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Abe Sargent 09-08-2020 10:07 PM

EURO Qual Game #8 – Away vs Trencin. I begin defensively. Pretty yellow kits!


Them a PK in the 11th
Kamenik to Samu, in the 15th crossing from one side to the other
Bilbao to Djuric, goal, 24th minute
Dodoi to Zej up the center, 37th minute
Ofori to Djuric, 66th minute

We win 4-1. MOM is Djuric!

With that assist Kamenik ties the league record for Nitra at 18 with two games to go!

With those two goals Djuric beat Bruno’s record setting goals in the Fortuna at 27 with two games to go!

Ofori is called up for Ghana in the African Cup of Nations.

Abe Sargent 09-08-2020 10:25 PM

EURO Qual Game #9 – Home vs Slovan Bratislava – I begin standarding.


Kamenik to Zej, extra time

We win 1-0. We finished with 20 shots and earned the win. MOM is Zej.

Kamenik broke our record!

Dodoi will miss the final with an injury. I’ll start Kjellborg. I move striker Luka Begovac to his spot who recently came back from a loan.

Our 78 goals sets a new record!

With one game to go!

Poprad are relegated back down

Abe Sargent 09-08-2020 11:01 PM

I extend one of my best youth DMC

Him! He came through our youth ranks and he’ll be on squad rotation this upcoming year for me. Woith a Min release fee of 5.5 mill.

I also offer a new deal to Kamenik as he has outplayed his. With a 5 mill min release clause, his is 3.5 mill right now.

EURO Qual Game #10 – Home vs Ruzomberok – I begin standarding.


Milanovic from Bilbao on a corner kick in the 10th minute
Kjellberg to Djuric for goal in the 16th minute
Them in the 79th

We win 2-1, MOM is Djuric.

Abe Sargent 09-08-2020 11:02 PM

End Table

Here you are! As you can see we finished very comfortably in 1st as Streda lost form at the end of the season and Ruzomberok are 2nd.

We scored 80 league goals and allowed 46 which was mid-table defensively.

Abe Sargent 09-08-2020 11:15 PM


MOM – Djuric was 1st with 9 MOM. Ofori and Zej were tied with 4 each for 3rd.

Distance Covered – Ofori was 2nd, Zej was 5, Samu was 6th

Average Rating – Djuric led with 7.70; Kamenik was 3rd with 7.27; with 7.24 Ofori at 4th; At 6th was Zej and Samu rocked 9th

Headers Won – Djuric 1st with 322; Milanovic was second with 256; Mitrea was 8th

Goals – Djuric set the record with 28! Pop had 14 goals in 60% of a season when he left. He finished 7th.

Avg Minutes Per Goal Djuric was first with 102.86;

Shots – Djuric was 2nd

Shots on Target – Djuric was 1st with 57; Pop finished 7th

Assists – Djuric and Kamenik tied at 4th with 10; Pop was 9th with 8; Zej was tied with Pop.

Key Passes – Zej was 2nd with 53; Djuric was 7th with 40

Chances Created – Djuric was 5th with 21; Zej and Kamenik were 6th with 20;

Pass Completion – Ofori was 1st with 91%

Dribb/Game – Kamenik was 4th with 3.41

Key Headers – Djuric 3rd with 53; Milanovic 10th with 31

Picks – Milanovic was 5th with 140; Mitrea 7th with 126

Headers Won % – Milanovic was 3rd with 86%; Bilbao tied at 6th for 85%, Farago 7th with 84%

Shutouts – Javi with 7; 7th best

Saves Held – Javi was 9th with 42

Abe Sargent 09-08-2020 11:30 PM

For Next Year:

GK Jemez – 0 Looking to replace, might just let Dario start

DC Bilbao 1 – Need to find a replacement

DC Milanovic – 2 - Had a down year statistically, is this is the end of him?

DC Mitrea – 2 – Age is the reason he’s at 2. He’s 33 years old.

DMC Ofori – 3 – Locked in.

MC Farago – 2 – Not bad but not great. Not a place I am actively loking for a replacement,

ML Samu 3 – Locked in for the last year of his deal.

MR Kamenik – 3 – No one is locked in more.

AMC Zej 3 – Locked in for now.

