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thehitcat 12-05-2018 08:45 AM

Anyone playing OOTP 19 Perfect Team?
I just jumped in (am still in my Entry League) and am hopelessly hooked already.

New packs to get new players, Auction house as you build up in game currency to get players you specifically want and/or fill holes in your lineup and staff and in the background the OOTP sim engine running ~ 30 games a day. If Football Manager is ever able to execute on something similar I'll probably be forced to quit my job and figure out a way to survive on Perfect Points :).

My team is the Raymond Landlocked Salmon and it's been a treat to build. At the 20 game mark a week into May we are 14-6 but on a three game skid. I used the Auction house to "sell" off some cards I got in packs that were highly rated but that I didn't want and have used those points to put Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain at the front of my rotation ("Spahn and Sain and pray for rain") while my offense is built around a hot start from Andrew Benitiendi in LF/CF and Terry Pendleton at 3rd who is scorching right now (hitting .500 over the last half dozen games with 3 HR including a walkoff.) :popcorn:

Check it out, it's free unless you want to buy more of the in game currency for the auction house but your team generates that anyway.

Bobble 01-15-2019 06:59 AM

Way late to answer this but I'm into Perfect Team way more than I thought I would be. I'm checking it out all the time and barely playing my local leagues.

I've decided not to purchase any Perfect Points and just see what I can do for free. It's a struggle but I'm up in the Gold leagues, slowly but surely.

Bisbo 02-06-2019 02:43 PM

I thought it was OK until they added the Pay for Points option. No interest at all after that.

DanGarion 02-07-2019 06:36 PM

No, because of fuck microtransaction games.

QuikSand 11-11-2019 07:24 PM

My team, started today, is at the starter level... I get the basic idea, and I'm trying to accumulate legitimate players for my team. All my games are going crazy long, though, nobody can score on either team. Like 26 innings for a 1-0 final. It's broken, obviously. *shurg*

QuikSand 11-27-2019 08:13 AM

So, it looks like my early experience was indeed a glitch - but a fruitful one for me, at least. In my beginners' league, with tons of broken games going into dozens of innings because nobody could get any hits... turns out there were a bunch of awards being handed out because the games were so extraordinary.

So... that's good and bad. I got piles of resources (like maybe 200,000 perfect points) that week, and was fairly easily able to accumulate a pretty potent roster. That's nice. But, the downside is that I don't feel like I "earned" anything... I didn't really have to grind it out season after season, desperately waiting to earn enough ti finally get that solid left fielder to line up and bat 6th. It's like playing a fantasy RPG where there's a cheat code to immediately make your character top level... it's fine, but the grind is always what got me to fall in love with my character in the first place.

Anyway... here we are. I promoted to the second tier, Bronze, after my initial Iron League where we paved our league super-easily and won it all. Now I'm among the top teams in my Bronze League.

I'm following a logical trail here, since the next FOF game is going to come through the same shop as this game... it doesn't seem far-fetched that this infrastructure will someday actually become important to me.

TimGuru 11-27-2019 11:27 AM

I'm glad you heard the glitch was a glitch and stuck it out. I'm in my first week Iron League and really enjoying the experience.

I am led to believe that you can re-roll and maintain up to three team in the mode. So you could easily get the slow burn experience you are after.

They also just introduced tournaments which seem to change the experience by putting conditions on your roster composition.

QuikSand 11-27-2019 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by TimGuru (Post 3257658)
They also just introduced tournaments which seem to change the experience by putting conditions on your roster composition.

Oooh, that sounds like my cup o tea...

QuikSand 12-23-2019 11:28 AM

So, I'm not really doing too much with this. I used up most of my points balance to buy a "peak" Johnny Bench, which in my worldview should be a monstrous advantage against most anyone else at the position.

Instead, I'm continuously frustrated to see the way that the game evaluates players from different eras, when juxtaposed. Okay, PEAK Johnny Bench is a 100, great. But then I see other guys, who don't seem like "legends" to me... who have nearly-as-good ratings as the very top guys. Especially the fleet of players from the 2019 season... it seems like lots of players are being assessed on a scale relative to that year alone. So, the 5th best C in 2019 gets a rating set more or less equivalent to... the 5th best catcher of all time? Frealz?

