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Young Drachma 10-07-2007 07:25 PM

JANUARY 24, 2006
What I'm noticing so far and what I like, is that if I try to say, offer a deal to a guy from the majors who is worth a lot of money, he'll ask me to pay him what a superstar in my league would make. When the salary cap is only $15 million, you don't really have a ton of leeway to sign lots of guys like that, because well...eventually you'd be stuck.

What should happen is, the offers they get at the major league level should be so much more substantial that they'd never take such offers and that keeps star players out of the lower leagues and so, OOTP is working just as it should. I noticed it before, but never got an acute understanding of how the process was playing out until now.

Young Drachma 10-07-2007 10:27 PM

So, I'm with Worcester now. Needless to say, it's a little strange starting over with a team that won't be trying to win a World Series AND knowing that we're not going to get promoted this year. But I prefer it this way, because at least it gives me a starting point where I can test out some theories in this league to see if they work or not and if not, then no harm and no foul and I have an entire off-season next year to try to fix them.

But the strategy we're employing now is risky. I'm spending money. Quite a bit of it to get to or near the cap, to acquire the best talent I can to basically dominate this league. I want to find out if major league has-beens are the type of guys that can clean this league up, along with youngsters that can augment them.

The risk to this strategy is very simple. If you're paying a bunch of washed up guys to play for you in a lesser league, it might bring out fans who have heard of them AND it might win you a pennant. What it won't do is help you long term OR give you kids to develop. Both of which are a problem.

So, it's got to be a give and take thing or else, forget it.

We'll see how it works and what sort of strategy we're going to go with here in Year 1. I'm sorta throwing darts recklessly at this point and I'm not sure where they'll land.

I figured that it would be very difficult to call this league a developmental league and have no development happening and so, I added a high school developmental league to the AL that will feed directly into it.

There will be an AL draft starting in 2007 -- the only league that'll employ one -- for the sole purpose of getting talent onto teams and developed. Long-term, we'll see how it works. But I think it's a good way to get this league stocked with young talent.

FEBRUARY 14, 2006
So I've not introduced you to my team yet, but I find it interesting that you can deal guys who are serviceable major leaguers who sign with you for about what they'd sign for in the majors, only they'd never play and then flip them to major league teams for guys who'll never make it out of the affiliated minors.

In other words, playing this way is a extremely intriguing way to play because there are so many players out there and yet, you have to consider the salary cap and other issues that exist when building your team.

It's just funny how different the standards for talent are, when you're playing in a league like this, though.

It'll be interesting to see how the season plays out.

Speaking of, we play 136-game season. There are 100 games in your division and 36 interleague games.


Rank        Team                        Payroll
1        Houston Astros                $118,523,650
2        Columbus Clippers        $106,562,750
3        Monterrey Matadors        $100,912,800
4        San Jose Captains        $99,017,800
5        San Antonio Aviators        $91,504,350
6        San Francisco Giants        $90,187,700
7        Pittsburgh Pirates        $84,451,350
8        Atlanta Athletics        $79,935,450
9        Chicago Cubs                $78,757,650
10        Boston Yankees                $76,770,850
11        Providence Bees                $73,587,700
12        Cincinnati Reds                $73,070,300
13        Florida Marlins                $71,502,500
14        Pennsylvania Colonials        $70,515,600
15        Los Angeles Dodgers        $70,465,350
16        New York Mets                $68,321,800
17        Baltimore Orioles        $63,104,850
18        Los Angeles Angels        $61,253,450
19        Toronto Blue Jays        $60,379,200
20        Colorado Rockies        $54,433,800
21        Arizona Diamondbacks        $49,483,600
22        St. Louis Cardinals        $48,404,750
23        California Empires        $47,747,700
24        Detroit Tigers                $45,933,500
25        Texas Rangers                $45,872,900
26        Washington Nationals        $45,629,450
27        Brooklyn Cyclones        $45,130,300
28        Chicago Comets                $44,768,100
29        San Diego Padres        $42,273,000
30        Seattle Mariners        $31,551,850
31        Kansas City Royals        $29,936,600
32        New York Rens                $20,424,600


Rank        Player                Team                Salary       
1        Lúcio Ortíz        Baltimore        $28,460,000       
2        Thomas Carlson        Houston                $25,790,000       
3        Jeff Brown        Columbus        $25,125,000       
4        William Murphy        Pennsylvania        $24,935,000       
5        Cliff Barraclough San Jose        $21,425,000       
6        César García        Monterrey        $20,930,000       
7        Roy Chambers        Cincinnati        $19,595,000       
8        Jonathan Howe        Los Angeles        $19,460,000       
9        Cisco Ordóñez        Los Angeles        $19,260,000       
10        Marcus Parker        Chicago                $18,380,000       
11        Desi Walker        New York        $18,185,000       
12        Bayani Resuena        San Francisco        $17,930,000       
13        Tenshin Koizumi        Toronto                $17,370,000       
14        John Hudson        Columbus        $17,190,000       
15        Scott Murphy        San Antonio        $17,160,000       
16        Sam Brown        Pittsburgh        $17,075,000       
17        Bryan Eggert        Atlanta                $16,605,750       
18        Dan Vincent        Cincinnati        $16,185,000       
19        Jorge Morales        San Francisco        $15,871,200       
20        Jaime Padilla        Houston                $15,687,000       
21        Terry Reed        Monterrey        $15,480,000       
22        António López        Atlanta                $15,277,500       
23        Esteban Méndez        Florida                $15,213,300       
24        Paco Curtis        Pittsburgh        $15,140,000       
25        Manuel Velázquez Monterrey        $14,773,500


Rank        Team                        Payroll
1        Chicago White Sox        $33,917,725
2        Charlotte Knights        $33,851,650
3        New York Bombers        $33,213,950
4        Vancouver Whitecaps        $29,345,975
5        Cleveland Indians        $28,622,725
6        Milwaukee Braves        $28,486,925
7        Sacramento River Cats        $21,853,075
8        Philadelphia Phillies        $21,540,775
9        Tampa Bay Rays                $19,766,625
10        Portland Beavers        $17,875,200
11        Minnesota Twins                $17,384,200
12        Nevada Silverhawks        $17,147,150


Rank        Player                Team                Salary       
1        José Reyes        Cleveland        $15,655,000       
2        Pedro López        Charlotte        $14,987,500       
3        Jeff Glass        Vancouver        $14,730,000       
4        Mike Dillard        Milwaukee        $11,760,000       
5        Bobby Stewart        New York        $11,497,500       
6        Pete Buckley        Philadelphia        $11,235,000       
7        Mike Bonner        Charlotte        $7,652,500       
8        Shawn Carpenter        Chicago                $6,855,000       
9        Manny Fernández        Minnesota        $6,397,500       
10        Sixto Valero        Portland        $6,212,500       
11        Chris Elliott        New York        $5,870,000       
12        Jeffery Brown        New York        $5,355,000       
13        Miguel Arce        Milwaukee        $5,272,500       
14        António GonzálesTampa Bay        $5,130,000       
15        Christian JohnsonChicago        $4,538,000       
16        Francisco HernándezCharlotte        $4,298,000       
17        Héctor Arroyo        Chicago                $4,220,000       
18        Scott RichardsonSacramento        $4,134,000       
19        Paul Black        Chicago                $3,677,500       
20        Tony Rodríguez        Tampa Bay        $3,618,000       
21        Gerardo Flores        Sacramento        $3,585,000       
22        Jesús López        Cleveland        $3,517,500       
23        Quinn Wouters        Milwaukee        $3,510,000       
24        Alfie Penrice        Minnesota        $3,495,000       
25        Al Jacobs        Portland        $3,385,000       


Rank        Team                        Payroll
1        Buffalo Bisons                $12,652,500
2        Wilmington Blue Rocks        $11,892,500
3        Omaha Conductors        $11,767,500
4        Cedar Rapids Kernals        $11,057,350
5        Boise Hawks                $10,642,500
6        Windsor Red Sox                $10,205,000
7        New Orleans Zephyrs        $9,717,500
8        Indianapolis Nine        $9,517,500
9        Nashville Sounds        $9,447,500
10        Wichita Wranglers        $9,375,000
11        Sioux Falls Canaries        $9,365,000
12        Arkansas Travelers        $9,040,000
13        Birmingham Barons        $8,947,500
14        Orlando Miracle                $8,835,000
15        Portland Sea Dogs        $8,672,500
16        Norfolk Tides                $8,365,000
17        Gary Blue Collars        $8,252,500
18        New Jersey Gothams        $8,017,500
19        Saint Paul Snappers        $8,000,000
20        Albuquerque Dukes        $7,982,500
21        Montreal Expos                $7,772,500
22        Tulsa Drillers                $7,747,500
23        Puerto Rico Leones        $7,415,000
24        Salt Lake Missions        $7,185,550
25        Colorado Springs Sky Sox$6,767,650
26        Fort Collins Chiefs        $6,712,500
27        Toledo Mud Hens                $6,635,000
28        Oklahoma Red Hawks        $6,025,000


Rank        Player                Team                Salary       
1        Ricky Larson        Buffalo                $4,877,500       
2        Ken Grisham        Windsor                $3,075,000       
3        Daniel Ward        Nashville        $2,805,000       
4        Gerard Poole        Boise                $2,440,000       
5        Marcos Carrillo        Tulsa                $2,425,000       
6        Rudy Strong        Windsor                $2,182,500       
7        Jack Miller        Cedar Rapids        $2,155,000       
8        Stéphane LalondeWilmington        $2,072,500       
9        Augusto Garza        Orlando                $2,022,500       
10        Carl French        Buffalo                $1,882,500       
11        Brent Reedy        Saint Paul        $1,742,500       
12        Octávio Rodríguez Arkansas        $1,730,000       
13        José Martínez        Toledo                $1,637,500       
14        Esteban Barbosa        Indianapolis        $1,585,000       
15        Héctor Fuentes        Cedar Rapids        $1,567,500       
16        Juan González        Omaha                $1,507,500       
17        Carl Lambright        Wilmington        $1,502,500       
18        Ralph Rhodes        New Orleans        $1,500,000       
19        Randy Francis        Nashville        $1,477,500       
20        Jorge Vera        Birmingham        $1,460,000       
21        Jesús Ramírez        Omaha                $1,440,000       
22        Carl Moran        New Jersey        $1,425,000       
23        Jesús Franco        Portland        $1,412,500       
24        José Torres        Arkansas        $1,335,000       
25        Ramón Velasco        Puerto Rico        $1,335,000       

The American League numbers won't be released until early April, since our season the end of April.

Young Drachma 10-07-2007 11:10 PM


Rank        Team                        Payroll
1        Worcester Browns        $14,673,325
2        Harrisburg Senators        $14,611,250
3        Rockford Foresters        $14,133,750
4        Grand Rapids Griffins        $14,040,000
5        Appleton Foxes                $13,533,750
6        Dakota Thundercats        $13,500,000
7        Hartford Whalers        $13,200,000
8        Grand Junction Grays        $12,825,000
9        Reno Miners                $11,943,750
10        Bend Brewers                $11,745,000
11        Santa Maria Winemakers        $10,485,000
12        Spokane Natives                $9,881,250


Rank        Player                Team                Salary       
1        Marcos Huff        Grand Rapids        $3,187,500       
2        Manny García        Hartford        $2,220,000       
3        Eugene Fisher        Bend                $1,946,250       
4        Harlan Rowland        Appleton        $1,860,000       
5        Trevor Tanner        Worcester        $1,856,250       
6        António López        Harrisburg        $1,578,750       
7        Javier Rosales        Appleton        $1,473,750       
8        Cristiano Massarelli Worcester        $1,432,500       
9        Michinaga Toyota Santa Maria        $1,425,000       
10        Nick Baty        Worcester        $1,402,500       
11        Christopher Phelps Bend                $1,395,000       
12        Carlos Macías        Santa Maria        $1,372,500       
13        Roy Primm        Worcester        $1,342,500       
14        Kevin Covington        Spokane                $1,286,250       
15        Tim England        Appleton        $1,286,250       
16        Marcos Medina        Dakota                $1,260,000       
17        Tony Dobson        Rockford        $1,248,750       
18        Duncan Bowden  Dakota                $1,226,250       
19        Dustin Willis        Dakota                $1,215,000       
20        Jesús García        Harrisburg        $1,211,250       
21        Carlos Valéncia        Santa Maria        $1,207,500       
22        Jorge Ortíz        Grand Rapids        $1,192,500       
23        Lawrence Trent        Grand Rapids        $1,185,000       
24        Rob Welch        Spokane                $1,185,000       
25        Raúl Mercado        Harrisburg        $1,177,500       

Young Drachma 10-08-2007 01:24 AM

Rather than introduce you to our roster and all that prematurely, especially since promotion/relegation isn't at stake, I'm going to sim to midseason and figure out what's work and what hasn't and not make any more moves. It'll be a lot more interesting than trying to speculate for you based on what we know about the players I've signed to deals.

But suffice to say that no one on the current roster played in MLB last year. Well that's not entirely true. I made a deal just now which is opening day to get a guy from Pittsburgh who played there last year. But given how bad they've been lately, that might not mean a whole lot.

