (16) Robert Morris- 66 -- This game was much closer than the Wolverines would have liked, tied at 40 at halftime, but Michigan built a 13 point lead in the second half to win fairly easily. Karvel Anderson had 17 points for Robert Morris and Glenn Robinson III had 14 for Michigan.

(8) N. Carolina- 72, (9) Arizona St.- 70 -- This would have been the game of the pod if not for the Kentucky/San Diego St. classic. Marcus Paige had 25 for the Tarheels, and Arizona St. was led by Jahii Carson who had 16.

(13) Minnesota- 78, (4) GW- 67 -- A bit of a shocker here, although GW did fade a bit down the stretch. The Colonials didn't help themselves by turning the ball over 15 times in this one. Andre Hollins led Minnesota with 17 points and GW had 3 scoring leaders, each with 14 points: Maurice Creek, Patricio Garino, and Isaiah Armwood.

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