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Abe Sargent 08-20-2020 08:40 PM

FM - Rise of Slovakia - Nitra's Power - COMPLETE?
What do the following nations have in common?

Czech Republic

Don’t know?

They are my dynasties in FM in order.

Yeovil Town
Kaiserslautern (K-Town)
Metalurg ZP
Cercle Brugge
Slavia Prague
Nacional de Madeira
Crewe Alexandria
Poole Town

Obviously I’ve played three styles of dynasties:

Style #1 – Lower level English club, get it promoted to the big leagues
Style #2 – Big name flight like the EPL with Ipswich and Bolton, Spain with Bilbao, Germany’s KTown and Portugal with Nacional. But take a smaller level team with low expectations and get them into title contention.
Style #3 – A lesser level top flight, Eastern European, with a lesser talent with low levels of expectations. Turn them into a regional EE Power like Shakhtar or CSKA Moscow.

Exceptions – Melilla a lower level Spanish club in Africa was promoted to the top flight and then won it all; Belgium’s Brugge campaign. That’s it!

What do I want to embrace this time?

My favorite FM Dynasties are, in order:

1. Melilla
2. Nacional
3. Sepsi
4. Metalurg Zp
5. Wrexham (My first EPL Promotion in the English dynasties)

What did they have in common? Not much!

2 EE, 2 promotions, 1 top flight

Now I never want to do another nation again, save for England.

What do I wanna do?

Abe Sargent 08-20-2020 08:46 PM

Let’s look for another Eastern European top flight with a lower level power.

Which flight?

What I like are the following

1. Smaller number of teams, not too many games. Some nations play almost twice as many games, so that means I can get in a lot more digging with a smaller league that’s not playing each other four times.
2. Lots of international options. Outside of the EU, loose international options. Inside I can dig into Contonu nations.
3. Enough prestige that finishing 3rd or 4th can still warrant a spot in European play.

Which ones?

Without looking at them, here are my first top choices:

Slovakia – I’ve done the Czech Republic!
Croatia – One of the bigger names in the area.
Slovenia – Another former Yugoslavia nation
Turkey – Another bigger name
Austria – Another bigger name

Let’s compare those five leagues…

Austria – Teams – 12; Games – 22; EU, 7 non-EU on match squad,

Croatia – Teams – 10, Games – 36; no more than 6 non EU, and must have 6 players trained in Croatia

Slovakia – Teams – 12, 32 games, no more than 5 non EUs,

Slovenia – 10 teams, 36 games, no more than 3 non EUs

Turkey – 18 teams, 34 games, no more than 12 foreign players, 1 domestic GK,

Hmm.. nothing jumps out at me. I look at Serbia and Hungary. Nah. How about Poland? Poland has interesting match squads but may be doable. There are no limits on foreign players as long as your squad has 3 players trained at your squad for three years U21 and 8 more trained in Poland and your gameday one U22 Polish player. Those are all easily done I think.

Let me ponder my choices…

Let’s hold off

I have another question...

Abe Sargent 08-20-2020 09:15 PM

I figured this would be FM20 and I purchased it just now and played with it but I don’t enjoy the UI and I didn’t like FM19 all that much either. Poole Town with Fm19 was my shortest FM dynasty ever at just two years as I wasn’t into the game as much as I was hoping. Should I try this on an older game? I own FM 18, FM16 and then most before that.

Let’s look at my previous dynasties.

Sepsi was one of my longest. It was on…Fm18. Let’s download that and see if that calls to me

I also used FM 16 twice. Maybe I could move to that if FM18 doesn’t seem to work?

Alright let’s give FM18 a spin!

Now which group?

Abe Sargent 08-20-2020 09:23 PM

Austria seems to have everything I want. Low number of games, smaller group, higher prestige, large number of non-EU at 7. Seems like that’s what I want to do!

However, do I?

Or do I want a real challenge and go for Slovakia or something.

Let’s commit to Austria for a moment and consider potential teams.

I want a newly promoted team.

I load up Austria and take a looksee

Uh oh, here its 10 teams and they play 36 times!

I load up some other nations in FM18 to see what sells me

Hungary? 12 teams, 33 games, 5 non EU

Slovakia – 12 teams, 32 games (they split like Romania into halves at the halfway point and then just play that half for relegation or for Euro play), 5 non-EU

Serbia – 16 teams,30 games, no more than 4 foreign player. Yuck

Croatia – 10 teams, 8 non eu, 36 games

Slovenia – 10 teams, 36 games, 3 non eu

Bulgaria – 14 teams, 26 games, 5 non eu – Bulgaria?

Poland – 16 teams, 30 games, 2 non eu starting 11,

Belarus – I’ll skip it given the current political stuff happening there

How about we try Bulgaria? Just 26 games, a bigger league at 14,

Actually looks like Bulgaria has the same divide into two after 26 games. Identical to Romania so it’s really 36 games.

You know what?

Screw it!

I;m doing Slovakia which I was leaning towards as I did the Czech Republic already – Im familiar with the divide at the halfway point into two parts in my Sepsi run.

Abe Sargent 08-20-2020 10:15 PM

Who will I be playing

In the 2017 – 2018 year there was one team newly promoted to the Slovak Fortuna Liga (Fortuna for short).

FC Nitra

Let’s run with Nitra!

Who is FC Nitra?

FC Nitra - Wikipedia

As you can see they were founded in 1907, were an inaugural member of the Fortuna, and then have regularly been a submarine team winning or getting out of the second team only to fade away again from the top shelf.

This is the 25th year of the Fortuna! We intend to stay up and remain up and show our quality.

It’s never won the Slovak Pohar, their Cup.

