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Young Drachma 10-03-2007 02:11 PM

DENVER – Feeling a lot like a “free agent”, former Yankees GM D.C. Daly visited the Colorado Rockies, after the team invited him to Coors Field to get an introduction to the team and their philosophy.

“We’re going to throw our hat in the ring. We might get all of that east coast exposure that he’s used to back in Boston, but we’re trying to build a winner out here.”

The Rockies last made the playoffs in 1998 and won their only World Series in 1978.

The team’s leader is outfielder Javier Rubio, who at 31 has spent his entire career in Denver. He hit 35 HRs last year with 104 RBI. The team also features a familiar face for D.C. in Luis Manuel Morales who spent two years in Boston before being dealt last off-season to the Rockies. He went 12-14 last year with a 4.36 ERA.

For his part, D.C. said he appreciated the invite to Denver and said he’d be in California later this week. “It’s a great ballpark out here and the team seems to be well supported.”

LOS ANGELES – Dodgertown was the site for a visit from former Yankees GM D.C. Daly, who visited the Los Angeles Dodgers today. With the crosstown Angels winning the World Series this past year over D.C.’s Yankees, the Dodgers are trying to claw their way back into relevance in the city. The team has just five playoff appearances since 1969, but two of those were within the past five years.

The team doesn’t boast a ton of talent, its best player is probably 23-year old outfielder Stephen Woodward who had a breakout year in 2003 hitting 38 HR and 134 RBI on .278 hitting.

But the team beliefs that with D.C. at the helm , they can get better faster than ever.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to have him here. The Dodgers franchise is a proud name in sports and we believe that with a guy D.C. calling the shots, we can propel that brand back to prominence again.”

Daly, for his part, said he wasn’t sure what his plans were. That he’d take some time to “figure out what I want to do and just make sure that if I do something else, that it’s really what I want and that I’m not just rushing back out there. But I’m too competitive to sit still for too much longer.”

Young Drachma 10-03-2007 02:18 PM

NOVEMBER 10, 2003

Here is the positional strength overview for all of MLB as of November 10, 2003

Young Drachma 10-03-2007 03:19 PM

Former Yankees GM plans to make a name in Providence
HARTFORD – The Boston Yankees-Providence Bees rivalry just got a bit more heat to it. The Providence Bees today announced a press conference to introduce D.C. Daly as their new Vice President of Baseball Operations and GM.

“Wow, we’ll it sure is different on this side of the fence,” said the smiling 28-year old GM after signing a 5-year deal worth an undisclosed amount, but estimated at well over $12 million total.

“We can’t tell you how happy we are to be able to welcome D.C. to the Bees family,” said Bees Team President and Hall of Famer Charlie Cousins.

The Bees joined the majors in 2001 after gaining promotion from the Continental League, after finishing out one more season in Salt Lake City, the team moved east and will move to a brand new ballpark in Providence, RI next year. The team will spend more season at Rentschler Field outside Hartford, CT. They already have a playoff appearance, before losing last year in 7 hard-fought games to the Boston Yankees.

“Wow. I’m just overwhelmed at how nice everyone here is,” said Daly in his first public statement since accepting the position with the Bees this morning.

“I have to say that this team’s commitment to excellence was astounding. This is baseball country here in the northeast and turning the Bees into the team of choice for Southern New England is something I’m extremely excited about the chance to contribute to that cause.”

Cousins said the team was planning to invest in its young players and would lock a few guys up to long-term deals before the off-season was out and that they would defer to Daly for what he thought was best in terms of the team’s immediate future.

“We’re gracious to our fans here in Hartford for hosting us and want them to be able to bask in the excitement of World Series baseball before we move an hour up the road.”

Setting the bar that high doesn’t bother Daly, who has been in two straight World Series, but whose Yankees felt short in Game 7 of the 2003 Series versus the Angels. Asked if he’s worried about any backlash from Boston fans, Daly said no.

“Part of the reason I took this job is because I didn’t have to sell my house. I love New England and I love baseball. This opportunity wasn’t as much about me, as it was about the opportunity to use my skills to contribute to a team on the rise. I’m thrilled to be part of the Bees team and I think we’re going to do some awesome stuff in the coming years.”

Young Drachma 10-03-2007 03:56 PM

NEW YORK - That sure didn't take long. Within 48 hours of taking the job as GM of the Providence Bees, GM D.C. Daly has hit the airwaves and made his first major deal. The team acquired four players from the CL New York Rens including second baseman Jeff Mavor (.308/18 HR/58 RBI), reliever Jorge Melendez (4-2, 30 SV, 1.84 ERA), reliever Ben Moore (4-1, 3 SV 1.82 ERA) and prospect SP Reggie O'Neal for outfielder and New York native Phil Waller (.253/40 HR/ 118 RBI), SP Wes Lynch (12-6, 3.84 ERA, 85 K) relievers Jorge Reyes and Carlos Diaz, as well as two prospects and cash.

"We're really happy to make this one happen," said Daly who is said to have seen scout reports of O'neal and thinks he can help the ballclub shore up its staff long-term.

"Daly is nothing if he's not a player development guy. I think he's working hard to shore up their farm and get a pipeline here that can compete for a long time," said ESPN's Peter Gammons about the deal.

Young Drachma 10-03-2007 10:41 PM

I created a new league called the Collegiate Baseball of America. It’s a feeder to MLB and the players from that league are eligible for the draft yearly, which comes back this year.

Here are the teams:





Young Drachma 10-04-2007 12:17 AM


Minor League Systems
#        Team                        Points        Top 5 Prospects
1st        Boston Yankees                195        C C. Elliott (2nd), P C. Pacheco (9th), 3B M. Santos (37th), RF J. Smith (39th), RF L. Broadhead (48th)
2nd        San Francisco Giants        123        CF G. Owen (14th), C S. Yánez (18th), 2B S. Noble (44th), SS T. Murphy (45th), P C. Hanna (50th)
3rd        New York Mets                105        C J. McDaniel (8th), RF R. Beck (28th), 1B J. Sawyer (30th), CF J. Solís (32nd), SS A. Rodríguez (100th)
4th        San Antonio Aviators        103        C B. Stanley (3rd), RF J. Hinton (33rd), LF E. Glover (43rd), P P. Downing (47th), CF D. Dowd (88th)
5th        Cincinnati Reds                83        CF M. Rivera (1st), SS R. Velasco (22nd), P B. Snyder (68th)
6th        San Diego Padres        77        3B K. Paul (7th), SS J. Davis (11th), LF J. Graham (91st)
7th        Los Angeles Angels        76        RF B. Black (16th), C D. James (24th), LF J. Martin (46th), LF C. Campbell (53rd)
8th        Providence Bees                75        P M. Ortega (13th), P R. O'Neal (19th), P R. Cowan (55th), CF M. Ramírez (84th)
9th        Toronto Blue Sox        70        CF D. Webb (23rd), 3B L. van Peters (26th), 1B H. Parker (34th), RF T. Kodo (80th)
10th        Washington Diplomats        68        RF F. Hernández (4th), LF B. DeBurgh (60th), CF B. Richards (71st), P S. Richardson (72nd)
11th        Riverside Red Sox        62        3B R. Martínez (12th), C J. Campos (52nd), CF C. Reese (63rd), 1B R. Martínez (66th)
12th        Brooklyn Cyclones        61        C A. Gonzáles (15th), CF J. Bullinas (21st), 2B F. Watkins (96th), 2B A. Moore (97th)
13th        Florida Marlins                58        P A. Davis (17th), SS J. Weston (41st), 3B A. Ramírez (42nd)
14th        Houston Astros                56        CF K. Carpenter (10th), 3B J. King (40th)
15th        Colorado Rockies        50        CF J. Parks (6th), SS D. Anderson (57th)
16th        San Jose Captains        48        RF R. Franco (5th), LF J. Pacheco (89th)
17th        Pennsylvania Colonials        42        P B. Kadow (27th), RF J. Sanders (67th), SS M. Eaton (76th), LF R. James (81st)
18th        Los Angeles Dodgers        38        CF L. López (31st), 2B R. Escalante (56th), RF C. Womack (69th), C D. Pitts (98th)
19th        Detroit Tigers                36        CF D. Evans (20th), LF J. González (79th), P Z. Burke (87th)
20th        Chicago Comets                30        CF W. Bailey (36th), SS K. Narita (64th), C D. Allen (85th)
21st        Columbus Clippers        29        RF P. Franco (29th), 3B C. Howey (86th), LF B. Gilmore (90th)
22nd        Seattle Mariners        23        SS L. Childs (35th), P A. Larkin (92nd), P A. Salazar (95th)
23rd        Baltimore Orioles        23        2B M. Warren (25th)
24th        Monterrey Matadors        19        C B. MacLardy (59th), LF J. Brandon (62nd), 1B B. Brown (99th)
25th        Kansas City Royals        18        1B J. Cruz (38th)
26th        Chicago Cubs                15        P G. Dunbar (49th), SS J. Mendoza (94th)
27th        New York Bombers        10        LF R. Rodríguez (58th)
28th        Texas Rangers                6        LF A. Rodríguez (78th)
29th        Arizona Diamondbacks        6        3B B. Marty (75th)
30th        Atlanta Athletics        0       
31st        St. Louis Cardinals        0       
32nd        Pittsburgh Pirates        0


