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Tasan 12-31-2007 05:38 PM

Season Three
With what can only be termed success while using the Smash Mouth offense, we decide to stick with it another season. However, we do throw one curve to the team by hiring a new Scout, Cole Eide. We'll see what his opinion leads to.

Anyway, off to the season.

Win 7 comes in season 3, week 2, 24-20 over Indy. Consistant running and good passing carries us.

Win 8 is courtesy of Jacksonville in week 12 of season 3, 31-28. McM runs wild and McG is good as well. The D forces 5 fumbles and recovers 2.

Week 15 of season three sees an exciting 7-3 win for #9, this one over Philly. We punt, throw picks and miss field goals until the very end, when backup QB Ellard tosses the game winner to Reeves. Nothing went right except for that play it seemed.

The biggest upset win in our history comes the very next week in season 3. We upset Houston (10-5) 27-12. We are now in double digits in total wins. This one was all thanks to backup whiner QB Ellard, who threw 3 tds and was pretty much on target all day.

We are favorites in week 17 of season 3 by 5 points, and we win our 3rd straight to go 5-11 and have our eleventh win overall, 17-10 over a hapless Giants team. McG is back, but he doesn't have to do much other than throw 2 TDs, but only has 96 total yards. McM runs for over 100 and the D carries us the rest of the way.

McG throws more TDs than Ints this year for the first time, 17 to 15. 3 other QBs see significant playing time though, and I wonder if he's the best we have with how well Ellard played. Oh well, I think I probably locked in by now, he's almost 42/42 I think. McM is over 1000 yards again, and Reeves has his best non-lost season yet with 1300+ yards on 90 catches. DE Brody has the best sack total yet with 12.5 with 21 hurries. Our lone award for the year is our stud OT Clemons, who gets second team OT.

Randalllesold 01-02-2017 09:02 AM

Season Three
I suppose it is possible to combine attractiveness, popularity and power, but it seems two out of three is about the best most picks can get.

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