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Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 01:38 PM

EUIV - The Restoration of Sukhothai - Likely Done
Are you ready?


Cap Ologist 09-30-2019 05:49 PM

Hell yeah!

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 06:44 PM

Glad to hear it!

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 06:46 PM

Kamchatka taking over Siberia

Kongo rising the Catholic flag over Africa

Songhai, did the same for Islam

Pskov uniting Russia

Granada taking Iberia for Islam. Twice if you count EU2. My most recent dynasty was the first time I ever took Rome with an Islamic nation…

Oman dominated the Indian Ocean

Huyla formed Incan Empire and took South America.

Mysore conquered all of India taking on Bharat

Naxos, founded Italy, took over Mediterranean.

Connaught, formed Ireland, dominated English Isles.

Lorraine, at the Fall of Burgundy, desired to remake Burgundy in our image, became leader of HRE.

Athens has been called the hardest nation in the game. Took it and tried again and again until I was able to make it out and dominate the area.

With Butuan i united the Philippines and then the entire Spice Isles and moved east across the Pacific to America.

Older EU2 dynasties from Mataram (Hindu power in the Indies), Trebizond (Orthodox around Black Sea), Oldenburg (Cath, one province HRE nation),

I’ve done a lot!

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 07:11 PM

Because my Athens dynasty took over one of the most difficult challenges in EU4, why not look at another?

EU4 Dynasty - What is the Hardest Nation? With Athens! I manage to make it out!!! - Front Office Football Central

You can see my dynasty there.

Here are the five left I was considering there.

Mzab – Ibadi can’t royal marry with other Muslims to get royal marriages to help create and solidify alliances, inland, some of the poorest starting economic holdings in the game, have to go through regional powers like Tlemcen or Tunis to expand, if you do, it’s harder to core those provinces with your power.

Theodoro – One province minor at the tip of Crimea, and you’ll be taken out by Crimea, Genoa, or even the expansionistic Turks. You can’t go elsewhere as you are at the tipoff a peninsula

Navarra – One province minor adjacent to four major powers – England, France, Aragon and Castille and with the wrong culture. I think I can play these four off and survive, but there are no expansion opportunities here. But I could do colonial game like real-life Belgium or Netherlands who were locked by major players so they colonized instead.

Sukhothai – Currently a vassal of Ayuttahaya who is under the Ming nation. You have to both win independence and to survive the Ming war. Not easy You are also the wrong religion for the region as well.

Sarig Yogir – I never thought about it before, but a small clan nation next to Ming can’t be easy.

I want to take on one of these five challenges.


Navarra is harder now that it lost it’s port, and it’s next to England, Castile, Aragon, and next to France. But without the ability to head out to the ocean for power, which makes it harder, and this more in line with what I want to do next.

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 07:33 PM

Not counting CK or ones I’ve lost:

Africa – 2, Songhai, Kongo
Asia – 6, Kamchatka, Mataram, Mysore, Oman, Trebizond, Butuan
N. America – 0
S. America – 1, Huyla
Europe – 8, Naxos, Granada, Oldenburg, Lorraine, Connaught, Pskov, Granada, Athens


Orthodox – 3 (Trebizond, Pskov, Athens)
Catholic/Protestant - 5 (Kongo, Naxos, Oldenburg, Lorraine, Connaught)
Muslim - 4 (Granadax2, Oman, Songhai)
Hindu – 3 (Mataram, Mysore, Butuan)
Inti – 1 (Huyla)
Animist – 1 (Kamchatka)

You can see I've done a number of Muslim, Hindu and Christian nations. I've never tried a Buddhist nation.

Let's do that.

Hello Sukhothai. It's time.

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 07:41 PM

Brian Swartz 09-30-2019 07:48 PM

Alright! More adventures in lands I've barely heard of in the game I don't understand and can barely follow! Let's do this!!

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by Brian Swartz (Post 3251873)
Alright! More adventures in lands I've barely heard of in the game I don't understand and can barely follow! Let's do this!!

Let's do it three times!!!

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 09:35 PM

Hello Sukhothai!

Why Sukhothai is considered hard:

1. Jungles, inland. It’s in deep Jungles which are harder to development, and not on the coast
2. Vassal of Ayutthaya. Being a vassal of another nation means we cannot wage war against other nearby nations to grow ourselves. We have to secure our independence first, which is very hard because of…
3. Ayutthaya is a Tributary of Ming China. Ming China hates it when people declare war on the folks sending them cash, and they will in them in that war. Thus, in order to secure our independence, we not only have to defeat Ayutthaya, but Ming China as well. That’s not easy.
4. Tropical Wood – Tropical Wood is a weak trade good, and one of our provinces specializes in that, so we don’t have rich production or trade to dip into there. Our capital has Chinaware, which is okay. Although much of SE Asia is richer with provinces with Ivory, Spices, Silks, Gems, and more nearby with a lot more wealth.
5. Troops – We only begin with 3k troops
6. Culture – Our culture, Central Thai, is not accepted by our government, which prefers Northern Thai
7. Negative Balance – I’ve never taken a nation with a negative balance before to start. We pay our vassal lords 0.40 in cash monthly.
8. Location – We are right next to Ayutthaya’s capital, which means we are unlikely not to have their big army be an issue.
9. Location – We are right next to some bigger nations, and will likely look to be good targets of expansion. There are no obvious smaller nations next to us to consider.

Now there are a few good things. Our two holdings have a lot of development, so we aren’t that bad off in terms of development. Most SE Asia holdings are well developed, but ours tend to be a little better. We also have a fun flag and color on the map, so that’s cool as well.

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 10:21 PM

Who is Sukhothai in 1444?

We are the remnants of once mighty nation. We once had most of Thailand, as well as part of the Malay peninsula under our grasp.

You can see us there, with the gray being unclaimed or uncontrolled lands. We were deep in the area. We were a powerful regional power. We invented the Thai language, built many great works, and ran a strong, independent nation.

And then we began to fade. Our history is not unlike others throughout history. We did not push forward. We settled for minor losses. Then in 1319, when the King passed, his sons broke off from the nation as well, and it began to shrink.

Ayutthaya moved into the power vacuum. They attacked us starting in 1349, although we would not become their vassal until 1378 when the war ended. We held out for a while.

And then our idiot rulers seemed to enjoy it. These barbarians were now our masters, and we didn’t push back or seek our freedom. These uncouth people didn’t have any sort of modern administration or even a central capital, they were just a loose confederation of tribes and such. Six years ago, when our ruler passed, the King of Ayutthaya forced us to take his son and successor on as ruler.

And I won’t have it. I am the master behind the nation, the advisor behind the throne. We were Sukhothai. And we seem to have forgotten it.

We will bow to these barbarians NO MORE!

My goals for Sukhothai are the following:

1. Find friends among the region that will support us getting away from Ayutthaya
2. Secure our independence from Ayutthaya. Choose a time when China is too busy to come over and spank us.
3. Become a tributary with Ming China to secure our relationship with them.
4. Look to expand to minor nations to our Northwest.
5. Turn Sukhothai into a regional power again.
6. Take out and replace Ayutthaya. They shall NEVER be heard from again. How dare they delude themselves to thinking they are our betters.
7. Control all of South-East Asia. We have learned our lesson and cannot be satisfied with the previous status quo. We must remove all other rivals from the region.
8. Control the entire Malay peninsula.
9. Create a powerful, economic base that we can use to move against rivals in the Indies, and up to Bengal.
10. Take out Bengal and other locals.
11. Control the entire region up to the borders of China itself.

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 10:29 PM

Now let me step aside for a moment with my in-game presence not my character. The big issue here is not Ayutthaya at all. It’s China.

The hardest starts in the game tend to be vassals who can’t war and push themselves in the early game that get gobbled up quickly.

An example of that was Athens in my last game. It was a vassal of dying Byzantium, which was coveted by the Turks. They would typically declare war on Byzantium very quickly, and you’d be annexed into the Ottoman Empire very quickly. We all would. Even when I won independence from Byzantium with other Christians I’d get attacked soon, as the Turks had a claim on me. It wasn’t until my 5th run in the game that I realized that what I needed to do was the get the Turks to help me. I made nice with them, disbanded my navy, built my army to around 50% of Byzantium’s 12k, and then the Turks supported my independence. I declared my independence, and I got the rest of Greece that was still under their control, and the Turks got their big prize.

Another example are the vassals of Muscovy, often considered some of the hardest, as it’s very difficult to find supporters. The only person in the area who might support it is Novgorod, and they are about to get gobbled up hard by Muscovy. Nations like Odoyev, Perm, and, Pskov are very hard to begin the game with. Thus my Pskov dynasty where I free myself and take out Muscovy is not easy, but I do it! I get Poland and their junior partner Lithuania to support me, and I declare my independence while they are at war with some others, we win, and I get my freedom.

For this game, I need the same. I need allies. Now I don’t give a lick who they are. Dai Viet? Lan Nang? Champa? Khmer? Malacca? Someone far away like Bengal? Sure, I don’t care. I’ll wait a month or so to see who Ayutthaya and the other nearby nations rival up, and then I will try to cozy up to them. If I can get two other decent nations to secure my independence then I can declare my freedom against Ayutthaya.

The problem is Ming. They will join the side of whoever declares war against someone who is sending them cash. They’re the hegemon of the region. They aren’t going to put up with us getting our freedom from Ayutthaya. What I need to do is to bide my time. If I can wait until China is doing something else, then I can wage war against Ayutthaya, and then secure my freedom. Then, I can actually begin my game.

Now, here’s the main question.

How long will that take? And can I line them all up at the same time?

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 10:52 PM

We are Theravada Buddhists.

We get -10% advisor costs and +2 tolerance of heathens.

We also get a Karma mechanic that we’ll want to balance, and you can see it there. The best is neutral karma. We begin with balanced, neutral karma.

Prince Trailokanat Suphannaphun, 25 years old

6 Administrative skills (abbreviated ADM for this dynasty), 2 Diplomatic skills (DIP), 2 Military skills (MIL)

This will be turned into Monarch power, your main mechanic for doing things in your nation.

The admin is great! It’s the most important one to my mind. The rest isn’t.

No heirs or consorts. We are currently making 9 ADM power a month, and 5 each for DIP and MIL.

Here are my two holdings:

Phra Bang
– This Jungle, tropical land gives us 0.51 ducats monthly from it’s 15 development. The Buddhist, Central Thai people here work the tropical wood trade. It’s the southern of our two holdings, next to three of Ayutthaya’s holdings including her capital, and east of Pegu and south of our capital of Sukhothai.

Sukhothai – The Jungle tropical capital of our nation features 15 development as well, makes Chinaware, has a level 2 castle, makes 0.80 for us monthly. They are also Central Thai in culture and followers of the Theravada way of Great Buddha. North of Phra Bang, and south of all three holdings of Lan Nna, east of Pegu, and west of Ayutthaya.

We begin the game in the Chinese Tech Group, which means we’ll move sloooooowly in Tech over time.

My forcelimit is 5000 troops so I cannot exceed that without major financial difficulties.

Alright, ready….?

Let’s hit that pause button, and get this show on the road.

Did you know that our nation’s name means “Dawn of Happiness?”

Abe Sargent 09-30-2019 11:59 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter One – Finding Light in the Darkness

11 Nov, 1444 - I halve my military maintenance and mothball my fort. I spend 100 ADM to boost my stability to 1.

I send merchants to Burma and the Gulf of Siam to collect trade.

26 Nov – Our merchants have arrived and we are getting a total of 0.43 monthly from their work abroad.

1 Dec – We are now getting a surplus of .71 a month, which is not bad at all.

Ayutthaya has allied with Mong Mao and Prome. They have rivaled Lan Xang, Khmer, and Malacca. I send my diplomats to make nice with Lan Xang and Khmer.

I decline a royal marriage offer from Ayutthaya.

4 Jan, 1445 – Ayutthaya have also allied with Pagarynung. These are minor one or two province nations.

14 Jan – I get a Karma event and choose to raise my Karma by 10 points at the cost of some potential cash (it was just one month of profit – 2.49 cash).

12 Feb – We get word from the first ally – Lan Xang, will support our independence. Great! I send this diplomat to Malacca.

1 May – Khmer agrees to support our independence as well.

They both see Ayutthaya for the same problem, and opportunity, that we do.

Our liberty desire is at 100% after we secured their support. If I wanted to, I could declare our independence right now!

Of course, I’d want to build up my military first, and such. Our combined military strength is 201% of theirs. I spend 20 cash to build 2k more infantry and move my army to Phra Bang. I want to be ready

16 Sept – We max our forcelimit of 5k armies. My monthly surplus drops to .58.

I turn my ruler into a general and send him to Phra Bang and take the army there. We can finish our first mission (build a grand army) anytime, but the bonus will only last for 25 years, so I want to wit until we get closer to war.

1 Nov – I raise my stability to 2.

2 Feb, 1446 – Dai Viet and Champa are now at war.

6 July, 1447 – Ming and the Oirat Horde and Mongolia are now at war. Our time may come soon.

14 Dec – Malacca supports our independence!

It’s time.

1 Jan, 1448 – Our ruler gains the negative craven trait, and the morale of our armies will be 5% fewer while he rules.

I jack up my army maintenance. Our surplus is 0.17 in my budget now.

I finish my mission and for 25 years my maintenance of armies drops and army morale rises.

1 May, 1448 – I declare war on Ayutthaya.

Abe Sargent 10-01-2019 07:14 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Two – The Friendship of Darkness

I order my forces east into Phitsanulok. Our stability drops 2 to 0. I raise it to 1 with 100 ADM power again.

We are given war subsidies by Malacca.

May 31st – Their 14k forces arrive in Phra Bang and move to our capital.

15 June – We capture Phitsanulok. Another vassal of 5k forces is moving from the Ayutthaya capital to our army to oust us.

5 July – We lose and are ousted.

22 July – Our army is routed completey by their main army that broke off from our capital. I order 5k more forces built in Phra Bang

26 July – Khmer takes a province.

16 Sept – Lan Xang routs an army from Mong Mao.

11 Nov – Lan Xang breaks the siege on our capital.

19 Dec – I begin to siege their capital – Ayutthaya.

22 Dec – I spend 100 DIP to move Central Thai to an accepted culture.

1 Jan, 1449 – Ligor, the other vasal of Ayutthaya, captures a holding in Lan Xang

4 March – Another minor in Lan Xang falls.

Ming is still involved up north.

1 April – My rebuilt army is in their capital in full.

8 June – Malacca captures the capital of Ligor. That’s a big swing in warscore.

1 July – We have a new heir to the throne, and he’s pretty good!

17 July – Khmer freed one of the holdings in Lan Xang that was captured by Ligor.

1 Dec – We capture their capital.

18 Dec – They capture the capital of Lan Xang and that will extend this war.

1 Jan, 1450 – The Renaissance institution has begun.

5 April, Two minor holdings of Ayutthaya have fallen to me.

11 May – They retake Phitsanulok

28 May – They arrive and begin to siege our capital.

11 Dec – They retake another minor we captured.

4 Jan, 1451 – Lan Xang retakes their capital. We now have enough warscore to free ourselves. We need a 23. I could try to keep pushing, but Ming is winning their war and could finish and move down at any moment.

I could try to keep pushing and I suspect in a few months I might even be able to take a minor holdings or two. But we are in a good place and I don’t want to muck it up.

Peace is ours. We took a little cash too.

Our destiny is now ours once again.

We will NEVER give it up.

Abe Sargent 10-01-2019 09:02 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Three - The Darkest of Nights Passes

I again slash my army maintenance and mothball my fort.

22 Jan, I accept a Royal Marriage offer from our ally, Khmer.

3 Feb – My offer of a Royal Marriage to Lan Xang is accepted.

11 Feb – And with Malacca. We are now tethered by marriage to our three allies.

Note that Lan Xang and Khmer are rivals, just as an FYI.

I declare Ayutthaya our Rival as well as Lan Na to our north.

1 Sept – The Oirat Horde captured the Ming Emperor who was leading forces in battle.

Right now, China has 8 provinces captured by rebels. We choose a timely time to attack. It took longer than I expected, but we’re free.

1 March, 1451 –

We can now afford an ADM Tech and DIP Tech –

ADM TECH 4 – I can build Temples.

DIP TECH 4 – I can build marketplaces

I order a Temple in Sukhothai. When built, this should increase my cash flow by 0.20 monthly.

1 Sept –

MIL TECH 4 – My morale improves.

1 Jan, 1453 - I increase my stability to 2.

9 Jan – White Peace with Ming and the Hordes.

19 Jan – Ming accepts our offer of becoming a Tributary of theirs.

15 July – At a young age, our ruler has passed:

Queen –

Lawan Chiang Rai, 5, 5, 2.