Minor League Systems
#        Team                        Points        Top 5 Prospects
1st        Milwaukee Braves        213        RF M. Latham (3rd), SS T. Boyd (6th), SS A. Manozca (12th), C F. Vroonland (18th), P O. Abe (38th)
2nd        New York Rens                169        LF N. Johnson (7th), SS L. Ybarra (9th), CF R. Andrews (37th), P W. Lynch (48th), 1B B. Gibson (55th)
3rd        Cleveland Indians        163        RF P. Costello (1st), 3B R. Dorsey (2nd), 1B B. Ryan (26th), SS K. Yoshida (43rd), CF V. Elliott (45th)
4th        Portland Beavers        157        SS R. Rogers (4th), RF R. Scott (8th), 2B G. O'Rurey (15th), LF R. Hughes (50th), 3B R. Alarcon (70th)
5th        Minnesota Twins                153        C I. Martínez (16th), SS T. Wills (23rd), CF J. Gonzáles (28th), RF J. Ledezma (30th), 1B J. Jones (39th)
6th        Charlotte Knights        152        CF K. Dooley (5th), RF S. Lewis (10th), C R. Morales (17th), P E. Garza (41st), RF M. Wood (54th)
7th        Sacramento River Cats        124        CF R. Álvarez (21st), RF D. Rodríguez (29th), SS J. Andrews (31st), 2B G. Vega (34th), C D. Ferguson (35th)
8th        Tampa Bay Rays                119        RF R. Sosa (13th), P J. Sweeney (22nd), 1B E. Hernández (46th), CF W. Goodman (47th), 3B S. Maldonado (56th)
9th        Chicago White Sox        105        P J. O'Rourke (11th), RF A. García (19th), CF A. Sullivan (33rd), SS M. Hill (36th), 2B J. Davidson (92nd)
10th        Nevada Silverhawks        102        3B D. Spits (14th), CF L. Smith (25th), C J. Rivera (32nd), 2B E. Roberts (53rd), LF R. Mercado (63rd)
11th        Philadelphia Phillies        87        RF C. Janke (20th), 2B R. Martínez (52nd), SS A. Delgado (58th), CF J. Jones (61st), SS S. Hampton (64th)
12th        Vancouver Whitecaps        61        1B R. Newitt (24th), 1B J. York (27th), RF T. Davenport (68th), 3B J. Cardenas (71st)


Rank        Team                        Payroll
1        New York Bombers        $98,146,090
2        St. Louis Cardinals        $78,494,800
3        Detroit Tigers                $76,282,100
4        Baltimore Orioles        $73,728,600
5        Pittsburgh Pirates        $72,094,374
6        Atlanta Athletics        $70,432,780
7        Chicago Comets                $68,761,534
8        Pennsylvania Colonials        $66,269,046
9        Los Angeles Dodgers        $64,717,640
10        Boston Yankees                $61,866,800
11        Brooklyn Cyclones        $60,240,700
12        Columbus Clippers        $58,301,080
13        New York Mets                $56,475,750
14        Toronto Blue Sox        $56,255,400
15        Providence Bees                $53,068,475
16        Florida Marlins                $50,854,010
17        San Jose Captains        $50,701,390
18        Chicago Cubs                $49,279,100
19        Kansas City Royals        $48,547,850
20        San Francisco Giants        $47,873,270
21        Seattle Mariners        $45,447,950
22        Texas Rangers                $42,497,450
23        Los Angeles Angels        $40,830,500
24        Colorado Rockies        $40,663,800
25        Riverside Red Sox        $40,057,300
26        Monterrey Matadors        $37,263,450
27        San Antonio Aviators        $35,656,120
28        Washington Diplomats        $33,246,210
29        Houston Astros                $30,172,850
30        Cincinnati Reds                $29,685,400
31        San Diego Padres        $27,648,000
32        Arizona Diamondbacks        $27,163,660


Rank        Player                Team                Salary       
1        Carlos Rivera        Pennsylvania        $26,865,000       
2        Manuel Mateo        Baltimore        $25,155,000       
3        Juan Álvarez        Los Angeles        $22,920,000       
4        Melvin Harvey        Columbus        $22,695,000       
5        Brian Meadows        St. Louis        $22,245,000       
6        Roberto Flores        New York        $19,895,000       
7        Joaquín Márquez        Atlanta                $17,790,000       
8        Lorenzo Negrón        New York        $17,635,000       
9        Danny Randall        San Francisco        $17,115,000       
10        Boyd O'Manning        Arizona                $16,920,000       
11        Reginald Baxter        Chicago                $16,695,000       
12        M.A. CharbonneauToronto                $16,190,000       
13        Gerard McClure        Seattle                $15,240,000       
14        Jed Stinson        Riverside        $13,950,000       
15        José Gonzáles        Pittsburgh        $13,620,000       
16        Robinson MartínezTexas                $13,230,000       
17        Larry Morris        New York        $13,220,000       
18        Garry Lewis        Pittsburgh        $13,205,000       
19        Gary Hatch        Monterrey        $13,125,000       
20        Zi Gui                New York        $13,005,000       
21        Augusto Garza        Florida                $12,785,000       
22        António GallegosRiverside        $12,480,000       
23        Des McCullough        Chicago                $12,205,000       
24        Christian Johnson San Jose        $12,100,000       
25        Tom Spencer        Detroit        $12,075,000       


Rank        Team                        Payroll
1        Nevada Silverhawks        $28,605,625
2        Minnesota Twins                $25,085,800
3        Chicago White Sox        $21,395,593
4        Vancouver Whitecaps        $21,325,930
5        Tampa Bay Rays                $19,819,317
6        New York Rens                $19,430,467
7        Portland Beavers        $17,758,609
8        Philadelphia Phillies        $16,105,556
9        Cleveland Indians        $12,947,484
10        Milwaukee Braves        $10,651,700
11        Charlotte Knights        $10,454,584
12        Sacramento River Cats        $7,537,816


Rank        Player                Team        Salary       
1        Rick McKee        Nevada        $14,000,000       
2        Gary Bryant        Minnesota$9,740,000       
3        Phil Waller        New York$8,490,000       
4        Brennan Atkins        Chicago        $8,360,000       
5        Dwayne Bannatyne Vancouver        $6,980,000       
6        Orlando Hernández Tampa Bay        $6,290,000       
7        Francisco CastenedaPhiladelphia        $5,252,500       
8        Pedro Rodríguez        Nevada        $5,062,500       
9        Mario Palácios        Portland        $4,850,000       
10        Miguel Saucedo        Minnesota        $4,745,000       
11        César Soriano        Cleveland        $3,467,500       
12        Paul Harden        Minnesota        $3,450,000       
13        Leo Powell        New York        $3,420,000       
14        Jimmy Everett        Chicago        $3,162,500       
15        Gilberto Garza        New York        $3,022,500       
16        Manuel Martínez        Milwaukee        $2,990,000       
17        William Duncan        Vancouver        $2,970,000       
18        José Valenzuela        Vancouver        $2,425,000       
19        Mark Hill        Chicago        $2,398,000       
20        Raúl López        Chicago        $2,250,000       
21        Jude Smith        Minnesota        $2,132,500       
22        Alfredo Longoria        Philadelphia        $2,077,500       
23        Joe Eldridge        Tampa Bay        $2,054,500       
24        Edgar Hernández        Tampa Bay        $2,014,100       
25        Denver Hall        Charlotte        $1,947,500       

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 01:08 AM


Ok gang. I have to admit, I had no idea this was coming. I contemplating taking this job last off-season, but I didn't think it was time and I'd pretty much reckoned to settle in to the Boston job. After all, that team is stacked and they're deep with players in the minors who'll someday contibute and that's not going to change anytime soon. Trust me.

My focus here in Hartford is completely different. We've established a fan buzz, but to really get this team over the hump, we're going to need to sustain a winning attitude. After all, the Yankees hadn't been good much at all in the 1990s and so, fans are just coming around again there. The Bees are new and so, they can attract a whole new fan base and of course, their market is bigger because they can draw from Boston and southern New England in a way that the Yankees have been by virtue of being the only team in the region.