But save for him, no one played in MLB last season, but there are guys with MLB experience on the roster..include a few names I've mentioned before or if not, at least they're familiar to me and soon, I'll introduce you.

The AL trade deadline is June 1st and so we'll sim well past that date -- I know, no deals for me -- and we'll just see how things are around July 1st.

Young Drachma 10-08-2007 12:18 PM

JULY 4, 2006

Northern Conference Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Harrisburg Senators        36        27        .571        -
Worcester Browns        35        28        .556        1.0
Grand Rapids Griffins        34        30        .531        2.5
Appleton Foxes                32        31        .508        4.0
Hartford Whalers        29        35        .453        7.5
Rockford Foresters        26        37        .413        10.0

Pacific Conference Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Santa Maria Winemakers        39        24        .619        -
Reno Miners                32        31        .508        7.0
Dakota Thundercats        32        32        .500        7.5
Bend Brewers                31        32        .492        8.0
Spokane Natives                29        34        .460        10.0
Grand Junction Grays        25        39        .391        14.5

So far, I've figured out in this league that the only thing that matters is performance. It's not like in the majors where you can sign guys on potential. Down here, it's all about how much success they've had or projecting guys who can or will be successful plain and simple. If you fail to do that, you'll simply blow the thing.

It's been a learning experience and we're not even halfway through it. I do think that the short trading window forces you to be effective about putting your team together early on and minimizing the mistakes you make during free agency.

I'm going to hit the free agency pool and see if I can't get a vet or two down the stretch and release other guys to stay under the cap. But we'll see, I haven't decided if it's worth breaking my neck to the pennant this year or not.

Young Drachma 10-08-2007 08:33 PM

I didn't make any moves at all. I just simmed the game to this point last night and here's where we are:


Northern Conference Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Worcester Browns        53        34        .609        -
Harrisburg Senators        48        38        .558        4.5
Appleton Foxes                41        45        .477        11.5
Rockford Foresters        41        45        .477        11.5
Grand Rapids Griffins        41        47        .466        12.5
Hartford Whalers        38        49        .437        15.0

Pacific Conference Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Santa Maria Winemakers        52        34        .605        -
Reno Miners                46        40        .535        6.0
Bend Brewers                43        43        .500        9.0
Spokane Natives                41        46        .471        11.5
Dakota Thundercats        41        47        .466        12.0
Grand Junction Grays        35        52        .402        17.5

Young Drachma 10-08-2007 10:37 PM

September 1, 2006
Here is a look at the other leagues and what's going on as the teams start to find their position:

In the majors, the Pennsylvania Colonials are leading the high-octane eastern division. Meanwhile, the New York Mets, Cinncinati Reds and Baltimore Orioles are within striking distance of relegation. But there are still 3 long weeks left in the regular season.


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Pennsylvania Colonials        100        43        .699        -
Boston Yankees                96        47        .671        4.0
New York Rens                74        70        .514        26.5
Providence Bees                73        70        .510        27.0
Brooklyn Cyclones        67        75        .472        32.5
Pittsburgh Pirates        60        83        .420        40.0
Baltimore Orioles        59        83        .415        40.5
New York Mets                56        86        .394        43.5

Central Division        W        L        PCT        GB
St. Louis Cardinals        87        56        .608        -
Chicago Cubs                77        65        .542        9.5
Kansas City Royals        73        70        .510        14.0
Monterrey Matadors        73        71        .507        14.5
Chicago Comets                70        74        .486        17.5
Detroit Tigers                68        75        .476        19.0
Columbus Clippers        63        79        .444        23.5
Toronto Blue Jays        63        80        .441        24.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
San Jose Captains        79        63        .556        -
Los Angeles Angels        72        70        .507        7.0
San Francisco Giants        72        72        .500        8.0
California Empires        69        74        .483        10.5
Colorado Rockies        69        74        .483        10.5
Seattle Mariners        65        78        .455        14.5
San Diego Padres        63        80        .441        16.5
Los Angeles Dodgers        60        82        .423        19.0

Southern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Atlanta Athletics        85        59        .590        -
Texas Rangers                80        64        .556        5.0
Arizona Diamondbacks        76        66        .535        8.0
Florida Marlins                75        67        .528        9.0
Houston Astros                68        75        .476        16.5
San Antonio Aviators        68        75        .476        16.5
Washington Nationals        68        75        .476        16.5
Cincinnati Reds                58        85        .406        26.5

In the Continental League, the Minnesota Twins are the big story. A team that won the Continental League in 2003, the team is looking closer and closer like a relegation candidate in the CL. Unlike MLB and the CL, there is no 'play-in' to get to the CL. The winner of the NLCS will be automatically be promoted to the Continental League. It's a remarkable fall from grace for a team that was in the majors as recently as 2002.


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Charlotte Knights        62        53        .539        -
Philadelphia Phillies        60        54        .526        1.5
New York Bombers        60        55        .522        2.0
Milwaukee Braves        58        56        .509        3.5
Tampa Bay Rays                56        58        .491        5.5
Cleveland Indians        51        63        .447        10.5

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Sacramento River Cats        71        44        .617        -
Nevada Silverhawks        67        47        .588        3.5
Chicago White Sox        58        56        .509        12.5
Portland Beavers        58        56        .509        12.5
Vancouver Whitecaps        48        67        .417        23.0
Minnesota Twins                37        77        .325        33.5

Rutgers knocked off Ohio State 4 games to 1 to win the College World Series

In the NL, it's for all the marbles. Win your division and you're in the playoffs. In the Southern Association, Arkansas and Tulsa are grinding it out and in the Western Association, there is a huge race in the midwest with Indianapolis leading, but Cedar Rapids, Gary, St. Paul and Windsor all nearby.


Western Association Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Omaha Conductors        86        55        .610        -
Sioux Falls Canaries        77        64        .546        9.0
Colorado Springs Sky Sox73        68        .518        13.0
Wichita Wranglers        73        68        .518        13.0
Albuquerque Dukes        69        72        .489        17.0
Boise Hawks                63        78        .447        23.0
Salt Lake Missions        61        80        .433        25.0

                        W        L        PCT        GB
Indianapolis Nine        76        65        .539        -
Cedar Rapids Kernals        75        66        .532        1.0
Gary Blue Collars        73        68        .518        3.0
Saint Paul Snappers        72        69        .511        4.0
Windsor Red Sox                72        69        .511        4.0
Fort Collins Chiefs        60        81        .426        16.0
Toledo Mud Hens                57        84        .404        19.0

Southern Association Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Arkansas Travelers        82        59        .582        -
Tulsa Drillers                82        59        .582        -
Nashville Sounds        77        64        .546        5.0
Orlando Miracle                70        71        .496        12.0
New Orleans Zephyrs        66        75        .468        16.0
Birmingham Barons        58        83        .411        24.0
Oklahoma Red Hawks        46        95        .326        36.0

                        W        L        PCT        GB
New Jersey Gothams        83        58        .589        -
Portland Sea Dogs        79        62        .560        4.0
Wilmington Blue Rocks        78        63        .553        5.0
Puerto Rico Leones        73        68        .518        10.0
Montreal Expos                71        70        .504        12.0
Norfolk Tides                67        74        .475        16.0
Buffalo Bisons                55        86        .390        28.0

Playing for pride and no promotion in 2006, the American League race doesn't have the suspense that the other leagues have. It seems all but sewed up in both conferences, setting up what should be an interesting east v. west matchup in the first-ever American League Championship Series. But as we know, anything can happen.


American League Standings

Northern Conference Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Worcester Browns        70        43        .619        -
Harrisburg Senators        60        53        .531        10.0
Grand Rapids Griffins        57        57        .500        13.5
Appleton Foxes                56        57        .496        14.0
Rockford Foresters        54        59        .478        16.0
Hartford Whalers        46        68        .404        24.5

Pacific Conference Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Santa Maria Winemakers        66        47        .584        -
Bend Brewers                58        55        .513        8.0
Reno Miners                57        56        .504        9.0
Spokane Natives                56        57        .496        10.0
Dakota Thundercats        54        60        .474        12.5
Grand Junction Grays        46        68        .404        20.5

Young Drachma 10-08-2007 11:06 PM


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Boston Yankees                111        51        .685        -
Pennsylvania Colonials        111        51        .685        -
New York Rens                84        78        .519        27.0
Providence Bees                83        79        .512        28.0
Brooklyn Cyclones        78        84        .481        33.0
Baltimore Orioles        70        92        .432        41.0
Pittsburgh Pirates        69        93        .426        42.0
New York Mets                65        97        .401        46.0

Central Division        W        L        PCT        GB
St. Louis Cardinals        92        70        .568        -
Chicago Cubs                87        75        .537        5.0
Kansas City Royals        81        81        .500        11.0
Monterrey Matadors        80        82        .494        12.0
Detroit Tigers                78        84        .481        14.0
Chicago Comets                77        85        .475        15.0
Columbus Clippers        74        88        .457        18.0
Toronto Blue Jays        72        90        .444        20.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
San Jose Captains        93        69        .574        -
Los Angeles Angels        84        78        .519        9.0
San Francisco Giants        81        81        .500        12.0
California Empires        78        84        .481        15.0
Colorado Rockies        76        86        .469        17.0
San Diego Padres        73        89        .451        20.0
Seattle Mariners        72        90        .444        21.0
Los Angeles Dodgers        68        94        .420        25.0

Southern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Atlanta Athletics        97        65        .599        -
Texas Rangers                92        70        .568        5.0
Florida Marlins                86        76        .531        11.0
Arizona Diamondbacks        81        81        .500        16.0
Houston Astros                77        85        .475        20.0
Washington Nationals        77        85        .475        20.0
San Antonio Aviators        76        86        .469        21.0
Cincinnati Reds                69        93        .426        28.0

Mets are headed to the MLB Challenge Series



Florida v. Pennsylvania
Chicago v. Atlanta
Texas v. San Jose
Boston v. St. Louis

Young Drachma 10-08-2007 11:15 PM


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Charlotte Knights        74        62        .544        -
Milwaukee Braves        72        64        .529        2.0
New York Bombers        72        64        .529        2.0
Philadelphia Phillies        70        66        .515        4.0
Tampa Bay Rays                64        72        .471        10.0
Cleveland Indians        60        76        .441        14.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Sacramento River Cats        83        53        .610        -
Nevada Silverhawks        80        56        .588        3.0
Portland Beavers        70        66        .515        13.0
Chicago White Sox        69        67        .507        14.0
Vancouver Whitecaps        58        78        .426        25.0
Minnesota Twins                44        92        .324        39.0

The Minnesota Twins will be relegated to the National League in 2007.

Young Drachma 10-08-2007 11:17 PM


Western Association Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Omaha Conductors        91        63        .591        -
Sioux Falls Canaries        87        67        .565        4.0
Colorado Springs Sky Sox82        72        .532        9.0
Wichita Wranglers        80        74        .519        11.0
Albuquerque Dukes        76        78        .494        15.0
Salt Lake Missions        66        88        .429        25.0
Boise Hawks                65        89        .422        26.0

                        W        L        PCT        GB
Cedar Rapids Kernals        86        68        .558        -
Indianapolis Nine        83        71        .539        3.0
Gary Blue Collars        80        74        .519        6.0
Saint Paul Snappers        79        75        .513        7.0
Windsor Red Sox                78        76        .506        8.0
Fort Collins Chiefs        63        91        .409        23.0
Toledo Mud Hens                62        92        .403        24.0

Southern Association Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Arkansas Travelers        92        62        .597        -
Tulsa Drillers                87        67        .565        5.0
Nashville Sounds        82        72        .532        10.0
Orlando Miracle                74        80        .481        18.0
New Orleans Zephyrs        73        81        .474        19.0
Birmingham Barons        64        90        .416        28.0
Oklahoma Red Hawks        54        100        .351        38.0

                        W        L        PCT        GB
New Jersey Gothams        87        67        .565        -
Portland Sea Dogs        85        69        .552        2.0
Wilmington Blue Rocks        84        70        .545        3.0
Puerto Rico Leones        82        72        .532        5.0
Montreal Expos                79        75        .513        8.0
Norfolk Tides                74        80        .481        13.0
Buffalo Bisons                61        93        .396        26.0


Cedar Rapids v. Omaha
Arkansas v. New Jersey

Young Drachma 10-08-2007 11:48 PM

Before I recap the playoffs in the other leagues, you've waited patiently to find out WHO the Worcester Browns are.