ST Djuric – 3 – Stepped into the Bruno gap perfectly.

ST Dodoi – 2 – Didn’t really close games like I’d hope but he’s not on my short list right now.

Abe Sargent 09-08-2020 11:42 PM

My Goals!

Here are my goals for the team:

1. Year 1 - Establish a youth squad. Nitra has very little – CHECK Year One!
2. Stay up this year – CHECK Year One!
3. Get a mid-table finish comfortably – CHECK Year One!
4. Year 2 - Next year get to the top half of the league and begin to play for EURO play in the playoffs – CHECK ONE YEAR EARLY!
5. Turn Nitra into a power that can rival the major team in this league – Slovan Bratislava, CHECK Year Two!!
6. Win a Slovak Pohar – CHECK Year One! CHECK Again Year Four!
7. Win the Fortuna – CHECK Year Three! CHECK Again Year Four!
8. Qualify for Champions play. CHECK Year Three! CHECK Again Year Four!
9. Turn Nitra into an Eastern European heavyweight on the level of a Sparta Prague or CSKA Moscow. CHECK Year Four.
10. Secure Nitra well enough that it’ll survive after the manager leaves. CHECK Year Four.

We are a powerhouse. We’ve won it twice in a row, and won the double this year. For Champions play we were one of only three Eastern European teams to make the Group Stage. We have taken out many nearby threats in Eastern Europe like Red Star, Rapid Wien, and BATE. We have defeated teams from places like Portugal, Sweden and Denmark in our Euro campaigns. We tied Valencia and Benfica and were never blown out in the group this year. We have narrow losses like 3-2 away at Dinamo Kiev and scored 3 on the road against Liverpool. We are a powerhouse…

Financially we are secure. We made tons of Champion cash this year. We also made millions in sales. The board isn’t forcing sales anymore for higher prices.

The team should be safe enough to leave and it’s in a good spot. It has amazing youth, and senior squad that won the division twice. I didn’t want to be all about me and then leave.

That leaves me three options…

1. Retire. I took Nitra and Slovakia as far as I can. Good dynasty!
2. Continue. I earned an easy campaign, right? Right! Let’s dominate Slovakia and see if we can’t get out of the Group Stage!
3. Go Somewhere Else. See what’s left and head there! Rebuild the dream somewhere else!

In my Romania dynasty I did the somewhere else and rebooted at Huddersfield in the EPL post-Brexit. In one year we did really really well with it!

I’m leaning towards #3.

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 11:38 AM

But what team?

And in what division?

What jobs are open?

Blackburn at the back of the Championship and just missed relegation

Spartak Moscow


I’ve never done Russia. I don’t really wanna.


In Romania

Spartak Moscow?

Take heavy?

I apply

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 12:17 PM

I also apply to Blackburn as a backup place and Orenburg in Russia

Blackburn tells me they have already hired their next manager.

My preference is Orenburg who were relegated so I won’t have the pressure of a Spartak Moscow while learning a new league and language.

Our initial budget is 140k/week.

I interview with both teams

Barcelona defeated Man Utd 2-1 to win the Champions League. Kamenik led the competition with 8 assists.

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 12:28 PM

Fan Awards!

I hold a team meeting – we’ll win this next year too!

Djuric score 46 goals for Nitra, more than Bruno’s 36 last year!

Kamenik beat Wohlfarth’s 18 assists record by hitting 19.

More facilities upgrades!

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 12:41 PM

Zej is named player of the month and I congratulate him

On June 2 it happens!

Spartak Moscow hires elsewhere. On the same day I get three interview options and I take them…


I get a job interview option for a newly open job over in Italy’s Serie A. Genoa. They finished 17th.

Now I get an interview in France! It’s at Bordeaux which finished 8th. I take it.

Finally Everton finished 13th in the EPL and they let go their popular Portuguese manager and are looking for a ner manager.

I interview with all three.

We’ll take the first one that comes down.

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 01:07 PM

June 9th it happens!

Now this is my first time in France. Here are the rules…

As you can see it allows just four non-EU folks rather than the 5 at Slovakia.