Son is 4 years old.

Saisongkhram Suphannaphun, is 4, 4, 5

She’ll rule until he is old enough to take over.

Lan Xang and Malacca renew marriages with us.

1 Dec – As an example, I am now making 1.57 in cash monthly

1 Jan,1454 – I send Ming cash of 4 ducats.

27 July, I raise our stability

6 Aug – I get a claim on a minor province in Ayutthaya after a border dispute event.

1 Sept – I make Admin development my national focus. This will increase my monthly monarch power from ADM by +2 to 10 a month but drop the other two by 1 each to DIP t 7 and MIL to 4.

I need to get my ADM tech to 5 so I can get my first national idea.

5 Oct – Great news! Ming has reached out to us, and begun to use their great power to “Influence Nation” on us. That means we will get bonus monarch power monthly for a decade.

1 Jan, 1455 – Moving forward, just understand that we are sending one month’s cash to Ming on January as a part of being their tributary.

I order a Temple in Phra Bang.

4 May – Ming told us they want to move our tribute to manpower, not money. I’d rather do that anyway!

1 June – We can enact a government reform…

What would I like?

I could strengthen my nobles and gain 10% manpower, or curtail them and gain 10% national taxes. Cash is good!

But Im thinking something else entirely

We are currently a Mandala System style of government. That gives us bonus income from vassals, and that’s something I could care less about.

Instead I could move to plutocracy, grab another merchant, and get bonus influence from my merchants. I’d also unlock the plutocratic idea group which replaces the aristocratic one.

I do that. We are now a plutocracy!

2 Aug – Our spy network in Ayutthaya is developed enough and we secure documents to claim their capital.

1 Nov – I get a claim on Lan Na.

1 Dec – I send a Royal Marriage offer to Ming China and they accept.

1 Jan, 1456 – We send 300 manpower to Ming.

I order two thousand more spearman and one thousand cavalry for my army.

24 July – We get a Failed Rains event in our region and the production decreases for a few years

1 Mar, 1457 – We fabricate a claim on Phitsanulok In Ayutthaya and we have claims on our three adjacent holdings of theirs.

Our truce ends next year.

17 Sept – Now that we are a plutocracy, I enact the government reform of protecting trade. Our trade range and efficiency increases.

1 Nov – Get Ready!

ADM Tech 5- We can get a Idea Group –

Here’s how this works. In this game, your nation can choose a group of ideas that represent something that your nation wants to emphasize. And then, seven times, you can spend 400 Monarch points of the appropriate type to get the next idea in the group.

This may look a little busy. But here are all of the Idea groups you can choose from. I can choose groups in Dip ideas that represent things like trade, naval, espionage, and more. I can choose stuf in the admin category that increases taxes, expanse, happiness of my people, and in mil I can build army, naval, a nd such. You can only spend monarch power of the appropriate type in that idea group. As you can see, I have enough DIP power right now that if I took a dip idea group like Trade, I could take the first idea, which is to increase my global trade power by 20%

Also all groups will give you a bonus, powerful, boost if you finish a group. Also some groups work well together and you can enact a policy that uses them both if you have finished both. I think you can enact a Privateer policy with Naval (or Maritime) and Expansion (or Exploration).

Now, what Idea groups are best for me right now?

I need to up my military capability as I am about to continue wars. I could do Quality which increases the value of my army. I should be able to level it up soon, and I could get it’s first ability to improve my infantry by 10% in battle.

Here are my preferred choices:

Trade – Get bonus merchants and trade power. Strong ability to push trade. Once you complete the line you get three bonus merchants.

Expansion – At some point in time I want to begin colonizing the Indies. But not for a while. I do get two colonists, one merchant, and some other bonuses with this.

Exploration Ideas, - See the above, only I wouldn’t get merchants.

Quality – Upgrade my army capability. That will be helpful right now.

Quantity - If I want to build out my army instead of up, this is how.

Offensive – I prefer Offensive to Defensive if I expect not to be attacked often. The Defensive strengths of bonus attrition when fighting in my home turf and such aren’t great if I’m not being attacked. Off is great though.

Econ Ideas – By the time you are done with Econ ideas you will have a ton of bonus production, taxes, and more to help build up. Right now I feel like my high development is working for me, but it’s in the queue for later I suspect.

Plutocratic – This gives me bonus merchant, army morale, cheaper and more plentiful mercs, some bonus to manpower, bonuses to goods and such, and when I finish it I get an awesome +10% institution spread.

Dip Ideas – If I want many more dips, additional relationships, reduced DIP TECh cost by 10% and more, this is a great line.

Right now, I really am looking at Trade or Dip in Dip category of ideas, as I don’t need expansion right now, or the military buffs for my upcoming wars.

I do Quality Ideas

1 March, 1458 – I jack up my military to 100%

1 July – I get the first Idea in the Quality Idea Group – This is turning privates into marshals, and it increases my infantry ability by 10% in battle.

1 Dec – Dip Tech 5 – I get bonus trade range and efficiency

Our peace treaty with Ayutthaya is up.


I declare war on Ayutthaya for their capital province, Only Lan Xang is willing to join us, so I call them in.

Abe Sargent 10-01-2019 11:07 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Four – Vengeance Against the Elephant

I order my army into their capital.

22 Jan, 1559 – I send another 2k in mercs to the capital to help.

18 Feb – They combine their army and arrive in our capital as a waiting game.

29 May – I get a walls breached. Should I assault? I don’t think so, right now we are ahead of them -7% to -49%. I feel like I can hold off. A failed assault would be disastrous as I could lose a ton of troops. They could easily sweep me out.

July 25 – We capture their capital.

That gives us a 64% warscore.

This province is just 15% warscore. I order my force to ehad back to my capital and release the siege. I also order 1k in infantry here to head out and capture some lesser holdings.

8 Sept _ I take Nakhung Thung Ya.

6 Oct – I defeat their army and get a huge +13 war score boost.

15 Oct – I capture Khorat.

17 Nov – I get a peace offer from Ayuttaya. I have an 85% warscore. Here is what they are offering me:

All three claims we have, war reparations, 305 cash.

I decline.

2 Dec – I capture Battembang

I am at 89%.

I keep pushing.

I can’t get anything near my warscore.

5 Jan, 1560 – I defeat their army again

19 Jan – I capture Phitsanulok

2 Feb – I rout their army.

99% warscore.

Here, I could do this. This gives me my three claims, and three other provinces to their east. I’d also get 305 cash from them too and War reparations for a decade. You can see who wouldn’t like it – none of these are my allies. They are rivals or other nations. I keep my triumvirate of allies all safe and sound.

This makes a lot of sense to me. I do it.

This removes them as a threat. The world will learn soon enough!

We are Sukhothai! And will retake our rightful place onto the stage.

We also lost some Karma too. Like 50. And we have a ton of badboy.

Abe Sargent 10-02-2019 06:52 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Five – Consolidation of the Elephant

I disband my mercs and move my army to their former capital.

All of the provinces we just took are Theravada Buddhist, Jungle, tropical, and Central Thai, unless we tell you otherwise. Cores are ordered for everything other than Ayutthaya (I ran out of Admin power to start the business of absorbing this as a core province of our nation).

Phitsanulok – 0.49 made here with 11 development, livestock, and it was a core already with our claim. It has no rebellion risk. East of our first two holdings and north of Ayutthaya, it’s west of some Lan Xang holdings and south of Lan na.

Ratchaburi – 75% autonomy,10 dev, 8.1% revolt risk, only 0.05 made here, grain farmers, east of our previous holdings, south of Pegu, inland of Ayutthaya, inland.

Ayutthaya – The big dog. The Ivory trade is big here, 40% auto, 8.1% revolt risk, has a castle, Farmlands, 20 development, has a natural harbor with a level 2 center of trade, 0.46 made here monthly. To show you what will happen when I do so, I cut my autonomy by 25%, and that raises my revoltrisk to 18.1% and ups my cash intake to 0.65. On the coast in the Gulf of Siam.

Nakhon Thang Yai – East and coastal of Ayutthaya, Savannah, Gem trade, 11 dev, 8.1% revolt risk, 50% autonomy. 0.14 made here.

– East of Nakhon and inland. In the mountains of Cambodia. 6 dev, hills, fish trade here, 0.03 made here, 75% autonomy, 8.1% revolting. Surrounded by Khmer on three sides. Khmer culture.

– Savannah, the rich Silk trade, 0.04 made here, Khmer people are here as well, 5 dev, 0.05 cash made here, 75% auto, 8.1% revolting risks. North and inland of Battambang and Nakhon Thang Yai. Surrounded by Lan Xang on three sides.

And there we are! While Battambang was horrible and only taken because I could and it was continuous with everything else. The major additions of Silk, Ivory, and Gems to my nation as well as coastal provinces are important. I can now buy navies, colonize, and do a lot more.

For now, I am going to build with my blood money the following:

My forcelimit is now 13k,

So I am buying 5, 3k infantry and 2kcavalry to help out in our new holdings.

I fabricate three claims immediately against them

15 Feb – I enter into a Royal Marriage with Pegu. My goal is to move up and out to strengthen myself, but I think one more attack on Ayutthaya will finish them. Although I didn’t leave them much. They annexed Pasai, so they have 6 holdings left with naval supplies, tropical wood, fish, grain and one Chinaware holding.

Pegu is wealthy with holdings like Spices, Chinaware, Cotton,

1 Mar – I order a temple in Phitsanulok

18 Mar – Pegu joins our alliance

19 June – I get an event for alevel 2 Court Advisor who’s half the cost to hire and half the cost to upkeep. He’d be a +2 Dip advisor who adds 2 to my count there and a +10 trade efficiency. I take him

1 Aug – Three nations have entered into an alliance against us to punish us. None are major – Lan Na, Mong Mai, etc.

22 Oct – The Khmer break their alliance with us. This let’s me push Lan Xang as a natural ally instead. Because those two were rivals, it was only a matter of time before one headed off. I took Khmer holdings and something in Cambodia, but Lan Xang was fine, so they are my guys for now,

3 March, 1461 – I complete a mission for high income. It’ll give me a 25 year 25% off construction costs and time, which will be useful as I invest in my holdings.

20 June -I fabricate a claim on the capital of Lan Na

1 Aug – Ratchaburi is now a core part of our domain!

10 Aug – Most of the rest are too

I order a temple in Ayutthaya

6 Dec -I finish the expand Sukhothai mission and gain a lot of extra value in my capital

8 Feb, 1462 – I finish my mission to have great allies

2 June – We have a rebellion of 9000 in Ayutthaya.

11 July – Put down.

4 Jan, 1463 – Our Queen gains the Entrepreneur ability and our trade increases.

18 Aug – I get an event that maxs my stability but it already is maxed

2 Dec – I pass this act:

Monastic Education.

For the rest of the game, we will get:

+1 promoted culture
+1% missionary strength

1 Jan, 1464 – Ming finished another war against the hordes to their north and expanded.

2 May – We get an event that our Advisor has been well received at ouyr court despite his Shinto background, and we get some bonus cash.

1 Jul – Rebellion in Nakthon Thung Yai

28 July - My army puts it down.

8 Aug - I move my merchants to building communities in the places other than Siam. Siam we are still taking in a ton of cash in the normal cutthroat manner – 2.55 for Siam monthly. But the .08 and .04 in Malacca and Burma can be better used halving them but building our relations in them.

1 Sept –

Our Prince is now the rule of Sukhothai


Saisongkhram II

He is 4 ADM, 4 Dip, and 5 MIL, and has the well-connected trait, which reduces the costs of our advisors heavily.

Long may he rule!

13 Sept – The military coalition against has dropped

1 Oct –

Quality Idea #2 – Quality Military Education – our army tradition grows annually

I make our prince a general and send him to our army.

Here’s a cool little event that just happened. This is also not a bad time to jump in and show you an updated map as well for our area.

Ming Traders happens. Do I want to increase the traders in Sukhothai? I steer clear of the illegal stuff and we get some bonus production for 30 years. You can see our merchants I talked about last near now building communities, and my money, tech dec, and loads more.

I am currently losing 0.15 cash a month as I am trying to remove some corruption from my nation that occurred. Once it finishes, we’ll be back in back.

Abe Sargent 10-02-2019 10:04 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Six – The Opportunities of Freedom

21 Dec – War erupts in the north. I order my army maintenance back up and my forces to my capital. My next target, Lan Ma, is at war with some smaller nations up there.

I don’t know that I will do anything, but they are at war with my ally Pegu, so I want to get ready.

War –

Pegu, Mong Mai, Prome, Hsipaw


Lan Ma, Taungu, Mong Mao, Mong Nai

15 Jan, 1465, I grant Pegu military access.

2 Feb –

Hypothetically, if I were to declare war on Lan Na right now, here is who I’d be at war with:

Mong Nai
Mong Kawai

My corruption is free. I am making more than 2 a month after my maintenance is up. I order some more forces built.

March 1 – I declare war for the capital of Lan Na.

I do not call in any allies yet.

24 March – We arrive at Chiang Mai, the capital of Lan Na, and win battle.

8 April – The small Ayutthaya army of 5k arrives to siege their former capital.

I order some mercs assembled down south to oust them.

18 Apr – The minor province of Nan in Lan Na falls

28 May – Chiang Rai in Lan Na is ours.

11 July – They retake Nan

16 Aug – They retake Chiang Rai

22 Aug – We lose in Ayutthaya

18 Nov – They recapture Ayutthaya

28 Dec – We defeat their army in Khorat.

1 Feb, 1466 –

Admin Tech 6 –

We can build Workshops and Farm Estates

I order a Workshop in our capital. It costs 100 normally, but we get a cheaper cost. And it will increase our production revenue by 0.15 monthly.

7 March – We take Chiang Mai, the capital of Lan Ma,.

30 Mar – We rout the Mong Nai army in Chaing Rai

5 April – Mong Nai accepts peace.

22 April – We get a bonus event and I choose to retry a case and gain 10 karma in doing so.

1 May – Chiang Rai is ours again

7 June – Nan falls. All three Lan Na holdings have fallen.

5 Aug – We retake Ayutthaya,

1 Oct -My main army arrives back and I disband my mercs. I want to save money where I can.

29 Oct – I have a 46% warscore.

I need to isolate Lan Na.

31 Oct - I take only cash from Ayutthaya. This

Now my war score for Lan Na is a full 100.

My first option is to remove Lan Na from the map. You can see the warscore cost as well as who would be annoyed. All are smaller nations or minors or ones that already don’t like me.

I do it. I bring Lan Na into our great nation.

I rival Khmer

Here we are with our war concluded.

I really need to ease off the wars for a while and rebuild as I am skating the line of being a very badboy. You can see some of our new holdings to our north, and now I feel like I am comfortably one of the bigger powers in the area again.

Abe Sargent 10-02-2019 11:15 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Seven – Path of Friendship

I had spent some of my cash from Ayutthaya onto building a ship too, by the by

My three new holdings:

All are Northern Thai, inland, above Sukhothai, Theravada Buddhist, jungle, tropical, have cores working.

Chiang Mai – Castle, temple, former capital of Lan Ma, has 16 dev, the Ivory Trade, 40% autonomy, 0.39 made, and 15.7% revolt risk. I will leave my main army here.

Chiang Rai – Grain farmers, temple, 11 dev, 0.33 made, 13.9 revolt, 40% auto

Nan – 50% auto, 0.08 made here, livestock raised here, 8 dev, 15.1 revolt risk.

Chiang Mai was the only major holding of value, but they were all three next to Sukhothai.

3 Feb, 1467 – A few minors have entered a coalition against us

1 April:

Dip Tech 6 – I can build Docks

I am saving for a Farm Manufactory, which is 450 right now. It will take 5 yeas, and double my production in the province in question. Farm estates only for work grain, wine and livestock holdings.

1 Nov – 9k Rebels in Chiang Mai…

28 Nov – No longer

1 Feb, 1468 – Peace with the locals is achieved

I order a Farm Estate in…


1 Mar – I can get the next Military idea but I hold off as I want to get the next tech instead

1 Oct – My cores for the various holdings in Lan Ma are finished and now they are all incorporated as parts of our nation.

2 Jan, 1469 – Rebellion in Nan

3 Feb – They capture Nan

15 Feb – We defeat them

22 Mar – We retake Nan

1 May –

MIL Tech 5 – I get better foot soldiers. I convert my army over to offensive foot soldiers.

Now that I am getting around 4 cash monthly, I want to invest it. My forcelimit is 17,000 troops, but I’ll hold off.