Well, let me introduce them first, by showing you the season stats for 2006:


        POS        #        Name                        B        T        G        GS        W        L        SV        IP        HA        HR        R        ER        BB        K        ERA        AVG        CG        SHO
        SP        41        Cris Massarelli                R        R        27        27        15        7        0        210.1        188        12        76        71        50        167        3.04        .241        6        0
        SP        9        William Payton                S        R        27        27        11        8        0        178.0        178        13        81        72        37        117        3.64        .256        1        0
        SP        33        Lawrence Pearce                R        R        25        25        11        10        0        188.1        160        22        72        65        41        152        3.11        .229        7        2
        MR        16        Nick Baty                L        R        43        12        9        6        4        137.1        154        19        81        77        43        87        5.05        .281        1        0
        MR        34        Paul Neal                R        R        50        0        9        5        6        66.2        79        5        32        31        29        38        4.19        .299        0        0
        SP        8        Floyd Wilkerson                R        L        40        15        8        6        2        140.0        128        14        65        57        27        92        3.66        .242        1        0
        SP        5        George Talley                R        R        28        28        5        4        0        116.2        100        4        42        38        26        108        2.93        .227        0        0
        CL        22        Warren Tucker                R        R        55        0        5        5        28        63.1        57        4        21        20        21        31        2.84        .243        0        0
        MR        46        Germán Álvarez                L        L        46        0        4        1        0        54.2        57        4        36        33        39        61        5.43        .269        0        0
        MR        23        Johnathan Mack                R        R        25        0        3        0        2        42.1        45        3        24        21        22        25        4.46        .268        0        0
        SS        35        Robbie Anderson                L        R        0        0        0        0        0        0.0        0        0        0        0        0        0        0.00        .000        0        0
        SP        28        Jeremiah Barnett        L        L        15        0        0        0        1        21.1        28        8        23        23        17        10        9.70        .326        0        0


        POS        #        Name                        B        T        G        AB        H        2B        3B        HR        RBI        R        BB        K        AVG        OBP        SLG        OPS        SB        CS
        SS        35        Robbie Anderson                L        R        148        570        151        18        9        23        79        90        51        90        .265        .330        .449        .779        12        1
        2B        54        Robin Donovan                R        R        133        551        164        23        1        26        91        100        65        63        .298        .373        .485        .858        8        3
        CF        42        Vern Morgan                R        L        132        521        135        26        2        41        120        93        70        112        .259        .347        .553        .900        2        0
        3B        26        Iván Cruz                R        R        130        478        123        24        1        22        91        68        63        65        .257        .346        .450        .795        0        1
        LF        36        Ken Jones                R        R        129        505        112        32        6        17        63        66        58        90        .222        .304        .410        .714        1        0
        RF        56        Tommy Terry                L        L        127        504        145        33        7        12        59        91        74        71        .288        .378        .452        .831        10        3
        C        32        Bradley Norton                R        R        115        403        105        25        3        2        41        51        26        48        .261        .311        .352        .663        0        0
        RF        39        Trevor Tanner                R        R        112        345        88        17        5        15        49        53        32        39        .255        .323        .464        .787        9        5
        1B        31        Emílio Herrera                L        L        110        303        90        14        1        10        41        44        43        60        .297        .399        .449        .848        0        0
        2B        55        Norberto Gallegos        R        R        70        59        17        3        0        1        5        13        3        12        .288        .333        .390        .723        0        0
        2B        47        Gus Lancaster                R        R        64        238        54        6        2        8        31        29        24        61        .227        .294        .370        .664        1        2
        2B        18        Francisco Delgado        R        R        49        125        22        3        2        1        7        9        9        25        .176        .230        .256        .486        0        0
        C        29        Roy Primm                R        R        41        89        19        3        1        2        12        10        5        12        .213        .263        .337        .600        0        0
        CF        37        Billy Bryan                R        R        12        31        10        3        0        0        3        4        2        7        .323        .364        .419        .783        2        1

Ok, so now you're wondering, "Who the hell are these people?

Vern Morgan is a 28-year old centerfielder. He's in his second year, after spending last year hitting .242 with 27 HR and 81 RBI for Salt Lake of the National League. I signed him to a six-year deal during the off-season. The key to playing in this league and making the ascent to the majors, I decided at the beginning of the year, was that we needed to find a way to get your core guys in place early and have dudes who can produce all the way until you get to the majors or who can market themselves with their talents so you can move them for more players. In other words, 5 for 1 deals are great if you can move a guy to a major league contender or even a bad team, so you can get some prized prospects that will grow and develop along with you.

But in the AL right now? I'm focused mostly on trying to get the hell out of here, not developing players for the long haul at this point, because frankly..I can't really afford to have them hanging out down here for an entire season.

Ok, back to the rest of the team.

3B Ivan Cruz was a guy I acquired from the Chicago Comets in a deal that included three prospects that I shipped off to them for five guys, all of whom could have been or were key for us in certain spots. The players I shipped off are Grade-A prospects that could likely be starring for them by the time we (hope) to be in the majors. But you gotta do, what you gotta do. Cruz is 30 years old and hit 22 HR ad 91 RBI for us in his first year outside of MLB. I can't resign him, either. He'll want more money than I can pay him this off-season and so, I'll have to let him go.

And this friends, is another one of those challenges about playing in a lower league where there salary cap considerations.

2B Robin Donovan is a 32-year old infielder who spent his first year outside of the majors last year, with New Orleans, hitting .296 in 71 games for the Zephyrs of the NL.

Prior to that, he spent 11 1/2 years with the Kansas City Royals and actually, was a guy that I often considered dealing for at deadlines to get an extra bat, but we never pulled the trigger for him. Anyway, I inked him to a long-term deal and he hit .296 with 26 HRs and 91 RBI for us this year.

The hitters are guys who could be servicable at the next level in some situations, whereas our pitching staff is decidedly bush league. But very effective for us.

Our ace this year was 26-year old Cris Massarelli, who despite the name is from Venezuela. Anyway, he went 15-7 this year and was effective notching 18 quality starts.

You can read the stats and get an idea of who we have, but the bottom line matter how we do in the ALCS -- and make no mistake, we want the title -- we'll have to go out and find ways to bolster the pitching staff and replace the guys who we'll not be able to afford next year, if we want to replicate the success of this season.

Free agents this off-season will include the following key players:

Robbie Anderson
Ivan Cruz
Tommy Terry

Gus Lancaster spent a good third of the season hurt and so, he'll be able to step in for a full year and that'll help ease the loss of losing Anderson who might not have played much anyway, but it'll be intriguing to see how it goes for us.

But enough of that talk.

Let's get to the ALCS
The Santa Maria Winemakers were the best pitching team in baseball this year and boast two 13-game winners in Robby Hill and Carlos Macias. Macias is 40-years old, but doesn't seem to want to quit. He went 13-11 this year with 70 Ks in 226 innings. On the flip side, Hill is a 24-year old hurler who went 13-6 with a 3.99 ERA and 135Ks this year.

The team's power is derived for a 24-year old rookie from Fort Drum, NY named Mack Knight. He hit 26 HRs and 93 RBI this year on .272 hitting.

We should match up well with them in this best-of-seven championship series, but it's the playoffs and anything can happen...

Young Drachma 10-09-2007 12:05 AM

By offering ridiculously low ticket prices (average ticket price was $1 in a league where they're normally about $4) and making the atmopshere fan friendly, while giving fans a winning product, former Yankees GM D.C. Daly is becoming a championship owner, in the same way that he was running other people's product.

"It's so different," he said of running his own ballclub. "Obviously, I have more help now. But there is so much more to consider."

The Browns won the 2006 American League Pennant (box score) and have fans in Worcester dreaming of major league grandeur.

The upstart American League is the bottom rung of the major league baseball ladder. Its players don't make the tens of millions that stars in the upper majors make, the games don't get much TV coverage and talent level is generally deemed to be of a lower quality than the other leagues.

"We're playing great baseball down here. It's a wonderful chance for smaller cities in America to get Major League baseball in their backyards, so more people truly grow up with the national pastime. I think this system is brilliant and it forces your team to produce. If you don't do well, you go home," said Daly, who as an owner pays a fee each year into the pool.

The system is all possible because of significant spreading out of media money throughout the league. So New York might have four teams -- five if you count the NL team in New Jersey -- but all of the media money those teams generate gets put into the pool, along with other radio, internet and other fees that allow teams in places like Billings or Santa Maria to exist at all.

"Without the revenue sharing across the board, there is no way any of this would be possible. Can you imagine baseball where only the big market teams can compete and it's like, when small market teams compete and win titles, we'd throw parades because they bothered to show up to the party? Man, what a crappy baseball world that'd be to live in," said Daly.

After his team won the title, he said that he knew they'd have to "reload" going into next season, because "with everyone knowing that an AL pennant will get you promoted [to the National League], it's going to be cutthroat. Every game will feel like the playoffs."

PilotMan 10-09-2007 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by Dark Cloud (Post 1565067)
JANUARY 24, 2006
What I'm noticing so far and what I like, is that if I try to say, offer a deal to a guy from the majors who is worth a lot of money, he'll ask me to pay him what a superstar in my league would make. When the salary cap is only $15 million, you don't really have a ton of leeway to sign lots of guys like that, because well...eventually you'd be stuck.

What should happen is, the offers they get at the major league level should be so much more substantial that they'd never take such offers and that keeps star players out of the lower leagues and so, OOTP is working just as it should. I noticed it before, but never got an acute understanding of how the process was playing out until now.

This is precisely what I was trying to show with my league as well. It doesn't always make sense from my perspective, but then again, you have no window into the players minds either. Still, it seems to work out very well, and is fun to watch develop.

PilotMan 10-09-2007 10:23 AM


oh! And Boooooo on showing ratings. ;)

Young Drachma 10-09-2007 12:40 PM

As you know, in the American League, the Worcester Browns captured the pennant over the Santa Maria Winemakers 4 games to 3.

Meanwhile, on the senior circuit, the stakes were high as the winner of the NLCS would be promoted to the Continental League -- on the doorstep of Major League glory -- if they move up.

New Jersey was knocked off by the Arkansas Travelers in five games, while Cedar Rapids dispatched Omaha in 5 games to setup an NLCS date between the unlikely pair.

In the end, the Arkansas Travelers beat out their big city competition to win the NLCS over upstart Cedar Rapids 4 games to 2 to earn promotion to the Continental League in 2007.

The Charlotte Knights won the 2006 Guinness Cup Series over the Sacramento River Cats 4 games to 2 to earn best-of-five date with the New York Mets to determine who'll be playing in MLB next year at the Baseball Grounds in Jacksonville.

The New York Mets held serve in four games of the best-of-five MLB Challenge Series to retain their spot in MLB for another year, knocking off the CL Champion Charlotte Knights. It's the third time in four years that the Continental League champion has been denied entry to the big leagues after a loss in the Challenge Series.


GAME 1: New York 9, Charlotte 0
GAME 2: New York 12, Charlotte 7
GAME 3: Charlotte 2, New York 1 (15 innings)
GAME 4: New York 5, Charlotte 1

Pennsylvania def. Florida 3-2
Atlanta def. Chicago Cubs 3-1
Texas def. San Jose 3-0
Boston def. St. Louis 3-1

Atlanta def. Pennsylvania 4-1
Texas def. Boston 4-2

Atlanta Athletics def. Texas Rangers 4 games to 1

It's the first World Series title in franchise history for the A's of Atlanta.

Young Drachma 10-09-2007 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by PilotMan (Post 1566051)

oh! And Boooooo on showing ratings. ;)

Yeah yeah..I don't wanna hear it. lol

Young Drachma 10-09-2007 05:33 PM

The road to the Majors just got a little tougher for American League teams. The league announced plans to expand by two teams in 2007 to a total of 14.

"We're going to capitalize on the success of year 1 with two new cities that will be able to dream of Major League status."

The two cities have not been named as of yet, but ought to be unveiled November 1st.

Ed Note: I have one city picked and the other..I'm waffling about. If you have any ideas of cities say, west of the Mississippi that we're not already in and could be a good AL destintation (remember: 4th divsion) let me know.

PilotMan 10-09-2007 08:39 PM

Santa Fe, El Paso, Billings, Cheyenne, Rapid City, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton,

rjolley 10-10-2007 08:11 AM

Midland/Odessa, TX

Young Drachma 10-10-2007 10:06 AM

Someone asked a question on another board and I thought my answers might be helpful here:


1) How many levels of minors does your MLB have? Do the other majors have any minors? If not, how is your sim handling reserves?

2) When you promote and relegate, how are team finances handled? Obviously when a team is relegated to the CL, they (or you?) have to cut payroll. Does that happen automatically?

3) What is your Trade AI settings at?

1. MLB is the only league with minors. It's one level of minors there, 40 players max on the minor league roster. The other leagues do not have minors. The CL used to, but we got rid of that after I added the lower leagues permanently. Most teams don't have a glut of reserve players, because of the salary cap. So you don't see the problem that OOTP used to be famous for where teams gobble up all of the good players and hold onto them forever.

There are two feeder leagues. The NCAA feeds MLB (same number of teams at MLB) and the AL now has a HS feeder league and I might, though I'm not 100% certain, add a minor league for AL teams that's all prospects with the idea that the AL should be the league that houses prospects and I'd love to see a situation where upper division teams trying to deal for those guys left and right sending back vets or something.

2. When a team is promoted or relegated, I recalculate financials for all of the teams in those leagues, so it can change the team's budget from where it was in their old league, to the new one. Sometimes, I have to change their TV revenue to match the rest of the league. But that's it and yes, when teams get demoted to the CL they have to cut payroll and it's been happening automatically. From time to time -- and this was back when I was in MLB myself and not so much now -- I'll step in and hasten the process of the purging of players. But it hasn't been a problem for the past four or so years.