So... available in the market now, I see (relative to a 100 for Bench), Yasmani Grandal, who seems to be a pretty nice low-contact good-power catcher these days. Okay, fine. Where should he be rated if PEAK Johnny Bench and Josh Gibson are at 100, and, let's say, a PEAK Buck Ewing is a 93, and... (trying to find a comparable here) Brian McCann from 2010, who is graded as an 83.

I would think relative to all time greats like that, maybe Grandal deserves to be an 80 or so. Maybe with some investigation into his detailed ratings, maybe he should be an 85-90 guy? But nobody is mistaking him for a HOFer based on hitting a few dingers in 2019, right?

Grandal is a 98 in the game. Ninety-fucking-eight.

I don't know what they are trying to accomplish with this, but I don't like it.

QuikSand 12-30-2019 08:02 AM

Well, I guess there are some encouraging signs. Despite it appearing to be easy to get guys with pretty comparable "overall" ratings, the output from my Johnny Bench investment seems to be there.

Silver .328 2058

This league just wrapped... we won 106 games and advanced to the Gold level. Bench was among the top-5 in the whole league in both OBP and OPS, so that's good. And my Walter Johnson was among the top starting pitchers again - he's been solid while some of my other guys have been more of a variable.

QuikSand 01-27-2020 12:12 PM

Okay, my team has advanced to the top level of the PT universe, where I presume we'll get our ass kicked. We apparently lucked into some early assets - getting to the top tier in 11 seasons isn't supposed to happen, without spending some cash (which I have not).

Perfect .412 2063

QuikSand 05-23-2020 05:25 PM

So, months later, I'm basically in the same spot as in January. My team, with no real effort, remains a top-half and sometimes top-tier in the "Diamond" level, but when we occasionally get promoted to the top "Perfect" level we get punished and relegated immediately.

I guess for zero dollars and a pretty modest amount of real time, that's fine. O accumulate something like 5-10,000 "points" a season, and I'm sitting on about 70, I could be in the market for an upgrade to a higher quality (more consistent) player someplace - my team probably could improve at SP, RF, and 3B. But I don't feel any particular motivation to do so. I also could sit back and try to gather enough free money to land a genuine superstar someplace.

Motivation. Yeah, that's what's missing. I don't feel any competition or rivalry with the anonymous teams I play, the leagues get re-shuffled every season (week) and for me, I don't see much point in all this. Maybe the side tournaments and the collection quests are enticing for some... not for me.

QuikSand 05-23-2020 05:26 PM

Now, what could make this interesting to me? What about playing a full season in an invitation-only league, with parameters? (I think this is what the tournament system is about) If I could set up my own thing like that, maybe that would be interesting... not with strangers but with FOFC invitees?

I dunno, maybe not even that would be worth anything.

QuikSand 06-18-2020 01:26 PM


QuikSand 07-21-2020 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by QuikSand (Post 3282301)
So, months later, I'm basically in the same spot as in January. My team, with no real effort, remains a top-half and sometimes top-tier in the "Diamond" level, but when we occasionally get promoted to the top "Perfect" level we get punished and relegated immediately.

Just checked in, after seeing a half price promo for OOTP 21 (I'll pass, thx)... my team remains in this mix, bobbing back and forth between the top two levels. I have amassed $150,000 which I reckon would buy me one high quality player... have to decide when I have 15 minutes to fool around and see who that could be.

Anyway, all the stuff about missing motivation, etc still holds true.

Oddly, though, I have found myself really fascinated by the markets in the Madden Ultimate team game, which is basically the same framework. Maybe it's my deeper interest in football than baseball that has me actually interested there? Or is it the wide arrays of power-ups and player variations that connect to one another? Not sure... but for some reason I am into that, and never really got into this, at all.

QuikSand 03-12-2021 07:44 AM

Half year later, I don't think I have opened OOTP in that whole time, but I'm guessing I have a stack of cash sitting there, unless they eventually do something with inactive teams. (Not sure what would be in it for them to do so)

That does seem like a weird model - I "buy" the players and get them literally forever. Not sure they thought this out all that well. I wonder how much of the Perfect Team universe is zombie mode like me?

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