I hire a Grand Captain advisor. He’s level 1, and cost me 10 cash and 0.8 monthly. He’ll cut my military maintenance cost by 10%.

I also hire a level 1 Philosopher with the same costs, who increases my prestige.

My Monarch development right now is:

11 Admin, 9 Dip, 9 Mil power each month. That means I should be able to get the needed 400 MIL power for an Idea each 45 months, or fewer than four years. Right now I have two Ideas done, so if I only focused on it, I should have this finished by 1490.

1 Dec – Khmer announces us as a rival.

2 Jan, 1470 – I order a Marketplace in Chain Mai

7 Mar – I claim Khmer’s capital of Oudong.

6 May – I get an event and choose unpopular medical procedures that are good for science. We get 10 years of discontent, but quicker embracing of institutions such as the Renaissance.

19 Nov – I get a Growth of the Admin estate, and I chose to embrace the religious Buddhist orders. We get bonus autonomy reduction.

7 Feb, 1471 – I send cash to an estate in need and gain Karma as part of an event. It raised to -34.

1 May – Bengal announced us as a rival

1 April – I claim Angkor from Khmer.

1 July – Temple ordered for Nakthon Thung Yai. I’m just going to refer to it as Nakthan moving forward.

2 May, 1472 –

Quality Idea #3 –

We work together to recruit and train the finest of horses. Our cavalry increases by 10%.

This also unlocks the first Sukhothai idea as well:

Birthplace of a Culture - +1 annual prestige

11 June – We kickout an agent of Ayutthaya we discover

31 July Lan Xang has declared war on Khmer. We join them.We gain 25 karma for doing so

War lines:

Lan Xang, Us, Ava


Khmer, Pegu, Champa

Unfortunately, Pegu and Khmer were allied and we are now at war with Pegu, which I was hoping to woo diplomatically..

19 August – My main army defeats the Pegu one

22 Sept- We rout the Pegu army

22 Oct – A monsoon sweeps into the region and we spend 25 ducats helping. We gain 10 karma

5 June, 1473 – I can enact a new government reform. We choose to enact the Decentralized Bureaucracy, and we can get two more promoted cultures

1 July - Our ruler gains the Industrious trait

22 Sept- After a siege of almost two years, we take Pegu’s capital.

1 Oct – Lan Xang takes money from Pegu in peace. I order my army to Khmer.

4 Oct – We announce our alliance is back on.

15 Nov –

Admin 7 –

We get another Idea Group

I have enough DIP to get two Ideas from them right now.

I could get the first two ideas in Trade, Exploration, Maritime, Dip, all strong options.

I’ll come back post war, but I suspect I’ll do Trade or Exploration.

19 Dec – Sukhothai gets a national epic event

26 Jan, 1474 – We arrive in the Khmer capital and begin a siege

16 July – Lan Xang has captured all holdings save for their capital – we have a 73% warscore

1 Sept –

Quality Idea #4 –

Corvettes I get +5% ship durability

1 Nov – Mong Pai annexed Hsenwi.

1 Dec – Our truce with Ayutthaya ends

20 April, 1475 – We capture the capital of Khmer.Lan Xang now has a warscore of 99%

1 May – If I wanted to, I could take their capital. I have a claim on it.

Let’s make it happen.

As you can see, only Ayutthaya, Ming Moo and Dia Viet care. It’s one of their better holdings, and we’ll get some cash to match to.

Oudong – Former capital of Khmer, in Cambodia, next to us in Battambang and Nakthon. Coastal, hills, Incense, 13 dev, Khmer culture, Hindu religion, Temple here, core ordered, tropical, hills, 21% unrest, 40% autonomy, and 0.11 made here. I’ll leave my army here.

29 May – Lan Xang took three provinces from Khmer and three from Champa.

Abe Sargent 10-03-2019 01:41 AM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Eight – Path of Buddha

My Karma is a perfect 1.

1 Aug – Now, which idea do I want?

Trade – Gets me +20 global trade and another merchant in 2 grabs.

Exploration – Quest for the new world first so I can send out explorers, and then I get a colonist 2nd, so I could send out colonists to the Indies right now.

My next Idea Group likely won’t be until 40 years or so.

I need to make this make sense.

Dip Ideas would give me another Diplomat and another diplomatic relation. Both are good.

In some places I’d do Exploration now, Quest, and then shut off colonization to the area from Europe. But not yet. I want to emphasize that money. And trade.

I unlock the 1st two Trade Ideas, and we get our next Sukhothai Idea:

Akson Thai – We get -5% Tech Cost for all time.

I promote the Khmer culture to accepted

9 Oct – Ayutthaya declares war on Khmer. They clearly see an opportunity to exploit them while they are down.

1 April, 1477 0- I gain 10 Karma from an event.

1 July – Farm Estate ordered for Ratchaburi

22 Oct – I claim Phenom Penh.

12 Nov – Oudong is now a core part of our patrimony! I order a Missionary here.

1 Dec – My trader advisor passes

I hire a Diplomat to replace him

3 Feb, 1478 – I rival Bengal

21 July – Ayutthaya has captured all four Khmer holdings

1 Oct – We fabricate a claim on another Khmer holdings

1 Jan, 1479 – I order a workshop in Khorat

14 Mar – Taungu annexed Prome

1 April –

Let me unpack a Karma event for you so you can see the sorts of events we have any my general options. Here we have a rich monk who died in a powerful monastery. What do I want? Give the disciple of that monk the valuable items he had? Give it to the monastery? Give it to the family that wants it and the land back they gave the monastery? The first is +10 karma and +5 prestige. The second will yield me 10 loyalty from the monasteries, 5 legitimacy, but I’ll lose 10 karma. Finally, I can lose 15 karma, gain some cash, lose influence with the monastery but gain it with the nobility.

I rule in favor of the disciple. My warmongering needs to have some positive karma pushing back as well.

Quality 5 – Naval Drill - +10 % Naval Morale

1 May, I can now take an Age of Discovery event.

I am doing “Justified Wars” until age ends, my aggressive penalties for war are reduced.

1 August – Religious rebellion in Oudong…

16 Aug - …no more

1 Sept – Trade Idea #3 – We get +25% trade range.

1 Dec – Our heir gains the Scholar bones

1 Mar 1480 – Our trade advisor dies.I choose a Statesman.

30 April, Oudong converts to faithful Buddha!

I order a Workshop here

1 June – Ayutthaya annexes Khmer. The Elephant is rising again

We need to cut them out.

I raise my forts.

My forcelimit is 21000 troops, so I order an army to assemble.

1 Nov –

Quality Idea #6 – Copper Bottoms on vessels gives us -25% attrition at sea

This unlocks our 3rd national idea:

The Sewankalok Ware, and we get +10% trade efficiency

18 Nov – My heir is an amazing general, and I suit him up

Abe Sargent 10-03-2019 12:03 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Nine – The Elephant Forgets

16 Jan, 1481 – We declare war on Ayuttyaha for Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

I do not call my allies right now.


Arakan, Ayutthaya



My goal is to end Ayutthaya in Khmer. I want to take the four former holdings there, and then maybe one or two from their mainland and that’s it. Their time is numbers.

I order my Oudong army into Phnom Penh.

5 Feb – I finish the Build Buildings mission, and for the next 25 years I’ll get +10% taxes. I also gain some ADM power

5 Mar – Phnom Penh is ours

21 April Prey Nokor falls to us

26 May – Our backup army in Ayutthaya led my the heir defeat them.

29 May Prek Russey falls

17 July – The final ex-Khmer holding of Teuk Khmao is ours

1 Sept – Marit is ours in Ayuthayya

9 Sept – I begin to siege their capital

19 Sept – I rout the Arakani army

11 Dec – Cambodian rebels captured two of my holdings there.

7 Jan, 1482 – I defeat the Ayutthaya army

15 Jan war erupts between Lan Xang and Ava against Dia Viet and Arakan

22 Feb – I rout the enemy army completely

2 June – I finish rebels in Cambodia

27 August – I capture their capital

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Take the four holdings in Khmer. They won’t like me, but that’s fine.

Force Ayutthaya becomes that which they did to us. And thus? We are now full circle.

Get a little cash too,

I do it.

All of these are Hindu, tropical, Khmer culture, 75% autonomy

Phnom Penh – Farmlands, iron mining, coastal city of trade, 15 development, 0.14 made here, 27.1% unrest, 75% autonomy, south of Lan Xang.

Prey Nokor- East is this places. Savanah, coast, south of Lan Xang, tropical wood, temple here, 24.7 unrest, 10 dev, 0.11 made here

Prek Russey – South of Nokor is this Mekong Delta holding. Grain farming, marketplace, grasslands, 10 dev, 19,1 unrest, 0.01 made here

Teuk Khmao – Corner of the holdings, coastal, 10 dev, Jungle, fishing is popular here, unrest is 19.0 and nothing is made here yet.

Abe Sargent 10-03-2019 07:18 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Ten – The Cycle of Friends and Enemies

My hope is that the rebels that crossed into Lan Xang are not answered, and lead to the northern part of Khmer going independent.

1 Sept - Brunei announces us as a rival

7 Sept – Lan Xang break their alliance with us. They didn’t like us taking the holdings from ex-Khmer I suppose.

I send diplomats to begin to build a spy network with them.

After 38 years of ruling behind the scenes, our advisor has passed. Their 23 year old daughter has taken up the mantle.

1 Oct - I accept a royal marriage offer from the elephant

30 Jan, 1483 Pegu annexes Arakan

14 Mar – All rebels in Cambodia were put down.

7 May – Malacca breaks their alliance after they announce us as their rival

I rival Brunei and Lan Xang

1 May, 1484 – All four provinces we took in Mekong are now cores!

I order a Farm Manufactory in Chiang Rai.

I order Missionaries to Prek Russey.

11 Nov, 1484 – Normally in this dynasty I do a 50 year review. This time, I want to do a 40 year one.

Abe Sargent 10-03-2019 08:09 PM

40 Year Review!

Here we are 40 years into the dynasty. As you can see, we are a lovely shade of toothpaste. You can also see the growing Lan Zang, who is warring against Dai Viet and I suspect will move there too.

We now have Ayutthaya under us, and only the upper Malay peninsula is theirs. You can see that Pasai has taken over much of their island, Majaphit took over theirs, and Malacca has gone north and taken the two holdings there, and crossed the island as well. Brunei has captured Borneo.

You can see our one ally left, Pegu, is to our east and on the coast, and you can see folks from Bengal to Ming China and more here.

Now, all three of my initial allies are no longer such. Khmer broke off first, then Lan Xang and Malacca. Right now I am trying to make nice with Ayutthaya and build a spy network in Lan Xang as well. I need to push back against. To our immediate north is the four province, poor, Mong Pai, with grain and tropical wood and such.

Here let me show you a different map:

Here I have zoomed in and you are seeing trade goods. Notice where the weaker goods are? To our north aren’t a lot of good goods, and neither down the Peninsula, until you hit the random Chinaware province. No one wants Fish, grain, tropical wood or livestock much if you don’t have to.


We have the 8th best income of nations we know about.

At 18 techs, we are in the middle of the pack. Many have 20 and more have 19.

At 9 ideas we have four more than the next nation – Malwa

We have the 6th best development

We are ranked 19th in the world.

Of the holdings we know, Sukhothai is the 4th best.

We have 16 provinces

Our general who is our heir is the best general we know about in Asia.

Our fresh new 23k army is the 5th largest we know of (right now)

We are 75% Theravada and a quarter Hindu

We are;

38.3% Khmer
45.6% Central Thai
15.9% Northern Thai

The Current Value of Goods:

5.0 - Gems
4.5 - Copper
4.37 - Paper
4.0 – Dyes, Silk, Cocoa, Ivory
3.0 – Glass, Tobacco, Sugar, Spices, Cotton, Chinaware, Coffee, Iron, Salt, Cloth
2.5 – Incense, Wool, Fish, Wine, Grain
2.0 – Tea, Slaves, Tropical Wood, Naval Supplies, Livestock,Fur

Gold is not traded

As you can see, our Silk, Gems, and Ivory holdings have pushed, and the medium 3.0 stuff like Chinaware in my capital helps too.

These prices will move as events occur that reflect reality. For example, right now, Copper is worth more than normal, as is Paper and Gems.

We’re actually the world’s leading producer of Ivory at 14.6%.

Great Powers:

1. Ming
2. Ottomans
3. Castille
4. France
5. Burgundy
6. Poland
7. Mamluks
8. Austria

And there we are!

Now let’s check in on my goals:

1. Find friends among the region that will support us getting away from Ayutthaya. DONE
2. Secure our independence from Ayutthaya. Choose a time when China is too busy to come over and spank us. DONE
3. Become a tributary with Ming China to secure our relationship with them. DONE
4. Look to expand to minor nations to our Northwest. BEGINNING
5. Turn Sukhothai into a regional power again. DONE
6. Take out and replace Ayutthaya. They shall NEVER be heard from again. How dare they delude themselves to thinking they are our betters. SORT OF
7. Control all of South-East Asia. We have learned our lesson and cannot be satisfied with the previous status quo. We must remove all other rivals from the region. NOT YET
8. Control the entire Malay peninsula. NOT YET
9. Create a powerful, economic base that we can use to move against rivals in the Indies, and up to Bengal. NOT YET
10. Take out Bengal and other locals. NOT YET
11. Control the entire region up to the borders of China itself. NOT YET

As you can see, we got our independence, have a positive relationship with Ming China, and I would consider us a regional power now. But that’s it, after 40 years.


Abe Sargent 10-03-2019 09:59 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Ten – The Cycle of Friends and Enemies, Cont.

20 Dec – I get a +10 Karma event

1 Feb, 1485 – ADM TECH 8 – I can build the Courthouse and I get +3 extra states (states are admin regions that you elevate or remove to help areas).

1 May – Lan Xang rivals us.

1 June – Temple ordered for KHorat

5 Aug – Dai Viet has ceased to be. Lan Zang annexes it.

I claim the capital of Lan Xang.

1 Oct:

Trade Idea #4 –

National Trade Policy, +10% Trade cash

12 Nov – I proclaim a guarantee for Champa’s independence. I want to seek if I can brake Lan Xang’s expansion

14 Dec – Workshop in Ratchaburi

19 March, 1497 – We convert Prek Rousey. Next is Phnom Penh

1 April

We finish an Idea Group!

Quality #7 – Massed Battery – we get +10% artillery bonus in battle. Now for finishing this group we also net a cool +5% military discipline as well.

1 Oct – Our truce with Lan Xang has ended

1 Nov – I secure another claim on Lan Xang

Now, let’s say I wanted to war against them for their capital.

We’d have:

Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, Pegu


Lan Xang, Hsipaw, and Ava

According to the ledger, that would be:

27k troops, us and none with our vassal, 10k Pegu


14k Lan Xang, 10k Ava, 8k Hispaw

So that would be a total of 37k vs 32k

I am getting ready to push back on Lan Xang. I send some cash to Ayutthaya

1 November, 1488 – After a year of readying for war, we are ready. I have 30k myself, and my vassal is at 9k.


The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Eleven – Removing Knives from the Back

I order stabs into their army with my main guy up north, as well as one in the middle, while Ayutthaya will attack the south from Phnom Penh.

10 Dec – I win a major battle against 10k forces around their capital

21 Dec – I begin to take minor holdings

6 jan, 1489 – They assault our siege in their capital

1 Feb – We win, barely.

2 April – More minors fall

29 May – Their capital falls to us

We have a few Cambodian rebel problems in the south but I need to focus on the prize.

22 July – I lose a battle in northern Lan Xang

22 Sept – We win against their invading army.

23 Oct – We currently have a 39% warsscore.

Their capital is 13

I keep pushing

1 Feb 1490, - We are pushing while their army has fled

31 Mar – We capture the Fort of Vientiane.

That gives me a 65% warscore

Here’s what I can do with that

This here is the biggest and most war-mongering of the options available. I take their capital, their fort, and then everything next to us. I get a total of 7 holdings, and then 242 cash too.

Now that’s pretty big, and as you can see, a lot of folks won’t like that at all.

But they are the typical minors and such.

I’m doing this instead. I;m swapping the powerful mines for a weak border holding no one cares about.


Here we are post war. Now I have to deal with the 40k Cambodian rebels that erupted during the war.

