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where_did_fof_go 10-21-2019 04:28 PM

What happened to theFOFL and theFOBL
Hey all,

Sorry for the random post. I used to passively watch theFOFL and theFOBL and for the past (6 months?) The websites seem to be down (thefofl .com)

Does anyone know what happened? Are there any other similar Sims that have full stats, history, games etc on the website?

All the best

PineTar 10-23-2019 08:22 AM


QuikSand 10-23-2019 12:59 PM

The BELCo network is your spot:

The CCFL is a heavy cap-crunch league,
The GML is a front-offic focused, quick-sim-the-season league,
The IHOF is a customized team, long-standing, competitive league

All are great and feature Ben's tools online to follow easily. Each linked along the top of the CCFL home page link above.

where_did_fof_go 10-29-2019 11:47 PM

Thanks for the links QuikSand! All the leagues are great, fun to watch these teams :)

But no one knows what happened to FOxL? PineTar you're leaving me hanging :P

QuikSand 10-31-2019 07:25 PM

No, PineTar gave you the answer. The leagues are gone baby gone.

Ramzavail 11-07-2019 07:47 PM


Young Drachma 02-01-2020 06:12 PM

A solid run, but all good things come to an end. Especially after almost two decades. Also if you are jonesing for OOTP, there's a fast-sim league full of FOxL + FOOL + SLOP alumni called RANZBA.

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