Now I have never run a team in France before. I’ve done top flights in Germany, Portugal, Spain twice, and England loads, but never the majors in Italy or France, so this will be fun. Only twice before have I left a team and then continued to play at a new team.

1. Sepsi in Romania. After four years I took over Hudderfield in the EPL and played them for a year.
2. Carlisle in the UK. After three years and promotion to the penultimate level I then was offered a job at Kaiserslautern in Germany which I took and ran for three more years.

But this is rare. I most dread getting things set up. Taking over a team and then forging a new team is both exciting and very time consuming

Welcome to Bordeaux!

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 07:27 PM

Our finances:

I have a transfer budget of 13 mill, none of it spent

I have a salary budget of 1.16 mill/week. We are currently at 220k under so we have a little room there.

We have no major injuries.

I look at my squad…

I have a big fat squad of three loanees and 23 other players

Let’s get you (and me) caught up. I’ll start with everyone of my players with a key or first team status.

I am skipping my three first team loaners for this purpose.

I have ten first team and key players:

GK Benoit Costil

He has been our starter for four years, and he’s fine. Last year he had 13 shut out across various competitions and a 6.97 rating. He only has a three star rating and I could see bringing in another guy at some point in time. I’d give him a 3

DC Rob Holding

Holding is our only key player on the squad and at 4 stars is pretty good at this level. He’s very well rounded and I love his mental stats. I can also use him as a solid DMC if I wanted to, although I like him too much at DC for that. 3. I like him and he is locked in for me. He’s young at 25 and one of our best players. I have no intention of swapping him out.

DC Nicolas Isimat-Mirin

Our other DC is this guy. He’s fine in most places but I prefer a better passing at this level and his tackling isn’t selling him to me. 2 for now as I enjoy his speed and physical gifts and his mentals are fine as well. However I may replace him sooner than later.

DMC/MC Bibars Natcho

Natcho is an Israeli force. He can play any of the middle center roles. He’s a 2. I like him and his stuff but he’s too old to keep for too long. He’s my Kona.

DMC/MC Otavio

Here is 27 year old Brazilian Otavio. Note that he’s well round and solid and has a 3.5 star rating. I like him as a Deep Lying Playmaker at DMC. He’s a 2 for me. He’s fine for now and yet I could see a replacement at some point in time.

DM/M/D Center Lukas Lerager

Lerager is a 27 year old international. He’s a 3.5 rating which is fine and he plays the same spots at Otavio and Natcho. I’m not sure who I like best from them, but it’s hard to give a first team rating to all three. None of them feel like an obvious AMC to me and I don’t like Lerager enough at DC to run him out there either. One of these three could wind up being expendable. 2 for him as well.

ML, AML, ST Takuma Asano

Just a 3 star rating, and I don’t like him for ST at all with that low of a finishing. I also don’t like that first touch or technique here either. 0 I expect to look somewhere else for him.

DL/DR Sergi Palencia

3.5 stars at fullback. I don’t like him much either. There’s no passing or first touch, crossing or heading, technique. He’s fast, and savvy, but I need a better presence at fullback. 0. He’s not long for this team.

ML/AML/ST/AMC Admir Mehmedi -

Mehmedi is 30 year old and better. Flair is great. First touch and technique, and more. I’d like better cross and pass from an AML or ML, and he’s on the slower side for this level. He’s probably a better AMC than AML but he doesn’t know it well. 1. Age and lack of speed and passing make him a target for improvement.

AML/ST AMRC Nicolas de Preville

De Preville lacks finishing so I see him as a support role not a attacking one. I like him elsewhere and yet that poor crossing is rough to see. 2 for now as I have other targets of opportunity and I may keep him starting for a year. Note we have two guys who naturally play ML and AML on first team roles.

And there we have it!

Izulde 09-10-2020 07:34 PM

From my own multiseason dynasty in France, it's a really fun country to play in. TBH, in some respects I found it even more fun than England.

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 08:11 PM

We had these positions

1 Gk
2 DC
1 ST

That sounds like one of the modern variants of a 4-5-1. We could do a 4-2-3-1 with two DMCs.

Our three loanees are on first team or key players and are these positions:


Makes sense

Now I don’t like our fullback much and our other good one is a loaner.