Anyway, let's take a look at the Bees roster heading into this year:

Here are the 25-man roster players, with their stats from last year:


        POS        #        Name                B        T        G        AB        H        2B        3B        HR        RBI        R        BB        K        AVG        OBP        SLG        OPS        SB        CS
        1B        8        Andrew Cooper        L        L        162        633        181        25        3        46        118        119        90        120        .286        .378        .553        .931        1        0
        LF        28        Andy Carney        R        R        160        691        188        37        7        44        130        106        41        86        .272        .316        .537        .853        4        7
        CF        37        Manolo Ramírez        L        L        159        616        174        20        6        42        125        104        55        134        .282        .341        .539        .880        33        16
        SS        31        Alfie Penrice        L        R        160        607        168        25        3        38        85        101        34        135        .277        .329        .516        .844        8        2
        RF        62        Allen Lee        R        L        136        508        141        25        0        32        93        88        86        52        .278        .381        .516        .897        0        0
        C        7        Al Jacobs        L        R        161        665        182        33        3        25        75        94        69        118        .274        .345        .445        .790        1        0
        CF        54        Trent Pagnal        L        L        159        603        156        26        3        25        76        74        45        111        .259        .312        .436        .748        14        11
        3B        34        Peter Coleman        R        R        145        542        138        20        4        24        81        70        70        130        .255        .339        .439        .778        4        0
        C        42        Lawrence Hill        R        R        113        461        129        24        3        24        79        76        42        16        .280        .339        .501        .840        1        0
        2B        29        Jeff Mavor        S        R        115        442        136        19        4        18        58        75        63        64        .308        .394        .491        .885        29        2
        LF        32        Cristián Flores        R        R        127        526        150        7        3        6        55        70        20        51        .285        .312        .344        .656        30        12
        SS        56        Carlos VelázquezR        R        112        333        77        14        4        2        33        34        55        38        .231        .338        .315        .653        7        2


        POS        #        Name                B        T        G        GS        W        L        SV        IP        HA        HR        R        ER        BB        K        ERA        AVG        CG        SHO
        SP        30        Isaías Villa        L        L        35        35        17        10        0        220.2        223        18        114        113        89        205        4.61        .258        0        0
        MR        14        Joe Fulton        L        L        32        32        16        6        0        233.1        214        13        99        91        82        171        3.51        .245        2        2
        SP        16        Ron Cowan        R        R        32        24        13        7        0        186.1        192        34        111        97        58        174        4.69        .261        2        1
        SP        45        Spike Ironside        R        R        35        35        10        9        0        237.0        219        41        128        114        92        282        4.33        .244        1        0
        CL        24        Paul Moneur        S        R        70        0        6        5        43        75.0        62        2        31        26        26        46        3.12        .220        0        0
        MR        26        Jorge Meléndez        S        L        43        0        4        2        30        44.0        31        2        9        9        10        33        1.84        .211        0        0
        MR        36        Bill Neely        R        R        31        0        4        5        0        43.0        38        2        15        12        6        18        2.51        .235        0        0
        MR        13        José Aguilar        R        R        42        0        1        2        3        45.2        50        5        23        23        19        28        4.53        .287        0        0
        SP        27        Dominic Black        R        R        0        0        0        0        0        0.0        0        0        0        0        0        0        0.00        .000        0        0

Ok, so here's the story. There is A LOT of pop in this lineup. Yeah, they strike out a lot too. But we acquired Allen Lee from Nevada in the off-season and if he can adjust to playing
in MLB, he'll be a solid pickup. Manolo Ramirez (aka, Manny) is a bonafide star. We got him from Chicago this off-season for four players. But he's a really solid guy and he's
only 21.

On the pitching side, our biggest free agent acquisition this off-season was Spike Ironside, a fan favorite in Pittsburgh, he comes to Providence at 29. He signed a
4-year deal worth over $58 million. He went 10-9 last year with a 4.33 ERA. He's got 112 career wins and I think on a team that can give him run support, he'll be a star.
He won 20 games two years ago, so he's got it in 'em and won a World Series with the Pirates in 2000. The rookies in our rotation include Miguel Ortega, who is a native
of Connecticut and Dominic Black, another local product who will come out of the bullpen to start the year, but will also spot start.

I think on paper we've got a team that should at least be solid enough to compete on a relatively high level. Given that we're in the uber competitive east, we'll know early on if the team
is the real deal or not. Coming off a division title, I expect them to be successful, but we'll go slow enough that if I need to make adjustments, we can.

It'll be very interesting to see how it all comes together.

The most ironic part of all of this, is the fact that Boston has a higher payroll than I do in Providence and part of why I came here was because of the owner's willingness to spend.

But this is Year 1. Let us begin!

astrosfan64 10-04-2007 02:49 PM

Dark Cloud - this is a great read.

I have a question for you. Does OOTP support promotion and relagation? I'm curious to how you can do all of these things?

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by astrosfan64 (Post 1562673)
Dark Cloud - this is a great read.

I have a question for you. Does OOTP support promotion and relagation? I'm curious to how you can do all of these things?

Well if by "support" you mean it does it automatically? No. But it does allow you to do it with some tinkering. But it's pretty much a seamless transition and there aren't a host of problems. If you want me to walk you through the process, I can do that for you. You basically just edit the league structure and move teams from one league to the other.

Then you build the schedule during the pre-season and play like normal. The stats don't make a distinction between leagues unless you make one league "lower" in quality, meaning you can make one a Triple-A league or something and the player's stats will reflect that. That's the difference between say, lower division soccer and baseball, you'd have to make the actual distinction that the league is of lower quality or else, the stats will remain major league.

In my particular league, MLB and the CL are effectively major league. Eventually, I'll have a Triple-A league or maybe an Open classification league that's defined as "international" that'll be a step below MLB.

I'd like to eventually have it setup so you could see a team from say, a small town, make it to the majors. There would obviously need to be some tweaks in terms of the 'realism' of such a system to make it seem like "oh, this could happen." But...yeah.

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 08:24 PM

NEW YORK - $98 million can buy you a lot of things. Most notably, it can help you acquire a
last place team. The New York Bombers have the highest payroll in baseball, but it's done nothing to help
that ballclub rise in the standings. The Bombers currently sit just a half game ahead Arizona in the
relegation standings.

No in baseball is really sure what to make of it.

The most notable thing is that the money doesn't equate to talent. It's the result of bad signings that the team can't get rid of now.

Case in point - Roberto Flores was signed after the 2001 season where he hit .270 with 17 HR and 69 RBI with Seattle. The Bombers signed him to a 6-year deal worth $120 million. No one is quite sure why.

Lorenzo Negron is a 34-year old hurler who came over from Columbus in 2002 on a four-year $62 million contract. He won 21 games, a career high in 2002, but went 10-13 last year and is 5-5 this year with a 4.63 ERA.

"I think they prove that you can't buy a title," said one baseball observer, who commented that the team will probably have to conduct a fire sale or pay significant amounts to get rid of players and attempt to pick up prospects to salvage the season.

"It's a lost year for them," said New York Times reporter Will Torre.


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Providence Bees                46        15        .754        -
Brooklyn Cyclones        42        18        .700        3.5
Boston Yankees                39        22        .639        7.0
New York Mets                28        32        .467        17.5
Baltimore Orioles        27        33        .450        18.5
Pennsylvania Colonials        26        34        .433        19.5
Pittsburgh Pirates        24        35        .407        21.0
New York Bombers        23        38        .377        23.0

Central Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Monterrey Matadors        38        24        .613        -
Detroit Tigers                35        26        .574        2.5
Columbus Clippers        30        32        .484        8.0
Chicago Cubs                29        32        .475        8.5
Chicago Comets                29        32        .475        8.5
Kansas City Royals        27        34        .443        10.5
St. Louis Cardinals        27        34        .443        10.5
Toronto Blue Sox        25        36        .410        12.5

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Los Angeles Dodgers        32        27        .542        -
Los Angeles Angels        33        28        .541        -
San Jose Captains        30        29        .508        2.0
Seattle Mariners        30        31        .492        3.0
San Diego Padres        29        31        .483        3.5
San Francisco Giants        29        31        .483        3.5
Colorado Rockies        28        32        .467        4.5
Riverside Red Sox        27        33        .450        5.5

Southern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Cincinnati Reds                40        22        .645        -
Washington Diplomats        35        25        .583        4.0
Florida Marlins                30        30        .500        9.0
Texas Rangers                30        31        .492        9.5
Houston Astros                29        31        .483        10.0
Atlanta Athletics        24        36        .400        15.0
San Antonio Aviators        24        37        .393        15.5
Arizona Diamondbacks        23        37        .383        16.0

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 09:15 PM

JUNE 2004

So the fact that the Bees are in first probably isn't all that shocking. This team took the Yankees to the wire in the playoffs and dominated their division last year.

