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LondonSmith 01-28-2022 04:31 PM

80+ pass rusher can't be traded
I've got a 4-3 DE with 82 rating on the final year of his rookie contract. He's holding out and and I'm unable to resign him, so my only recourse is to move him for a first. Not trading him for at least a first would be a major, unacceptable loss (plus, a player of his caliber is difficult to find). However, I'm not really finding a team willing to give that up, so I'm stuck...what's going on that I can't trade a top 10 overall player in the league for a first?

QuikSand 01-29-2022 09:10 AM

It's a salary cap game. Your guy may be a top tier player, but the receiving team would need to not only send you the pick, but also find cap space for him at market rates.

In general, the game is not keen on sending you a lot of trade value, unless the AI team is getting back a lot of "cap value," not just overall value.

Some gamers dislike this, and would prefer a lot of trading. Unfortunately, for you/them, the game doesn't really have sliders or settings to make this your decision -- you're just stuck with a game where (like the NFL) it's pretty hard to get a lot of value by trading away the players you can't fit.

ronm613 02-03-2022 07:47 PM

I agree with Quiksand. The AI (or a real team) is seemingly hesitant to trade for a high priced player THEY wont re-sign either.

Also the AI seems to weight each position by certain important ratings in the draft or in trades...still figuring it out myself, but DL seem only really rated in a few categories, which lowers their value, even if they are high in them, by comparison to say a RB or WR or LB who are rated in 5-7 categories.

LondonSmith 02-10-2022 10:48 AM

I've come to be used to it, but it is interesting how pass rushers are valued in this game vs the NFL

stevew 02-10-2022 06:28 PM

The best trades you're going to get are typically when the AI makes you an offer. An 80 DE might only get you back a 2nd and a 4th or worse. Just gotta always stock up on DL types cause their salary demands are pretty significant.

QuikSand 02-10-2022 09:54 PM

I think from a game-design perspective, the worry is... once you make it possible/easy to ship out your last-year-of-contract good players for high draft picks (thinking "hey, you know, it happens... Von Miller... you know...") then jerks like me will basically just exploit the hell out of it and my team will do this trade three times a year and stack up first rounders like no NFL team has ever dreamed of.

I think for a game without any difficulty sliders/settings (at least not any longer, it once did) it's a real challenge to manage stuff like this. FOF ended up getting a lot of these little angles removed, for better or worse.

But for what it's worth... come play multi-player, and if your guy is really worth something, maybe some jerk like me will pay you the first rounder you want for him over there.

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