Am I looking to go to my 3-5-2 again? Or the 3-1-2-1-2 rather?

I take a look at the rest of the league –

4231 – 7
4-3-2-1 - 2
4-4-2 – 4
4-4-2 Diamond with two middle sin the middle rather than on the wings - 3
3-4-3 – 2 (It’s more of a 3-4-2-1 with the normal strikers split out wide in AM roles)
4-2-2-2 – 1 (With two DMCs instead of MCs)

They tell me that they used the 4-2-3-1 last year and it didn’t work well.

What do I want to do?

They have 7 teams out of 20 with two forwards which feels a bit high in today’s game.

So what about me?

Let’s look at two tactics.

My 3-1-2-1-2

I would start these:

Gk Costil

DC Holding, Isimat – need 3rd DC
DMC Otavio
MC Lerager OR Natcho
ML Mehmedi
MR - ???
AMC - ???
ST - ???

In this role I need a DC, AMC, MR, and two STs

What if I did a 4-2-3-1?

GK Costil
DC Holding, Isimat
DR ???
DL ???
MC Otavio and Lerager or Natcho
AML Mehmedi
AMR ???
AMC ???
ST ???

I would need DR, DL, AMR, AMC, and ST.

I need five players each way.

I commit to my 3-5-2 variant. I head over to tactics

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by Izulde (Post 3300634)
From my own multiseason dynasty in France, it's a really fun country to play in. TBH, in some respects I found it even more fun than England.


Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 08:42 PM

Who am I starting at MC? This is Natcho vs Lerager. Lerager is better at defending, speed, and physical and aeriel. Natcho is better a vision and attacking. I go with Lerager. I move Natcho’s role to rotation.

This is my current AMC on rotation deal and I put him in the rotation at AMC for now. He’s not that bad but he has to be support with that finishing. He’ll be my baseline at the role for better.

I transfer list a few fullbacks

Here’s my third DC and again he’ll be my baseline for replacement.

I also rotation to Asano, Palencia, De Preville,

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 08:43 PM

Here was the league table. We came in 8th and we had one player with a 3rd placed spot, our GK’s shutouts. None of our other players charted in the top three.

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 09:12 PM

My top choice would be Jack Bruno but he’s probably not available from Tottenham. He had 6 subs last year in the EPL. I make an enquiry but it’s probably not happening.

I make some other enquires for DC. I found one I like.

Now what about MR?

Is Kamenik my new MR? He’s the best player for Nitra now.

I make an enquiry for Kamenik the Czech wonder kid to be my new MR.

How about AMC?


I found a stud GK who’d be interested in coming to us. He starts for Stoke who just got relegated. Can I pick him up in a firesale? I make an enquiry. Andre Moreira.

I found an AMC who is transfer listed for 350k. I scout him, name of Andre Gomes. I make an offer to bring him over full cost. Actually his deal ends next month I just make an offer to bring him over. I make him an offer for 55k/week

I also find a ST with his deal expiring I could bring in. 23 year old Dominic Solanke.

I also make a rotation offer for a DC I could bring in named Axel Tuanzebe also for Stoke.

I get a 3.1 mill deal offer for one of my fullbacks. I accept it.

I get an offer of 1.7 mill for another fullback and I accept

I get an offer of 2.3 mill for another fullback and accept

I send most of my transfer money to Stoke for their starting GK. He’s an absolute stud and the best player willing to come to Bordeaux. We agree to an 80k/week offer

We make an offer of 2 mill for Kamenik and it’s accepted. We make a first team offer for him.

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 09:46 PM

I find a wonderkid DC in Denmark. Niklas Nielsen. Brondby agree to 3.6 mill. We offer him first team.

I need one more ST.


There is a big name available, Oliver Giroud, and I offer him a deal. He won’t come he’s too expensive.

Who else?

I am making scouts and enquiries for others.

I transfer list my current GK

We agree to 1.7 mill for a 32 year old Target Man from Atalanta. He’ll be my starter until I can find better.

Andre Gomes agrees to his deal!

We sign our ST Slimani

Nitra moved up to 128th ranked club after their successful campaign last year.

DC Nielsen joins us!

We have now renovated our defense.

We sell a FB and get 1.9 mill added to our transfer

ST Solanke is joining us!