So here are how things are going so far.

We're the best hitting team in baseball pretty much hands down. We have five guys at or over 40 RBI already (Andrew Cooper, Manny Ramirez, Lawrence Hill, Alfie Penrice and Pete Coleman). I think the real flaw is in our pitching.

We've managed to get up to about the middle of the pack in terms of most categories, but we probably need one more solid arm.

To contrast, last year in Boston, I had a team full of young flamethrowers. Providence isn't remotely that deep and so, I had to patch together something, plus use what we already had to keep the team in play.

The weakest link in the rotation is 28-year old Isai Villa (4-4, 6.02) and I'll probably try to move him.

Save for that, I'm hoping we can hold onto the division and enter the playoffs hot. If so, watch out for us.

But as we all know, the season is quite long and there is a long, long way to go.

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 09:33 PM


Starting in 2005, we're going to change baseball a bit.

MLB has officially decided to approve the Republic League's application for Tier II status. That means that the league will officially certified by MLB and be put under its umbrella

What does that mean?
It means that teams will for the first time be eligible to be relegated from the Continental League starting in 2006.

So what will change?

MLB is trying its best to make sure that teams are in all of the major media markets, as well as covering the markets that are just below that tier.

There will be some overlap, but eventually you could see teams in the Top 100 MSAs or more before long.

How will the new alignment look?
The Republic League will be merged into a larger structure. Another league will join it. The number of teams is unknown beyond the 10 that are in the RL right now. Salaries will go up. The average salary in the RL right now is $57,000 and I imagine that will likely at least double if not more.

Potential cities?
Orlando, Indianapolis, Norfolk, Austin, Jacksonville, Memphis, Louisville, Richmond, Oklahoma City, Buffalo, Birmingham, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Omaha, Boise, to name a few.

Any other layers?
There will not be minors at this level.

What happens to the draft?
How'd you know about that? We're eliminating the draft permanently after the 2004 season. A new level of league will be established. It will be 4th division of American baseball. The teams will not be allowed to carry players over the age of 25.

There will be no playoffs in that league. The #1 team will enter a playoff with the worst team from the Republic League. The winner of that best-of-seven series will be given RL rights for the following season.

The lower league will primarily be a place where younger players 'get their start'.

Ok, so tell me this again. In less than 20 words.

It's simple:

MLB (Premier League of Baseball)

CL (1st Division)

RL (2nd Division)*no promotion to CL until 2006.

new league (3rd Division)*no promotion to RL until 2007.

Welcome to the future of American baseball.

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 09:40 PM

Mississippi State def. Nebraska 4 gms to 2

UCLA def. Rutgers 4 games to 2

UCLA beat Mississippi State 4 games to 2 to capture the 2004 College World Series title.


Eastern Conference        W        L        PCT        GB
Rutgers Scarlet Knights        32        18        .640        -
St. John's Red Storm        28        22        .560        4.0
Seton Hall Pirates        26        24        .520        6.0
Penn State Nittany Lions25        25        .500        7.0
Maryland Terrapins        24        26        .480        8.0
Boston College Eagles        21        29        .420        11.0
Pittsburgh Panthers        21        29        .420        11.0
Michigan State Spartans        19        31        .380        13.0

Southern Conference        W        L        PCT        GB
Mississippi St. Bulldogs27        23        .540        -
Florida State Seminoles        25        25        .500        2.0
Miami Hurricanes        23        27        .460        4.0
Louisiana State Tigers        22        28        .440        5.0
North Carolina Tar Heels22        28        .440        5.0
Tennessee Volunteers        22        28        .440        5.0
Virginia Cavaliers        22        28        .440        5.0
Ferrum Panthers                18        32        .360        9.0

Central Conference        W        L        PCT        GB
Nebraska Cornhuskers        36        14        .720        -
Wichita State Shockers        33        17        .660        3.0
Ohio State Buckeyes        29        21        .580        7.0
Notre Dame Fighting Irish28        22        .560        8.0
Oklahoma Sooners        26        24        .520        10.0
Michigan Wolverines        25        25        .500        11.0
Monmouth Fighting Scots        25        25        .500        11.0
Illinois Fighting Illini14        36        .280        22.0

Western Conference        W        L        PCT        GB
UCLA Bruins                31        20        .608        -
Arizona State Sun Devils30        21        .588        1.0
Cal State-Fullerton Titans29        21        .580        1.5
Stanford Cardinal        26        24        .520        4.5
Washington Huskies        26        24        .520        4.5
Brigham Young Cougars        22        28        .440        8.5
USC  Trojans                22        28        .440        8.5
Texas Longhorns                22        28        .440        8.5

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 10:02 PM

I am officially soliciting cities for the 3rd division. No city is too small. Ok, let's not be ridiculous. Give me a legitimate reason to put a team there.

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 10:14 PM

June 17, 2004
PROVIDENCE -- The Providence Bees pulled the trigger on a three-team deal tonight that included a package of name players and prospects.

The deal allowed both Providence and New York to jettison overpaid players who weren't pulling their weight.

The Bombers sent underacheving outfielder Roberto Flores to the Bees along with catcher Rafael Medine(.209/1 HR/22 RBI), outfield prospect Ricky Rodriguez and 34-year starter Lorenzo Negron to Providence for 26-year old outfielder Andy Carney (.201/12 HR/ 39 RBI), 23-year old catcher Lawrence Hill (.277/ 14 HR/47 RBI), reliever Joe Fulton (2-1, 2 SV, 20 K)and outfielder Trent Pagnal (.290/3 HR/ 17 RBI in 100 ABs)

The Bees then sent Flores and starter Isai Villa to the Colorado Rockies for three prospects and reliever Kinnojo Sato (0-2, 4.19 ERA in 30 appearances)

"I think this will help us shore things up from a veteran perspective, it saves us some money and long-term, it gives us a few prospect shots in the arm. All very valuable things," said GM D.C. Daly about the move.

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 10:23 PM

You should see this:

JUNE 29, 2004

Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Boston Yankees                56        30        .651        -
Brooklyn Cyclones        56        30        .651        -
Providence Bees                56        30        .651        -
New York Mets                47        39        .547        9.0
Baltimore Orioles        40        46        .465        16.0
Pennsylvania Colonials        35        50        .412        20.5
Pittsburgh Pirates        35        51        .407        21.0
New York Bombers        33        54        .379        23.5

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 11:35 PM


RIVERSIDE - If the Red Sox can hold on and stay in the majors for another season, the Riverside Red Sox announced today that the team will change its identity in 2005.

It's expected the team intends to try to tie itself to Los Angeles more closely, to capitalize on that region's marketing power.

Playoff time means fighting for spots and for titles. The Boston Yankees and Providence Bees are not just fighting for the Eastern Division title, but the winner of the east is presumed to be named the first-ever winner of the MLB Champions League, the regular season champion of baseball. The Colorado Rockies are meanwhile just fighting for a shot to get into the playoffs. The ballclub is just 1 1/2 games out. It seems that the Arizona Diamondbacks and New York Bombers will duel in the waning days of the MLB season to determine who will participate in the AT&T Challenge Series.

It should be an interesting few weeks of the regular season!


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Boston Yankees                96        45        .681        -
Providence Bees                94        47        .667        2.0
Brooklyn Cyclones        90        50        .643        5.5
New York Mets                78        63        .553        18.0
Baltimore Orioles        70        70        .500        25.5
Pittsburgh Pirates        61        80        .433        35.0
Pennsylvania Colonials        56        84        .400        39.5
New York Bombers        51        91        .359        45.5

Central Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Detroit Tigers                86        56        .606        -
Monterrey Matadors        75        65        .536        10.0
Chicago Cubs                71        70        .504        14.5
Chicago Comets                70        71        .496        15.5
Columbus Clippers        70        72        .493        16.0
St. Louis Cardinals        68        73        .482        17.5
Toronto Blue Sox        66        75        .468        19.5
Kansas City Royals        54        86        .386        31.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Los Angeles Dodgers        88        52        .629        -
Colorado Rockies        76        64        .543        12.0
Los Angeles Angels        71        70        .504        17.5
San Diego Padres        71        71        .500        18.0
Seattle Mariners        68        73        .482        20.5
San Francisco Giants        65        75        .464        23.0
San Jose Captains        57        84        .404        31.5
Riverside Red Sox        54        87        .383        34.5

Southern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Cincinnati Reds                89        53        .627        -
Washington Diplomats        82        59        .582        6.5
Florida Marlins                72        70        .507        17.0
San Antonio Aviators        67        73        .479        21.0
Houston Astros                66        74        .471        22.0
Atlanta Athletics        62        79        .440        26.5
Texas Rangers                61        80        .433        27.5
Arizona Diamondbacks        49        92        .348        39.5

Young Drachma 10-04-2007 11:48 PM

Here's the answer to a natural trivia question that might be coming up really soon.
If there is a tie in the challenge series standings, the teams play a one-game playoff to determine who advances to the Challenge Series.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2004
While there are no division races and the Wild Card spots also seemed to be dealt out, there is a heated battle at the bottom of the baseball standings with 3 games left in the regular season.