Here are my new additions:

Angkor – Khmer, Hindu, 13 dev, Hills, 0.08 made here, tropical wood, temple, 80% autonomy

Luang Prabang – Their former capital. Top right corner. Chinaware, 18 dev, Laotian culture, Theravada Buddhists, Hills, 0.21 made here, temple, 11 unrest, 75% auto,

Vientiane – south of LP Trading post, savannah, marketplace, castle, temple, 14 dev, Theravada and Laotian, 0.13 made for us, 75 auto, 14 unrest

Nongbua Lampbu – Jungle, island, south of Vientiane, grain, 6 dev, 0.03 made here, Laotian, Theravada, 75% auto, 15unrest

Nong Khai
– East of NL is this awesome Silk maker. Jungle, 5 dev, 0.12 made here, Loatian, 75% auto, Theravada, 11.3 unrest

Savanh Nakhone
– East of NK is this Copper Mine, hills, 8 dev, temple, Laotian, Theravada, 75% auto, 11.1 unrest, 0.11 made here

m – Savannah, south of NL, west of NK, 5 dev, grain farmers, 0.04 ,made here Laotian, Theravada, 40% auto, 11.1 unrest

As you can see, many are pretty poor and just here. The big four are LP the ex-capital, the fort and trading post of Vientiane, and then Nong Khai and Savanh Nakhone

I claim a province right now from them and I also move Laos to an accepted culture

Abe Sargent 10-03-2019 11:30 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twelve –Meditations on Buddha

10 June – We combine our army and oust the giant rebels. Now I just need to retake the southern holdings

Trade Idea #5 – We get the ability to get another merchant

We also unlock the Wat Si Sawal Sukhothai idea and increase our Missionary ability

14 Dec – We retake all captured holdings by the rebels.

20 Aug, 1491– Phonm Penh converts! Next is Teuk Khmao

12 Dec – All provinces we just took are now full cores!

I spend about 300 MIL working to get my Vientiane above 20. I order a Farm Estate here.

1 Jan, 1492 I Rival Malacca

I finish our conquer new states mission and for the next 25 years we can get -25% state maintenance (The admin structure of larger regions).

14 Mar – The Queen passes

We take on the title of King now that we’ve taken the lands from Lan Xang.

25 July – A flu outbreak in Phnom Penh is quarantined, and cuts off trade and production there until it breaks.

8 Jan, 1493 – I order a Workshop in Savanh Nakthone

1 June – I offer a royal marriage to Champa.

22 June – Teuk Khmao converts to following the Great Buddha! Next our Missionary heads to Prey Nokor

19 Sept – We enter into an alliance with Champa

1 Nov –

Our King has passed

Our new King is Leuthai II. He is 3/3/6, and great at military. He’s the best general in Asia, and has the Scholar cost.

Pegu offers a new Royal Marriage and we accept.

1 Dec – We enter into another Marriage with Champa

Our new Queen, Bo Lia Gia, is from Champa

1 April 1494 – I fabricate a claim on a minor border Malacca holding.

1 June – Workshop for Nong Khai

18 October – Massive rebellions are breaking out across Lan Xang. We have 8k cross over and we are fighting them.

30 Oct – Our leader defeats them and improves as a general. The infantry in his army will now get +10% morale.

1 Dec – Our agent in Lan Xang was kicked out.

19 Dec – We enter into a RM with Ayutthaya

1 April, 1495 – War breaks out:

Pegu, Taungu


Mong Kwang, Mong Pai

I want to bring Taungu into our Sphere of Influence after this war

22 June – Prey Nokor converts to the light of Great Buddha!

Next is Angkor

1 July –

Trade Idea #6 – Trade Manipulation – We get +25% in our trade steering efforts

1 Nov – Our heir gains Zealous which gives us a bonus missionary strength

1 Dec – MIL TECH 6 – I can build Barracks, gain Asian Steppe Cavalry, and have much better steeds in battle.

Workshop ordered for Prek Roussey

4 Feb, 1496 – I gain 10 Karma from an event.

10 Nov – As of now I am making more than 10/month from trade alone

1 Feb, 1497 – I order a Workshop for Phnom Penh

19 Apr – Taungu conquered and annexed Mong Mao to our north.

1 June – Pegu rivals Bengal

24 June – Angkor converts and that’s our last province that wasn’t seeing the true path of Buddha.

Now that that Missionary’s upkeep is no more, we’ll making almost 5 in cash in surplus monthly.

9 Nov – I get an event to settle some Ming political refugees and I accept.

12 Jan, 1498 – We offer a RM to Taungu, and they accept

1 Feb - Workshop for Luang Prabang

14 Mar – Taungu joins our alliance, which is good as they are next to us.

12 July – We get an Honorable People event and gain 20 prestige

2 June, 1499 – We get an event that gives us a little cash.

I purchase a Farm Estate in Prek Rusey

1 July – I support rebels in Lan Xang

15 Sept – We can enact a new government reform

What would I like to our decentralizing plutocracy?

We are assembling a body of advisors. From where should they come? I choose the clergy of Buddha.

1 Jan, 1500 – The Birth of the Colonialism Institution happens

2 Feb – War erupts with Lan Xang and some minors to our north like Mong Mao

22 Feb – I choose a Naval Doctrine to increase my chance ofo capturing ships in battle.

1 May – Admin 9 – I can get bonus production.

1 July – Marketplace in Phomh Penh

15 Dec – Vijayanagar announces us as a rival

1 June, 1501 – I begin preparing for war against Lan Xan.

I am ordering artillery in provinces near places that can make artillery to add to my armies.

1 Oct –

The Age of Reformation begins and that of Discovery ends.

For this age, we’ll get bonuses along humanistic or religious bends

1 Feb, 1502 – Rebels broke Lan Xang and now they are ended.

1 Aug –

Trade Idea #7 –

We get fast negioations and that gives us +25 caravan power. For finishing the track, I get another bonus merchant.

Remember the policies we spoke about earlier?

I can enact the quality uniform policy due to my quality and trade idea groups being finished. This will give us a bonus +20 to trade efficiency. I do so.

10 Sept – Our truce with Lan Xang is now up

13 Oct – If I declare war right now:

Us, Ayutthaya


Them and Hsipaw


I have 41k. Ayutthaya has 8k. 49k for us

Our foes are 6k and 2k.

There’s no reason not to do this

Abe Sargent 10-04-2019 12:25 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Thirteen – The Permanence of Memory

Lan Xang has not been well received. They took out Dai Viet and two minor nations near Ming China. They blasted most of Champa and Khmer. They broke their alliance with us. They have more than doubled in size. We broke them last war. Time to send them home.

We remember their betrayal. We will pay it.

Sukhothai must stand alone. We are the only ones that won’t betray us. Our only allies must rely on us, not vice versa.

We declare war

Their ally did not join them

7 Nov – One of armies arrives at their capital

My other two armies will pincer movement in from south and north, crushing all in between

23 Nov – We capture our first minor holding. Expect many more to follow

10 Jan, 1503 – We rout their army

2 Feb – We are sieging both forts in their holdings right ow

10 May – Their capital falls to our glory!!!!

28 June – The fort of Thanh Hoa is ours

4 July – We take out the navy that was forced out into our waiting navy in the Gulf of Tonkin.

1 Aug – We can get new tech, but I’ll wait until post-war

1 Oct – Our king gains the Incorruptible trait

11 Nov – The fort of Dong Kinh falls to us

7 Jan, 1504 – The last province falls and we have a 100% warscore.

Here’s what I’m looking at. As you can see, we’d get War Reparations, hundreds of cash, and then all of their stuff from Hue down.

Most of it’s not that valuable, but we already removed those last war. We’d bring in 8 holdings, and only annoy Lan Xang, and two minors to the point of seeking vengeance. Now, we can get the rest, or force a vassalization next time.

Let’s do!

Here you can see the war, my new military tech I just took, the fact I;m about to build a new manufactory, and more.


Hue – Hills, east of us in Savanh Nakohne, 13 dev, Incense I made here, Mahayan Buddhism, Vietnamese culture, 20% unrest, 75% auto, 0.09 made here

Indrapura – South of Hue,north of Champa, coastal, Cham culture, Hindu faith, 10 dev, Hills, also good with Incense, 0.05 made here 75% auto. 20% unrest

– Former capital, inland of Indrapura and south of Savanh Nakohne. 9.8% unrest, 8 dev, Hills, Tea is grown here, 0.09 made her, 75% auto,

Kukhanor Surin – West of Champasak, north of Angkor, east of Khorat, 6 dev, grasslands, farming is the main feature here, Khmer and Theravada here so both are accepted 8% revolt risk, 40% auto, and 0.14 made here

Chiang Taeng – 11 dev, Hills, south of Kukhanor, east of Angkor, Khmer people, Hindu faith, grain farmers here as well, 0.13 sent to us, 50% auto, 10 unrest

Kratie – South of Chiang Taeng, east of Angkor, Hindu and Khmer people, 5 dv, farmers, 50% auto, 10 unrest, 0.05 made here

Tay Nguyen
– Jungle,6 dev, Tea is produced here, Cham people, Animist faith, inland of Champa, 25.3% unrest, 0.01 made here

Panuranga – Coastal, fish, Savannah, connects Champa and us, currently being sieged by rebels. 10 dev. Hindui faith, Cham culture, 25.4 revolts, 0.04 made here.

Abe Sargent 10-04-2019 06:54 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Fourteen – The Elephant Joins

1 Feb – I claim another province in Lan Xang on our border

We are now the trade leader in Tropical Wood.

Our power behind the throne passes. Another rises to help after her – her young 15 year old nephew. Like the rest of the family, they will not be known to history.

6 Apr – We kill the rebels.

7 May – We retake Panuranga.

2 Mar, 1505 – My rivals that aren’t Bengal are no longer valid, so I choose Vijayanagar

21 June – I send a Missioanry to Hue.

1 Oct – Rebellion in Tay Nguyen

22 Oct – Put down

1 April 1506 – I claim another holding in Lan Xang on the border.

1 Nov – Rebellion in Hue.

22 Nov - Ended

1 Feb, 1507 – I order a Farming Manufactory in Kratie

1 April – Our Admin advisor passes. I head to my estates. I ask for a level 3 Theologian who will increase my ADM by 3 monthly as well as drop my rebellion stuff. It’s half off the cost and upkeep too. I ca only do this if our support is high enough, and only once every 40 years.

22 May – All of my holdings are now cored and been incorporated officially into Sukhothai.

1 June – The local Buddhists in Hue have realized they were following the wrong path, and are now Theravada, I send these to Tay Nguyen

I promote the Cham culture to an accepted one

2 Mar, 1508 – A new monastery is being dedicated and I gain 10 karma after spending a little cash to make nice

19 Aug – Tay Nguyen converts! They understand the bliss of Great Buddha

We send these Missionaries to Panduranga

1 Sept – Malacca keeps marching on the island from Pasai and won another war there.

1 Feb, 1509 – Workshop for Chaiyaphun

15 Mar – I claim another holding of Lan Xang’s.

1 Jan, 1510 – I order a Workshop in Prey Nokor

6 April – We announce the A1nnexation of Ayutthaya into our great realm!

This will take around 6 years, require a diplomat the entire time, and drain some DIP monarch power each month

27 June – We convert Paduranga to the Buddhist Way. Next? Indrapura

10 July – Champa joins our nation as a vassal!

I get a Mission filled that I have subjects, and our dip annexation cost is cut massively. Good timing. It’s almost like I timed them to fire off together. (I did)

1 Aug – I get an event and I choose to lose prestige for Karma

1 Feb, 1511 – Lan Xang is badly losing a war.

11 Feb – Our ruler passes

Our new ruler is Leuthai III, an even 4/4/4 ruler with the Zealous trait

We renew vows with Ayutthaya, Champa, Pegu and Taungu

Champa again provides our new Queen,

1 Sept – Our military advisor passes and we hire a new Grand Captain.

1 Dec – Mong Mai defeats Lan Xang, takes some of their provinces north of us, releases Dai Viet, and drops them to just two holdings.

1 March, 1512 – Indrapura converts! Next? Kratie

Oh, and we’ve finished one task of the Age of Reformation

Let’s do another. I reach out to our vassal, Champa, and they agree to change their faith to Buddhist. I spend 40 prestige to make nice with them

That’ll give me two tasks.

That has two benefits.

1. It will speed up our achievements of Age only abilities
2. If I get three in an Age, I can declare a Golden Age that lasts 50 years

1 Dec, 1512

Are you ready?

Admin Tech 10 –

I can get another group of ideas!

I choose Exploration. I have saved up some DIP.

We take Quest for the New World. I order my fleet to berth from protecting trade

I then take Colonial Ventures. We now have colonists

We also unlocked a Sukhothai idea –

Father Governs Children – We get -1 national unrest

I recruit an Explorer and hand them a fleet of 6 Early Carracks. I’ll send them first into the Indies

1 Jan, 1513 - I chose Native Extermination policy.

25 June – First exploration is finished. I’ll keep it up.

19 July – Kratie converts! Next is Chiang Taeng and that’s our last one that hasn’t seen the light of Buddha.

1 Sept – I order a Farm Estate in Kukarinor Surin

29 Oct – Another expedition heads out

7 Jan, 1515 –

A busy day!

We finish integration and the Elephant has wisely chosen to join us. You can see that we are going to be granting a request and gaining stuff there, as well as a Mission completed to build a grand navy.

All have 0 unrest and 35% unrest, and Theravada culture save for one

– Coastal, south of Pegu, Jungle, Naval Supplies, tropical, Temple, 9 dev, Workshop, Mon culture, 0.39 cash made

Marit –
South of Thawai on the northern-west part of the Malay peninsula, 11 dev, Jungle, Chinaware, Marketplace, Temple, Workshop, Mon people, 0.65 made here.

– Grasslands, Tropical Wood the good, Central Thai culture, 12 dev, 0.62 made here, with a Regimental Camp, and the normal three buildings. Coastal, east of Marit.

– South of Marit, coastal, former capital of Ayutthaya, 14 dev, Grasslands, Central Thai culture, 0.72 made here, Fishers of Fish work here, with the three you expect

South and west of Chaiya, coastal grasslands, on the border of Malacca, Malay culture, Fish here too, 0.61 made here, 12 dev

Nakhon Si Timmara – Malay, Sunni, Tropical Wood, Grasslands, 12 dev, 0.47 made here, border of Malacca, normal buildings. I order my army here

We gained 8000 troops and 8 ships

Abe Sargent 10-04-2019 11:22 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Fifteen – Of Allies and Foes

22 Jan - Our Missionary succeeds and I send them to Nakhon Si Timmara

I leave the 8k here and will build a 12k army, and get ready for pushing down the peninsula

18 Dec – I claim a holding in Malacca

1 Mar, 1516 – I hire a new DIP tech advisor, this one that will increase my colonial range.

I order colonists to Ambon in the back of the Indies.

7 April – If I were to wage war against Malacca:

Us, Champa


Malacca, Buton

Armies – Us 53k but I only have 27k on the border right now; Champa – 4k

Them – Mal – 15k, Buton 7k

20 April – I declare war for Perak

I have 30 ships fleet in the Malayan Sea and move both forces over the lines

4 June – We take both adjacent provinces and combine my armies to siege Perak, a Fort province

8 July – I rout the main Malacca army

22 Dec – They have hired a large army via mercs – 10k

10 Jan, 1517 – Perak falls and I order my combined army to the next fort of Pahang

1 Mar I defeat two assault by Malacca and Buton and hold in Pahang and begin a siege there

I take the Dominate Trade mission and get bonus trade at Siam for the rest of the game.

3 May – We take Pahang, and I order my combined army to their capital of Malacca

5 Sept – We capture their capital, and force their big fleet into our waiting arm.

23 Sept – We win and capture 3 ships from them

We have a 95% warscore

I have a lot of options:

In one way, I could leave them their stuff save for their capital on the peninsula and then remove all of their holdings elsewhere.

But I like this instead. We get the valuable Malacca and some other strong stuff, and it’s contingent. You can see that the same ones (Mong Mao, etc) and locals like Pasai won’t like this enough to get not-happy.

But this should be a good victory as we really increase our economic base.

Here you go!

All are Sunni, Malayan, 75% auto, 18.8% unrest, and coastal, unless otherwise states,

Bangka – The island has coastline, Copper Mines, Sumatran culture, 7 dev, 0.03 made here. Strait to Palembang on the main island

Pattani – Grasslands, tropical wood makers, next to our holdings we just grabbed, Coastal Central of Trade, 17 dev, 0.34 made for us, has all four buildings (three econ, R. Camp)

Kedah – Grain farmers, grasslands, 11 dev, also next to our old holdings, Farm Estate, camp, and Workshop, 0.27 made here.

Perak – Fort, Jungle, 13 dev, Copper Mining happens here as well, Temple, Workshop, 0.14 made here. Connects Kedah and Selangor.