3. Generally at average/average. Sometimes, later in the season or in the off-season, I'll bump it to "very high" and depending on the flow of players in the league (e.g., if I see too many teams holding onto kids who are able to start or where it's veterans who are being held onto to) I'll change it to "favor prospects or favor veterans". It's all based on league movement and trends.

I think the bottom line in understand my "mindset" or whatever is, I'm far more interested in the 50,000 ft. view of the league and 'how it works" than I am about my own team.

It's why I probably change my team idea (I didn't start this ever intending to leave Boston, etc., and planned to stay in Providence before changing my mind...) and why I decided to try to "struggle" my way back to the majors.

I've tried to minimize the team moves and stuff, because I know that can be super hard to follow and keep up with and that's a departure for me from previous dynasties. I'm trying to keep things from get too convoluted and yet, I do want to get people an idea of what's happening in each league. So questions help, because it helps me know what details people are interested in, because while I'm detail oriented to a fault, I don't always know what things people seek out in these things.

Young Drachma 10-10-2007 04:49 PM

I think heading into next season and beyond, I want to streamline things a bit and so, rather than focus on the leagues as a whole or the larger part of things, I'm going to focus more on the team I'm running at that time. It just seems like an easier way to go about things and allows for more focus. I'll obviously cover the stuff like who gets relegated and stuff and of course, if there are things you specifically want to know, PLEASE ask because it helps me know that folks are reading and want to know certain things.

But..I think that's the format I plan to take, because it might just be easier to navigate. And I plan to try to incorporate graphics better, too.

So we'll see.

Young Drachma 10-11-2007 01:07 AM

The two newest American League teams are the:

Westchester (N.Y.) Apples
El Paso Incredibles

I'm pretty happy with how the Incredibles (LOS INCREÍBLES) wordmark came out:

Young Drachma 10-11-2007 01:37 PM

I posted all of my graphics online, so feel free to take what you like. Or at least look and admire my handiwork.


Ajaxab 10-11-2007 02:53 PM

DC, I'm as fascinated by the mechanics of how you're getting OOTP to do these kinds of things and actually make it work as the actual relating of the dynasty itself. The creativity here is outstanding.

Btw, thanks for the graphics link. Those are great as well.

Young Drachma 10-11-2007 10:35 PM

November 1, 2006

So, my plan is pretty simple. We don't have the luxury of wallowing down here for years or else, I'll have to change our entire gameplan. We're all about the fast track and so, I'm going to do my best to get out of this league this year trying to assemble a team that can win in the playoffs as well as the regular season, which in a league like this is pretty much the same thing.

The National League is a completely different animal, since it's almost as big as MLB and so, I dunno. I'm a little concerned and yet...I think we can make it work.

I'd love a player development avenue or some way to get cheap, young talent and so, don't be surprised if I make deals to get a lot more guys on the reserve roster, simply because I want more options to choose from later in the year, because at this level, that can be the biggest problem is that when you do get hit with injuries, that you don't have the ability to bring players in who can help you fill those holes and signing free agents can be spotty or just downright impossible in terms of solid quality.

So we'll see how it goes.

Young Drachma 10-11-2007 11:55 PM

MLB: none
CL: $80 million
NL: $50 million
AL: $25 million

Young Drachma 10-12-2007 11:44 AM

DECEMBER 10, 2006
The most interesting dynamic of running a team at this level is the fact that signing players can be a gamble. If you ink a guy to a long-term deal that won't be as useful at a higher level of ball, you might be saddled with having overpaid for a guy who won't be useful for more than a year.

The flip side? The fact that you almost have mortagage the future. You can't sign tons of prospects and hold onto them. Ok, you can. But you'll ensure you'll hang out in the AL doldrums forever. You can't even wait for them to develop, because I've rigged the rules at this level to make sure that minor league free agents can exercise their right to bolt after just a year depending on their service time.

So it's been weird looking at guys we KNOW we can't sign and then trying to make deals for the scraps of bigger teams, really and hoping that works for us.

I'm going to sim through the rest of the off-season to get to the pre-season and then prepare for the regular season. I'm still trying to dream up a format I can use, so we can get through these seasons, because frankly..none of the details at this level are all that interesting and all we want to know is whether the Browns can get up the ladder or if we'll be stuck down in the mud for many, many years.

Young Drachma 10-13-2007 11:51 AM

I have a high school league feeder going to the American League and 2007 will mark the first season of the AL Draft. To make things more interesting, I thought it might be cool to insert a few user high schools into the feeder.

So if you want yours in there, do tell me the name, the school colors and obviously the location and mascot/nickname.

I won't get them all this go-round necessarily, but...I'll eventually find ways to add more as we go on. I think it could fun to follow how kids from our high schools did or whatever.

Young Drachma 10-13-2007 02:01 PM

The defending American League champion Browns are going for something far more than just pride and a pennant this year -- we're gunning for promotion.
The Browns are doing their best impression of a free-wheeling juggernaut by boasting the highest payroll in the AL this year -- just under $800k under the salary cap -- but management says, "we're not concerned with perceptions. We just want to win baseball games."

On the offensive side of the house, the Browns are hoping to get maximum production for reigning MVP Vern Morgan who led the AL with 41 HRs year and added 120 RBI to that total.

33-year old infielder Robin Donovan looks to build his first season in Worcester where he hit .298 with 26 HR and 91 RBI for the Browns.

Newcomers to the ballclub include former Providence infielder Alfie Penrice who spent the past two years with the Minnesota Twins, who were relegated to the NL this past season. Penrice is just 25-years old and the man that signed him to his first deal -- none other than D.C. Daly himself -- says that he thinks the young Englishman can turn it out this year.

"We were ecsatic when he agreed to come here. He didn't play much last year in Minnesota (.228 in 42 games played and I think his confidence is down. He's a solid defender, a great clubhouse guy and the fans in New England already know and love 'em. I can't wait to see him out there on opening day," said Daly about his new acquistion.

The pitching rotation only includes one face, 21-year old rookie Billy Henson.

The team acquired closer Franciso Ortiz from Minnesota, in the deal that sent Penrice and another player to Minnesota for four players include former Worcester closer Warren Tucker (who Minnesota turned converted back to a starter) and three other players this off-season.

In case you're wondering, it's not uncommon to find teams at the AL level that have guys who have MLB experience. Nine of the pitchers on the Browns roster are MLB alumns. Among those, three have started more than 60 games. While we have eight hitters who are MLB experienced, but among those only four of them have in excess of 300 MLB at-bats in their career.

Westchester has seven guys who are MLB experienced in their lineup, among them seven have at least 200 MLB ABs and four have over 1000. But I suppose that's what you have to do when you play in the shadows of NY's Finest teams.

Anyway...I'd like to think we're pretty well setup for the year, but if we sputter out of the gate, I'll make adjustments, because it's worth it to me.

Here goes.



Rank        Team                        Payroll
1        Worcester Browns        $24,180,551
2        Hartford Whalers        $16,500,000
3        Grand Rapids Griffins        $14,437,500
4        Rockford Foresters        $14,006,250
5        Dakota Thundercats        $13,365,000
6        Grand Junction Grays        $12,675,000
7        Spokane Natives                $12,536,250
8        Reno Miners                $11,921,250
9        Appleton Foxes                $11,737,500
10        Bend Brewers                $11,580,000
11        Santa Maria Winemakers        $11,291,250
12        Harrisburg Senators        $11,255,000
13        Westchester Apples        $10,920,000
14        El Paso Incredibles        $10,462,500



Rank        Player                Team                Salary       
1        Marcos Huff        Grand Rapids        $3,187,500       
2        Alfie Penrice        Worcester        $2,508,750       
3        Ward Speck        El Paso                $2,497,500       
4        Manny García        Hartford        $2,220,000       
5        Francisco Ortíz        Worcester        $1,890,000       
6        Manny Romero        Worcester        $1,713,750       
7        Roger Imbeault        Appleton        $1,578,750       
8        Brian Wilson        Worcester        $1,552,500       
9        António MaldonadoHartford        $1,537,500       
10        Santiago BarreraWestchester        $1,455,000       
11        Cris Massarelli        Worcester        $1,432,500       
12        Carl O'Halloran        Rockford        $1,425,000       
13        Michi Toyota        Santa Maria        $1,425,000       
14        Chandler Miles        Worcester        $1,413,750       
15        Christopher Phelps Bend                $1,395,000       
16        Don Hartman        Spokane                $1,372,500       
17        Carlos Macías        Santa Maria        $1,372,500       
18        Marcos Medina        Dakota                $1,353,750       
19        Ángel Villa        Westchester        $1,293,750       
20        Kevin Covington        Spokane                $1,286,250       
21        Tim England        Appleton        $1,286,250       
22        Duncan Bowden        Dakota                $1,226,250       
23        Dustin Willis        Dakota                $1,215,000       
24        Jesús García        Harrisburg        $1,211,250       
25        Carlos Valéncia        Santa Maria        $1,207,500

rjolley 10-13-2007 03:00 PM

Gary Roosevelt Panthers
Gary, IN
Black & Gold

Young Drachma 10-13-2007 05:11 PM

Major League Baseball created a new league for elite high school players starting in 2007 called Area Code Baseball. The six-team league will be comprised of teams of some of the best high school prospects in the nation.

"This will give MLB teams a chance to showcase some of the best young talent that America has to offer."


12 high schools across the nation are set for the 2007 installment of the Reebok High School Baseball League this year.

A whole new setup has been recruited for the league.

Alameda HS (CA)
Theodore Roosevelt HS (Gary, IN)
Lebanon HS (MO)
Plainfield HS (NJ)
T.C. Williams HS (Alexandria, VA)
Westfield HS (NJ)

Norway (IA)
Cheyenne South (wY)
Cousins Day School (WY)
Laramie HS (WY)
Tucker HS (GA)
Yellowstone Academy (wY)

Young Drachma 10-13-2007 10:40 PM

JUNE 30, 2007
Despite his Browns being 5 games ahead in the AL Northern Conference race and looking to repeat as AL champs and earning a promotion to the 3rd division National League, some reports out of Boston are saying that Worcester Browns Team President and majority owner D.C. Daly has received an offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers to run their ballclub as Team President & General Manager.

The Dodgers are currently 35-51 and their .407 winning percentage puts them as the worst team in MLB and in position for the MLB Challenge Series at season's end.

Since it's just midseason, team ownership has panicked, firing the team's manager, GM and several other key players in the front office and are reportedly making an "aggressive" offer to Daly, who has long been coveted by Dodgers, who were recently taken over by a consortium that includes -- most strangely -- the California State Teacher's Retirement System.

"Who would expect teachers to own a baseball team. But they saw the value and thought it was a long-term value investment," said Mickey "Skip" Aronson, CEO of Golden State Sports Enterprises (GSSE), which among its holdings also owns the Los Angeles Kings NHL team and Golden State Warriors. The CSTRS owns 43% of GSSE.

It's not unprecedented as Canadian' Maple Leaf Sports Enteprises is a publicy owned company as well, owned 58% by the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan.

No word has been given from Daly on whether he'd be willing to sell his ballclub to his partners -- or to a local owner -- to take the job in LA, but some reports have said that after a year and a half in the lower levels of baseball, that he's grown "tired" of the process and underestimated the grind of being an owner and G.M.

"I think he feels like it's almost like he's retired. He likes calling the shots and building a club. And he's obviously doing a great job, but I think anytime you have to watch your compatriots play at the big leagues while you toil in obscurity, it can be a little hard. After all, you have to understand that this guy won a World Series five years ago. So I can understand the adjustment of being down there," said Terry Hargrove, Assistant GM of the Boston Yankees, the club Daly helped build into a powerhouse and close friend.

Using a strategy of acquiring name players, wooing Bostonites and employing cheap ticket prices, Daly's Browns club are the toast of lowel-level major league baseball. They play at 24,000 seat Iron Hills Stadium in Worcester, and sellout every game in the ballpark.

"They've done an excellent job down there. They're the envy of a lot of clubs at a much higher level," said an MLB executive.

Their current attendance is nearly double that (692,361, Santa Maria is #2 at 386,728) of any team in the AL and 39th in all of the majors, on par with the top two teams in the 3rd division National League and would put them in the middle of the pack in terms of clubs at the 2nd division Continental League level.

So he's got quite a product to sell. The franchise fee for the club was a paltry $3 million, but the team's value is estimated at as much as $40 million if it were sold today.

The Dodgers are clearly trying to salvage their season and seem to want to move forward on a candidate rather than opting for interims for the rest of the season.

"We're going to try to move this as fast as we can, but we want the right candidate. We don't just want anybody," said Aronson, about the team's search.

Young Drachma 10-14-2007 12:10 AM

JULY 1, 2007

WORCESTER - It looks like D.C. Daly is poised to head back to the major leagues. After a report came out today in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette -- breaking the story before the Boston Globe could -- that the local ballclub that leads the American League is poised to be sold to a local community group comprised of 10 local investors and about 1,000 shareholders who call themselves Worcester Community Baseball Group, LLC., for the sum of $34 million.

The reported sale price is obviously is a hometown discount -- one must guess -- of nearly $10 million off the premium of the team's value, which is reported to be between $40-47 million, according to a recent report by the Boston Herald.