Here are my TEN goals for FC Nitra

1. Year 1 - Establish a youth squad. Nitra has very little
2. Stay up this year
3. Get a mid-table finish comfortably
4. Year 2 - Next year get to the top half of the league and begin to play for EURO play in the playoffs
5. Turn Nitra into a power that can rival the major team in this league – Slovan Bratislava
6. Win a Slovak Pohar
7. Win the Fortuna
8. Qualify for Champions play.
9. Turn Nitra into an Eastern European heavyweight on the level of a Sparta Prague or CSKA Moscow.
10. Secure Nitra well enough that it’ll survive after the manager leaves

Abe Sargent 08-20-2020 11:04 PM


Rev. Pavol Masaryk, 36 years old.

Born in Nitra, Pavol was a third generation minister in a local Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia. This Lutheran church body is the largest Protestant faith in a majority catholic nation, and most Slovaks follow a Judeo-Christian faith.

His father was Jan Masaryk, the second generation pastor of a polity of more than 300. He inherited his church from his father and was considered a great mind. Jan was born the golden child of a golden child and much was expected of him. He behaved well as a child, and was always seen as the community’s pride and joy. Jan was the top of his class, studied and read a lot, and went to a local seminary. He embraced his father’s values.

Not so with Pavol. Like Jan, he was seen as the golden child, and yet he didn’t live up to it. From a misbehaving child to someone who always cared about friends and people more than studying. He was smart enough to luck into Bs without ever studying for a test, which was enough to soothe his parent’s ire at his behaver. Or lack thereof. Pavol’s only passion was people and football. He was one the top youth projects in the FC Nitra youth academy.

Pavol never studied. He invested in people, despite his obvious mental talents and gifts. In church his father would be embarrassed as his questions would challenge pre-existing and held views of God such as the accepted canon of the Trinity. “How do we know God can only exist three forms? Doesn’t that limit him? Can’t he take more?”

When Pavol was 16, his mother died in a nasty car crash. As she did, Pavol’s views could be seen as real and not just a phase as he questioned this whole idea of “Good took her” or “She is looking down on you now,” when the Bible clearly discusses a physical a resurrection rather than a spiritual one. It created a rift between the two that still lasts today.

Inspired by her death, Pavol pushed himself spiritually and mentally. He turned to works both canon and literary. He pushed himself into other realms. He enters a local Seminary at the Maly Seminar. He graduated and was ordained and started his own church in Nitra geared towards his own generation. He encourages intellectual curiosity as a key bedrock of the church, and it has more than 250 members. Pavol is still the teaching pastor of the church although he has given up all other duties due to other professional demands.

His people first nature has drawn many into the church. But his passion has always been people and football.

He was the 2nd rated 15 year old coming into the academy of FC Nitra. He was signed to a youth contract, loaned out a few places, but never caught on. At the age of 18 he was not signed as a professional contract by Nitra. No one else offered him a full time contract either, and instead, he finished seminary. Then at the age of 21 he was spotted by a scout at Nitra coaching a small group of assembled kids spontaneously. The scout saw the level of professionalism that Pavol Masaryk brought to the role and was recommended for a staff role. He was brought in a month later as a youth coach, where he worked for five years.

At the age of 26, he was promoted to the role of Assistant Manager of the youth team, and then they did well in play for three years. Then he was promoted to Manager of the youth team and success followed. Two years later he was brought in as the Assistant Manager of the main team which he held for five years.

After it’s recent promotion back to the top flight, current manager of Nitra has left and headed to another team. The board wanted to push themselves to remain in the top flight and end . Rather than circulate just another Manager, they sought the new blood of Pavol Masaryk and gave him his first role as Manger.

They loved him. He never worked for another club. He has never moved out of Nitra other than loans. He is an accomplished manager with all of the tests passed many times in his career and he has Continental pro licensure. He knows Greek and Hebrew from his Seminary. He is one of the best mental training coaches in region. He has great strengths in man management, determination and motivation. The squad already like him. They got their guy!

Abe Sargent 08-20-2020 11:27 PM


Abe Sargent 08-20-2020 11:41 PM

FC Nitra

Abe Sargent 08-21-2020 08:35 PM

The Fortuna Rules:

Match Squad – No more than 5 non EUs, 7 subs, 3 used; no trialists

Relegation – Bottom team in relegation group heads out. The 11th team plays the 2nd team in the lower division and the winner gets to the Fortuna

Euro – 1 Champion, 3 EURO

5 yellows for match ban

I don’t see Contonu Pact listed as counting as EU, so I’ll want to steer clear of Africa

Here are the 12 teams in the Fortuna. Learn them and love them!

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 11:10 AM

Here’s our quick scouting report

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 11:10 AM


All players are Slovakian unless I tell you otherwise


GK Lukas Hrasso – Starter, 4,5 star ranking, very eccentric, key stats: 13 hand, 15 ref, aeriel, punch, throw; 16 jump, 11 teamwork, decisions

GK David Sipos – Backup, 18, very very young, 1.5 star current rating, not great at all.

DRC Richard Krisan – hot prospect, 19 years old , 14, 13, 7 in key def stats. 2.5 rating

DC Macdonald Ngwa Niba, Cameroon and counts as foreign, 22 yeas old 1st team, 12/14/14 key def stats, (Head, mark, tack) 3.5 stars

DRLC Ondrej Vencl, 23 yers old, Czech, 11/13/12 in stats, just a 5 passing, backup role, 2.5 stars

DLC Pavol Grman, 25 years old, Transfer Listed, wanted, 10/14/15. 7 pass, backup role, 2 star rating

DLC Samuel Durek, 20 years old, hot prospect, 13/7/13 key stats, 8 pass, 2.5 current ability

D, D, M C – Milos Simoncic - 30 years, 1st team, 10 passing, 12 first touch,11/14 speed, 4.0 current ability

DLC, WB L – Jaroslav Machovec, 1st team, 30 years, 3.0 current rating, 7/11/11, 9 pass, 15 free kick

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 11:10 AM

Middies and Offense

D, Wb, M RL – Matus Kunik, 20 years, hot stuff, 3.0 current ability, 11 pass, tack, technique, dribb, 12 first touch, 12/14 speed. I like him as a winger.