– Grain farmers, Jungle, Farm Estate, 10 dev, next to Malacca and Perak, 0.10 made here for us

Malacca – 29 dev, Jungle, Spices, Natural Harbor, Barracks and three econ buildings here, 0.23 made here for us.

- East of Malacca, Chinaware is made here, 12 dev, Workshop and Temple, Grasslands,making 0.14 for us monthly

Abe Sargent 10-05-2019 09:36 AM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Sixteen – Buddha’s Might Revealed

1 Dec – I promote Malay culture to accepted

11 Dec – I fabricate claims on Malacca again

14 Jan, 1518 – We get four folks have joined a coalition against us.

12 Aug – Our truce with Lan Xang ends

1 Oct – Rebellion in Pattani

27 Oct – No longer

9 Mar, 1519 – Nakhton converts!

21 May – I fabricate a claim against Lan Xang

1 July – Rebellion in Selengor

17 July – Taken down

1 March, 1520 – Bengal ends their rivalry with us

1 May Karma gaining event

1 June – Rising natives in Ambon

18 June – Defeated by my 1k cavalry there
7 Aug – I send Missionary to Pattani

1 Nov – All of my Malaccan territory is now incorporated.

Dip TECh 7 – We get better vessels and longer colonial range

1 Jan, 1521 – Our ruler gains the well connected trait and advisors lose -20% of their cost

1 April –


We can build Regimental Camps, and we get better cavalry and infantry

1 June – We get the training in Chinaware boost

5 June, Champa agrees to be vassalized into the great Sukhothai empire!

1 Dec – Spices are going to be in our colony over at Ambon

7 Mar, 1522 – I take out rebels in Champa’s capital.

3 June – I order a Farm Estate in Chiang Taeng

Right now I am making like 15 in cash in surplus each month

1 Dec – Our military advisor passes and I hire a Master Recruiter

1 Jan, 1533 – Temple for Nong Khai and Prek Russey

1 April- Religious rebellion in Patttani

11 April – Put down

1 June –

I can get our first Age of Reformation Ability –

I choose Religious Wars, which will give us big boosts in warscore demands against other faiths

24 July – Pattani converts – next is Perak

2 Aug – I finish really exploring most of the Indian Ocean but I haven’t seen any Europeans down here or elsewhere yet.

26 Oct – Our explorer passes

1 Jan, 1424 – Workshop for Ankgor and K. Surin

1 Aug –

Exploration Idea #3 – I get +50% colonial range

I pull back my colonists from Ambon

I send them to Ile Bourbon off the east coast of Madagascar

They have no natives here, so my goal is to set up shop here and on Mauritius, and then back and finish Ambon

11 Jan, 1525 – Set up in Ile Bourbon

Workshops in Pandeuranga and Teuk.

2 July – Colony set up in Mauritius

2 Aug –

Champa joins our nations!

Savannah – Level 2 natural harbor, Savannah, 12 dev, Cham culture, Hindu faith, Tropical Wood made here, 0.53 sent to us. Marketplace, temple, fort

Kauthara, Savannah, Cham culture, Hindu, Incense, 6 dev, just 0.21 made here for us. Temple

Here’s my new empire. Enjoy! Look how pretty the colors are!


Abe Sargent 10-05-2019 01:36 PM


The Eighty (One) Year Review!

We have half the income of great Ming, but around the 2nd best we know of (We only know Asia and part of Africa) . Ditto development.

We have around 50k manpower, Ming is more than 150k,

In techs we are behind. Ming has 29. 28 are folks like Mamluks, 27 include many like Bengal. Tons are at 26. Our 25 is really behind our neighbors, as I’ve empathized ideas and development over techs.

Ming has 21 Ideas grabbed, our 17 is 2nd. No one else is close

Sikhism has broken out in the last few decades as a faith and is now in 10 holdings.

Top Ten Provinces By Devel (We Know Of)

1. Qahirih
2. Beijing
3. Nanking
4. Tirhut
5. Vijayanagar
6. Sukhothai
7. Pasai
8. Konaseema
9. Hanseoung
10. TIE – Kyoto, Malacca, Canton, Hangzhou

And we have two of those

We have 45 holdings

Our Top 5 Provinces by Tax Revenue:

1. Sukhothai
2. Luang Prabang
3. Malacca
4. Ayutthaya
5. Chiang Mai

Our Top 5 by Production

1. Ayutthaya
2. Prek Russey
3. Nakthon Thung Yai
4. Sukhothai
5. Savanh Nakthone

We have the 5th best general we know of still (we apparently get good generals!)

3 have three generals rated at 10+ in ability. There are only 11 we know of.

At 60k, our army is half of Ming China’s, but bigger than Muscovy, Mamluks, and many others

At 47, our navy is 2nd biggest we know after Ming’s 85.

1. We are 82% Theravada Buddhist
2. 12.2% Sunni
3. 2% Animist
4. 4% Hindu


1. Cham, 7.8%
2. Central Thai, 22.8
3. Northern Thai, 6.1
4. Malay, 19.7
5. Vietnamese, 2.2%
6. Laotian, 13.6%
7. Khmer, 22.8
8. Sumatran,1.1
9. Mon, 3.4%

Current Value of Trade Goods:

5.0 – Gems
4.5 – Copper
4.37 – Paper
4.0 – Silk, Dyes, Ivory, Cocoa
3.0 – Glass, Tobacco, Sugar, Cotton, Coffee, Spices, Chinaware, Salt, Iron, Cloth
2.5 – Wool, Wine, Grain,
2.25 – Fish
2.0 – Tea, Livestock, Naval Supplies, Tropical Woods, Slaves, Fur
1.87 – Incense

As you can see, some goods have begun to move up and down as worldwide events happen, like the reduced demand for Incense due to Protestants and other splinter organizations not needing them for their religious services. Soon we’ll see a drop-in grain’s value as food production improves, and others. Due to the demand for bronze for military things like cannons and such that every one wants, it’s jumping up in value, but once iron-working gets up and running, you’ll them rise and fall in opposite methods

We lead the world in production of Ivory and Tropical Wood. We lead the world in enough trade in Wood that we get the trade bonus – -5% build bonus. We lost the Chinaware bonus to Ming China.

Only 6 goods are dominated enough that anyone had a trading bonus (Fur by Muscovy, Tea and China by China, Wood by us, Glass by Venice, Coffee by Mamluks)

Great Powers

1. Castile
2. Ming China
3. Ottomans
4. France
5. Burgundy
6. Poland
7. Muscovy
8. Mamluks

3 Muslim, 1 Confucian, 1 Orthodox, 3 Catholic

Now let’s check in on my goals:

1. Find friends among the region that will support us getting away from Ayutthaya. DONE
2. Secure our independence from Ayutthaya. Choose a time when China is too busy to come over and spank us. DONE
3. Become a tributary with Ming China to secure our relationship with them. DONE
4. Look to expand to minor nations to our Northwest. BEGINNING
5. Turn Sukhothai into a regional power again. DONE
6. Take out and replace Ayutthaya. They shall NEVER be heard from again. How dare they delude themselves to thinking they are our betters. DONE
7. Control all of South-East Asia. We have learned our lesson and cannot be satisfied with the previous status quo. We must remove all other rivals from the region. ONGOING
8. Control the entire Malay peninsula. ONGOING
9. Create a powerful, economic base that we can use to move against rivals in the Indies, and up to Bengal. ONGOING
10. Take out Bengal and other locals. NOT YET
11. Control the entire region up to the borders of China itself. NOT YET

As you can see, we got our independence, have a positive relationship with Ming China, and I would consider us a regional power now. But that’s it, after 81 years.

Here’s a map of the world we know


Abe Sargent 10-05-2019 04:02 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Seventeen – Friends Forgotten

22 Aug - Dai Viet accepts an alliance offer. My hope is to bring them in politically like with Champa did.

11 Oct – Royal Marriage with Dai Viet

Our behind-the-scenes power passes today. Another is selected.

26 Jan, 1526 – Our conversion attempt in Perak finish and they see the glory of Buddha. Next? Vijaya

1 April – I order another holding

1 Aug – I get another Karma rise event

24 Oct – Bengal re-announces us as Rival for them

1 April, 1527 – I order a Temple in Panduranga and Hue, Workshop in Champasak and Bangka

5 May – Another claim manufactured against Malacca

5 June – Dai Viet annexes the rest of Lan Xang, and that state is no more!

1 Sept – Vijaya converts to Buddha and our next attempt is Kauthera

Admin Tech 11 – We can now build Textile Manufactories

7 Oct – We gain the Chinaware trading bonus again

27 Mar, 1528 – Another positive Karma event occurs. It’s up to -10.

11 Apr –

Our ruler passes.

Our new ruler:

Ramkhambaeng with a 3/5/3 level of ability.

We don’t have any heirs. Royal marriages head out to the normal folks- Taungu, Pegu, Dai Viet, and China.

Our new Queen is from Pegu – Shin Sawbu Warenu, with 4/3/6 abilities herself

8 Jan, 1529 – Taungu agrees to be our vassal!

21 May – Kauthera converts!!! Next up? Selangor

1 July – A new heir is born (3/3/4)

5 Aug – The Indian Ocean and Arabain Seas have been explored fully. Next. Pacific.

1 Oct

We can enact a new government reform!

What sort of a Deliberative Assembly would I want?

We announce the formation of an official Parliament for our Plutocracy. The noble estates have been removed. We also get reduced revolt risk

We now have the ability to have debates in Parliament:

Here, you can see. I seek to fund expansion of the bureaucracy

See the benefits of handing out seats in Parliament?

I assign seats to Malacca, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, Nakthong Thung Yai, Luang Prabang, Prek Russey, Phnom Penh, Perak, and Vijaya.

I massage many of the delegates and the issue passes.

1 April, 1530 –

Exploration Idea #4 – We get +10 global settler increase annually

We also got the:

Ramkhanhaeng Stele which gives us +1 legitimacy as our national Idea.

1 June – Our first colony in Ambon takes!

Ambon – 12 dev, coastline, straight to Ceram, Spices trade, I order a temple here, Moloccan Culture, Animist faith, 0.50 made here right now. We order these colonists next door to Ceram as well as the 1000 cavalry we had here too

Abe Sargent 10-05-2019 05:01 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Eighteen – Debates of Gold and Iron

We can now get a Golden Era

Here’s what it looks like.

As you can see, we have three of the requirements – Asian Trade for Silk, Spices, or Chinaware (we have the latter), 10 provinces converted, and force-converting someone. And you can see what the benefit is for a Golden Era as well

We begin it!

16 April, 1531 – Conversion successful! Next is Kedah

I begin to prepare for the next, and hopefully, final war against Malacca. Our treaty ends next year.

1 Sept – Workshop for Hue and Chiang Taeng

1 Dec –

MIL TECH 9 – We get a new unit, Asian Arquebusiers

10 Sept, 1532 – We declare war against Malacaa

I have a big navy next door. Two major armies sweep and begin to push

22 Oct – We take Siak on the island of Sumatra

30 Nov – Now Indragira

2 Dec – I have combined my armies sieging in Pahang.

4 Mar, 1533 – Johor is the next target for our Buddhist Monks after they converted Kedah

25 Mar – Jambi is ours on the island

1 April – The Fort of Pahang is ours!

19 Apr – We rout the Malacca army in their capital

22 Apr – Palembang is ours

22 June – Lingga is ours

28 June -Kelintan too

Only their capital is left

9 July – We take it

22 July – We defeat their navy and capture a ship

This would remove Malacca as a nation. I’d take all of their holdings in the Malay peninsula, Sumatra, and a minor holding over near Sunda and sch on the next island over. I get some cash too, and some

All of these will be Sunni, and Sumatran culture on that island or Malay on the Peninsula, are coastal

– 14 dev, Spices, Jungle, natural harbor here, strait to Bangka, and next to Jambi, 0.35 made here. Temple and Marketplace

– Incense is the main good produced here with 10 dev, 0.11 made for us, Jungle, connects Palembang and Indragiri, has a strait to the islands of Lingga.

Indragiri –
Grasslands, Copper, 11 dev, 0.03 made here for us,connects Jambi to Siak.

Siak – 16 dev, Grasslands too, natural harbor, Chinaware is the good made here, 0.11 made here. Temple and marketplace here

All of these are next to Pasai on the island.

Bintan – Island connected via straight from Jambi, coastline, Naval supplies, 11 dev, Temple, 0.20 sent to us.

Pahang – 5 dev, fort and temple, Tropical Wood here, Jungle, 0.12 made for our glory

Kelantan – Naval Supplies are made in this Jungle, with 8 dev, and 0.08 made for us.

Terengganu – Fishers here work the grasslands with 9 development. 0.07 made here.

– Javanese, Hindu, on Java isle, 5 dev, grasslands, Naval Supplies.

Abe Sargent 10-05-2019 08:38 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Nineteen – The Path From Allah to Buddha

16 Aug – I begin to build spy networks with Brunei and Pasai

7 Sept – Our king passes, and the Queen will rule as regent until our heir comes of age.

We renew vows with our four partners

1 Dec – Ile de Bourbon is going to be a great place to grow that sweet Sugar. Literally

1 March, 1534 – We can choose a new Age of Reformation ability.

What now?

Institution spread in True Faith provinces

1 April – Mauritius is also with Sugar

1 Dec – Ceram is with a very poor Tea.

15 Feb, 1535 – We convert Johor – next is Ambon.

1 Mar – Rebellion in Palembang of 14k

2 April – Put down, barely. I order a few more soldiers here to help out.

1 May – I fabricate claims against Brunei and Pasai

1 Nov – I hand seats in Parliament to Ambon and Johor

22 June, 1536 – Conversion successful in Ambon. Next? Pahang

1 July – Another claim fabricated against Pasai

3 Oct – All of the former Malaccan holdings are now incorporated under our growing banner

12 Jan, 1537 – We are now one of the Great Powers and we have access to their abilities.

I send a diplomat to Dai Viet to influence them, which increases their monarch power and love of us.

1 Feb – I do the same for Pegu

1 Dec – Pegu become our vassals!

19 Feb, 1538 – Pahang converts – next? Kendal!

1 April – I get an alliance offer from Ming…


1 May - Ceram – Tea, 7 dev, island, coastline, strait to Ambon, Moluccan, Animist, 0.25 made, I order temple here.

I order these colonists to Tulangbawang on Sumatra next to Palembang.

14 May, 1539– I claim a holding from Pasai

1 June – I send a warning to Brunei telling them not to declare any more wars or else

4 Oct – We pass a new bill in Parliament that gives another Missionary. I send it to Kelantan

16 Nov – Kendal converts – next Lingga

1 Nov – Rebellion in Kelantan

18 Nov – Defeated

22 April, 1540 - Dai Viet become our vassal!

1 May – I fabricate another claim on Pasai

22 Sept – The Japanese Tea Culture has been established and the prices of Tea have risen

I enter into an alliance with Sunda on Java

22 Nov – Royal Marriage follows

9 Feb. 1541 - I force Pasai and Sunda to break their alliance with our great power ability

1 April – Kalantan is now Buddhist – next? Malacca!

Let’s knock out the big bad

1 July –

Exploration Idea – Free Colonies – We get faster and cheaper native repression abilities

5 Sept – I have fully explored everywhere I can. I have the Pacific mapped out to Hawaii.

1 Oct – Lingga is now Buddhist too!

Next? How about Ceram?

1 Dec – Yuck. Tulangbawang with Incense

1 Sept, 1542 – Conversion of Ceram. Next will be Bintan

Abe Sargent 10-05-2019 11:02 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty – From Polo and Battuta to Buddha

1 Jan, 1543 –

Ile de Bourbon – 11 dev, coastline, Sugar, I order a Workshop here, 0.86 made here, Northern Thai, Theravada Buddhism worshipped.

15 Jan – While ally-less, I declare war on Pasai

1 April –

Mauritius – Identical to Ile in every way

I hand them both seats in Parliament

29 April – After chasing their army around, we finally pin it down and rout it

30 Sept – Malacca converts! Next? Siak

2 Oct – The Fort at Pagarryung falls to us

1 Dec – We get a trading in Incense bonus

18 Feb, 1544 – We capture their HQ of PAsai. All holdings are ours and we have a 100% war score:

I can’t get the entire island, but I can get all of the Spices and Gold here. I have to leave them three holdings.

All are Sumatra and Sunni, Jungle, coastal, with 75% autonomy, unless otherwise stated:

Muko-Muko – 10 dev for grain farmers, Farm estate, 0.04 made here – next to Jambi and my unclaimed colony.