I decline offers for Lerager.

Rotation DC Tuanzebe joins us!

I sell another FB and we add 1 mill to the transfer kitty

I move a 3rd FB and get 3.3 mill back

I make a 5.5 mill offer for a stud French wonderkid named Vincent Besnard, who plays ST. I need a 3rd option for my squad. I offer him a hot prospect deal.

I accept an 850k offer for another full back

Besnard arrives first

I see this 18 year old stud being my primary backup at ST. He’s already 3 stars and has loads of potential to goal. Check out that sexy finishing, dribbling, and more!

Our squad are back from break and I hold a team meeting.

We’ll qualify for the EURO this year. They agree!

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 10:15 PM

Our contracts coming up. I review all and make some offers.

I get offers for another fullback for 500k


10th – Home vs Sparta Prague
17th – Home vs Slavia Prague
24th – Home vs Viktoria Plzen
31st – Home vs Villanaise

All friendlies

July 1st is here

Here’s Kamenik. He’s almost fully developed. Let’s see if he can take his game up for us!

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 10:19 PM

Here’s my starter ST. As you can see he has a four star rating. He’ll be sitting as a complete forward for us given how well rounded his talent set is. I like most of his stats save his low crossing. Enjoy him!

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 10:20 PM

Let’s start with 21 year old Nilkas Nielsen. He’s 4 stars right now and can really improve. Our scouts loved him! I do too! He’ll be our third DC Starter.

Here’s my other DC signing for a rotation deal Axel Tuanzebe. I enjoy how well-rounded he is! I adore his marking although I’d prefer slightly better tackling at this level. He’s four stars and will be my first rotation option.

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 10:21 PM

It was hard to find a proper target man so Islam Slimani is it. He’s well rounded although just a 2.5 star rating. We have him on rotation for two years so he’ll begin at ST but I’m free to swap him around.

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 10:22 PM

GK Andre Moreira is here! What a stud. He is already capped by Portugal, has 4 stars, and you can see what an aerial master he is! Welcome to the club!

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 10:22 PM

Here’s my new starting AMC Andrew Gomes. I only grabbed two years for him to run out there. He’s well rounded but doesn’t excel in any major areas. I’ll be playing him in the role linked there

None of these take up a valuable foreign spot on my roster. The ones with other nationalities on their main group have EU ones as well.

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 10:46 PM

I take a look around. Right now I am 50k under my budget.

Anyone else out there than I wanna chase?

I scout for folks currently out of deals. Can I find any Timothy Weahs or Robert Pops? Or anyone like that stud GK that will improve my roster massively?

Not that will sign for us

How about any that aren’t EU?


No youth either.

I sell a fb for 550k

Our expectations

Quality for the EURO
Quarter Final French Cup
Quarter Final Coupe de la Ligue

I sell another fullback for 500k

Friendly vs Sparta Prague – We win 2-1

Abe Sargent 09-10-2020 11:25 PM

We have loaned GK Costil for the year

I hire a Japanese GK Coach

I name Slimani as the new captain

Friendly vs Slavia Prague – We win 3-1

We are 30-1 to win the league

Friendly vs Viktoria Plzen – We win 2-0.

Besnard got 2nd!

Friendly vs Villavanaise – 3-0 us

My Goals for Bordeaux

1. Get them back to EURO this year in year one
2. Do some damage in the EURO.
3. Get them high enough to qualify for the Champion’s League.
4. Win Ligue 1
5. Win a Cup

That’s it! We already have good finances, respect, a solid tam and youth squad, and loads more

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 12:01 AM


7th – Away vs Strasbourg
14th – Home vs Havre
21st – Away vs PSG
28th – Home vs Angers

Good training – Zaire, Dupuy, Zouaghi

Alright let’s get er started!

My primary subs:

ST Vicente Besnard
DC Lacroix
DC Tuanzebe
ST, AMC, ML De Preville
MR, AMC Jankovic
DM, MC Sankhare

Ligue Game #1 – Away vs Strasbourg – I begin countering. Can we emerge from our first Ligue Game with a win? Let’s find out!

Here’s our first goal!

Our stud wonderkid scores on his debut on a corner kick in the 12th minute!