Dm/M C – Tobas Kuna, key player , 33 years, 4.5 stars, 15 pass, 13 mark, tech, 14 finish, 12 dribb, 8/10 speed, I like him a lot, he’s very savvy as well

WB/M L – Jan Chovanec, 33, 1st team, 3.5 current ability, 13 pas,s cross, 12 first touch, dribb, 13/14 speed, another solid middie

WB, M, AM L – Patrik Abraham – 25 years, 2.5 stars, backup, 13 first touc, 8 pass, nope

MR Andrej Ivancik – 27 years, backup, 2.5 stars, 12 first touch, 11 cross, 8 pass, nope

M/Am RC – Marius Charizopolous - 26 years old, backup, 3 stars, 14 technique, 12 first touch, 11 cross, 8 pass, 14/14 speed. Okay as a backup

M/AM C – Rene Kotrick – 21 years, hot prospect, 14 1st touch, dribb, techn, 8 pass, 14/14 speed, okay as a backup.

MC/ AMR – Andrej Fabry – 2.5 stars, 20, hot prospect, 11 pass, tech, 10 1st touch. Not really.

M/AM RC – Aurelien Ngeyitala , Congolese, backup, 23 years, transfer listed, wanted, 2.5 rating, 13 techn, 12 1st touch, 11 long shots, 10 dribb, 9 pass. Not that much I’ll let him get sold.

AMC Christian Steinhubel - 22 years old, backup, 2.5 current ability, 14 tech, 1st touch, dribb, 13 pass, 10 finish, 11/10 speed, I like his technical prowess

AM RL, ST – Robert Valenta – 27 years, backup, 2.5 current ability, 13 finish, 11 1st touch, techn, 13/13 speed. Not really

ST Tomas Vestinicky – On loan, 21 years old, 1st team, 3.0 ability, 12 first touch and drib, 11 finish, tech, 14/13 speed.Meh.

ST Adam Dunda – 21 years old, hot prospect, 2.0 current ability, 13 first touch, 12 head, 11 finish, drib, 13.13 speed. No thanks

ST Vahagn Militosyan – 1st team, Armenian, 23 years old, 3.0 current ability, 14 tech, 13 drib, head, finishing, 13/12 speed. Meh.

And there we are!

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 01:09 PM


Here are the 11 tactics used in the league:


So what do I want to run?

3-5-2? 3 central defenders can be good up the middle but the lack of fullbacks is attackable wide. You need good positioning, jumping and heading to make that work. Another option is to run a similar tactic. I could run any of the 4-5-1 styles that are out there.

I am going to run a 3-5-2 after sleeping on it.

Here are my reasons why:

1. I have an emphasized midfield just like the common variants of a 4-5-1. We each have five middies.
2. A traditional 4-5-1 typically attacks the sides or the front, and often lacks options up front and works the ball in more slowly. 3 defensive backs allow me to easily cover that.
3. A 3-5-2 can stab fast and quickly offensively as well as play possession ball.
4. The 3-5-2 is weak to the cross. I know how to target and answer that.
5. It’s stronger against a 4-3-2-1 than a 4-2-3-1 that can help fight against that with four attackers to three DCs.
6. In order to mitigate that weakness I will assign one of my middles to a DMC role thus giving me three DCs and one DMC against 3 AMs and one ST.
7. In order to emphasize attacking and creativity I will assign one of my MCs to an AMC role. Therefore we will be looking at a 3-1-3-1-2 style set up.

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 06:36 PM

Who would be my starters in this 3-5-2 variant right now. And how comfortable m I with them on a scale of 0 (needs replaced now) to 3 (committed to him for a while not looking to upgrade)

Gk Hrasso, my best player, 3

DC Krizan – 0 - nope
DC Niba – 1, my best DC not great
DC Grman – 0 nope

DMC Simoncic 1, adequate at best

ML Abraham – 2 – My 3rd best player
MR Kunik – 1 – Solid but nothing writable
MC Kuna, 2 = my 2nd best player, but he’s 33 years old.

AMC Kotrik – 1 very replaceable
ST Ventinicky – 1 – not loanee
ST Militocyan – 1 – not comfortable

And that’s it!

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 06:45 PM

Staff look?

I only have four coaches, one fitness, one Gk. Me and the new AssMan.

I have room for two more coaches. I make an offer to Spaniard Alvaro Arbeloa and German Dominik Abt

I have no scouts.

I offer to…

Italian Antonio Cassano
German Josef Dommer

Jan Rybar, Slovakian, for Head of Sports Science


I start adding players to my shortlist.

I have 50k in transfer money

My budget is 17k per week and I am at 11k.

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 06:51 PM

I decide to bring in one player from my Romanian days. Traore?


The unsigned18 year old ST Gabriel Dodoi who is interested in coming here.

He’ll be my first signing!

St Gabriel Dodoi, 18, hot prospect, Romanian, 450/week, three star rating, 2 years, 13/13 speed, 12 finish, 13 flair, off the ball, 12 position, 11 pks, heading, first touch, 10 dribb, techn,

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 08:17 PM

I sign two other free agents within a day but that’ll be it for now. Most of the agents aren’t any better for my squad than they are.

ST Steffen Wohlfarth, 32 years old, German, key player, 1.9k, three years, four star rating, 11/11 speed, 13 long shots, finishing, head, dribb, 12 pass, technique, 11 first touch, older, but is the best player interested in coming here.