Pagarruyung – Gold miners, fort, 9 dev, 0.65 made here. Up fron Muko-Muko and next to Jambi et-all. Also next to Pasai’s next holding

Rokan – Grasslands, connects Siak and other holdings, Fishing, 10 dev, only 0.08 made here, with a Temple

Deli – Grasslands up from Rokan, 8 dev, Spices, 0.00 made here

Peureulak – 20 dev, grassland, Spices, up from Deli, 0.06 made here

Pasai – 31 dev, Spices, Grasslands, 0.11 made here, natural harbor, temple, workshop and marketplace here. (The title of this chapter is a reference to the fact that both Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo spent lots of time here)

– Natural harbor here as well, grasslands, Spices, 0.05 produced, temple, 11 dev

Not bad as a place to build off of

Abe Sargent 10-06-2019 12:40 AM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-One – Moons to Meditations

1 March – Admin Tech 12, I get 3 extra states

I claim two of the three holdings left from Pasai.

15 May – Binten converts and next is Palembang

I pull my colonists off their current assignment and send them to Mahe in the Indian Ocean that’s near the other two there and a part of that state.

I recruit an Inquisitor advisor which will increase my Missionary success rate

17 June – We begin the diplomatic annexation of Taungu

19 June – Our prince is now 15 and taken over the realm

Thammramacha V, 3/3/4. Zealot trait

His younger brother is heir

We marry a consort to him

11 Aug – Colonists set up in Mahe, and I pull them for the last open spot on Sumatra island – Bengkulu.

1 Feb, 1545 – Rebellion in Pamuri

22 Feb – No longer

1 March –

Tulangbawang – Incense, Jungle, 10 dev, on Sumatra island, N. Thai and Therevada Buddhists, 0.53 made here and send to us.

1 April:

Mil Tech 10 – We can upgrade our cavalry and artillery.

1 May – Siak converts – next will be Bangka

Rebellion in Muko-Muko

4 June – Defeated

19 June – I claim the final un-claimed holding of Pasai

15 July – Palembang converts and my next one is Terengganu

10 Dec - Here are there, where possible, I’ll be trying to reduce my cultures.

1 June, 1546 – Terengganu converts – next is Jambi

28 June- Bangka also converts – next is Indragiri

1 Nov –

We finish Exploration Ideas! 7? Global Empire increases my naval force limit by 25%. I can also now fabricate claims overseas in colonial nations should I want or need to.

I have finished our final Sukhothai idea – War Elephants. We get +10% cavalry ability

I am also enacting a policy due to my two Idea Groups being finished – Superior Supply System – We get bonuses to manpower recovery speed and reductions in attrition abroad.

11 Dec – Bengal finished a big war and jumped up in power.

22 Feb, 1545 – Our final section of land we took from Pasai is now all cored up and ready to rock

1 March – Bengkulu is found to be great for the Ivory trade

Actually, let me pause a moment to unpack states for you in case you are curious:

This is our new land over on Sumatra Isle. Here you can see the state version, and you can see the state glowing on the map so you can get a visual. I have made them a state as soon as they were cored, and I only have a small, limited, number of these. This is the state of Aceh. I own two of the three provinces here.

Now, because states are admin architecture in that area, there is an upkeep cost to that state. They also get more production and taxes from that area that’s usually greater.

Now, if you institutes one of the policies on the left, you’ll double your maintenance ,but get that benefit. I have just passed the Religious Unity policy for Aceh. It gives me a faster speed for Missionaries there. I’ve done the same for the other three states I just made on the island. Once they have chosen the path of Buddha, I will remove that policy, and thus, it’s admin cost.

Also, I am currently hoarding cash. You may have noticed that one of my seats is empty, as my military is about to get to the next level, and when it does, I can build Weapons Manufactories all over in Iron or Copper, which will be very, very lucrative for those holdings!

1 May – I send a warning to Bengal to knock off their warmongering.

4 June – Jambi converts. Where next? Pasai

1 Dec, 1547 – We get Mil Tech 11 – We can build Weapons Manufactories.

I order three in Perak, Phnon Penh, and Savanh Nakthone

Right now, I am getting around 15 gold a month surplus, by the by

That mean I’d have roughly 33 months needed to get the cash for another.

1 June, 1548 – Rebellions in both Pasai and Muko-Muko

22 June – Pasai’s rebellion ended

2 July – Muko-Muko taken

29 July – Rebels in Muko-Muko are defeated after they cross into Palembang

2 Sept – We retake Muko-Muko

22 Sept – We get a Death of a Merchant without an heir,and take his inheritance, and gain hundreds of cash

24 Sept - Pasai converts! Next? Lamuri

30 Oct – Indragiri converts and next is Rokan.

Now that Indragiri is free, I order a Weapons Manufactory using the cash from my event

Abe Sargent 10-06-2019 09:46 AM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Two – Path to Liberation

1 Jan, 1549 – I begin to prepare for a minor conflict north.

We got some great stuff here as you can see. We just netted the leader is Spice trading for the world, and as a part of that, we can get the Spice Trade Mission finished.

18 Sept – Lemuri joins the Path of Buddha. Next? Deli

11 Oct – We push through a policy in Parliament o expand colonies for the next decade we’ll get another colonist.

We send colonists to West Timor.

1 Nov – Mahe in the Indian Ocean will rock Sugar

2 Jan, 1550 – The Printing Press institution has arrived

1 May – We get an event that adds tax to Mahe

22 Oct – Deli converts – next? Peureluk

1 Nov – Bengkulu- 9 dev, on Sumatra, Ivory, Jungle, I order a Workshop here, Theravada, Northern Thai

Next – East Timor

1 March, 1551

Here are a few things. Note my cash over there I have broken down

We also brought in Taungu, and you can see Prome.

I am working to build-up a network to Ava, whom we are now next to.

I hand Prome a seat in Parliament

You can see Prome there and it’s sexy Ivory

Taungoo – 25 Dev, farmlands, Chinaware, Burmese culture, Theravada faith, all three econ devs, R. Camp, 0.82 made there

Mong Pai – Highlands, 12 dev, Tropical Wood, Karen culture, Animist faith, 0.11 made for us here,

Mawkmai – Grain farmers with a Farm Estate, Shan culture, Animist faith, 7 dev, mountains, 0.11 made here

Mong Nai – Cotton, Highlands, 10 dev, its where the rebels are on the picture, Shan and Animist, three econ builds, 0.10 made here

We also gained an 11k strong army

Abe Sargent 10-06-2019 03:59 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Three – Wisdom from All

I order a Weapons Manufactory in Bangka

6 Apr – We defeat the rebels in Mong Nai

1 Dec – I claim Ava.

When/If I declare war on them:

Us, vassals Dai Viet and Pegu


Ava, Mong Kawng, Mong Yang

Our armies:

82k for me, with three armies of 11k, 15k, and 13k there on the border

10k for Pegu and Dai Viet

Ava – 18k; Mongs - 8k, 10k,

We can do it

I declare war

I order my three armies into their territory

27 Jan, 1552 – Peruelak converts and next is Muko-Muko

20 Feb – 2 provinces are mine

16 Mar – We defeat the Mong Kawng army

25 Apr – A 3rd minor is ours

30 Apr – Their capital falls to our combined forces

1 May – West Timor will be good for growing Spices

8 Sept – Every minor province is ours, and just one final fort stands of Ava’s forces

22 Nov – The forts falls, and we have all of Ava

We have a 91% warscore. Can I get what I want/need, or do I need to keep pushing north into the Mongs?

My allies are up there, so I keep pushing. I can vassalize Ava.

14 Feb, 1553 – Muko-Muko converts. Next? Mawkmai

26 Feb – The capital falls, and we have a 100% warsscore

I can only get these four holdings

All are Burmese and Theravada

Salin - Grain, 10 dev, Farm Estate, Grasslands, temple, workshop, 0.11 ,ade here

Yamethin – Ivory trade, Grasslands, 11 dev, workshop, 0.26 made here

Ava – Their former capital, Emporium center of trade, 26 dev, Gems, Farmlands, 0.30 made here, fort, temple, work, marketplace

– Cotton farmed here, farmlands, 21 dev, temple, workshop, 0.18 sent to our great nation

Abe Sargent 10-06-2019 07:05 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Four – Left Hand of Darkness

1 March – I claim my first post-Ava [province

1 Oct – Spices in East Timor

1 Nov – Rebellion in Salin

11 Nov – Quickly ended

22 Nov – Mawkmai converts. Next? Mong Nai

22 Mar, 1554- I promote Sumatran culture to accepted. I demote Cham.

22 Sept – Mong Nai converts. Next? Mong Pai

1 Dec - Another Ava province claimed

3 Jan, 1555 – I’ve been trying to make nice with Yemen occasionally. My goal is to get a high enough relations that they’ll be interested in trying to sell us some institutions. Such as the great power influence nation and such.

6 June – Natives destroy Mahe

8 Aug – I send a gift to Yemen of a few hundred cash

6 Sept – We get institution spread from our friends in Yemen

15 Nov – Mong Pai converts, next is Rokan

1 March, 1556 – All provinces are cores

We claim another Ava holding

1 April – West Timor – Spices, 75% auto, as we ran out of states, 10 dev, making us 0.14, Theravada Buddhist and N. Thai people. Next to East Timor

10 Sept – We take on the Crown of Empire now.

All southeast cultures are now accepted. I move Burmese to accepted.

I hand Ava a seat in my Parliament

22 Dec – Rokan converts, and we have no more targets. I fire my Inquisitor adviser and hire a Treasurer.

We are getting almost 30 g a month in extra cash

5 May, 1557 – Sunda agrees to be our vassal over on Java

1 Jan, 1558 – East Timor – Grasslands, spices, 10 dev, Workshop ordered, 0.55 made here

1 Nov – Another Ava claim claimed

1 Mar, 1559 – Our truce with Pasai ends

1 July – We now have both trading in Copper and Tea

1 Nov- Colonists to Sumbawa, Flores

2 Dec – We embrace the Renaissance. We are the first nation in Asia outside of the middle east to do so.

This should cut my tech costs considerably

7 Jan, 1560 – DIP TECH 9 – We can get better ships. My colonial range improves

1 April – ADM TECH 13 - +2% production eff.

1 July – Mahe is grown into Sugar again

2 Jan, 1561 – We get another Ava claim

1 May – MIL TECH 12 – I can get better, Banner, infantry

1 Aug – Rebellion in Sagaing.

21 Aug – Put down

1 Sept – I have a native uprising in Sumbawa

5 Oct – I moved my army from Flores over and killed the natives attacking our settlement. I then killed them off so it won’t happen again.

1 Nov – Flores is going to also be a key place for Spices!

We have an advisor pass away, and I head out. There’s a level 3 Statesman who will increase my DIP dev by 3 monthly, but she’ll cost 6 gold a month. Easy to do. I hire her. I also hire a level 3 natural scient will will do the same for my ADM monarch power dev.

I need to build up my tech and my ADM is just one away from my next group of ideas

Right now I am getting 11 ADM, 8 DIP, and 9 MIL a month

My next DIP 10 needs 571, as we are behind. We should be able to do that in a few years in ‘67.

2 Jan, 1562 – I have a few options. I could bring in Dai Viet. But it’s a nice buffer vassal. Sure, Ming and I have never been hostile since we were at war a long time ago. I could also annex Pegu. That would take at least 20 years and set back my DIP development more, but I could do it.

I could wage war to bring in the rest of Pasai or against Brunei. Or I could wait a few years and bring in all of Ava.

I begin to work towards creating some causes against Brunei as they expired.

15 May – We get a big outbreak of a disease in Nakhon Thung Yai, and we quarantine it.

2 Nov – We choose to formalize our Separation of Powers – we get bonus annual prestige

2 Feb, 1563 – Peasant rebellion in Sunda. I order my troops here to move over and take them down

8 March – Both sets of rebels were defeated.

1 April –

We can enact a new government reform…


We choose L’etat est moi and get +3 states

Abe Sargent 10-06-2019 08:53 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Five – From War to Womb

1 Oct – I claim Bali from Brunei

If I were to declare war against Brunei:

Us, Sunda, Dai Viet, Pegu


Brunei, Sulu

Sulu just has 8k

Brunei? 21k

We have 82k total, but in the area, armies of 11, 15, and 13 thousand each

Sunda? 8k

I launch my fleet.

My goal in this first war is to remove Brunei from Java.

We are at war. I order my 1k troops into Bali from Lombok, which I moved to from Flores after killing their natives in prep./.

28 Oct – We win a battle in the Sulu Sea and captured a ship.

14 Nov – Two minors fell to us

29 Nov – We have combined all three armies on Java into sieging their fort in Kediri

1 Feb, 1564 – Sumbawa which might have been a nice, rich, Spice or similar province is, instead, great for Tropical Wood…

21 April – Their fort falls to us

4 May – I defeat their navy and capture 4 ships in the Coast of Blambangan

1 June – All holdings on Java are ours. We have a war score of just 15%.

6 Aug – Bali falls to us – warscore 20%

All of Java and Bali are worth 59% so I need to raise it.

12 Nov – We take Makassar on the island of Sulawesi

Our behind-the-throne and invisible to history power has passed. Another has taken over

10 Jan, 1565 – We take Potopo to it’s north and force out the hiding navy.

25 Jan – We win the battle and capture another 4 vessels

1 Mar – We lost around 6 vessels but defeated another navy.

14 May – Samarinda is ours o n Borneo

29 May – We defeat their army on Borneo in Kutai

20 June – Kutai is ours

That’s enough

Peace is ours

You can see our additions on Java there

All of these are Javanese culture, Hindu faith, tropical, coastal, and 75% autonomy

Bali – Island with cloth making, has a strait to Lombok, 9 dev, grasslands, 0.04 made here

Demak – Java holding east of our holding at Kendal, level 2 coastal harbor, 13 dev, grasslands, Cotton growing is big here, Shipyard and the there econ holdings here, we get 0.35 here.

– East of Demak and down the shore is Surabaya, with Grasslands, Cotton growing, temple, workshop, and 17 dev, making us 0.13 right now

Madura – A Small archipelago off Java where my army sit in the picture, strait crossing to Surabaya, 3 dev, Tropical Wood, coastline, 0.01 made here

Kediri – Fort, Jungle, south of Demak and Surabaya, coastal, has a Naval Equipment manufactory for its Fish, 6 dev, making us 0.06.

Blambangan – East of Kediri is this, Jungle, Cotton is grown here too, with a 13 dev and 0.08 made here.

Abe Sargent 10-06-2019 10:16 PM

We are a year late for the 120 Year Review:

One-Hundred Twenty (1) Year Review

Here’s the map for you:

As you can see, we have explored all of the Indian Ocean, and as far as I can go from Ceram as a base into the Pacific and using Mauritius around Africa into the Atlantic

We can’t see any European presence anywhere save for Portugal on the island of Fernando Po.

Our income is a little worse than Ming China’s. We have the 2nd best development we know of.

We only have 33 techs, which is 6 worse that Ming and lots worse than tons of others. For example, we captured a holding from Brunei with a Naval Equipment Manufactory in it that we cannot even build!

We are tied with Ming, Jaunpur, and Mamluks for 21 ideas finished though.

Our Top Ten Provinces by Tax:

1. Pasai
2. Sukhothai
3. Malacca
4. Luang Prabang
5. Puereuluk
6. Savanh Nakhon
7. Ayutthaya
8. Nakhon Thung Yai
9. Siak
10. Chiang Mai

Our Top Ten Provinces by Production:

1. Pagarruyung (Gold)
2. Savanh Nakhon (Copper)
3. Perak (Copper)
4. Khorat (Silk)
5. Ayutthaya (Ivory)
6. Nong Khai (Silk)
7. Nakhon Thung Yai (Gems)
8. Bangka (Copper)
9. Malacca (Spices)
10. Sukhothai (Chinaware)

I put the main trade good there beside them so you could see them in context. We have Textile Manufactories in the Silk provinces, Weapons in Copper, and such so they are making twice the goods.

Top Provinces We Know Of in the World by 30+ Development

1. Qahirah (Cairo)
2. Sukhothai
3. Beijing
4. Nanking
5. Kyoto
6. Hancheng
7. Vijayanagar
8. Azerbaycan
9. Tirhut
10. Malacca
11. Pasai
12. Konaseema

Those are the only 12 that hit 30 or more development in the world, from 30 (Konaseema) to 39 (Cairo). We have three!

We have 83 holdings

Colonies in Flores, Mahe, and Sumbawa

Next in the Indies are Lombok and Sumba, part of the state we already began.

Here are the top colonies by production we know of. I suspect we’ll reach out to Cape soon.

Our King is the 3rd best General in Asia, and we have two more in the top 10.