New York (57-102)
Arizona (58-101)
Riverside (59-100)

It is plausible that all three teams could finish with the same record. The team with the best head-to-head record among the three would get the option of two home games against both teams or playing the winner of the two other teams on the road.

That said, all they have to do to stay out of this is to keep winning. The Arizona Diamondbacks actually made deals at the deadline to try to stave off relegation and have won 4 straight and 7 of their last 10, better than any of the three teams in the relegation zone.

The Bombers can help their cause by winning and saving themselves the embarassment of having to shed about $40 million more in payroll should they lose the Challenge Series. They've already dumped about $18 million in payroll via deals earlier this off-season.

"We're trying not to focus on anything but winning," said Bombers outfielder Trent Pagnal.

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 12:32 AM


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Boston Yankees                110        52        .679        -
Brooklyn Cyclones        107        55        .660        3.0
Providence Bees                105        57        .648        5.0
New York Mets                89        73        .549        21.0
Baltimore Orioles        81        81        .500        29.0
Pittsburgh Pirates        72        90        .444        38.0
Pennsylvania Colonials        66        96        .407        44.0
New York Bombers        57        105        .352        53.0

Central Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Detroit Tigers                96        66        .593        -
Monterrey Matadors        82        80        .506        14.0
St. Louis Cardinals        81        81        .500        15.0
Chicago Cubs                79        83        .488        17.0
Chicago Comets                79        83        .488        17.0
Columbus Clippers        76        86        .469        20.0
Toronto Blue Sox        75        87        .463        21.0
Kansas City Royals        70        92        .432        26.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Los Angeles Dodgers        100        62        .617        -
Colorado Rockies        88        74        .543        12.0
Los Angeles Angels        82        80        .506        18.0
San Diego Padres        81        81        .500        19.0
Seattle Mariners        78        84        .481        22.0
San Francisco Giants        72        90        .444        28.0
San Jose Captains        69        93        .426        31.0
Riverside Red Sox        60        102        .370        40.0

Southern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Cincinnati Reds                105        57        .648        -
Washington Diplomats        93        69        .574        12.0
Houston Astros                81        81        .500        24.0
Florida Marlins                76        86        .469        29.0
San Antonio Aviators        76        86        .469        29.0
Atlanta Athletics        74        88        .457        31.0
Texas Rangers                71        91        .438        34.0
Arizona Diamondbacks        61        101        .377        44.0


In the strangest turn of events in New York baseball history, the New York Bombers will enter the AT&T Challenge Series facing the winner of the Portland Beavers/New York Rens Guinness Cup Series matchup.

The Bombers can take solace in the fact that the San Francisco Giants became the first MLB team to fight off relegation, dispatching the Minnesota Twins in last year's Challenge Series.


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
New York Rens                76        60        .559        -
Milwaukee Braves        73        63        .537        3.0
Tampa Bay Rays                73        63        .537        3.0
Cleveland Indians        72        64        .529        4.0
Charlotte Knights        69        67        .507        7.0
Philadelphia Phillies        68        68        .500        8.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Portland Beavers        74        62        .544        -
Minnesota Twins                70        66        .515        4.0
Vancouver Whitecaps        65        71        .478        9.0
Nevada Silverhawks        61        75        .449        13.0
Chicago White Sox        59        77        .434        15.0
Sacramento River Cats        56        80        .412        18.0

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 12:54 AM

Well how about this one? I almost took the Dodgers job and assessed them to be a bit short and not really ready to do anything. Well, I look at it now and think..well..pretty much what I thought then.

They're thin. But then, that doesn't mean they won't beat us.

The Dodgers have the best relief corps in baseball. Closer Mike Sharpe had 39 saves and a 1.57 ERA this year, and their starting staff is a two-headed monster of John Shaffer (19-11, 3.22) and Francisco Marquez (17-12, 3.58 ERA)

CF Juan Alvarez is giving the #42 significance in Dodger country. He only hit .210 this year, but he had 40 HRs and 102 RBI. Weird? But it worked for him...

Stephen Woodward is on the other side of the outfield. He hit .301 with 34 HR and 123 RBI this past year and Chris Womack is the right fielder and hit .311 with 27 HR and 110 RBI.

I think they're a solid team all around and whereas we're running with a lot of youngsters and spare parts, they're far more "chemistry" based.

You know the names, but I'll tell you again. It all starts and ends with Andrew Cooper at first base. A career high 52 HRs this year and 133 RBI. He's a beast.

Manny Ramirez is in his first season in Providence, he's no longer "Manolo" but he's He-Man to us. 44HRs and 100 RBI and we're hoping a stellar playoff season.

Al Jacobs hit .272 with 30 HR and 102 RBI to round out the order.

You might think it's weird when I say our pitching is a weakness. But we give up a lot of runs and I'm not convinced that we're playoff tested. We'll rely on Miguel Ortega (19-7, 2.73) and Ron Cowan (17-13, 4.81)

I know if it comes down to it, Paul Monuer is one of the best in the business (5-3, 44 SV, 1.72 ERA) and he'll shut down the door.

It'll be a toss-up series, but if the boys in black can dig deep...they'll prevail.


        POS        #        Name                B        T        G        GS        W        L        SV        IP        HA        HR        R        ER        BB        K        ERA        AVG        CG        SHO
        SP        16        Ron Cowan        R        R        32        32        17        13        0        230.0        233        53        132        123        71        235        4.81        .258        4        1
        SP        9        Miguel Ortega        R        R        33        33        19        7        0        227.1        163        23        78        69        65        301        2.73        .199        2        1
        SP        46        Spike Ironside        R        R        27        27        15        5        0        188.0        150        28        88        86        85        200        4.12        .215        1        0
        SP        22        Lorenzo Negrón        R        R        36        27        10        13        1        170.0        190        20        105        94        58        137        4.98        .280        0        0
        SP        11        Eric Alexander        L        L        26        23        10        7        0        162.2        157        15        78        68        62        155        3.76        .255        1        0
        SP        21        Reggie O'Neal        L        L        31        18        12        5        0        143.0        121        11        67        61        54        129        3.84        .230        0        0
        MR        15        Kinnojo Sato        L        L        59        0        3        3        4        81.1        68        13        35        33        37        61        3.65        .231        0        0
        MR        26        Jorge Meléndez        S        L        64        0        4        1        5        78.0        63        11        32        31        24        62        3.58        .222        0        0
        CL        24        Paul Moneur        S        R        63        0        5        3        44        68.0        52        3        15        13        17        74        1.72        .211        0        0
        SP        28        Dominic Black        R        R        23        2        4        1        1        51.1        51        8        23        23        22        40        4.03        .264        0        0
        MR        38        Bill Neely        R        R        28        0        3        0        2        38.0        36        4        10        10        8        14        2.37        .247        0        0


        POS        #        Name                B        T        G        AB        H        2B        3B        HR        RBI        R        BB        K        AVG        OBP        SLG        OPS        SB        CS
        1B        8        Andrew Cooper        L        L        162        605        177        27        1        52        133        119        103        134        .293        .397        .598        .995        4        0
        CF        37        Manny Ramírez        L        L        158        646        160        19        2        44        100        102        52        169        .248        .305        .488        .793        30        13
        C        7        Al Jacobs        L        R        155        610        166        31        2        30        102        104        68        84        .272        .346        .477        .823        0        0
        SS        32        Alfie Penrice        L        R        147        519        141        32        6        26        92        79        37        120        .272        .332        .507        .838        4        2
        RF        10        Ismael Morales        R        R        142        493        138        23        4        25        79        88        60        96        .280        .376        .495        .871        11        8
        3B        34        Peter Coleman        R        R        157        549        138        24        1        24        88        87        87        139        .251        .354        .430        .784        7        8
        2B        29        Jeff Mavor        S        R        162        664        186        20        1        23        81        109        75        100        .280        .355        .417        .772        34        9
        1B        54        Tim Lee                R        R        162        590        178        45        4        17        88        93        101        32        .302        .413        .478        .891        4        3
        LF        12        Ben Brandon        R        R        79        281        72        15        2        9        36        37        18        49        .256        .308        .420        .728        10        0
        CF        23        Juan Pacheco        R        L        79        255        43        5        1        5        27        25        20        42        .169        .246        .255        .500        13        3
        SS        19        Brian Watkins        R        R        139        454        120        13        1        5        35        50        38        84        .264        .323        .330        .653        3        4
        LF        18        Ricky Rodriguez        R        R        125        419        95        18        6        4        48        53        43        101        .227        .297        .327        .624        25        7
        2B        17        Dylan Aldridge        R        R        19        47        15        2        0        3        11        7        4        3        .319        .365        .553        .919        0        2
        C        13        Rafael Medine        R        R        78        260        52        13        0        2        25        19        19        47        .200        .262        .273        .535        0        1

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 01:11 AM

The matchup is between the New York Rens (Harlem, Manhattan) and the New York Bombers (Bronx). Because the matchup is a subway series, MLB decided to play the Series in New York City, using the same double header format as usual.