In order to come to a club like Nitra you typically need to be in one of two archetypes

1. Young, with chip on shoulder, looking for opportunity to start and prove himself.
2. Older past the age of value, looking for an opportunity to start and prove himself.

As you can see both Dodoi and Wohlfarth play into those archetypes. Our third and last signee for now on the other hand doesn.t My hope is that these two can create an effective striker tandem as each brings something different to the fray.

Now my other new player!

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 08:19 PM

Meet DMC/MC Ederson – 28 years old, Brazilian, Italian, key player, 1.8k/week, fully developed, four star, 10/11 speed, 15 head, 14 tack, pass, 13 technique, 12 1st touch, mark.

I see Ederson as my new DMC as an immediate replacement for Simoncic who I’ll likely drop to DC.

And those will be my major moves for now!

I list fullback first teamer Machovec for transfer and list as not needed

It’s June 5 and I use my next few weeks to develop a scouting list, and more.

My goal is to head to July 1st and then see who has come free and then may want to come our way.

I start training Ederson as a DC, whom he is already competent in.

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 08:24 PM

I need two good DCs. And a decent or better AMC.

I slowly move forward.

I ask my AssMan to run friendlies but I’ll schedule them.

Do I want to make an offer for Michal Pinter at DC?

Sure. I need bodies an he’s solid in some areas not named passing.

Someone is happy to join us!

DC/L Michal Pinter, on a free, Slovakian, Rotation, 23 years old, 350 cash, 3 years, three and a half stars, 11 jump/13 head, 14/13 speed, 11 position, 14 tack and mark, 9 pass

The fact that I grabbed the young guy on rotation means I can add in folks above him. He’s young, he’s cheap, he’s domestic, and he’s an improvement on my current squad. Welcome Pinter!

Abe Sargent 08-22-2020 10:03 PM

Alright that’s solid stuff!

I make some offers to a few minor youthers that I seek to develop on my lower squad.

I sign these youth for the U19 squad

AMC Pedro Colina
AMC Alexandr Kozlov
AM/M RL Ronaldo Brown
GK Vladislav Kuzhal
MR Eduard Kondratenko
ST Luka Begovac

I sign my staff targets

My board expects a mid table finish and I agree.

I talk to my lads after they return from break and give them my thoughts.

I invest time into my tactics. I assign roles and such and set pieces.

June 17th, Friendly #1 vs Ojijek in the Croatian First League. My AssMan is running it. We win 3-1. MOM is Gabriel Dodoi with hos hattrick of goals. Not bad Dodoi! That’s hopefully an auspicious start!

I hook up my goalkeepers in an mentorship.

I make no changes to my pitch

Robert Valeta is injured for a few weeks in training

June 28th – Friendly #2 – Away vs BSk in Croatia. – We win 1-0, MOM is Dodoi with our lone goal.

The World Cup is moved to Australia from Qatar

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 07:41 AM

June 30th

Contracts Leaving in 12 months

Milos Simoncic
Jan Chovanec
Jaroslav Machovec
Lukas Hrasso
Andrej Fabry
Robert Valenta
Ondrej Vencl
Christian Steinhubel
David Sipos
Aurelien Ngeyita

Gk Lukas Hrasso’s contract is up in 12 months. I offer him an extension

I offer him with a 950/week key player deal for two more years

I make no other offers at this time. Jan is 33 and currently not starting


July 1st – Friendly vs Ozdi
July 5th – Friendly vs Mladost
July 10th – Friendly vs Bekskeba
July 22nd – Fortuna Begins. Game #1 vs Podbrezova
July 29th – Fortuna #2 – Away vs Ruzomberok

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 11:57 AM

July 1st arrives. I sim to noon and then look at who is now free.

I get a transfer offer for Grman which I accept

I have a 30 year old Czech AMC that I am considering making a move on.

Let’s do it.

A few hours later he signs!

M/AM C Marek Jungr – Czech, key player, 3 years, 1.5k/week, 3.5 stars, 12/13 speed, 15 flair, 14 pass, dribb, first touch, tech, 13 bravery, work rate – not a bad addition and an immediate tag team partner with my two new STs. I hand him an advanced playmaker role in tactics.

And that will likely be it for now

I go ahead and get him ready for today’s game

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 12:12 PM

Friendly #3 vs Ozdi – We win 2-0 with goals by Wohlworth and Wohlworth.

Hrasso pens a new deal!

I confirm our bonuses

Friendly #4 vs Mladost – We win 4-0 Dodoi is MOM with a goal. They had an OG, goal by Wohlworth and Jungr.

Militosyan is injured for a few weeks with a concussion

I have a loan offer for Andrej Fabry which I accept

We have 5-1 odds of going down.

I assign squad numbers

My captain is DC Niba and my vice is GK Hrasso

Friendly #5 – vs Bekskeba – We win 5-0! Wohlfarth is MOM

That’s our last friendly!

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 05:28 PM

Robert Valenta is back from injury

Fabry heads out on loan. I cancel my ST Loaner and send him home.

I view the draw of the first round of the cup. We get Bardejov

I sell Pavol Grman.

Kotrik is injured for a few days in training. He’ll miss our opening.

We have sold 2065 season tix thus far

I loan Ondrej Vencl.