At 82k, we have the 2nd largest army we know of – Ming China has 140k. Bengal is 3rd with 55k, and Muscovy 4th at 49k.

With 50 ships, we are 3rd biggest we know of. Japan has 52 and Ming China 86.


93.7 % Theravada Buddhist
6.3% Hindu


Central Thai – 21.6%
Northern Thai – 11.5%
Malay – 14.0%
Sumatran – 16.2%
Khmer – 20.6%
Burmese – 10.01%

All others (Shan, Java, Laotian, Karen, Moluccan) are around 3% total. I got rid of Cham – I converted it to Khmer back when it was taking up a valuable culture, and I waned to keep expanding.

Top Ten Trade Nodes We Know Of:

1. Beijing
2. Bengal
3. Gujarat
4. Hangzhou
5. Persia
6. Alexandria
7. Siam
8. Deccan
9. Nippon
10. Malacca

We have two of those in our nation (we also have Burma in Ava).

Current Price of Trade Goods:

5.25 - Paper
5.0 - Gems
4.5 – Copper
4.0 – Dyes, Silks, Ivory, Cocoa
3.6 – Cloth
3.0 – Cotton, Glass, Tobacco, Chinaware, Spices, Coffee, Sugar, Slaves, Iron, Salt
2.70 – Fur
2.5 – Livestock, Wine, Tea
2.25 – Fish
2.12 – Incense
2.0 – Grain, Wool, Naval Supplies, Tropical Wood

And there you are! As you can see, some have shifted up (Tea) or down (Grain) since last time we dug into these.

We are the production leader for the world in these goods – Tropical Wood, Copper, Chinaware, Spices, Sugar, Incense, and Ivory

We are the trade leader (which give you bonuses)


Tropical Wood -5% dev cost
Incense – Tolerance of True Faith +0.5
Spices - +25% Spy Network Building
Copper -20% recruitment time
Tea - -10% Advisor Costs
Chinaware +0.25 annual legitimacy

Some, like Tea and Wood, are really good.

Great Powers of the World

1. Spain
2. Ming China
3. Ottomans
4. Commonwealth
5. Burgundy
6. Sukhothai
7. France
8. Muscovy

Fell off? Great Britain and Mamluks

Abe Sargent 10-06-2019 11:45 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Five – Right Hand of Light

1 July – I order a claim on Brunei’s Makassar

1 Mar, 1566 - Flores – Spices, 12 dev, coastline, straits to East Timor and Sumbawa, Thai and Buddhist, make 0.69 and I order a Workshop here. I send these colonists to Lombok

9 July – I arrive at and slay the natives in Sumba. I order this 3k army to Cape

1 May, 1567 –

DIP TECH 10 – Better ships and trade range
1 Nov – My army arrives in Cape

25 Feb, 1568 – Bali is cored and I send over a Missionary

1 Mar – Our truce with Ava has finished

1 April – We announce the annexation of Sunda!

We claim Palopo from Brunei

26 June – The rest of Java is now cored

27 Sept –

If I declare war on Ava:

They have 10k troops and I have two armies of 17k each on their border. Their ally has 6k.

We declare war and I order my troops forward into their capital and the back of their holdings

22 Nov - We capture a minor province

1 Dec – Mahe – Island in the Indian Ocean that’s part of the state that my other two islands are in, 8 dev, Sugar farming, Thai and Buddhist, sending us 0.37. I order a Workshop here.

I call back my colonists in Sumbawa and send them to Cape

21 Dec – Two more minor holdings of Ava fall to us

1 Jan, 1569 – Rebellion in Demak.

4 Jan – Another minor falls

22 Jan – Rebellion put down

15 Feb – Their new capital, Pagan, is ours

22 Mar – They had been assaulting Pegu lands, and I just beat their combined force with my 17k strong army led by my ruler.

29 Apr – I routed their fleeing army.

29 May – I retake a small province in Pegu that they grabbed

Bali Converts and I send these missionaries to Kediri. I order a Textile Manufactory in Bali

1 June – My Emperor has gained the Greedy trait and our tax income will suffer

12 Aug – All minor holdings in Ava are ours

29 Sept – Their fort falls. We have a 93% warscore. Is it enough?

Here we go:

I can take all of the lands I need

That leaves Ava with three holdings of some value, but they are still too big to take or vassalize or something tin this war

All are Shan and Theravada

Pagan – West of Ava and next to the Arakan Mountains, is this grasslands Tropical Wood maker, with 17 dev, workshop, temple, and 0.5 sent to us

Yawnghwe – This Cotton Growing province is part of the Shan Hills state which I already had one holding in, but I grabbed the entire rest of the state in peace. 0.25 made, grasslands,

Mong Kung – Highlands, tropical wood, 6 dev, 0.12 made here for our glorious cause.

Hsipaw – The former capital of a decent nation annexed by Ava, these Jungle farmers of grain have 22 dev, a Farm Estate, temple, workshop, and already send us…1.26 cash monthly! That’s a big addition to the team

Saen Wi – Mountains, tropical wood, 10 dev, temple, 0.32 sent to us

For reference, our next Dip tech should be in 3-4 years, and our next MIL tech in 3, and Adm in 4.

So there you have it

Abe Sargent 10-07-2019 06:57 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Six – Cycle of Peace

5 Nov – Our next debate in Parliament is to expand our dip core as the ones I wanted for Missionaries or colonists aren’t there

1 Dec – Lombok is a good place for growing Coffee

2 Feb, 1570 – With just one colonist left, I send him to Cape

15 June – I have lost my claims against Pasai so I will work on bringing them back

1 Aug – First claim on Pasai

30 Oct – Kediri converts and my target for the next one is Madura

1 Nov – Sumbawa – Tropical Wood, islands, straight to Lombok and Flores, grasslands, 8 dev, 0.38 made here and I order a Workshop.

1 Jan, 1571 – Cores are established!

22 Jan – We offer an alliance with Mong Mao, who is allied with China. They accept.

1 Feb – I hand a seat in Parliament to Hsipaw

25 Feb – Royal Marriage with Mong Mao.

29 Aug –

Our Emperor has passed. Thammaracha, 3/5/2 skills takes over, and his heir is a strong 3/5/5

1 Oct – Rebellion in Saen Wi

22 Oct- Put down

Our Royal Marriage with Mong Mao provide our new consort – Htut Mong Kawang, 3, 4, 4,

Ming joins our RM.

1 Nov – We fabricate another claim on Pasai

1 Dec

MIL TECH 13 – We get better cannons. I upgrade mine

13 April, 1572 – Madura converts! Next? Demak

19 May – Pretender rebels rise up in Dai Viet.

22 Aug – My army killed them

1 Jan, 1573 – Cape will be a great place for Fish…

1 Feb – Dip 11 – We can build wharves, Naval Equipment Manufactories

They can be built in any province with Fish, Naval Supplies or Salt

I order them for Chiang, Rokon, Kenda, Thawai, and Thulang.

1 July – We now have claims for all three Pasai holdings again

1 Dec – This is a great month!

ADM Tech – 14

I can get another group of Ideas! I can also build plantations which are a Manufactory for these goods:


Now I don’t have the first two. But we have lots of Cotton on Java isle and in the Hills of SE Asia. And we have loads of Tea and three Sugars too, as well as a single Coffee in Lombok.

I order two, one in Surabiya, and the other in Yawnghwe

What Group of Ideas should I do next?

I cannot do diplomatic ideas now, I need to keep my monarch power free for more important things.

Admin ideas or MIL ideas then.

Naval or Plutocratic in MIL? Not really right now.

In Adm I could do Religious or Humanist, Admin or Innovative.

But Expansion seems right.

We’ll expand

22 March, 1574 – We get Demak converted. Next? Blambangan

Our behind-the-scene power has shifted again, as the previous one passes.

15 April – I order a Plantation in Sagaing.

3 July – We finish a Mission. And get ready. We have a mission to get 20 Manufactories for our nation. Done. We get 2500 cash, and that’s enough for another Five! .

I order a Plantation in Mahe, Mauritius, Ile de Bourbon, Demak, Naval equipment Manufactory in Bintan,

5 Sept – Thank Buddha that our heir is incorruptible

1 Feb, 1575 – Our military leader passes. Next? I hire a level 2 Commandant and then promote him to level 3. He’ll be 12 gold monthly, but the MIL power we’ll get is worth it

1 Aug – Religious Rebellion in Blambangan

22 Aug – No more. Go away Hindu rabble! Embrace mighty Buddha!

22 Nov – Plantation for Tea in Tay Nguyen

22 Mar, 1576 – Blambangan converts! Next?

1 June – Our truce with Brunei is over. I begin to reposition some of my folks

1 Sept:

As you can see we are integrating Sunda and I have some more colonists too from my 1st Expansion idea.

We now have all of Java under our control! I move Javanese to an accepted culture

I send missionaries to Pajang

All of these are Hindu, Javanese, coastal, tropical, and have all three economic buildings.

Banten – Grasslands, Spices, 11 dev, 0.56 made here

Kalapa – Grasslands, Spices, 10 dev, 0.52 made here, level 2 natural harbor

Cirebon – Grasslands, Spices, 11 dev, 0.56 made here

Pakuan – Grasslands, 17 dev, Spices, 0.35 made here

Kawali – Jungle, tropical wood, 8 dev, 0.33 made hre

Karta – Spices, 13 dev, grasslands, 0.65 made

Pajang, Grain farmers, Farm Estate, 7 dev, grasslands, 0.45 produced here

We also get 11 ships and 10k troops

I hand a seat of parliament to their former capital in Kalapa

Abe Sargent 10-07-2019 09:52 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Seven – Cycle of War

I send these colonists to Swellendam east of Cape.

I pull back colonists in Cape and send them to Graaff-Reinet, east of Swellendam.

I want to grab everything in Southern Africa to remove any possible interest from Europe here. There are ships of Spain and Portugal passing often here.

Here’s Africa right now. Portugal is deep in the east, but not lower.

1 Feb, 1577 – Rebellion in Pajang. Damn Hindus. Accept Buddha!

22 Feb – Put down.

15 Mar 0 We kill the natives in Swellendam

17 April – Now we kill those in Graaff-Reinet

I set up a New World Charter for ten years with our merchant guilds, which will increase our colonial development.

22 May – Flu outbreak in Deli, I quarantine it

2 July – It spreads to Rokan, I quarantine it as well.

17 Oct – I am ready to declare war on Brunei. I have 30k troops on the island of Borneo, and 12k on Sulawesi and a combined navy of 45 ships off their capital. They have a fleet in the same space

I declare war for Makassar on Sulawesi. We are now at war with them, their ally Sulu refused to join.

I order my troops up

20 Oct - We defeat their navy and captured a ship

17 Nov – We convert Pajang. Next? Kawali

22 Nov – Two minor holdings on Borneo fall to us

27 Dec – We take Potopo on Sulawesi and another minor, Kutai, on Borneo

1 Jan, 1578 – I fabricate claims on Ternate and Tidore, both one holdings islands.

11 Jan – Another minor falls, and now we move to the capital of Brunei

1 Feb – Lombok – 6 dev, Coffee, grasslands, straight to Bali and Sumbawa, 0.23 made here and I order a Plantation.

17 Feb – We capture Makassar

28 Feb – After assaulting it, we take the capital of Brunei

14 Mar – We defeat the fleeing navy.

22 Mar – We arrive at the fort of Jesselton

15 April – We defeat the Brunei army

Our warscore is currently 81

1 June – We gain the trading in Ivory bonus

14 Aug – The fort of Jesselton is ours and we have a have a 99% warscore

I can take the holdings in green – both on Sulawsei, and then all provinces on the northern part of Borneo and the island of Palawan off them.

– Animist, Spices, coastal center of trade, 22 dev, grasslands, Sulawesi culture, Shipyward and dock as well as the three econ holdigns here, sends us 0.21

– To their north are these Spice hills with Animist/Sulawesi’s here too, 9 dev, with Temple and Workshop and 0.07 coming to our coffers.

– Gems, Jungle, coastal, Sunni, Borneo culture, 13 dev, 0.11 made for us, and there is a temple and a workshop too. This is the first province next to the unclaimed holding, in the west, and I’ll move up the coast.

Sibu – Spices, Jungle, coastal, Sunni/Borneo, 15 dev, 0.13 made here, also with a workshop and temple.

Brunei – 27 dev, natural harbor, Spices, Jungle, Sunni/Borneu, with econ holdings, sends us 0.23.

Jesselton – Fort at the top of the island and next to Brunei. 11 dev, Jungle, fort and temple, 0.09 made here for us. Sunni and Borneo culture as well.

Palawan – Sugar, 8 dev, coastline, Sunni/Filipino culture, temple and workshop built here, 0.07 made here as wlel

We left them 6 holdings that include two Spices, three Fish, and one Tropical Wood

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The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Eight – Limits of Gold

1 Dec – I order a Plantation for Blambangan and Ceram and Naval Equipment Manufactory in Kelantan

1 Feb, 1579 – Another successful Missionary! Our next is heading out to Kalapa

1 March – Our administrative advisor passes. We recruit another high quality Inquisitor from our monasteries1

7 June – Our advisor has a great work and increases our ADM power by 50. That puts me over the 350 needed for our next Idea:

Expansion #2 – We get another merchant

1 July – Rebellion in Brunei

22 July – No longer

1 Sept – Rebellion in Makassar

19 Sept – No longer either

11 Mar, 1480 – We convert Malapa and next is Karta

1 May - Rebellion in Hsiwei

1 June – Livestock in Graaff-Reinet

3 June – Rebels put down

22 June – I claim my first Brunei holing from Borneo

1 July – Cape – 15 dev, Grasslands, Fish, I order a Naval Equipment Manufactory, natural harbor, 1.15 made here for us

I pull colonists from Graaff-Reinet and send them to Lesser Namaqualand, up the coast from Cape.

8 Oct – I kill the locals in Lesser Namaqualand

1 Mar, 1581 – Swellendam is with Gems!

18 Mar – Karta converts. Next? Banten

1 Apr – We claim Buton

Our golden age ends

1 June – Makassar and Palopo are now cores

20 July – I accept another offer of knowledge sharing from our pals Yemen.

I hand a seat in Parliament to Makassar

1 Aug – Our Emperor has gained the Kind Hearted trait

Now that I am using Cape as a place to explore from, we are going deep into the Americas and such

1 Dec – I claim another holding from Brunei

13 Feb, 1582 – We convert Banten and my next target is Cirebon – I want to finish off Java first.

1 Nov – I can get a Dip tech but I want to wait until I embrace Colonialism first, so I can invest fewer

1 Dec - I fabricate a claim on an Ava holding

2 Jan, 1583 – Cirebon converts – next? Pakuan

1 Oct – We claim another Brunei holdings

1 Dec -Our truce with Ava is up

15 Dec – Pakuan converts – next is Makassar

1 March, 1584 – The same is true for MIL tech, but, again, I’m waiting until my embracing of the next institution

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11 Nov – 160 year Review

Here’s a map of the area to show our current borders. I can take out Pasai any time, but I suspect I’ll hit Ava next and remove them from our northern borders. Their last three holdings seemed pretty good.

Here’s what we know right now of the Atlantic. We are exploring the Caribbean right now. You can see our colony at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa as well

We are making around 30 cash fewer than Ming/monthly; however we have better development

At 39 our tech development is still behind folks like China a 48 and African nations that are better by 3 or 4 techs, like Morocco and Mamluks, as well as Yemen.

At 23, we have the 2nd most ideas after Mamluks at 26.