The sale would still need to be approved by Major League Baseball's Associate Committee, the group that is comprised of the clubs that do not make up the top tier, but only the AL clubs get to vote to approve the deal and most have said, that "won't be a hurdle in the deal."


Daly owned a controlling interest in the ballclub -- about 43% -- at the time of the proposed deal and was the one who engineered it according to advisors to the Team President.

He's still in his current role and a spokesman for Worcester Community Baseball have said that if D.C. wants to stay, he has a job for life.

"This guy is one of the best that's come along. He's still extremely young and we're all pretty convinced he can turn Worcester into a big league city. We're talking rivalry with the Yankees big."

But the rumors are swirling that the Dodgers have offered him a lucrative gig with their ballclub include the title of President of Baseball Operations.

Young Drachma 10-14-2007 12:11 AM


Eastern Conference        W        L        PCT        GB
Maryland Terrapins        37        13        .740        -
Penn State Nittany Lions30        20        .600        7.0
Rutgers Scarlet Knights        25        25        .500        12.0
Michigan State Spartans        24        26        .480        13.0
St. John's Red Storm        24        26        .480        13.0
Seton Hall Pirates        23        27        .460        14.0
Pittsburgh Panthers        22        28        .440        15.0
Boston College Eagles        21        29        .420        16.0

Southern Conference        W        L        PCT        GB
Ferrum Panthers                34        16        .680        -
Florida State Seminoles        28        24        .538        7.0
Miami Hurricanes        26        24        .520        8.0
Mississippi State Bulldogs 22        28        .440        12.0
Louisiana State Tigers        21        29        .420        13.0
Tennessee Volunteers        21        29        .420        13.0
Virginia Cavaliers        21        29        .420        13.0
North Carolina Tar Heels 18        32        .360        16.0

Central Conference        W        L        PCT        GB
Notre Dame Fighting Irish32        18        .640        -
Ohio State Buckeyes        32        18        .640        -
Oklahoma Sooners        29        22        .569        3.5
Wichita State Shockers        29        22        .569        3.5
Illinois Fighting Illini24        26        .480        8.0
Michigan Wolverines        24        26        .480        8.0
Monmouth Fighting Scots        23        27        .460        9.0
Nebraska Cornhuskers        18        32        .360        14.0

Western Conference                W        L        PCT        GB
Texas Longhorns                        34        16        .680        -
Cal State-Fullerton Titans        26        24        .520        8.0
Washington Huskies                26        24        .520        8.0
Arizona State Sun Devils        25        25        .500        9.0
UCLA Bruins                        25        25        .500        9.0
Stanford Cardinal                23        27        .460        11.0
Brigham Young Cougars                20        30        .400        14.0
Southern California Trojans        15        35        .300        19.0


Maryland def. Wichita State 4-2
Texas def. Oklahoma 4-3
Penn State def. Ferrum 4-1
Ohio State def. Notre Dame 4-2

Maryland def. Texas 4-1
Ohio State def. Penn State 4-2

Ohio State def. Maryland 4-3

July 5, 2007
CODY, WYOMING -- Worcester Browns GM gave $1 million to the Yellowstone University baseball program, the largest single gift in the history of the school's athletic program. Of course, the school is only 7 years old, so that's not saying a whole lot.

The school was founded by his close childhood friend E. Steven Colms, who founded the university in 1998 as a "place for young, brilliant people to study among the most beautiful scenery in the world and to create a world class university in Wyoming," says the school's web site.

Colms, 36, understands what it's like to be young and successful having owned and sold several internet properties during the 1990s before deciding to finish his doctorate and decided to invest his money into starting a university.

He said he and Daly grew up together and that he was originally the friend of his older brother, but that he and Daly started talking about their common love for baseball and stayed in touch over the years despite the 5-year age difference between the two.

"He always said he'd do this, be successful in baseball."

Daly, who recently sold his stock in the Browns and remains on as Team President, said he was excited about the school's new program that will join the NCAA along with Creighton, UConn and Alabama in 2008.

"I just love this campus. It's a great place and love the work they're doing," he said appearing on the campus as the AL was off for its annual All-Star game for the past few days.

Daly did not answer questions related to his future in Worcester, saying only that he's happy where the ballclub and feels like they've put the team in a great position to go further, but "it's a long season and you never want to get too far ahead of yourself. We're poised on the prize of defending our pennant. That's all the team is focused on now, not anything else."

Young Drachma 10-14-2007 02:59 AM

July 9, 2007
WORCESTER - In a move that had been anticipated for weeks, Browns Team President D.C. Daly resigned from his post atop the reigning AL champs after the sale of the club was approved in a special session conference call of the American League Board of Governors this weekend.

"I'm happy to have had the opportunity to set the gears in motion that will hopefully soon lead to Worcester being home to a big league ballclub," said Daly who leaves Worcester with a 132-53 record as GM of the ballclub and with the team leading the AL Northern Conference by 3 games. If the team wins the pennant this season, it will be promoted to the NL next season as the American League officially enters the promotion scheme this year.

While Daly didn't directly address the rumour that he'd be taking the Dodgers job, he did say that he would have more information regarding his future later this week.

"I won't deny that I've been contacted by several clubs related to opportunity related to my immediate future. But I won't have anything to say about what's next for me until I know myself," he said in a statement released by his agent.

Tuesday July 10, 2007

Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Pennsylvania Colonials        59        36        .621        -
Boston Yankees                55        41        .573        4.5
Providence Bees                51        45        .531        8.5
Brooklyn Cyclones        47        49        .490        12.5
Baltimore Orioles        46        50        .479        13.5
Pittsburgh Pirates        46        50        .479        13.5
New York Rens                44        52        .458        15.5
New York Mets                40        57        .412        20.0

Central Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Kansas City Royals        53        43        .552        -
Chicago Comets                52        45        .536        1.5
Detroit Tigers                49        47        .510        4.0
Chicago Cubs                48        49        .495        5.5
Toronto Blue Jays        48        49        .495        5.5
Columbus Clippers        47        49        .490        6.0
Monterrey Matadors        47        49        .490        6.0
St. Louis Cardinals        47        50        .485        6.5

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Seattle Mariners        53        43        .552        -
San Jose Captains        51        45        .531        2.0
Los Angeles Angels        50        46        .521        3.0
San Diego Padres        48        49        .495        5.5
Colorado Rockies        45        51        .469        8.0
San Francisco Giants        43        52        .453        9.5
California Empires        40        56        .417        13.0
Los Angeles Dodgers        39        57        .406        14.0

Southern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Arizona Diamondbacks        59        37        .615        -
Florida Marlins                55        40        .579        3.5
Atlanta Athletics        52        44        .542        7.0
Cincinnati Reds                51        45        .531        8.0
San Antonio Aviators        45        50        .474        13.5
Washington Nationals        44        52        .458        15.0
Houston Astros                41        54        .432        17.5
Texas Rangers                42        55        .433        17.5


#        Team                        Points        Top 5 Prospects
1st        Arizona Diamondbacks        139        P B. Valentine (14th), P R. Georgeson (24th), 1B W. Seiffert (32nd), CF B. Phillips (44th), LF C. Vela (47th)
2nd        Boston Yankees                118        RF M. Watson (6th), SS J. Salgado (13th), C G. Flowers (22nd), CF B. Crawford (48th), P F. Vega (75th)
3rd        Columbus Clippers        98        CF I. Rosado (3rd), LF L. Spoelstra (26th), C J. O'Herlihy (61st), CF C. Ruíz (68th), 1B J. Martínez (72nd)
4th        Atlanta Athletics        97        P J. Lituma (16th), 3B F. Pérez (17th), SS B. Washington (19th), LF A. Mingo (45th)
5th        Houston Astros                96        P B. Estes (25th), 2B P. Brock (31st), LF C. Singleton (36th), CF M. Espinoza (38th), P T. Fritz (53rd)
6th        Brooklyn Cyclones        87        P D. Coleman (2nd), 2B D. Mitchell (37th), P G. Brown (56th), RF A. Maldonado (64th)
7th        Chicago Comets                72        2B R. LeBlanc (7th), P J. Núñez (40th), CF L. Finley (51st), C J. González (86th)
8th        Pennsylvania Colonials        69        LF M. Fletcher (18th), 1B J. Rodríguez (50th), RF R. Franco (52nd), 3B J. Marreno (58th), C J. Washington (69th)
9th        New York Mets                65        C L. West (1st), P B. Jamieson (46th)
10th        San Francisco Giants        64        P F. MacIntosh (27th), 1B J. Smith (29th), 3B D. Adams (43rd), CF C. López (93rd), 1B Y. Zhào (99th)
11th        Monterrey Matadors        63        P J. Suárez (9th), P C. Brown (21st)
12th        New York Rens                60        C M. Cumano (15th), P B. Chamberlain (34th), LF M. Adams (73rd), 1B S. Trevino (94th)
13th        Pittsburgh Pirates        58        RF L. Hawk (12th), CF D. Franklin (23rd)
14th        Kansas City Royals        58        C J. Ordóñez (35th), LF M. Patterson (39th), CF C. Kim (41st), 1B M. Molina (65th)
15th        Detroit Tigers                45        SS N. Ortíz (5th)
16th        San Jose Captains        45        SS G. Winters (4th)
17th        Toronto Blue Jays        42        P C. Yi (11th), RF B. Thomas (89th), SS F. Caraballo (92nd), 1B M. Minor (98th)
18th        St. Louis Cardinals        41        P T. Kato (8th), LF L. Cabrera (100th)
19th        Providence Bees                39        P F. Stanton (10th)
20th        Seattle Mariners        37        C M. Kellogg (20th), LF B. Hinton (54th)
21st        Los Angeles Angels        30        LF B. Pace (30th), 1B H. Gibson (66th)
22nd        California Empires        30        3B A. Lavington (55th), LF A. García (67th), P A. Phelps (79th), P A. Thomas (87th), C P. Molina (91st)
23rd        San Diego Padres        28        RF C. Colón (59th), P B. Greer (63rd), C L. Douglas (74th), SS A. Escobar (85th)
24th        San Antonio Aviators        25        SS B. Nelson (28th), RF A. Mesa (95th)
25th        Colorado Rockies        24        LF C. Jiménez (33rd), SS C. Simon (90th), 2B L. Ruíz (96th)
26th        Texas Rangers                21        SS E. Bello (42nd), 2B E. Washington (76th)
27th        Cincinnati Reds                14        LF M. Ulderink (80th), P D. Porter (81st), 3B L. Ramos (88th)
28th        Washington Nationals        12        3B S. Martínez (77th), 2B B. Hall (78th)
29th        Baltimore Orioles        11        C L. Cantú (60th), P D. Barry (97th)
30th        Los Angeles Dodgers        7        C M. González (70th)
31st        Florida Marlins                5        P A. Torres (82nd)
32nd        Chicago Cubs                5        3B A. Jeffries (83rd)


#        Team                        Points        Top 5 Prospects
1st        Arizona Diamondbacks        139        P B. Valentine (14th), P R. Georgeson (24th), 1B W. Seiffert (32nd), CF B. Phillips (44th), LF C. Vela (47th)
2nd        Boston Yankees                118        RF M. Watson (6th), SS J. Salgado (13th), C G. Flowers (22nd), CF B. Crawford (48th), P F. Vega (75th)
3rd        Columbus Clippers        98        CF I. Rosado (3rd), LF L. Spoelstra (26th), C J. O'Herlihy (61st), CF C. Ruíz (68th), 1B J. Martínez (72nd)
4th        Atlanta Athletics        97        P J. Lituma (16th), 3B F. Pérez (17th), SS B. Washington (19th), LF A. Mingo (45th)
5th        Houston Astros                96        P B. Estes (25th), 2B P. Brock (31st), LF C. Singleton (36th), CF M. Espinoza (38th), P T. Fritz (53rd)
6th        Brooklyn Cyclones        87        P D. Coleman (2nd), 2B D. Mitchell (37th), P G. Brown (56th), RF A. Maldonado (64th)
7th        Chicago Comets                72        2B R. LeBlanc (7th), P J. Núñez (40th), CF L. Finley (51st), C J. González (86th)
8th        Pennsylvania Colonials        69        LF M. Fletcher (18th), 1B J. Rodríguez (50th), RF R. Franco (52nd), 3B J. Marreno (58th), C J. Washington (69th)
9th        New York Mets                65        C L. West (1st), P B. Jamieson (46th)
10th        San Francisco Giants        64        P F. MacIntosh (27th), 1B J. Smith (29th), 3B D. Adams (43rd), CF C. López (93rd), 1B Y. Zhào (99th)
11th        Monterrey Matadors        63        P J. Suárez (9th), P C. Brown (21st)
12th        New York Rens                60        C M. Cumano (15th), P B. Chamberlain (34th), LF M. Adams (73rd), 1B S. Trevino (94th)
13th        Pittsburgh Pirates        58        RF L. Hawk (12th), CF D. Franklin (23rd)
14th        Kansas City Royals        58        C J. Ordóñez (35th), LF M. Patterson (39th), CF C. Kim (41st), 1B M. Molina (65th)
15th        Detroit Tigers                45        SS N. Ortíz (5th)
16th        San Jose Captains        45        SS G. Winters (4th)
17th        Toronto Blue Jays        42        P C. Yi (11th), RF B. Thomas (89th), SS F. Caraballo (92nd), 1B M. Minor (98th)
18th        St. Louis Cardinals        41        P T. Kato (8th), LF L. Cabrera (100th)
19th        Providence Bees                39        P F. Stanton (10th)
20th        Seattle Mariners        37        C M. Kellogg (20th), LF B. Hinton (54th)
21st        Los Angeles Angels        30        LF B. Pace (30th), 1B H. Gibson (66th)
22nd        California Empires        30        3B A. Lavington (55th), LF A. García (67th), P A. Phelps (79th), P A. Thomas (87th), C P. Molina (91st)
23rd        San Diego Padres        28        RF C. Colón (59th), P B. Greer (63rd), C L. Douglas (74th), SS A. Escobar (85th)
24th        San Antonio Aviators        25        SS B. Nelson (28th), RF A. Mesa (95th)
25th        Colorado Rockies        24        LF C. Jiménez (33rd), SS C. Simon (90th), 2B L. Ruíz (96th)
26th        Texas Rangers                21        SS E. Bello (42nd), 2B E. Washington (76th)
27th        Cincinnati Reds                14        LF M. Ulderink (80th), P D. Porter (81st), 3B L. Ramos (88th)
28th        Washington Nationals        12        3B S. Martínez (77th), 2B B. Hall (78th)
29th        Baltimore Orioles        11        C L. Cantú (60th), P D. Barry (97th)
30th        Los Angeles Dodgers        7        C M. González (70th)
31st        Florida Marlins                5        P A. Torres (82nd)
32nd        Chicago Cubs                5        3B A. Jeffries (83rd)