Fortuna Game #1 – vs Podbrezova – I begin controlling. At the 5:57 mark Jungr intercept the ball and feeds Dodoi for a score. Our foes pull back from defensive ball. They get a card. And then another. We injure one of their folks. Ederson is carded. We have a great 1:1 chance by Dodoi their GK saves. Half. We have 9 shots 5 on target to their 4 and 1. Don’t get complacent! Ederson collects another yellow in the 48th minute. I move AMC to DMC and then pull Jungr for Simoncic. Abraham feeds Wohlfarth for goal in the 66th. I send in Ivancik for Kubik. Penalty given on a dfk. They block it. I send in Charizopolous for Kona at MC. 4 minutes time and… that;s it! We win 2-0. MOM id DC Richard Krizan.

Well done, good win!

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 06:09 PM

We’ll start Simoncic next game. I change my DMC role to deep laying playmaker.

My triangle of Jungr, Dodoi, and Wohlfarth looked good today!

I found another DC scouting but he’s 33 and not good in a 3-5-2 but is more of a 4-4-2 role.

I loan out ST Adam Dunda

Fortuna Game #2 - Away vs Ruzomberok – I begin countering. At the 2:38 mark they score. A nice long shot. They get a card and an injury. Half, They have 14 shots and 3 on target to our 4 and 0. Give me a much better showing! Abraham carded. I pull him for Jan Chovanec. They score again in the 66th. 2 minutes later, Dodoi with a beautiful strike claws one back. Set up by Jungr off a pass by Woohlfarth. I send in Charizopolous again for Kona. Durek for Krizan my final sub. The score holds and we lose 2-1. MOM is Dodoi.

Simoncic is out in training for 3-6 weeks, Ederson returns from his suspension

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 07:22 PM


5th – v Home vs Michalovce
12th – Away vs Vrable
19th – Home vs Dunajska
26th – Away vs Trnava

Good training by GK Sipos.

Dodoi named in Team of the Week and he wins player of the Month! I congratulate him

I reject a loan offer for Dodoi.

Machovec is injured for a few weeks.

Fortuna Game #3 - Home vs Michalovce – I begin standard as I am not sure how the game will go. This game starts boring. Injury on them they’ll play through it. In the 30s we have some weaving and movement. Half. Boring. Keep working! We take charge and push forward. Will a goal result? Nope. Militosyan for Dodoi. Ngeyitala for Jungr. Kunik out for Ivanick. 4 minutes injury time and…game. MOM is Ederson.I’m not happy!

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 07:50 PM

A Belarusian DC I was considering signed elsewhere

Ederson and Wohlfarth in Team of Week.

I have a thought…

Could I bring in a great DMC and drop Edelson to DC instead of signing another?

What about Jurgen Saumel?

I make him an offer.

Two days later he signs!

M RC, AMRC. DMC Jurgen Saumel, 32 years old, 2 year deal, 1st team, 1.2k.week, 4 star rating, 11/11 speed, 14 pass, 13 mark, tack, tech, 1st touch, 12 head, 11 drib, long shots, 20 caps from Austria.

I’ll start him now and drop Ederson to my DC spot to see what he can do there. He’s my best DC even if his skills are DMC quality. Saumel is better as a deep lying playmaker than Ederson was.

That will likely be my last major signing of the Summer window.

I loan Samuel Durek.

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 08:38 PM

Fortuna Game #4 - Away vs Vrable. I begin countering. In the 26th we injure one of their players and they are subbed. On a counter Kunik crosses to Dodoi for a score in the 28th minute. Half. That strike the lone score in the game. Don’t get complacent! In the 49th they have a professional foul on Dodoi and get a red card. I move to controlling. Abraham to Ederson for goal off a Indirect free kick. In the 63rd, Jungr is injured and I send in Kotrik. Ngeyitela for Kona. My final sub is sending in ST Militosyan. We hold and win 2-0 and MOM is Edelson with a score. Good job!

That was my third shutout in four games. Good job D! Seven points in four games is pretty solid as well.

Jungr will miss the next game but will return in two weeks. Kotrik will start in his place.

Ederson looks like my best singing of the Jungr, Ederson, Dodoi, Saumel, Pinter, and Wohlfarth group.

My scouts found a potential 15 year old Czech boy named Michal Kamenik who appears to have a lot of potential. He may be a wonderkid. I make him an offer. I can see at least 30 or 40 younger unsigned Czechs and I begin to scout them.

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 10:39 PM

Fortuna Game #5 - Home vs Dunajska. I begin controlling. We each get early momentum but ours is lasting longer. Time melts quickly, half. Show me something else! They cross for a header goal in the 51st. They score again in the 63rd. I send in Jan and Marius, and then Kirzan. We lose 0-2 but won stats wise, we had 13 shots and 7 on target to their 6 and 3. We had 64% of possession. Disappointing!

Jungr will be back from his injury in time for the next game.

Kamenik arrives with a 4 star future eval, but just 1.5 star now. I send him to our youth squad.

Simoncic is back from injury

I have 5 players called up for duty.

I loan backup Ivanik

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 10:59 PM

Fortuna Game #6 – Away vs Trnava -This is a big ask and I’ll begin defensive. Kona hasn’t done much for me and I have changed his role to Box to Box to see if that helps. Light drizzle today. Abraham lightly injured and I keep him out for now. Dodoi’s goal in the 28th is waived off. Ederson feeds Dodoi and he jukes past the Gk and feeds an open net in the 43rd. Half. Don’t get complacent! We have 12 shots and 3 on target so we have a solid offensive situation today. I send in Jan for a wounded Abraham. In the 54th they sink the ball. Jungr feeds Wohlfarth for goal in the 57th. That puts us back up. Krizan for Niba. They collect two yellows later. I send in Ngeyitala for Kunik. Wohlfarth feeds Dodoi for goal in the 82nd minute! That likely puts this away. Two minutes later and there is Dodoi;s hattrick! Another assist by Wohlfarth. In extra time our foe crawls back one. We win 4-2, mom is Dodoi. Obviously. Good job! We finished with 22 shots.