Our Top Ten Provinces by Tax Revenue

1. Pasai
2. Sukhothai
3. Malacca
4. Savanh Nakthone
5. Ayutthaya
6. Chiang Mai
7. Siak
8. Nakhon Thung Yai
9. Ava
10. Puereuluk

Our Top Ten Provinces by Production

1. Pagarruyung (Gold)
2. Savanh Nakhon (Copper)
3. Khorat (Silk)
4. Perak (Copper)
5. Ayutthaya (Ivory)
6. Nong Khai (Silk)
7. Nakthon Thung Yai (Gems)
8. Bangka (Copper)
9. Sukhothai (Chinaware)
10. Malacca (Spices)

Top Provinces We Know Of With a 30+ Dev

1. Qahirah
2. Sukhothai
3. Nanking
4. Beijing
5. Naples
6. Kyoto
7. Hancheng
8. Vijayanagar
9. Azerbaycan
10. Tirhut
11. Malacca
12. Tlemcen
13. Pasai
14. Konaseema

We have 113 holdings

We have three colonies in Africa – Lesser Namaqualand, Swellendam, and Graaff-Reinet

At 111,000 our army is the 2nd largest we know of after China at 217,000

The next are Spain, Muscovy, and Bahamis

At 85 ships, our navy is the 3rd largest we know after Ming China at 98 and Spain and 87


Theravada Buddhist – 92.9%
Sunni – 4.4%
Animist – 1.7%
Hindu – 1.0%


Central Thai – 16.5%
Northern Thai – 11.7%
Burmese – 8.9%
Khmer – 15.9%
Malay – 10.8%
Sumatran – 12.4%
Javanese – 10.0%
Borneo – 4.5%
Shan – 5.2%
Everything else (Laotian, Sulawesi, Filipino, etc) – 1% or fewer

Top Ten Trade Nodes We Know of by Value:

1. Beijing
2. Hangzhou
3. Bengal
4. Gujurat
5. Doab
6. Siam
7. Alexandria
8. Deccan
9. Persia
10. Nippon

Current Price of Trade Goods –

5.25 – Paper
5.0 – Gems
4.50 – Copper
4.0 – Silk, Ivory, Dyes, Cocoa
3.60 – Cloth
3.50 – Fur
3.0 – Glass, Tobacco, Slaves, Cotton, Spices, Chinaware, Coffee, Sugar, Iron, Salt
2.50 – Tea, Livestock, Wine
2.25 – Fish
2.12 – Incense
2.0 – Tropical Wood, Grain, Naval Supplies, Wool

While there are no bonuses for it, we are the production leader in: Ivory, Spices, Copper, Fish, Sugar, Cotton, Tropical Wood, Incense.

We are the trade leaders for Tropical Wood, Spices, Incense, Chinaware, Tea, Ivory, Copper

Great Powers –

1. Spain
2. Ottomans
3. Sukhothai
4. Commonwealth
5. Ming China
6. France
7. Burgundy
8. Great Britain

We moved up to 3. China fell

Now let’s check in on my goals:

1. Find friends among the region that will support us getting away from Ayutthaya. DONE
2. Secure our independence from Ayutthaya. Choose a time when China is too busy to come over and spank us. DONE
3. Become a tributary with Ming China to secure our relationship with them. DONE
4. Look to expand to minor nations to our Northwest. ONGOING
5. Turn Sukhothai into a regional power again. DONE
6. Take out and replace Ayutthaya. They shall NEVER be heard from again. How dare they delude themselves to thinking they are our betters. DONE
7. Control all of South-East Asia. We have learned our lesson and cannot be satisfied with the previous status quo. We must remove all other rivals from the region. ONGOING
8. Control the entire Malay peninsula. DONE
9. Create a powerful, economic base that we can use to move against rivals in the Indies, and up to Bengal. DONE
10. Take out Bengal and other locals. NOT YET
11. Control the entire region up to the borders of China itself. NOT YET

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The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Twenty-Nine – Spreading Buddha

1 Dec – Lesser Namaqualand with Livestock!

5 Dec – Conversion by Makassar – next is Palopo

2 April, 1585 – We pass a colonial extension in Parliament for some additional colonists and growth. I send these colonists to Xhosa, which is up the coast from Graaff-Reinet, it’s in the same state as the others, but it’s a gamble. 3 dev in the mountains, with 7000 natives, but it also has a decent chance at Gems, Gold, etc.

1 May – Expansion Idea #3 – Settler Growth improves by +20.

1 June – We claim another province n Ava

1 Aug – We embrace Colonialism! This institution means our cost for tech drops

Let me show you how:

The base cost of DIP TECH 12 is 600 dip power. Now? It’s just 448, but it was almost double that.

I spend it – Our naval morale increases by 0.40

Next? #13 is also normally 600, but it dropped to 462. I take it and I can upgrade to Brigs.

I am only 3 years away from tech 14, which gives me Trade Stations.

MIL TECH 14 – We can build better forts, and have improved cavalry

19 Sept – I have finished off the natives in Xhosa

16 Oct – Palopo converts and next is Brunei herself

1 Mar, 1586 – Our military adviser passes. I hire a Army Reformer

2 April – Another claim in Borneo comes our way

1 May – Swellendam – Gems here, 7 dev, Steppes, I order a workshop here, they send us 0.56, Thai and Buddhist.

I send these colonists to Sumba – in a state I’ve developed, already cleared of natives, and waiting for us

1 June – Graaff-Reinet – Steppes, 6 dev, livestock, I order a Farm Estate here, Thai/Buddhist, 0.33 made here monthly for our cause

1 Aug – Rebellion in Brunei

12 Aug – No longer

17 Aug –

We declare war on Ava. Both of my adjacent forces move to their capital and their fort

29 Aug – We defeat their army in their capital

9 Sept – Their fort fell and I push into their ally’s land

8 Oct – I defeat their force in Mong Kawng

22 Dec – I capture Mong Kawng’s capital

25 Dec – We capture the capital of Ava

08 Feb, 1587 – We have captured every province, and routed every army for both Ava and Mong Kawng

11 Feb – Mong Kawng become my vassal and are out of the war.

We can annex Ava off the board. I do so

Kale – Ivory, next to us and Bengal (the name changed from Kalemyo), 7 dev, Jungle, Chin culture, Theravada, temple and workshop, with a 0.13 heading to us

– where my army is in the center, Cotton and grasslands, 9 dev, Burmese and Theravada Buddhists, sending us 0.05.

Mong Yang, Copper mines, Jungle, 9 dev, fort, Workshop, Theravada, Shan culture, 0.14 made right now

All three are next to Bengal

Abe Sargent 10-09-2019 12:44 AM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Thirty – Friends New and Old

22 Jan, 1588 – I pull my colonists from Lesser Namaqualand and send them to Kendari on Sulawesi

1 Mar – Xhosa with Gems!

12 April – All natives in Kendari aren’t

1 June – Sumba with Tea-ba

1 Sept – Lesser Namaqualand – 3 dev, Steppes, Livestock, I order a Farm Estate here, we are getting 0.16 from the Thai Buddhists that work the steppes.

I fabricate a claim on Bengal

11 Oct – Brunei converts! Next is Sibu

1 Dec – Expansion Idea #4 – We get factories and we bonuses to upgrades in center of trade

7 June, 1589 – We order a Plantation in Tabayan after it’s core finished early.

1 July – We fabricate another holding of Brunei’s.

1 Sept:

DIP TECH 14 – We can build better ships and the Trade Station…

Get ready. It’s the Manufactory for these goods:


Ivory is my first priority – Bengkulu, Ayutthaya, Yamethin, Prome, Chiang Mai

Then major Spices – Malacca, Makassar, Pasai

But this will be a deep dive. I have a ton of Incense, Spices to dig into.

The last one, the Mill, will work for Gems, Tropical Wood, Paper, Glass, and Chinaware.

I am making, currently, around 80 gold a month in surplus, so that’s a lot of extra cash.

That means I’ll have around 920 gold a year, so enough for around 2 manufactories a year

20 Jan, 1590 – We announce the Annexation of Pegu! It makes sense now that I got my DIP up.

22 Feb – My final holding, Kale, is ours up north.

16 June – Mong Yang has offered to be our Tributary and we accept. They are next to Bengal and us.

1 Oct – Kendari with Gems

11 Nov – Sibu converts too! Next? How about Palawan?

1 Feb, 1591 – Our Inquisitor passes. Next? I hire a level 3 Theologian for the spot.

1 July – Expansion Idea #5 – We get +1 diplomatic reputation

1 Nov – Rebellion in Jesselton.

22 Nov – Put down

1 Dec – I pull my colonists from Xhosa and send them to Natal, which is up the coast.

22 Dec – My local army has cleared out the natives here

1 Mar, 1592 – I order Trade Stations in Brunei, Lamuri, East and West Timor

1 Sept – Xhosa – Gems, 3 dev, mountains, Thai and Buddhists here, 0.23 made here, I order a Marketplace. Natal, to it’s east and up the coast from here has been set up

I pull my colonists from Sunda and send them to Mtetwa which is up the coast from Natal

19 Oct – All locals in Mtetwa are no longer a problem

1 Nov – Sumba – Tea, island, I order a Plantation here, coastline, 5 dev, Thai Buddhists are here, and we get 0.35 from their work.

1 Mar, 1593 – Our truce with Brunei has ended

20 Oct – I purchase Zanzibar as a Trading Post from Malindi for 650 gold

Zanzibar – Coastal Center of Trade, Slaves, 5 dev, coastline, Shipyard, Marketplace, Sunni, Swahili culture. Zanzibar has 75% autonomy. As a trading post, it has other options

Here’s how it works. I can buy improvements for the entire state, in this case, the Central Swahili Coast. Any improvement I do from here will help that whole area. I am buying the Trade Company Investment, and soon I’ll do the Customs Depot one.

Abe Sargent 10-09-2019 06:21 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Thirty-One - Desire for Buddha

1 Jan, 1594 – I purchase the Company Depot you saw

1 Feb – I order 5000 troops assembled in Zanzibar.

1 March – Mtetwa – Another opportunity lost. This could have been good, but instead it’s just fish.

1 April - I pull my Colonists from Kandari and send them to Matsolo, which is up the coast from Mtetwa

20 May – Locals in Matsolo are cleared out

17 July – Locals in Inhambane are cleared out

1 August – Expansion Idea #6 – We get another colonist. I send them to Inhambane, up from Matsolo

An event occurs that drops the price of Fish as they are found everywhere in the New Lands. Fish price drops by 10%, bit salt rises by the same amount.
An event occurs that drops the price of Fish as they are found everywhere in the New Lands. Fish price drops by 10%, bit salt rises by the same amount.

Due to an illness, the power-behind the throne passes.

1 Sept – Our diplomatic adviser passes and we hire a Navigator.

A few months later, the next power passes to the same disease. Another steps in.

1 Jan, 1595 – Another miss- Naval Supplies in Natal. I update some more out in Zanzibar,

11 April – We present to Parliament a new bill to expand and fun trade for a decade

1 July – My fleet of 12 trading protection ships arrive at Zanzibar and begin to protect the trade here.

1 Jan, 1596 – I go ahead and begin to build a spy network against Bengal for when we finish annexing Pegu

I order: Trade Stations for Cireluk and Puereuluk

1 May – We lose a claim on Pasai

1 August – Our Emperor gains the Expansions trait and our settler growth increases a lot.

4 Oct – We get a 1200 harvest from bonus Spice production this year. I spend it on: Trade Stations in Karta, Deli and SIbu,

1 Nov -

We have annexed Pegu

All are tropical, coastal, Theravada, Mon culture, with 0% unrest, and temple and workshop at least, unless otherwise stated

Moulmein – Jungle, Chinaware, 9 dev, 0.41 made for us here. This begins out new holdings and I’ll go around the coast from here to Bengal. Next to Sukhothai

Martaban – Sugar farmers, 11 dev, Jungle, I order a Plantation here, 0.32 made here. Next to Sukhothai

Pegu – Farmlands, level 2 coastal center of trade, Spices, Trade Station, Marketplace, 26 dec, 1.12 made here for us monthly,

Dagon – Grasslands, grain farmers, Farm Estate, regimental camp, 11 dev, 0.57 made here

Pathein – Grain farmers with Estate, Jungle, 8 dev, 0.35 made here

These last two are not in a state (I ran out of states) – they have a 75% autonomy

Sandoway – Jungle, iron mining, 10 dev, Weapons Manufactory, Arakanese culture, 0.223 made for us

Mrauk U
– Jungle, next to Bengal, grain farming, level 1 natural harbor, 10 dev, Shipyard, Arakanese culture, 0.15 made here

And there you go!

We grabbed 11k soldiers and 15 boats

I am moving the 11k soldiers and combined them with a 9k strong army I built in Mrauk U to be on the border strongly with a 20k army.

That will give me 54k on the border – two armies of 17 each in the Shan region and 20k here.

Abe Sargent 10-09-2019 07:34 PM

The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Thirty-Two – Borneo’s Resolve

29 Nov – Mong Mao agrees to be our vassal

1 Dec – We lose another claim in Pasai. Obviously, not my biggest concern right now. My next Indies war is likely to be Brunei not Pasai, and their three holdings aren’t that wealthy.

15 Feb, 1597 –

Want to see what my recent explorations just uncovered? As you can see, Spain is in Canada, Florida, mid-America like Virginia, and Texas, and Portugal has dominated the Caribbean

Here’s South America

Portugal is in Brazil, and you can see Spain too. But it’s pretty light. France is in Guyana and England in the Caribbean in about 6 islands or so, but I don’t see England in a mainland holding yet.

I’m ordering my explorer into the Southern part now. I’d don’t care about fighting here.

But the west coast?

Could I see Buddhists in San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, LA or San Diego?

1 May – I give Pegu a seat in Parliament

1 July – We finish the Expansion Idea Group!

We get a few benefits – Our 7th idea was to get +20% global trade. For finishing, we get an additional five states. I put those two holdings in Pegu into a state, and I have four left.

I order our colonists out of Mtetwa and to Tauranga in New Zealand. Now that I’ve locked in South Africa, I could head up to harder to deal with places with low development and such and fight Jungles of 3 and 4 dev places, thousands of locals, and more. But why? New Zealand and Australia are both here, and can serve as launching pads for more exploration. For example, we know of three provinces here that have 10 or better development. Let’s take one off the map.

With our new states I can take out Burnei, and they have one state, and I can grab them all.

I also have three policies I can do:

Policy #1 – Expansion and Exploration - -50% native uprisings, +20 global settler development

Policy #2 – Expansion and Trade - +10% Trade Efficieny and +20% Trade Steering

Policy #3 – Expansion and quality – The Mining Act - +1 fire in battle

I do Colonial Expansion and The Mining Act. It will replace my current one, so I don’t have any monthly costs in power to keep them going.

I activate my forts. I want to end Brunei, the last major power in the Indies.

1 Aug – Another colony with high potential, Matsolo, is just Fish

I’ve been unlucky with Fish here, but I’ve been lucky with Gems, so I guess it’s fine. I’ve never gotten two gems in South Africa before.

1 Dec – DIP TECH 15 – We can build Galleon and Early Frigates

I declare war for Samarinda from Brunei. Sulu, their ally, joins them

4 Dec – We win the Battle of the Sulu Sea and capture two vessels.

22 Dec – We win another naval battle

31 Dec – Samarinda is ours

6 Jan, 1598 – Another minor province is ours

21 Jan – My army hitting their flank from Samarinda arrives in their new capital of Kutai

1 Feb – Mtetwa – 3 dev, Fish, Thai, Jungle, Buddhist.

14 Feb – Another minor falls and I move to their army hiding.

11 Ma- I rout their army in Bulungan

12 April – Bulungan is ours

17 April – We win another naval battle and capture a vessel

1 May – Another swing and miss – Inhambane is going to be good for Tropical Wood. That one had a good chance for Slaves, gold, Gems, etc

9 June- Another minor is ours

1 July – We lose our final claim against Pasai

1 Aug – Natal- Jungle, 3 dev, Naval Supplies are found here.

2 Aug – The last minor holding of Brunei is ours, only their capital in Kutai remains

5 Oct – Kutai is ours. That gives us a 90% warscore

Is that enough?

It is, by a lot.

Can I bring in Sulu too? Let’s see

16 Jan, 1599 – We land in Sulu to fight the locals

19 Feb – We lost 60% of my army but won

8 May – We capture Sulu

Can I get both?

22 May – We rout the Sulu navy and capture some more vessels

I cannot, so I negotiate a separate peace and take Sulu

22 June – After my diplomat returns

We remove Brunei from the map. Borneo is ours!

All of these are Bornean culture, and Hindu in faith, coastal and tropical, unless otherwise stated

I will start at the northern spot and move down to Samarinda

Lehad Datu –
15 dev, Jungle, Spices are traded here, Sunni, Workshop and Temple. 0.24 made for the cause

Tarakan – Grasslands, 0.02 made here, Fish, Grasslands, 6 dev,

Berau – Jungle, Fish, Naval E. Manufactory, 6 dev, 0.05 made here

Bulungan – Inland of Berau and Tarakan – tropical wood, 7 dev, Jungle, 0.05 made here, Temple

Kutai – Sunni, 21 dev, Jungle, Fish, Shipyard, Workshop, Temple, 0.10 here, this was the old capital Brunei took of Kutai’s state,

Samarinda – Spices, 13 dev, Jungle, Temple, 0.07 made here.

Sulu – This set of islands is between Borneo and the Philippines, Shia faith, coastline, Filipino people, 13 dev, Gems, natural harbor, temple, marketplace, workshop, 0.15 made here.

I’ll leave my army behind here in Sulu to recuperate.

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