Dominic Solanke drove the corner and crossed to Slimani for goal in the 21st.
Them in the 73rd

We hold and win 2-1. Great win boys! MOM is Nielsen.

We sold 10,340 season tix

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 12:19 AM

Ligue Game #2 – Home vs Havre – I begin controlling.



0-0 Draw. Wrong match. I want that next week not this one…

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 12:42 AM

Ligue Game #3 – Away vs Paris SG – Ready for the heavy away? I begin defensibly. They begin with two lightly injured players not here and their star Mbappe is injured and missing the game.


Them in the 58th minute
Them in the 68t minute

We lose 0-2 and were never in this match. That’s not bad!

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 12:56 AM

Rob Holding is out for 4-6 weeks after suffering an injury. I will start Axel Tuanzebe in his spot.

The transfer window is about to close and I make an enquiry for Timothy Weah. We agree to an offer of 950k. We offer Weah a 5 year hot prospect deal.

I have two callups from my two Danish starters that are on Denmark’s international squad (Lerager, Nielsen)

Weah signs!

Here is him today after a year of starting last year

He’s looking very competent, but needs more development at this level mentally. I offer him for loans he could use with additional development there. He’s fine technically and ready to start.

We have 1.85 mill left in our transfer kitty.

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 01:08 AM

Ligue Game #4 – Home vs Angers. I begin controlling. I miss my pretty yellow Nitra kits. This Bordeaux Blue is a boring shade.


Lerager to Solanke, goal, 55th minute. That;s his first goal for us
De Preville to Andrew Gomes in the 86th. That’s Gomes first goal as well!

We win 2-0. MOM is Gomes

One of our coaches left. I make an offer to another.

I accept an offer for my backup GK for 160k

Nitra is in 1st of the Slovakian division – Djuric has 6 goals already. They are starting Dario at GK

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 01:09 AM

The final day of the transfer window has arrived. I take one final look. Is there I GK I can bring in for coverage cheaply?

I make an offer for Maurizio Schaeper, a 22 year old GK Product from Italy. We agree to 2.4k/week over three years for a backup role

Here he is. He has room to grow, he’s technically fine, and he’s fast. His mentals aren’t the best in the world, but he also has room to grow and I like him in an emergency role who can grow.

The transfer deadline passes.

Here is the recap of the big moves.

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 01:25 AM


12th – Away vs Montpelier
18th – Home vs AS Saint-Etienne
22nd – Away vs RC Lens
25th – Home vs Lorient

Good Training – Antwi, Benoit, Traore

Backup Cristian is out for a month

I have fewer international call ups – 17, then I did at Nitra!

DC Axel Tuanzebe was capped by the DRC. I congratulate him!

Ligue Game #5 – Away vs Montpelier – I begin defensively.


Them in the 11 off a DFK close to goal that was a yellow card by Lerager

We lose 1-0.

Chas in Cinti 09-11-2020 10:13 AM

Looks like the squad has some growth in it... need some time to gel, but looks like you're putting together another nice one

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by Chas in Cinti (Post 3300719)
Looks like the squad has some growth in it... need some time to gel, but looks like you're putting together another nice one


Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 12:03 PM

Ligue Game #6 – Home vs AS Saint-Etienne. I begin controlling.


Mehmedi crosses to Solanke for goal in the 44th
Gomes to Solanke, goal, 65th

We win 2-0 – MOM is Solanke

I still don’t have this dominant result.

Sub Sankhare is out for a month with an injury

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 12:26 PM

Ligue Game #7 – Away vs RC Lens. I begin countering.


62nd minute Gomes feeds Jankovic, goal
73rd minute Natcho to Besnard on a corner goal
88th minute Mehmedi to Besnard, goal!

We win 3-0. Nice. All three of my subs came in late. MOM is Besnard.

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 12:47 PM

Ligue Game #8 – Home vs RC Lorient – I begin controlling.