The Rens are seeking to become the first major league team to play in Manhattan since the New York Giants played at the Polo Grounds, while the Bombers are seeking not to be relegated.

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 01:15 AM


Young Drachma 10-05-2007 01:21 AM


After a pitcher duel broke out for the first 8 1/2 innings, the Los Angeles Dodgers broke the game open with three runs in the bottom of the 8th.

Undaunted, the Bees scored 5 in the 9th, spurred by a Pete Coleman grand slam.

The win puts the Bees up 1-0 in the Series.

It seems whatever the Dodgers do, the Bees wait until the 9th to prove their mettle.

Despite being down 8-1 after 7 innings, the Bees chopped at the lead, scoring 4 in the top half of the 8th. Needing 3 runs to tie in the 9th, the Bees brought out their bats. A solo shot by Alfie Penrice and a three-run homer by Manny Ramirez spurred a 5 run 9th that gave the Bees a 10-8 win and a 2-0 lead in the series.

No magic exlir could be found for Game 3 at home, as the Dodgers put up 6 runs and Mike Moore pitched 8 2/3 innings of 2-hit ball, to give the Dodgers their first win of the series.

The Bees got eight strong innings of work from Lorenzo Negron, who struck out 5, to win advance to the semifinals series for the 2nd straight year.


Boston def. NY Mets 3 gms to 0
Cincinnati def. Washington 3 gms to 2
Brooklyn def. Detroit 3 gms to 0

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 01:45 AM

The Bees got strong pitching from Reggie O'Neal, who struck out 4 in 7 1/3 and [b]Alfie Penrice went deep twice for his 3rd and 4th homers of the post-season to capture a 1-0 series lead on the road against the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Mitsuo Asai pitched eight innings of 5 hit ball, while the struggles of Spike Ironside of the Bees in the playoffs continue. He's got a 7.50 ERA in the playoffs, as the Bees go down and the series gets tied 1-1.


The Cyclones lit up Miguel Ortega for 6 earned in 6 1/3 innings, while Anastastio Lopez gave up just 3 earned and four hits in 7 innings, to give the Cyclones a 2-1 series lead.

If you had to summarize the Bees performances in the playoffs to date, it'd simply be "they just win."

Game 4 was no exception to that rule, as the Bees scored 5 runs in the bottom of the eighth after being down 4-0 to win Game 4 of the World Series Semi-Finals over the Brooklyn Cyclones.
Andrew Cooper had a double in the 8th with 2 out and bases loaded to break the game open.

Lorenzo Negron pitched a complete game 4-hitter, as he was in complete control of the game and as a result, have the Bees on the doorstep of the World Series for the first time in franchise history.

Al Jacobs hit his first homerun of the post-season and Alfie Penrice continues to be on fire, hitting his sixth homer of the post-season.

It was a team effort, as the Bees used five pitchers to secure a narrow lead 5-3 lead heading into the 9th, but they tacked on 2 runs and made Paul Moneur's job easy to give the Bees a 4-2 series victory against the Brooklyn Cyclones.

The Bees got home runs from Manny Ramirez, his 3rd of the post-season and Andrew Cooper in the 9th.

Manager Manny Serna attributes the team's recent offensive surge in a new lineup.

"We decided to tweak things a bit and it's had a lot of success for us. I hope it works in the next round," he said.

The Bees will take on the winner of the Cincinnati Reds-Boston Yankees series, that has gone to a 7th game, despite the heavily favored Yankees having a 3-1 series lead after four games.

The Yankees-Bees matchup would be a rematch of last year's hotly contested Semifinals Series matchup that was won by Boston in seven games.

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 01:58 AM

BOSTON - Well, so much for a matchup between the two New England ballclubs, a rematch of last year's semifinals game, that everyone called "the real world series."

Nope. The Cincinnati Reds, who were dismissed by most because they play in the "weaker" Southern Division, won 105 games this year and weren't slouches.

The Reds got out to an early 3-1 lead, before the Yanks tied it in the bottom of the 7th. The score stayed knotted up at 3-3 until the top of the 12th, when a rally yielded 2 runs, which was all reliever Legesse Gichinga needed to close out the game and to send the Reds to the World Series for the first time.

"It's why they play the games," said Reds GM Enrique Martinez. "People doubted this team all year. But they're a great group of guys."

The Reds finished the regular season Top 5 in most offensive and pitching categories.

"We're going to be a tough matchup for the next team."

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 02:04 AM



In the end, I knew we were overmatched. I didn't see this team on our radar and thought Boston would pull it out. But they're dangerous and they proved it. More importantly, we're just not very good. I mean, we have some playmakers, but the more I looked at this roster late in the year, the less happy I was with it. Maybe it's going from a complete team to one that you inherit after just one year.

Whatever it is, I'm proud that we got far and that we did as well as we did. But, there is a factor of me that looks up north and the mess that's up there and think to myself, "I could've done better than that."

It's like building a house, putting all of the stuff in it and then deciding to move after you just get comfortable. Or before you can truly appreciate how great a decorating job you did.

Well, that's how this year felt to me. Very bittersweet.

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 02:09 AM

After just one year on the job as GM of the Providence Bees, the 29-year old GM says he's had enough.

"I want to do something in baseball, but I want something that's closer to my roots. This is just...I dunno. I've had a great run and the World Series and the players -- all of it, I've enjoyed immensely. But I just need a break."

The announcement comes just days after the Bees were beaten in 5 games by the Cincinnati Reds in the '04 World Series.

The Reds also beat D.C. former team, the Boston Yankees and his resignation has fueled intense speculation that he'll be heading back to Beantown for next season.

Both the Yankees and D.C. have denied such reports, but reports have him returning in all sorts of capacities such as team President, Executive VP or some other roles which will give him the control he craved when he left the team abruptly last season.

"You can believe he'll be back in baseball sooner than later," said one executive who declined comment.

Daly had four years left on his deal in Providence at the time of his resignation.

rjolley 10-05-2007 08:17 AM

I'll put in a vote for Gary, IN as a team in the new 3rd division. A suburb of Chicago (kinda how Newark is a suburb of new York city), it should have the market to support a team.

Team name suggestions: Steelheads (current USBL team), the Railcats (current Northern League team), and the Panthers (my high school team).

PilotMan 10-05-2007 10:04 AM

I have to speak up for my midwestern bretheren with Fargo Bison, St. Paul Saints. Other cities that would be good are Ft. Worth Cattlemen, Salt Lake City, Omaha, Little Rock, Vero Beach, Dayton.

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 01:47 PM

For reference, here's a current map of all of the teams in MLB and the CL.

It's useful for me to "see" where the teams are geographically, so I understand where the concentration of teams truly are.

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 06:28 PM

Ok, so there were a lot of changes and frankly, I'm not sure how I kept up with it all.

But anyway.

Here's what happened.

- The Dominican Development League was folded.

- The minor league of the Continental League was also jettisoned.

- The Republic League in its original form was folded, as were all of its team, the league will be 'reborn' as a new league that'll announce shortly.

- The 3rd division will also be announced at that time.
Baseball's growth around the world, said MLB's Commissioner and a desire to "enhance the competitive experience of baseball fans around the world," has facilitated a new baseball "pyramid" that will "revolutionize" the game.

While baseball was already the first American team sport to introduce promotion and relegation to the landscape, what will take place this season will surpass anything baseball's seen before.

In order to get the players association to agree to the new 'pyramid' structure of baseball, free agency was granted to EVERY player at every level.