Abraham is out for a few days

I make offers to a few other Czech youth that I find. If they sign I’ll let you know.

I sign AML 15 year old Jan Kucera and DC Stepen Smekel.

I am butting up against my salary so I cannot add any more talent right now.

Michal Kamenik was capped at the U19 level by the Czech Republic

Abe Sargent 08-23-2020 11:31 PM


9th – Away vs Senica
13th – CUP – Away vs Bardejov
16th – Home vs Presov
20th – Home vs Trencin
23rd – Away vs Slovan Bratislava
30th – Away vs Zilina

Good training Dodoi, Jan, and Ederson

Dodoi was 2nd for player of the month

Wohlfarth vs Trnava was the Goal of the Month

Ederson is injured in training and will miss the next match. I start Krisan.

Fortuna Game #7 – Away vs Senica – I begin countering. This is Hrasso’s 150th appearance for us. We injure one of their players in the 8th and they come off. Two minutes later DC Pinter is injured and I’ll keep him in for now. This game has been going their way in everyway,. And now a poor clearance by Abraham gives them goal in the 43rd. Half. Show me something else! They score off a corner in the 54th. I pull Abraham. They score again. I pull Pinter. 66th, Dodoi nabs an assist for Wohlfarth. I pull Kona. Off a indirect free kick they hit Wohlfarth who feed Dodoi for goal in the 81st. Am I going to tie this? 5 minutes….. game. We lose 3-2.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 12:04 AM

Ederson is back from injury

Cup Match #1 - Away vs Bardejov – Ready? I open standard. Starting Militosyan for Wohlfarth today. Abraham to Jungr, goal, 16th minute. 31st, pk, sunk by Kona, 2-0 us. Half. Don’t get complacent. I send in Krizan. Valenta for Dodoi. Simoncic for Saumel. Ederson goes for a pick and fails and gives up the ball deep for goal in the 79th. We win 2-1. MOM is Abraham.

I cut my transfer budget to allow me to chase a great Serbian DC

He’s free and he is finally returning my call. Milan Milanovic. 26. Looks like a rock, and might be my best player…

I bring him in on a trial and love him

He’s rated 4.5 stars. I make him an offer.

Milanovic – 26, Serbian, 3 years if he signs, 1.7k/week, 16 jump, head 15 str, mark, 14 tack, 12/11 speed, 14 position, 13 teamwork, work rate, and so forth. No weakness for just a 12 pass which is still great.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 12:42 AM

Fortuna Game #8 - Home vs Presov – I begin controlling. We get a pk but miss it in the 17th. Two minutes slater Wohlfarth intercepts the ball and scores. Dodoi booked. Wohlfarth to Dodi goal in the 28th. Three minutes later Wohlfarth to Dodoi another strike goal. Jungr to Wohlfarth, goal. Half, 4-0. Good job! Our foes are booked twice. We only have four shots on target. We give up a pk they sink in the 58th. I pull the card-ed Dodoi for Militosyan. Valenta for Kunik. They sink a nasty cross in the 77th. Krizan for Niba. Krizan with a card. Game. We win 4-2, MOM is Wohlfarth with 2 assists and 2 goals.

I congratulate my MOM

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 07:43 AM

The transfer deadline is today Sept 20th

We loan Ngeyitala

We also loan Machovec

We sign Milan Milanovic

I pause on deadline day to look at my Eastern European nations on my first team:

Czech Republic

Serbia counts as foreign so Milanovic is a foreign player on my squad.

I also signed players for my youth squad from Belarus, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Fortuna Game #9 – Home vs Trencin - Ederson is tired and I’ll start Milanovic in his spot. I begin standard against a heavyweight at home. They score in the 14th. Dodoi answers in the 20th. Pretty quiet for a while. Things slow down after a fast start. Half. We have 14 shots to their 5. I keep our tactics. Krizan for Niba. Abraham to Wohlfarth in the 61st goal! Militosyan for Dodoi. He was banged up. Kona to Wohlfarth, goal in the 77th. Valenta for Kunik. We finish 19 and 9 to their 8 and 3. We had more shots on target then they had shots and it showed. A great game against a class team. MOM is Wohlfarth

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 10:56 AM

Dodoi is injured for a week.

Back to my transfer day

No additional movement

We have finished

We draw Haniska for the next round of the Cup.

I search for a Chief Scout. I make an offer to Polish scout Dariusz Powszuk to join us.

Fortuna Game #10 Slovan Bratislava - Ready for the big heavy? Militosyan is starting for the injured Dodoi. I begin defensively. Saumel is tired and I move Ederson to start at DMC. This is woodshed time. Pick up where you left off!!! They come… hard. In the first 20 minutes 7 shots, 4 on target. GK Hrasso is up for the challenge so far. Then we seem to get the pace of things and it slows. Half 0-0. Ten minutes roll off the clock. Then another ten. I make a sub – Marius Chari… for Jungr. Pinter a card and I pull him for Krizan. They score in the 73rd. I pull Abraham for Jan Chovonec. They score again in the 89th. We lose 0-2.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 12:13 PM

Dodoi and Saumel will return for next game.

Here’s the league table

As you can see we are sitting in 3rd after ten games, very respectable. Those two wins really helped before my loss. You can see Dodoi as the league leader in form and in goals. Wohlfarth is 3rd in for and tied for 2nd in goals and 2nd in assists. Both are looking like powerful strike mates.

Powszuk joins us!
There is a guy on a free, Davit Targamadze, from Georgia who would be a big addition to my wing. I bring him in on a trial. It worked with my Serbian, maybe it’d work here too? He turns us down. Ah well. Dude’s a stud and would dominate my wing. He wants more money than we’d give him.

What about Bulgarian international Alexandar Tonev? Not a good career move.