Rank        Team                        Payroll
1        Kansas City Royals        $118,691,705
2        Pennsylvania Colonials        $115,448,831
3        San Francisco Giants        $109,774,056
4        Columbus Clippers        $106,198,368
5        Atlanta Athletics        $105,481,926
6        Houston Astros                $104,668,934
7        Boston Yankees                $104,422,611
8        Florida Marlins                $104,141,735
9        Chicago Cubs                $103,429,581
10        Monterrey Matadors        $102,259,122
11        Baltimore Orioles        $100,956,747
12        Providence Bees                $100,260,027
13        San Jose Captains        $96,016,980
14        Toronto Blue Jays        $95,784,150
15        Arizona Diamondbacks        $95,199,368
16        Brooklyn Cyclones        $92,621,778
17        Cincinnati Reds                $90,477,921
18        Colorado Rockies        $88,820,412
19        Detroit Tigers                $88,082,625
20        Texas Rangers                $86,002,919
21        Seattle Mariners        $84,939,300
22        California Empires        $82,170,756
23        San Diego Padres        $81,869,870
24        New York Mets                $79,330,725
25        New York Rens                $78,013,983
26        San Antonio Aviators        $75,386,700
27        Los Angeles Angels        $74,134,812
28        Chicago Comets                $73,198,446
29        Los Angeles Dodgers        $71,081,561
30        St. Louis Cardinals        $69,579,447
31        Washington Nationals        $62,943,371
32        Pittsburgh Pirates        $57,156,180


Rank        Player                Team                Salary       
1        Randall Dorsey        St. Louis        $18,144,000       
2        Mauro Díaz        Brooklyn        $17,932,500       
3        Dave Murdock        Toronto                $17,899,875       
4        Pedro Costello        New York        $17,852,625       
5        Sixto Yánez        Boston                $17,821,125       
6        Vernon Duncan        Boston                $17,577,000       
7        Pete Moore        Texas                $17,495,550       
8        Pete Buckley        Arizona                $17,235,450       
9        John Brandon        Monterrey        $17,025,750       
10        Matt Edwards        Seattle                $16,998,300       
11        Mario Rivera        Cincinnati        $16,965,000       
12        Al Jacobs        Colorado        $16,931,250       
13        Bayani Resuena        San Francisco        $16,768,800       
14        David Webb        Seattle                $16,702,875       
15        Rubén Morales        Houston                $16,679,250       
16        Andrew Cooper        Seattle                $16,340,400       
17        John King        Columbus        $16,155,000       
18        Bill Ewing        California        $16,143,750       
19        Bryan Eggert        Brooklyn        $16,072,875       
20        Chris Womack        Detroit                $16,035,000       
21        Alex Alder        California        $15,982,500       
22        Will Bailey        Chicago                $15,860,250       
23        Dave Evans        Atlanta                $15,802,500       
24        Bobby Stewart        Los Angeles        $15,674,850       
25        Dennis Miller        San Francisco        $15,644,250       

Young Drachma 10-14-2007 04:49 AM

Sunday, July 15th, 2007: D.C. Daly is the New General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers
LOS ANGELES -- When Los Angeles used the "nuclear option" and made wholesale changes in the front office after new ownership took over the club, fans were left wondering in which direction their favorite club would head. The hiring of D.C. Daly gives them hope that the ship can be righted, as the team sits in last place in MLB and is trying to save the team's major league status.

"It's great to be back in the bigs again, but there will be no honeymoon. I'm already aware of that," said Daly. The former Yankees G.M. who rescued that club from the doldrums and put them back on the baseball map spent the last year and a half with the American League's Worcester Browns, a ballclub he was the primary owner of. After selling the club for a handsome profit last month, Daly says that he felt it was the "right time" to get back to business in the big leagues, rather than toiling in the lower leagues with the Browns, who wouldn't be eligible for MLB until the 2010 season and that's provided the team could win the AL in '07, NL in '08, CL in '09 as well as the MLB Challenge Series to earn a bid to MLB in '10.

Daly said that while the task was an "exciting" one, that he felt like his talents were better utilized at the big-league level.

"I have a new appreciation for what owners go through after that whole thing [in Worcester], because I never knew how much work it would be to be able to do what I do and run a ballclub from the top-down. But...when this opportunity arose, I felt like it was the right time for me to move forward, especially since we'd sold the team."

The Dodgers boast one of baseball's worst farm systems and will need to get better, faster if the club is to fight off a possible relegation date.

"I can assure you that we're too proud a ballclub here in Los Angeles to risk trying to lose our top division standing," said Daly, who said he is aware of the gains made by the Los Angeles Angels during this time and that he was hoping to put more pressure on the other relegation candidate from California, the Riverside, CA-based California Empires.

"Needless to say, if someone's going down...I'd rather it be them than us. But we'll have to prove that on the field."

With about two weeks to go before the trade deadline, Dodgers fans are wondering what sort of magic Daly will work to get the team off the ledge. Ownership paid him a handsome sum to sign with the Dodgers, but no one is certain that they're willing to take on more salary at the moment. "We're going to have to evaluate what we have, before we make any hasty moves. Hopefully, we can salvage the year making smart baseball moves. But make no mistake, this is a formidble challenge for anyone."

The AL trade deadline is June 1st, the CL and NL end trading on July 1st and so, the only league that has trading (until August 2nd) is MLB. This is done on purpose to prevent top-division teams from raiding talent at the last minute from teams at the lower levels preparing to dump talent.

Young Drachma 10-14-2007 04:09 PM

The Dodgers -- under the direction of new GM D.C. Daly -- have launched a new ad campaign called "We Are LA" as a response to the increased popularity of the Angels in the city. With the Dodgers in the relegation zone, the team is looking to salvage its season, while also attracting fan interest, as the team resides 28th in attendance out of the 32 big league clubs.

"We're going to try to make things work and we don't have a lot of time to save this season. But I think we've got a lot of great guys here and I believe we can turn it around."

The team also started an area on the team's web site where they can ask the new G.M. questions. "We want to keep the lines of communication open. I'm genuinely interested in where people want to see the ballclub go and look forward to suggestions."

The Dodgers star is Bobby Stewart, who came over during the off-season in a trade from the New York Bombers where he'd spent the first nine years of his career. The 29-year old right fielder said that he didn't expect that he'd be in a position to from a club that was relegated to a team that might be, but having experienced it once before, he says that he's not interested in having it happen again.

"Man, I'm not trying to do that again. We have to get out of this spot we're in," he said.

The Dodgers problems stem from a lack of production from its infielders. Together, they're hitting below the Mendoza Line. The team's pitching staff isn't much to write home about either and lacks depth.

Whether the team can make necessary adjustments to stave off relegation -- something that D.C. Daly has never experienced -- will make this the biggest challenge of the young veteran GM's career.

"It'll be interesting to see if he can pull this off," said one veteran baseball exec. "He's had it pretty easy, even in Boston they were willing to let him make deals left and right and spend when they had to. We'll see how he handles this."

Here are a few of the guys on the Dodgers -- you can look at the stats below -- that you ought to know.

Mike Sharpe, Closer
In his fifth year as the Dodgers closer, notching 142 saves over that time.

Paul Moneur, Pitcher
If the name sounds familiar, it should. He was the closer in Providence during '03 and '04 and I had him in the Boston farm system when I was there.
He was dealt here after two years with the NY Bombers last off-season.

Cody Reese, Outfielder
Never got to see him play before now. He was an 8th round pick in the 2001 draft of the Boston Yankees. After getting released in '03, he won a Gold Glove
in Riverside (now California Empires) and inked a three-year free agent deal with the Dodgers in the off-season.

Orlando Hernandez, Pitcher
36-year old hurler came over from New York along with Cody Reese and Bobby Stewart in a blockbuster during the off-season. Only dependable starter in
the Dodgers rotation at present. Went 17-8 last year in New York with a 2.71 ERA and 258 K

Alex Todd, Outfielder
25-year old outfielder who is in his third year with the Dodgers. Had a breakout year last year hitting 39 HR and 110 RBI.


nf        POS        #        Name                B        T        G        GS        W        L        SV        IP        HA        HR        R        ER        BB        K        ERA        AVG        CG        SHO
        MR        29        Paul Moneur        S        R        43        0        3        2        0        52.1        38        6        22        19        18        28        3.27        .207        0        0
        CL        39        Mike Sharpe        R        L        38        0        4        5        20        41.1        41        2        16        15        11        34        3.27        .259        0        0
        MR        25        Felipe Pérez        R        R        36        0        2        1        3        55.0        43        4        21        19        29        34        3.11        .217        0        0
        MR        28        David Grant        R        R        31        0        0        0        1        53.0        51        0        18        10        16        25        1.70        .259        0        0
        MR        94        Will Lewis        L        R        30        0        1        3        0        45.2        44        3        20        17        15        21        3.35        .257        0        0
        MR        87        José Hernández        L        L        29        0        0        0        0        36.2        26        2        15        14        24        22        3.44        .205        0        0
        SP        44        Orlando HernándezR        R        22        22        11        5        0        148.2        132        11        56        53        55        128        3.21        .240        2        1
        SP        17        Vicente Salas        L        R        22        22        9        10        0        162.1        160        18        74        71        40        117        3.94        .247        4        1
        SP        23        Brian Campbell        R        R        21        21        3        13        0        98.0        150        33        101        98        49        105        9.00        .354        0        0
        SP        15        Ted Burns        R        R        20        20        4        12        0        109.0        122        7        78        73        69        81        6.03        .283        0        0
        SP        14        Kelsey Brown        R        R        16        16        4        9        0        98.1        125        21        68        63        31        48        5.77        .306        0        0


Inf        POS        #        Name                B        T        G        AB        H        2B        3B        HR        RBI        R        BB        K        AVG        OBP        SLG        OPS        SB        CS
        SS        45        Jeff Sawyer        R        R        96        385        88        25        4        10        36        49        30        74        .229        .293        .392        .685        29        11
        LF        38        Bobby Stewart        L        L        97        385        115        15        4        27        74        62        27        38        .299        .344        .569        .913        6        1
        CF        31        Cody Reese        R        R        96        372        94        16        0        2        25        51        53        23        .253        .349        .312        .661        3        9
        RF        24        Alex Todd        L        L        97        364        100        15        1        20        59        47        40        68        .275        .351        .486        .837        8        8
        1B        48        Alfonso López        R        R        86        336        95        24        1        8        35        37        28        65        .283        .345        .432        .777        1        0
        2B        16        Shawn Carter        R        R        90        311        79        14        1        6        33        29        20        46        .254        .307        .363        .670        9        3
        3B        40        Ikki Watanabe        R        R        96        310        64        13        2        6        30        36        27        53        .206        .280        .319        .599        0        1
        C        9        Paul Peek        S        R        86        308        73        7        0        13        29        35        29        81        .237        .306        .386        .692        1        0
        1B        32        Ángel Crus        L        L        57        224        44        10        0        12        36        23        14        51        .196        .242        .402        .644        0        0
        2B        35        Brandon Burgess        S        R        66        180        31        6        1        6        16        12        12        54        .172        .235        .317        .551        0        1
        3B        20        Matt Dupree        R        R        51        125        26        4        0        3        10        17        12        15        .208        .288        .312        .600        0        0
        C        18        Manuel González        R        R        18        53        9        3        1        1        3        4        5        10        .170        .254        .321        .575        0        0
        LF        13        Carlos Acosta        R        R        33        39        8        2        0        0        2        3        0        12        .205        .205        .256        .462        0        0
        CF        22        Martín López        L        L        14        21        5        0        0        0        0        0        0        7        .238        .238        .238        .476        2        0

Young Drachma 10-14-2007 04:17 PM

I am genuinely curious how some of the readers out there would approach a situation like this. Rebuilding in the era of relegation is very, very different than dealing with just losing for a few years and going through growing pains. Playing at the lower levels is a lot more competitive than you'd think and once you get down there and have to face salary caps and other restraints, it becomes very difficult to move up and so, it's not anywhere we want to be.