The rationale? "Players should have the right of self-determination. And if we've got owners who can make decisions about where their teams will play and what that'll be all about, the players ought to get a one-chance shot to do the same thing," said MLBPA spokesman Matt Holliday.

So there are over 5,000 players in the pool.

"The teams are all back in it and cities that were once home to minor league clubs or to independent teams are dreaming of their one day when they too can be major league. It's a great story."

The Republic League has been officially closed and will be replaced by the National League (AAA). The American League (AA) will be the 4th division, leaving the final setup as:

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (1st division/Premier League)
NATIONAL LEAGUE (3rd division)
AMERICAN LEAGUE (4th division)

To streamline the process, MLB decided that promotion and relegation in the NL and AL will begin at the start of the 2007 season for both teams. The American League setup will be announced by December 1st.


Western Association Standings
Albuquerque Dukes
Boise Hawks
Colorado Springs Sky Sox
Omaha Conductors
Salt Lake Missions
Sioux Falls Canaries
Wichita Wranglers

Cedar Rapids Kernals
Fort Collins Chiefs
Gary Blue Collars
Indianapolis Browns
Saint Paul Snappers
Toledo Mud Hens
Windsor Red Sox

Southern Association Standings
Arkansas Travelers
Birmingham Barons
Nashville Sounds
New Orleans Zephyrs
Orlando Miracle
Tulsa Drillers

Buffalo Bisons
Montreal Expos
New Jersey Gothams
Norfolk Tides
Portland Sea Dogs
San Juan Senadores
Wilmington Blue Rocks

Young Drachma 10-05-2007 06:32 PM

I wrestled and still have for a bit about the 'distinctions' of the leagues. I mean, what do you call them? Is MLB the Premier League or the 1st division? I know that England has it a certain way and our setup with the MLB and CL are basically similar to the EPL and Coca-Coca Championship. But it's an American spin on a decidedly unAmerican practice and so, I struggle with the semantics to some degree as I go through it.

I won't focus on the lower leagues in-depth much at all unless people specifically ask about a team or something, unless the story calls for it. Because if I do, it'll distract and get really confusing (if it's not already) and I'd hate to take away from the interesting parts of whatever story we're following to give you mundane details.

Young Drachma 10-06-2007 01:33 AM

I've decided to hold off on adding the American League until the end of the 2005 season and it might even wait until the end of 2006, we'll see.

It'll put them at a disadvantage to be sure, but I'd kinda like to get this crazy off-season out of the way, because with everybody shifting all over the place, I think it would just be better to let the dust settle a bit, let things get a little less convoluted. The setup is new, it's different and we've got to get it moving before we go adding another team to the setup and so...that's just what I think about that.

So that being said, the next few years will be a fly-by as we discuss the relevant stuff that needs discussed and leave the rest out.

Mostly just where teams have regrouped and found themselves, what the salaries in each are and payroll numbers, etc.

The NL will have a best-of-seven game playoff to determine the winners of each Association, followed by a best-of-seven game NLCS. The winner of the NLCS will be promoted to the Continental League. There is no relegation playoff at that level. And I think we'll employ that method at the lower levels across the board.

There is a possibility for a future playoff between the last-place team and some sort of 2nd place finisher, but...we're not anywhere close to being there yet.

I'm gonna sim the off-season completely and come back with some numbers and stuff.

Young Drachma 10-06-2007 12:04 PM

When we first approached the idea of making everyone a free agent, I worried that it wouldn’t work.

And it didn’t.

At first, anyway.

The game clearly isn’t equipped to handle when about 5000 players decide to magically become free agents at the same time. And despite 3 pro leagues with ample cash to sign them, players weren’t getting acquired.

I was worried the whole dynasty might be in jeopardy. But I used my head.

Basically, all you have to do is fill the rosters with fictional players. But not good ones. Instead, you change the creation modifiers to make the players newly created awful and after a day or two, the teams will release them all and sign the good players waiting out in free agency.

Why does this happen? I have no freakin’ idea. I’m just glad it worked or else I’d have to spin this year as the “year of the replacement player.”

Because things are working smoothly, promotion and relegation will happen as normal. I feared if things went wacky, that we’d have to wait a year to do it in all of the leagues. But, things will go as planned.

Also, in the National League we’ve gotten rid of the DH. So it’s the only league that doesn’t use it. I figured that’d add a nice old-school twist to things.

Young Drachma 10-06-2007 12:14 PM

Remember: NL - 3rd division CL - 2nd division MLB - Premier League

Only division champs make the playoffs. NL will not be promoting/relegating in 2005.

Western Association Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Wichita Wranglers        86        68        .558        -
Albuquerque Dukes        82        72        .532        4.0
Sioux Falls Canaries        81        73        .526        5.0
Omaha Conductors        80        74        .519        6.0
Colorado Springs Sky Sox75        79        .487        11.0
Salt Lake Missions        70        84        .455        16.0
Boise Hawks                64        90        .416        22.0

                        W        L        PCT        GB
Indianapolis Browns        87        68        .561        -
Fort Collins Chiefs        86        69        .555        1.0
Windsor Red Sox                78        76        .506        8.5
Toledo Mud Hens                76        78        .494        10.5
Cedar Rapids Kernals        73        81        .474        13.5
Gary Blue Collars        71        83        .461        15.5
Saint Paul Snappers        70        84        .455        16.5

Southern Association Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Birmingham Barons        85        69        .552        -
Orlando Miracle                81        73        .526        4.0
Arkansas Travelers        79        75        .513        6.0
Tulsa Drillers                76        78        .494        9.0
New Orleans Zephyrs        75        79        .487        10.0
Nashville Sounds        71        83        .461        14.0
Oklahoma Red Hawks        71        83        .461        14.0

                        W        L        PCT        GB
Buffalo Bisons                87        67        .565        -
Portland Sea Dogs        86        68        .558        1.0
Norfolk Tides                79        75        .513        8.0
Wilmington Blue Rocks        79        75        .513        8.0
Montreal Expos                74        80        .481        13.0
San Juan Senadores        73        81        .474        14.0
New Jersey Gothams        62        92        .403        25.0


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Milwaukee Braves        70        64        .522        -
Charlotte Knights        67        67        .500        3.0
Cleveland Indians        67        67        .500        3.0
New York Bombers        67        67        .500        3.0
Tampa Bay Rays                63        71        .470        7.0
Philadelphia Phillies        61        73        .455        9.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Chicago White Sox        82        52        .612        -
Sacramento River Cats        72        62        .537        10.0
Nevada Silverhawks        71        63        .530        11.0
Vancouver Whitecaps        68        66        .507        14.0
Portland Beavers        61        73        .455        21.0
Minnesota Twins                55        79        .410        27.0


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Boston Yankees                110        52        .679        -
Pennsylvania Colonials        100        62        .617        10.0
Pittsburgh Pirates        86        76        .531        24.0
Providence Bees                86        76        .531        24.0
New York Rens                82        80        .506        28.0
Brooklyn Cyclones        77        85        .475        33.0
Baltimore Orioles        67        95        .414        43.0
New York Mets                65        97        .401        45.0

Central Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Chicago Cubs                107        55        .660        -
Kansas City Royals        82        80        .506        25.0
Chicago Comets                81        81        .500        26.0
Toronto Blue Sox        81        81        .500        26.0
Columbus Clippers        79        83        .488        28.0
Detroit Tigers                79        83        .488        28.0
St. Louis Cardinals        77        85        .475        30.0
Monterrey Matadors        58        104        .358        49.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
San Diego Padres        89        73        .549        -
Los Angeles Empires        87        75        .537        2.0
Los Angeles Angels        85        77        .525        4.0
San Jose Captains        84        78        .519        5.0
San Francisco Giants        83        79        .512        6.0
Colorado Rockies        78        84        .481        11.0
Los Angeles Dodgers        70        92        .432        19.0
Seattle Mariners        69        93        .426        20.0

Southern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Texas Rangers                99        63        .611        -
Atlanta Athletics        95        67        .586        4.0
Florida Marlins                95        67        .586        4.0
Cincinnati Reds                75        87        .463        24.0
San Antonio Aviators        68        94        .420        31.0
Arizona Diamondbacks        67        95        .414        32.0
Houston Astros                67        95        .414        32.0
Washington Diplomats        64        98        .395        35.0

Young Drachma 10-06-2007 12:21 PM


Eastern Conference        W        L        PCT        GB
Maryland Terrapins        29        21        .580        -
Rutgers Scarlet Knights        28        22        .560        1.0
St. John's Red Storm        28        22        .560        1.0
Michigan State Spartans        24        26        .480        5.0
Penn State Nittany Lions24        26        .480        5.0
Pittsburgh Panthers        24        26        .480        5.0
Seton Hall Pirates        22        28        .440        7.0
Boston College Eagles        18        32        .360        11.0