Cup Round Two – Away vs Haniska – Ready for Cup Fun Times? Our foe is not in the 2nd division but a lower tier so I will be starting Militosyan for Wohlfarth to give the old man a break. I start Marius Chari at MR too. Goal in the 3rd Saumel to Jungr. Corner, Kona to Ederson, goal. Kona to Saumel goal. Half. Good job! Valenta for Abraham. Hrasso on a goal kick to Militosyan for goal. They nail a dfk in the 69th. Krizan for Pinter. Simoncic for Saumel. Jungr goal in extra time from Chari. We win 5-2. Jungr was MOM

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 05:24 PM

I’ll leave Marius Chari. in for a game or two at MR as he had a good one.

We draw Dun Steda in the Cup for the next round.

Fortuna Match #11 – Away vs Zilina - They won last year by the by. I begin defensive. They score in the 8th. Again in the 16th. Another in the 26th. Kona to Wohlfarth in the 39th. We won’t be shut out. Jungr to Wohlfarth in the 44th. Half 3-2. Crazy! They score in the 48th. Kotrik for Chari. Niba for Ederson. Militosyan for Dodoi. We lose 4-2.

We aren’t showing up in the big matches against the top talent.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 06:19 PM


14th – Away vs Podbrezova
17th – Cup Home vs Streda
21st Away vs Michalovce
28th – Home vs Ruzomberok

Good training Dodoi, Sipos, Kunik

Wohlfarth wins Player of the Month

Militosyan was capped by Armenia

Fortuna Game #12 – Away vs Podbrezova – I’ll begin standard. I leave Chari in. They get booked early. We both have some drive,s we are winning possession. Half. Show me something else! They score in the 51st. I sent in Niba. Another booking. Now Kotrik. They score in the 81st. We lose 0-2.

That was a team that hadn’t won in 9 games. It was at the bottom of the league. That should have been ours.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 06:38 PM

I hold a team meeting.

Cup Round #3 – Home vs Streda – I begin controlling. Kotrik is back in the lineup. I start Jan Chovanec at ML for Abraham and that will last a bit I want to give them some time to shine. They turn our early offensive moves aside. Chovanec has been playing better than Abraham so far. Half. We have 10 shots to their 4. In Simoncic. They get carded. Militosyan heads in. He hits Wohlfarth for goal in the 77th. Niba heads in. They get a red card. After the card, Militosyan scores. We hold and win 2-0. Good win! MOM is Militosyan.

Marek Jungr is injured and will miss the next game – I’ll start Simoncic for him, well for Kona who’ll start for AMC.

We draw Mesto in the Cup.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 07:05 PM

Fortuna Game #13 - Away vs Michalovce – No other changes save Jungr. I begin Standarding. They score in the 24th. We injure one of their players. Half. Yuck. Krizan for Ederson after a card to him. They have a goal waived off for being offsides. Michael Pinter with a goal in the 63rd minute. Chovanec to Wohlfarth a few minutes later and we pull ahead! I pull Dodoi for Militosyan. Chari for Kotrik. 4 extra minutes, can we hold? Game. Great comeback! We win 2-1.


I make an offer to a Bosnian hot prospect.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 08:03 PM

Fortuna Game #14 - Home vs Ruzomberok – Our foes are #2 right now so I respect them. I begin standard. Jungr is back from his injury. Let’s get this thang started! They get an early booking. A quiet early game, but then they score in the 27th. They score again. They collect another yellow. Half. Show me something else! I pull Jungr after his card. Chovanec to Dodoi in the 61st. After Dodoi gets a card I send in Militosyan. On a IFK Kona feeds Milanovic for goal in the 66th. We have tied it up. They score a few minutes later to retake the lead. We injure one of their players. Niba for Ederson. 5 minutes. They score in extra time to put the game away. We lose 4-2.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 08:40 PM


4th – Home vs Vrable
18th – Away vs Streda
25th – Home vs Senica

Good Training – Kunik and Chovanec.

Pinter is injured and will miss the next game.

Fortuna Game #15 – Home vs Vrable. I begin controlling. I start Krizan today for Pinter. In the 3rd minute, Jan Chovanec to Wohlfarth for goal. They hit us back in the 26th. Half. Keep working and t’ll come! Abraham heads in on the MR spot. Wohlfarth to Dodoi for goal in the 70th. I send in Simoncic for Kona. Niba for Kirzan. At the 85:22 minute Jungr gets a red card. Can we survive? I pull back to defensive. 4 minutes. We hold on and win 2-1. MOM is Wohlfarth. Bit of a let off there.

I warn Jungr. I’ll start Simoncic for the next game. Pinter will be back as well.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 10:41 PM

Fortune Game #16 – Away vs Streda which is currently 4th. I begin defensive. This is Kona’s 125th appearance for the club. Chovanec to Wohlfarth for goal in the 14th minute. They score back in the 20th. They sink an ifk a few minutes later. Half. They are beating us badly on the scoreboard. We have two shots, one on target to their 12 and 6. They get a card. I send in Niba. Then Militosyan. Then Kunik. We give up a pk with a handball in the 83rd but we snuff out the pk. 3 minutes. Game, we lose 1-2. Ah well. Unlucky!

I hook up Marek Jungr and wonderkid Michal Kamenik

We have dropped to 7th which means if the season ends now we would be in the bottom half of the league’s challenge for relegation.

Jan has been playing very well and I’m not looking for a replacement there at the break anymore.