And playing the best-of-five challenge series is akin to a crapshoot, too. should I approach presenting this season to you? I considered doing a game-by-game account of the rest of this year, to break down my thought process and also to slow things down a bit and help you all get more invested in the guys we have and the team as a whole.

I'm looking for feedback.

PilotMan 10-14-2007 10:11 PM

I think that the first order of business it avoiding relegation. It seems that you have at least 2 starters that *need* to be replaced. A third would be helpful. I would look for pitching first, but then I always look at pitching first. The bullpen is acceptable for now. The offense actually looks pretty good, but club is really lacking contact hitters (i.e #2 hitters) and guys who get on base (more #2 hitters). That would be the first things that I would look at anyway.

Young Drachma 10-15-2007 12:28 AM

Ed Note: Trading is on hard

JULY 18, 2007
We traded pitchers Will Lewis, Kelsey Brown, Bruce Campbell and shortstop Jeff Sawyer to San Antonio today for:


37-year old SP Edward Braun (3-5, 4.19 ERA, 61 K in 10 starts this season)

25-year old RP Jorge Gonzales (4-4, 2 SV, 2.68 ERA, in 37 appearances)

28-year old SP Marcos Castenda (9-7, 4.40 ERA, 56 K in 18 starts this season)

23-year old RP Anthony Maloney (2-2, 3 SV 5.30 ERA in 33 appearances in the minors this year.)

Rationale: It was all about having more options. We have little to none at the moment. Campbell was horrible with us, but he'd never had a season this bad before (10-13, 4.99 ERA, 208 K last year in Toronto) and so, I felt the change of scenery might help and seeing that he had some value, keeping him at his current pace was not an option.

Sawyer is just 26 and is another guy that was struggling in his first year with us. He makes $5.2 million a year and so, getting rid of him and his salary -- even if he rebounds -- was worth it to me.

This isn't the last deal we'll make before the deadline, as I'm expecting to move either Sharpe or Moneur before the deadline, hoping to pick up prospects in return.

I'm also considering moving Moneur to the rotation. He's started two games in his career, I started him last week and he started a game two years ago in New York.

I don't have any illusions about building a contender or a winner this year or even next. I just want to get this team stabilized enough to a safe, midtable position where we can begin to plot our next moves.

Young Drachma 10-15-2007 12:41 AM

JULY 23, 2007
I'm almost amused at how bad we are at everything critical and really trying to resist blowing the team up, selling off whatever value we have to try to get players to salvage the year. This team does everything porly. We're the worst hitting team in baseball and amongst the worst in team ERA as well. I mean, none of this is really that much a surprise and all, it's just....staggering.

We just got swept this past weekend by the Atlanta A's and now we're currently tied with California Empires for the worst record in baseball.

I've moved new acquisition Jorge Gonazales into the rotation, along with Paul Moneur, because I figured well..why not?

I haven't found a deal for Sharpe yet and I haven't really decided what to do with what we have, knowing that after August 2nd, there won't be a whole lot that we can do.

I'll be scouring the minor leagues to see if there are some "near-ready" or "ready" guys that teams are holding onto that can be had. I think that's our best hope right now, as it would be my strategy if this were a lower-division team trying to move up and so, maybe I need to focus more on that, than anything.

And in case you were wondering, if two teams are tied with the worst record, they play a one-game playoff, with the loser going to the Challenge Series.

Young Drachma 10-15-2007 01:08 AM

JULY 23, 2007

LOS ANGELES - Dodgers G.M. D.C. Daly is desperate to keep him team in the major leagues. So much so that he dealt his team's lone all-star and ace pitcher Orlando Hernandez to Eastern Division leading Boston today as the centerpiece of a deal that would allow the Dodgers to cut payrol by close to $4 million, as well as picking up some prospects along the way.

In the deal, the Dodgers also sent free agent to be Alex Todd, who despite hitting .274 with 21 HRs so far this year, indicated that he would test free agency and so, the team decided to move him while had value.

One other starter, C Paul Peek, who is hitting .239 with 14 HR and 32 RBI as the starting catcher for most of the season and valued primarily for his defensive prowess, will give the Yankees another option at catcher.

Two other minor leaguers -- reliever Javier Orozco and outfielder Mat Gilmore - were also included in the deal.

In return, the Dodgers get starting pitcher Chuck Sherman who is 10-9 with a 4.63 ERA this year in 22 starts with 85 strikeouts and 52 walks. Another notable major league player the team acquired was outfielder Nick Johnson, who is hitting .254 with 13 HR and 47 RBI as the Yankees 4th outfielder. The Dodgers are likely to consider moving him to the infielder, possibly third base. Fifth outfielder Gabe Ramirez (.249/15 HR/37 RBI) and five minor leaguers sealed the deal for the Dodgers.

Fans in Los Angeles upon hearing the deal are livid with new GM D.C. Daly, saying that by dealing a player like Hernandez (11-7, 3.54 ERA, 8.0 K/9) that the team is resigned to its poor position and is giving up.

"We fully recognize that there is a risk in a deal like this and trust me, we weren't just happy beyond belief to give up a guy like Orlando and yet, I think that this trade will help us fill a ton of gaps that we're trying to address, because let's face it..for us right now, there is no tomorrow. We have to get through this season and then we can adjust or adapt as we need to. But right now, we're hearing the alarm and it doesn't make sense to hold onto guys -- especially 36-year old hurlers -- when they can be useful elsewhere, while helping us keep this team in the bigs."

LA talk radio is burning up over the deal saying that Daly should "go back to the minors" and that the engineer of the Yankees World Series championship in 2002 and who led the Bees to the World Series in 2004, is in over his head with a "team that probably needs someone who undrstands what a bad team is like and how to make them better."

What LA fans are ignoring is that it took him 3 years to get Boston to the post-season and that his first year, the team finished 66-96 and 7th in the eastern division.

Daly says that he's okay with criticism and that the team will hopefully respond to his moves. He has not ruled out another deal before the August 2nd trade deadline.

"I don't want to tip our hand too much, but I've been on the phone pretty much non-stop for at least a week. We've got some options and we're going to evaluate them and try to do the best thing we can for our ballclub."

The team is preparing for a four game homestand against the team that's sharing last place with them currently -- the California Empires -- and Daly says that this series will test the team's mettle.

"We'll see if they respond and how they respond. We've shaken things up a bit, but I think the team will decide for themselves what they want to happen next."

Young Drachma 10-15-2007 10:51 AM

We made two deadline deals after the one listed already:

JULY 27, 2007: We dealt Mike Sharpe, Angel Crus, Matt Dupree, Ikki Watanabe and Ted Burns to the Florida Marlins for prospect starter Armando Torres, who was ranked among the Top 100 prospects on Baseball America's list, he's a 24-year old southpaw.

We also got first baseman Joe Wilson (.263/3 HR/13 RBI), reliever Jason Woodward (0-1, 2 SV 1.46 ERA in 9 games), second baseman Victor Brown (.221/9 HR/38 RBI) and pitcher Matt Gregory (2-1, 2 SV 3.03 ERA)

On August 2nd, we made our final deal, trading with the San Francisco Giants for some veteran talent. We sent them outfielder Bobby Crawford, infielder Victor Brown, outfielder Gabe Ramirez, catcher Manuel Gonzalez, starter Edward Braun and Matt Gregory and cash for:

26-year old SS Scott Noble (.255/16 HR/51 RBI)
28-year old MR Joe Rainey (2-3, 1 SV 4.55 ERA)
32-year old LF Kelly Sizemore (.248/17 HR/ 61 RBI)
23-year old C Jose Valadez (.275/8 HR/25 RBI)

The deal with the Giants could be scrutinized heavily since we gave up so much talent -- at least on paper -- Sizemore and Crawford for sure. But, I felt like we need to augment our lineup with guys who'd fit. At this point in the game, I realized that we could get too attached to much of anybody -- other than Bobby Stewart -- because we're in the doldrums and if we didn't come out of this one alive, then we need to try to forge some sort of chemistry as fast as we could, plus I got rid of guys earlier that might be free agents and who made it clear they weren't going to resign.

Right now, the only free agents to be we have on our roster are pitchers Jorge Gonzales, Vincente Salas and David Grant and third baseman Alfonso Lopez.

I do realize that it's a bit insane to go imploding an entire rotation and selling off everything of value, but the real world and the relegation world are completely different and so, it's hard to parallel really.

After making the two deadline deals, I simmed an entire month and planned to go through the last month of the season game-by-game so you could really see whether we make it out or not.

Here are the standings in the MLB RED ZONE brought to you by Old Spice Red Zone:

NEW YORK METS                59-85 --

We went 14-13 in August, our first winning month of the season and even though you could hear the collective sting of "ouch" from fans and pundits when Bobby Crawford was named MLB Rookie of the Month for August (.389/4 HR/ 18 runs), I still feel confident the moves we made will prove right and keep us in the majors for another year without having to play the challenge series.

But that being said, being 2 1/2 games up isn't exactly a safety cushion by any stretch.

Our schedule the rest of the way out: (record as of Sept. 1st) (record against team)

Sept 1-3: @ Cincinnati (76-68) (0-0)
Sept 4-6: @ Houston (64-78) (0-0)
Sept 8-10: vs. San Jose (77-66) (2-8)
Sept 11-13: vs. Angels (74-68) (3-6)
Sept 14-16: @ California (59-83) (5-5)
Sept 17-20: vs. San Francisco (66-76) (2-7)

Young Drachma 10-15-2007 03:41 PM


In your opinion, is that realistic? I know you've said "reality and the world of relegation are different" but it seems easy to convince the AI (and your owner/fans) to make these kind of trades.

I think at the point that one creates a structure that's comprised of four tiers of major league baseball, abolishes the draft, pools media revenue and essentially treats baseball as on par with European Soccer in terms of its perceived popularity in the world, that realism is an overrated concept.

But that said, yeah I do. I don't make swindle deals where I acquire stars from teams on the cheap. Plus, I tend to overcompensate by generally playing in "God" mode and helping computer teams at random times and I'm always steering top talent their way, on purpose, to make things more difficult.

Also, in terms of realism...real life deals are almost ALWAYS involving multiple players and in most of my deals, I send more minor leaguers and so it always inflates the deal. If I were to say (as they do in real life) "future considerations" or "players to be named later" it'd be the same form or function of what we're doing here.

And when cash is involved in my deals, it's almost always sent as a mechanism to cover the salary of someone I'm sending to that team, not as a pot sweetener, though it acts that way. The alternative, would be to just subtract the money from our payroll and add it to theirs, but to me that's not realistic as the actual transfer of money from team to team.

So to answer your question in earnest (and I appreciate the question, I like these sorts of questions...because it really makes me know people are following what I'm doing and are curious about stuff), I will say that I never know where the line of "realism" and "just plum ridiculous" get drawn. I mean, we're a team in a major market, fighting for our lives. You have a (presumably) well-liked GM who is known for his ability to get quick results, make alliances and make things happen.

Ownership gives him the keys to the farm and say, "production has to improve. Or else." So on some level, I think panicking and dealing off guys where it could very well blow up in his face isn't really unrealistic. Especially fan favourite type guys like Alex Todd that came up with the organization and then get dealt up in a fit of rage that the TFNG decides don't fit with the "chemistry" of the new ballclub and where they're headed.

So yeah, they're realistic to me. Unorthodox maybe and perhaps crazy, but not unprecedented as far as this whole thing is concerned.

Young Drachma 10-15-2007 09:18 PM

So, I was wondering what fans were thinking about the team and decided to hit the internet.

Boy, was that a mistake.

Daly sucks! Who thought it was a good idea to bring this scrub from BOSTON to LA? This is the big city loser. He trades all of our good guys away and we're gonna have to play some sorry team, lose and get stuck in relegation playing in the minors like the Bombers or something.


With the spectre of positivity on our side, let's get to the last games of the regular season.

We start a three game set against the Cincinnati Reds on the road. We haven't played them all year.

I never know how to explain these games unless it's particular interest in the result and so, I'll just post the box scores unless something very interesting comes out of it.

In this particular case, I haven't done anything with the lineups at all, but might make some tweaks to particular games to see if someone can get hot to end the year.

Looking more closely, here are some of the notable guys who had hot months in August:

C Jose Valadez (.396/8 HR/ 16 RBI in 27 games)
SS Scott Noble (.342/3 HR/10 RBI in 27 games
OF Kelly Sizemore (.260/7 HR/17 RBI in 27 games)
SP Chuck Sherman (4-1, 17 K, 4.40 ERA)
SP Paul Moneur (2-0, 4.54 ERA 22 K)

The idea here is...find the hot hands and see where they can take us. Playing at Dodger Stadium itself is all about finding guys who can get on base and produce runs, not looking for dudes who can belt it out of the ballpark, because it's a lot harder to do there than it is somewhere else and so, that's how we'll approach this.