Them in the 8th
Kamenik crosses to Solanke, goal, in the 63rd
De Preville to Solanke, goal, 87th minute

We hold and win 2-1. MOM is Solanke

Kamenik is injured for 3 weeks

I’ll start Jankovic for him

PSG Finally lost away to AS Monaco

Crisitan is back from injury

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 05:12 PM


1st – Away vs Rennes
17th – Home vs Lille
23rd – Away vs Toulouse
28th – Away vs Dijon, Coupe de la Ligue
31st – Home vs OM

Good training – Dupuy, Antwi, Gros

Ligue Game #9 – Away vs Rennes. I begin countering. They are 20th in the Ligue right now so I hope to help myself to some goals.


46th minute Ismiat-Mirin finds the loose ball on an IFK and scores

We win 1-0. MOM is our goal scorer!

Rob Holding is back from his injury and starting again

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 05:13 PM

Nine games is the quarter mark. Wanna see the table after nine?
We have the 3rd spot locked with just two losses. We have had good form but great defense with 5 shut outs in 9 games.

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 05:55 PM

Ligue Game #10 - Home vs LOSC – I begin controlling against the 16th team.


Otavio to Mehmedi, long shot, 6th minute
Them, 41st, called offsides
Slimani to Solanke, 91st minute
Mehmedi to Slimani, 92nd minute

We hold and win 3-0. They had 2 more shots and 1 more on target and we shut down out!

Wanna see my 10th game?

Sure thing! MOM is Mehmedi

Kamenik is back from his injury. Jankovic has played well and is staying at MR for now

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 06:16 PM

Our next match is my 200th!

Ligue Match #11 – Away vs our rival Toulouse – We begin countering.


Them off a PK in the 6th
In the 8th Lerager feeds Slimani for goal
Slimani is sent off in the 17th, Uh oh. I pull back to contain
They score in the 61st

We lose 2-1

I issue a warning to Slimani and he accepts it.

I’ll start our wonderkid ST next game.

Cristian wants first team and I offer to sell him and he agrees. I list him

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 06:41 PM

Coupe de la Ligue, 3rd Round Away vs Dijon – I begin countering. This is the match Slimani is missing. Besnard is in for him.


Natcho PK in the 75th, that’s our first shot on target!
Solanke steals the ball in the 91st and scores

We win 2-0. MOM is Mehmedi!

Besnard is injured for 2 weeks.

Lerager is suspended the next match due to too many cards.

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 07:04 PM

Ligue Match #12 – Home vs OM. I begin standard as I respect them way too much.


Solanke feeds Gomes on an attack run for goal in the 13th
They score in the 25th
In the 56th, Nielsen feeds Gomes on a counter attack where he split two defenders and earned a 1:! On the GK.

We hold and win 2-1!

Take a look…

Here you can see they out played us in our home and yet we stole a win against them! MOM is Gomes.

Sankhare is back from injury

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 07:21 PM


5th – Away vs Caen
20th – Home vs Nantes
27th – Away vs Guingamp

Good training – Antwi, Slimani, Thomas

Antwi is a stud 15 year old GK wonderkid who came through our youth camp.

Thanks Zidane! I appreciate the support!

Ligue Match #13 – Away vs Caen. I begin countering. Natcho is starting in the middle.


Solanke feeds Slivani in the 54th
They score in the 88th.
Tuanzebe feeds Solanke a counter in the 92nd

We hold and win 2-1. MOM is Solanke.

Besnard is back from his injury

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 07:50 PM

League Match #14 – Home vs Nantes. I begin standard. They are 5th and I respect them too much to do anything else. Natcho is back on the bench.



0-0 Tie. MOM is Otavio

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 08:25 PM

Ligue Match #15 – Away vs Guingamp – I begin defensively.


Them in the 84th
Lerager with a red in the 87th

We lose 1-0.

I issue Lerager a warning and Natcho starts.

I move Kamenik to hot prospect

Abe Sargent 09-11-2020 08:42 PM


1st – Home vs OL
5th – Away vs Ajaccio
10th – Home vs Nice
15th – Home vs Auxerre, Coupe de la Ligue
18th – Away vs Havre
22nd – Home vs Paris SG

Good Training – Besnard, Dupuy. Antwi

Ligue Match #16 – Home vs OL. I begin standard.

Goals –

Them in the 26th
Them in the 81st.

We lose 2-0.

Mehmedi and Otavio have reached their card limit

That loss dropped us from 3 to 6.

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