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 11:19 PM

Fortuna Game #17 - Home vs Senica – Jungr is back! I begin standard to get a feel for the game as they are 5th. I have all of the early momentum but they hold us scoreless. At the half I have 14 shots to their 4. We just need to score. I send in Militosyan. Niba too. Then Chari. Jungr feeds Milanovic for goal in the 78th minute off a corner kick. Then their GK gifts us an own goal. Jungr to Dodoi in extra time and then Jan gives away a pk and they sink it and is carded. we win 3-1. Nice! MOM is Jungr.

Nice win! Hopefully that’ll get us back to our winning ways.

That win rises us to 4th

Abe Sargent 08-24-2020 11:45 PM


2nd – Home vs Trnava
9th – Away vs Presov

Good training – Kotrik, Dodoi, Pinter

Ederson is injured for a week and I’ll start Niba

Fortuna Game #18 – Home vs Trnava currently 5th. Standard as well. Off a corner Milanovic finds Pinter for score in the 9th. Dodoi to Wohlfarth for goal in the 19th. Nice start! They are booked. Kotrik to Dodoi, goal in the 37th. Half. Don’t get complacent! They get another booking. Simoncic for Kona. And then another card for them. They must be off their game today. I pull Jungr for Christian Steinhubel after he’s carded. We injure one of their players. They score in the 73rd. Kunik for Jan. 4 minutes and… we win 3-1 MOM is Kotrik. Good job!

Good two wins in a row...

Did we get our mojo back?

The board approach me to extend my deal. We add another year to it

Abe Sargent 08-25-2020 12:22 AM

Fortuna Game #19 – Away vs Presov – 11th in the league. I’ll begin standard. This is our final match before the Winter Break. Ready? We have a lot of momentum for the first 18 minutes but they keep us from the score box. Then they get their sea legs and slow us down. We injure one of their players. They return and knock Wohlfarth out of the game and I send in Militosyan. Half. We have to turn our dominance into goals. Dodoi to Militosyan for goal in the 51st. In the 63rd, Jungr to Militosyan for goal. Dodoi seeds the machine again and he scores in the 66th. A hattrick in 15 minutes of play! Crazy! Steinhubel for Kona. Then Krizan heads in as well. We hold and win 3-0 and MOM is Militosyan!

Wohlfarth is out for 5 weeks. Fortuitous timing due to break coming up. Militosyan will start until he returns.

Abe Sargent 08-25-2020 12:51 AM

Winter Break!

I set up friendlies in January with Slavia Prague, Wisla Krakow, Brno and Zlin.

GK Sipos really got on well with GK Hrasso

It’s December 29th. I slow down and do some looking.

Who am I losing?

Who am I losing and how do I feel?

Simoncic – Okay
Jan Chovanec – Meh.
Machovec – Okay
Vencl – Okay
Valenta – Okay
Sheinhubel – Okay
Andrej Fabry – Youth
Sipos – Hmmm
Ngeyitala – Fine
Abraham…… Okay I think
Dunda – Youth

I make hot prospect offers to Sipos and Fabry and Dunda.

I offer each a 3 year deal.

Do I wanna extend 33 year old Chovanec who is playing well? For now? No. I want to leave that spot open for a new player but I’ll keep it in mind. I doubt anyone is sniffing his panties.

Do we have anyone coming free in the next few days that would wanna come to us in January? I don’t have the cash for any more salary. But maybe? Nope.

I set that aside.

Who is coming free in 6 months that may wanna bring their game our way? Like a stud MR or ML?

I scout about 6 players on the wings.

I don’t need an AMC, ST, DC, DMC, or GK. But I may want a new MC to replace Kuna who’s not played as well as I was hoping for.

I push forward a few days into January…

I win the Slovakian Head Coach of the Year Award!!!

Wohlfarth got 3rd in First Division Best Player

Abe Sargent 08-25-2020 01:11 AM


6th – Friendly vs Wisla Krakow
13th – Friendly vs Slavia Prague
20th – Friendly vs Zlin
27th – Friendly vs Brno

Good training – Kona, Dodoi, Saumel.

January 1st

Any new players free that may wanna come my way?

I offer trials to some senior squad players we may wanna look at.

I massage my board expectations and I get more transfer. I sign a guy I just brought in on a trial:

Ognjen Krasic, 29, Serbian, D/WB/M/AM RL. 12/12 speed, 14 cross, 14 pass, 13 first touch, technique, 12 drib, I offer him a 2.5 year first team deal for 1.3k/week. I need a better winger on the end and he’ll do nicely

I will be starting Krasic at MR during our friendlies. Everyone is back from injury save for Wohlfarth. As a reminder, my AssMan runs my friendlies.

My three hot prospects have all reupped for me.

I sign a Hungarian youth adding another E. European on my U19 squad.

I sign Krasic officially a few days into January!

Friendly vs Krakaw – We lose 0-2. They are a pretty good team by the by.

Abe Sargent 08-25-2020 09:17 AM

Simoncic wants first team play and I can’t give it to him and I offer to let him move on at the end of the season.

The transfer window opens on the 10th

Friendly vs Slavia Prague – Wohlfarth is back. This is a home game for us maybe that’ll help! We tied 0-0

Jungr si injured during training for 6-7 weeks. I’ll be starting Simoncic in the middle and Kona up top

I hand my new guy the Winger role

I have an offer to Sell Mariuz Chari and I take it.

I loan out Rene Kotrik

Abe Sargent 08-25-2020 12:12 PM

Friendly vs Ziln – we win 2-1, MOM is theirs. Goals by Dodoi and Militosyan

I reject offers for Dodoi.

Simoncic signs a deal with another.

Kona injured for a week and will miss the Brno friendly

Friendly vs Brno – We lose 1-3.

Pinter has learned a new skill.

I want to give my wonderkid Michal Kamenik some games in friendlies

I hook up some folks

I am rejecting more offers for Dodoi but he has a minimum release fee of 3.1 mill. Someone will eventually hit that.

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