Southern Conference                W        L        PCT        GB
Mississippi State Bulldogs        29        22        .569        -
North Carolina Tar Heels        28        23        .549        1.0
Ferrum Panthers                        27        23        .540        1.5
Florida State Seminoles                24        26        .480        4.5
Tennessee Volunteers                24        26        .480        4.5
Louisiana State Tigers                21        29        .420        7.5
Miami Hurricanes                20        30        .400        8.5
Virginia Cavaliers                19        31        .380        9.5

Central Conference        W        L        PCT        GB
Wichita State Shockers        33        17        .660        -
Ohio State Buckeyes        31        19        .620        2.0
Oklahoma Sooners        29        21        .580        4.0
Notre Dame Fighting Irish26        24        .520        7.0
Monmouth Fighting Scots        25        25        .500        8.0
Michigan Wolverines        23        27        .460        10.0
Nebraska Cornhuskers        23        27        .460        10.0
Illinois Fighting Illini21        29        .420        12.0

Western Conference                W        L        PCT        GB
UCLA Bruins                        32        18        .640        -
Washington Huskies                30        20        .600        2.0
Southern California Trojans        28        22        .560        4.0
Stanford Cardinal                28        22        .560        4.0
Brigham Young Cougars                25        25        .500        7.0
Texas Longhorns                        22        28        .440        10.0
Cal State-Fullerton Titans        19        31        .380        13.0
Arizona State Sun Devils        17        33        .340        15.0

Wichita State def. Mississippi State 4 gms to 1
UCLA def. Maryland 4 gms to 2

Wichita State def. UCLA 4 gms to 1

Young Drachma 10-06-2007 12:53 PM



Indianapolis def. Wichita 4 gms to 2
Buffalo def. Birmingham 4 gms to 2

Buffalo def. Indianapolis 4 gms to 3


Milwaukee def. Chicago 3 gms to 2

@ Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha
Monterrey def. Milwaukee 3 gms to 0


Boston def. LA Empires 3 gms to 2
Chicago def. Florida 3 gms to 2
Texas def. Atlanta 3 gms to 2
Pennsylvania def. San Diego 3 gms to 1

Young Drachma 10-06-2007 01:15 PM

Boston def. Cubs 4 gms to 2
Pennsylvania def. Texas 4 gms to 2

Pennyslvania def. Boston 4 gms to 1

Who knew that it'd just take a name change to get the Colonials their first World Series?

Young Drachma 10-06-2007 03:12 PM

Here's the American League's inaugural setup for 2006.

Worcester, MA
Hartford, CT
Appleton, WI
Rockford, IL
Grand Rapids, MI
Harrisburg, PA

Santa Maria, CA
Spokane, WA
Bend, OR
Reno, NV
Grand Junction, CO
Fargo, ND

Ramzavail 10-07-2007 07:01 AM

Fantastic read, I am following, however, I am shocked you are left the Bees considering you fawned over them the year previous, you take them over and go to the WS.

How do you decide when to contract/move a team?

Would you be willing to post your league/universe file? I'd love to see how the league works and how it looks within the game.

Young Drachma 10-07-2007 02:21 PM

Thanks for the post.

You will soon find out why I left the Bees.

And originally my team move/contraction methodology was based solely on geography and of course, a team's lagging attendance. But I try to do it less and less, because it can be hard to follow the game if the teams are always moving around and so, I try to minimize it. That said, I'm always willing to take new team suggestion/city suggestions, because I always feel like there are more cities as we get further down the line that get neglected or make for a compelling story as we move forward.

It's easier now with lower leagues and stuff, because with promotion/relegation, the league is subject less to my whims and if I do get the desire to add random teams in Nowhere, USA, I can just create a lower league that may or may not enter MLB's promotion/relegation scheme.

Here's a link to the league file if you wanna download it/check it out. Just contains the .dat files. Unzip it to your saved games folder (it's already in a folder called MLB 2.0 and it should load okay. Lemme know whatcha think. I haven't named all of the teams in the American League in this version and you don't get any of my logos to the custom teams (not 'cuz I mind if you have 'em, I just didn't want to upload a 200MB file)


Young Drachma 10-07-2007 04:13 PM

If you check out the map, you can exactly where all of the teams are, including the newly added American League teams.

Young Drachma 10-07-2007 05:39 PM

Appleton Foxes
Grand Rapids Griffins
Hartford Whalers
Rockford Foresters
Harrisburg Senators
Worcester Browns

Bend Brewers
Dakota Thundercats
Grand Junction Grays
Reno Miners
Santa Maria Winemakers
Spokane Natives

Ramzavail 10-07-2007 06:06 PM

This is amazing, I updated the AL team names in the file that I downloaded - was there anything else you did? Doesn't sound it.

Also, I thought you played without view of the ratings, I thought I read that somewhere up there.

Young Drachma 10-07-2007 06:23 PM

I used to. I turned them back on though. I hate scouts because it adds them to the payroll and there isn't a real steady flow of players coming in. I forget why I turned them back on. Oh, I just think having more information was better than less.

I just changed it from 1-20 to 1-100 when I stopped running the Bees.

Nope, didn't do anything else otherwise.

Young Drachma 10-07-2007 06:28 PM

And for those at home wondering, I wrestled with making the lower leagues something lesser than major leagues. But in the end, I decided that the players talent levels across the board doesn't really change the fact that they're major leaguers and it wasn't worth the confusion in stats and stuff, to try to change the distinctions. It'll be evident to me, when it comes time to put a guy in the Hall or more importantly, when I'm signing guys what the difference between a 30 homer season in the AL is like versus MLB.

I wanted to mirror more the European style rather than trying to artifically diminish the importance of one league versus the other and so, they're all major leagues technically, it's just one is a lower tiered league (and the player creation modifiers reflect this) than the others.

Ramzavail 10-07-2007 06:30 PM

I actually agree with that rationale, for what its worth.

Young Drachma 10-07-2007 06:31 PM

Oh, there are a few name changes I made:

San Juan is now the Puerto Rico Leones. I did this so I could use the Puerto Rico WBC jersey for the team.

Indianapolis Browns are now the Indianapolis Nine.

Los Angeles Empires are now the California Empires. (I almost went with Los Angeles Empires of Riverside. Almost...)

Toronto Blue Sox are now the Toronto Blue Jays.

That's all my moves.

Young Drachma 10-07-2007 06:33 PM


Originally Posted by Ramzavail (Post 1565036)
I actually agree with that rationale, for what its worth.

Well thanks. I really sure wasn't too sure what to do, but I do like the way things are now. I think the European setup was what convinced me in the end. I mean, we all know MLS isn't on par with the EPL or La Liga, but we don't need a "Double-A" moniker to indicate that.

Young Drachma 10-07-2007 07:08 PM

WORCESTER, MA - After almost two years away from the game, it seems that D.C. Daly is ready to come back. But this time, the only person he's answering to is himself.

The 30-year old baseball exec who has already help build two New England clubs and took them to the World Series has a far more daunting task ahead of him as the new primary owner of the Worcester Browns of the new American League.

"I've always wanted to own my own team. I can't tell you how exciting it is that I get to do this, especially at my age. It's a childhood dream come true, but it won't be complete until we're someday playing on the biggest stage possible," said Daly about the acquisition.

He formed a partnership with several of his contacts from his days with the Boston Yankees and with those minority owners backing him, was able to put his own money up to buy the team. He reminds people that he went to college for economics, not baseball.

"Let's just say I know how to save a penny when I need to."

With just four months until the American League season begins, D.C. expects to dive right in.

"The best part of this, is that I get to combine my love for player development and talent, with being able to do something sustainable. I can't wait."

Just so you know, the AL has effectively eliminated its cash maximum. Here's why. In theory, the AL teams could get rich and fat simply selling off their best players to leagues above them. The main difference as I see it between the National League and the American League for the purposes of this game, is that the NL is a competitive league with teams all gunning for the next level. Whereas, AL teams are split down the middle. Half are player development factories that have no intention of 'trying' to make it to the majors, with the others trying to develop young players with some veterans to get in while their window allows for it.

In 2006, the AL isn't eligible for promotion to the NL and so, it'll just be a 'test run' season to see what the new league is all about.

The salary cap is $15 million this year. In the NL it's $20 million and the winner of the NLCS will receive automatic promotion to the CL for 2007, with the worst CL team being demoted.

The salary cap in the CL this year is $50 million.

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