September 1, 2007
Los Angeles 8, Cincinnati 1
Box Score

Young Drachma 10-16-2007 01:43 PM

The Los Angeles Dodgers, in an attempt to sellout the rest of the team's game as they fight off relegation have announced $1 game day, offering fans $1 tickets on a host of seats at the ballpark.

"We'll take a loss, sure. But this is bigger than money. It's about bleeding blue. We're hoping fans come out and support the team. We need them and bigger things are on the horizon," said GM D.C. Daly about the move.

Daly, who was brought on in mid-July has faced a ton of scrutiny from Dodgers fans who wanted someone closer to the organization to run the team after the team was acquired by new ownership prior to the All-Star break. Daly's design to break up a great deal of the ballclub after it sank to last place and after a run of back to back 90-loss seasons in 2005 and 2006 (70-92, 68-94), fans have become frustrated with the ballclub and its lack of success, though the team claimed division titles in 2000, 2001 and 2004, it's not resulted in any sort of success in the form of championships.

"People need to begin to understand that this is a process and that we're all very committed to getting this team into a place where it's very successful. But that takes time."

Unless otherwise asked, I'm just going to go game-by-game and not post box scores. I save them and the logs to any game my teams play these days, but it gets tedious to upload them, paste them or whatever when I know that sort of thing only appeals to a small base of people. Feel free to inform me of otherwise, tho.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2007:
Cincinnati 8, Los Angeles 2
The Reds had a 5-run eighth inning to bust the game open and get past the Dodgers at home.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2007:
Dodgers sign two college players
22-year old Harlan Minor signed a deal today with the Los Angeles Dodgers organization after four years at the University of Virginia. The Laramie, Wyoming native hit .355 with 78 HR and 232 RBI in four years of college. And in 2007, was a NCAA All-Star selection.

The other player was 22-year old outfielder Danny Hurley,a four-year starter at the University of Washington, Hurley hit 39 career HRs and 137 RBI during his four years at UW. The Beaverton, Oregon product is a left-handed hitter and the Dodgers are hoping he'll develop into a multifaceted outfielder down the road.

"We're happy with our college pickups this year and want to continue to develop our farm system," said D.C. Daly about the signings.

What happens to prospects upon relegation?
Teams lose their minor league club and it's transferred to the team that takes their place, upon relegation. Which can suck if you have a lot of young kids invested on the farm that you can put on the major league roster before you get relegated.

Dodgers 6, Cincinnati 4
Down 4-1 heading into the 9th inning, the Dodgers put their rally caps on and started to dig deep. A single by Cody Reese started the rally, when the Reds walked Scott Noble to get to Takashi Kichida, who'd been inserted into the game in the 9th and he was hit by a pitch to load the bases for Bobby Stewart, who was walked to score a run, to make the score 4-2. Rookie Harlan Minor struck out to make two outs and the Reds made a pitching change, but Taylor Briggs, the new pitcher gave up a triple to the Dodgers Nick Johnson that scored three and proved to be the cushion the Dodgers needed to pull out the late inning rally win.

"This are the games that seasons are made of," said Johnson about his game winning heroics.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2007: Los Angeles 13, Houston 0

SEPTEMBER 5, 2007: Houston 4, Los Angeles 3 (12 innings)

SEPTEMBER 6, 2007: Houston 5, Los Angeles 2

We head home now for 3 against San Jose and a four-game set against the cross-town rival Angels. We're 33-38 at home this year and only 31-47 on the road and so hopefully, we'll get some home cooking over the next few days.

Here are the Red Zone Relegation standings as of September 7, 2007

CALIFORNIA EMPIRES        61-87 --
SAN ANTONIO AVIATORS        63-85  2 (1-9 in their last 10 games)
NEW YORK METS          64-86  2

Young Drachma 10-16-2007 02:18 PM

CHUCK SHERMAN threw 8 innings of seven-hit ball, striking out 4 and walking 1, as the Dodgers only needed one run to combat Dalton Conway and the San Jose Captains attack.


D.C. Daly wanted his team to come off the road and get to see what it's like to be inspired by a home crowd packed to see them. The team hadn't had a sellout since back in April, but through the ingenuity of giveaways and offering a bevy of $1 tickets, the team has packed the house for three-straight games in a sweep against the Western Division leading San Jose Captains, leaving them 4 games ahead of California in the relegation race and giving the team a lot more breathing room than seemed possible a few weeks ago.

"We've really responded well," said Manager Vince Harris, who took over at mid-season. "We're not out of the woods yet, but I think we do see town we're gonna run like hell for it, before something comes and eats us in the forest."

The Dodgers are now 23-17 in one-run games this year, an astounding stat given how anemic the team's offense and as woeful as it's pitching has been. But the recent string of wins gives the ballclub hope, said G.M. D.C. Daly.

"We're really looking forward to an entire off-season to assess where the ballclub is and to set the gears in motion to being successful on a regular basis. Our fans deserve it and our new owners will demand it."


Heading to Riverside for a three-game set against the last-place California Empires should prove the mettle of the Dodgers as they finish up the season. The Empires are 3 games in back of the Washington Nationals for last place in MLB and if the Empires lose this series, they're likely going to be heading to a MLB Challenge Series matchup against the winner of the Continental League's Guinness Cup Series, which is now a best-of-seven game series and kicks off next week between Milwaukee and either Nevada or an up-start Chicago White Sox ballclub who have gone 7-3 in their last ten games.

Only the Dodgers and Colorado Rockies (76-81) have won 8 of their last 10 games in the majors at present. Meanwhile, the Empires have sunk lower, losing seven straight and 8 of their last 10 games and sit 4 1/2 games ahead of the Mets for MLB's wooden spoon.


The Empire gets off the schnide and cool off the hot Dodgers, heading into the last four games of the regular season. The Dodgers face the Giants at home, always a tough battle.


The Dodgers end the regular season at 74-88, 13 games out of first place in the Western Division and more importantly, not in last place. The team actually had a 6 game improvement over last season's 68-94 campaign.


AVERAGE: Chris Womack, Detroit (.335)
OBP: Arvin Valerio, Giants (.442)
SLG: Mauro Diaz, Brookyln (.635)
Hits: Chris Womack, Detroit (209)
Doubles: Jason Martin, Angels (47)
Triples: Vern Danton, Pennsylvania (15)
HR: Andrew Cooper, Seattle (50)
RBI: Randall Dorsey, St. Louis (148)
Runs: Will Bailey, Comets (120)
SB: Marty Adams, NY Rens (72)
WALKS: Mario Rivers, Cincinnati (136)
STRIKEOUTS: Dan Warren, Boston (182)

ERA: Togai Kato, St. Louis (2.00)
Wins: Ron Cowan, Columbus (23)
Losses: Terry Reed, Monterrey (19)
Saves: Jesus Herrera, Atlanta (45)
Strikeouts: Jaime Padilla, Houston (311)

Young Drachma 10-16-2007 02:24 PM

September 21, 2007


Northern Conference Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Worcester Browns        88        48        .647        -
Rockford Foresters        87        49        .640        1.0
Appleton Foxes                72        64        .529        16.0
Grand Rapids Griffins        72        64        .529        16.0
Hartford Whalers        67        69        .493        21.0
Harrisburg Senators        58        78        .426        30.0
Westchester Apples        52        84        .382        36.0

Pacific Conference Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Santa Maria Winemakers        78        58        .574        -
Spokane Natives                77        59        .566        1.0
El Paso Incredibles        65        71        .478        13.0
Bend Brewers                61        75        .449        17.0
Grand Junction Grays        60        76        .441        18.0
Dakota Thundercats        58        78        .426        20.0
Reno Miners                57        79        .419        21.0


Western Association Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Sioux Falls Canaries        87        67        .565        -
Wichita Wranglers        85        69        .552        2.0
Salt Lake Missions        82        72        .532        5.0
Albuquerque Dukes        76        78        .494        11.0
Omaha Conductors        74        80        .481        13.0
Colorado Springs Sky Sox73        81        .474        14.0
Boise Hawks                67        87        .435        20.0

                        W        L        PCT        GB
Windsor Red Sox                88        66        .571        -
Cedar Rapids Kernals        77        77        .500        11.0
Toledo Mud Hens                77        77        .500        11.0
Saint Paul Snappers        76        78        .494        12.0
Cheyenne Chiefs                75        79        .487        13.0
Indianapolis Nine        71        83        .461        17.0
Gary Blue Collars        70        84        .455        18.0

Southern Association Standings
                        W        L        PCT        GB
Minnesota Twins                85        69        .552        -
Nashville Sounds        84        70        .545        1.0
Orlando Miracle                79        75        .513        6.0
Tulsa Drillers                75        79        .487        10.0
Birmingham Barons        70        84        .455        15.0
New Orleans Zephyrs        70        84        .455        15.0
Oklahoma Red Hawks        70        84        .455        15.0

                        W        L        PCT        GB
Buffalo Bisons                83        71        .539        -
New Jersey Gothams        79        75        .513        4.0
Portland Sea Dogs        79        75        .513        4.0
Puerto Rico Leones        79        75        .513        4.0
Wilmington Blue Rocks        79        75        .513        4.0
Montreal Expos                77        77        .500        6.0
Norfolk Tides                69        85        .448        14.0


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Milwaukee Braves        94        60        .610        -
New York Bombers        85        69        .552        9.0
Charlotte Knights        84        70        .545        10.0
Cleveland Indians        75        79        .487        19.0
Philadelphia Phillies        75        79        .487        19.0
Tampa Bay Rays                73        81        .474        21.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Nevada Silverhawks        90        64        .584        -
Chicago White Sox        85        69        .552        5.0
Sacramento River Cats        82        72        .532        8.0
Arkansas Travelers        65        89        .422        25.0
Vancouver Whitecaps        59        95        .383        31.0
Portland Beavers        57        97        .370        33.0


Eastern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Pennsylvania Colonials        105        57        .648        -
Boston Yankees                96        66        .593        9.0
Brooklyn Cyclones        82        80        .506        23.0
Pittsburgh Pirates        80        82        .494        25.0
New York Rens                78        84        .481        27.0
Providence Bees                78        84        .481        27.0
Baltimore Orioles        76        86        .469        29.0
New York Mets                68        94        .420        37.0

Central Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Chicago Comets                86        76        .531        -
Chicago Cubs                84        78        .519        2.0
Columbus Clippers        84        78        .519        2.0
Kansas City Royals        83        79        .512        3.0
Detroit Tigers                82        80        .506        4.0
St. Louis Cardinals        81        81        .500        5.0
Toronto Blue Jays        79        83        .488        7.0
Monterrey Matadors        75        87        .463        11.0

Western Division        W        L        PCT        GB
San Jose Captains        87        75        .537        -
Seattle Mariners        86        76        .531        1.0
Los Angeles Angels        83        79        .512        4.0
Colorado Rockies        79        83        .488        8.0
San Francisco Giants        78        84        .481        9.0
Los Angeles Dodgers        74        88        .457        13.0
San Diego Padres        73        89        .451        14.0
California Empires        65        97        .401        22.0

Southern Division        W        L        PCT        GB
Arizona Diamondbacks        96        66        .593        -
Atlanta Athletics        95        67        .586        1.0
Florida Marlins                91        71        .562        5.0
Cincinnati Reds                83        79        .512        13.0
Texas Rangers                76        86        .469        20.0
San Antonio Aviators        71        91        .438        25.0
Houston Astros                69        93        .426        27.0
Washington Nationals        69        93        .426        27.0

Young Drachma 10-16-2007 02:33 PM

Each league I'll do separately, to make it easier to follow.

The Worcester Browns knocked off the Santa Maria (CA) Winemakers in 5 games to win their 2nd straight AL Pennant, but this team, they're going up a division after winning it all.

Meanwhile, the Boise Hawks (67-87) will be relegated from the National League after finishing with the worst record in that league for 2007.

WINDSOR def. Sioux Falls 4-3
Minnesota def. Buffalo 4-2

In the 2007 NLCS, the Windsor Red Sox knocked off the Minnesota Twins 4 games to 1 to advance to the Continental League in 2008.

Meanwhile, the Portland Beavers of the CL will be relegated to the NL after a 57-97 season.

The Nevada Silverhawks were undaunted by the new best-of-seven format of the GCS and knocked off 2005 Champion Milwaukee in six games and will now face the California Empires for the right to enter the bigs in 2008.

Young Drachma 10-16-2007 11:41 PM

Nevada Silverhawks Continental League Champions

California Empires Major League Baseball

For the first time ever, the Challenge Series is now a best-of-seven game series, with MLB going to this format to ensure "fairness" after teams complained the best-of-five format was a "crapshoot." The format is 2-2-3, meaning the CL team will play the first 2 games at home and the last 3 at home, a concession added to give the CL champion the home-field advantage for having won their league and having already played five games just to get here.


GAME 1: Nevada 6, California 4 (@ Nevada)
GAME 2: Nevada 12, California 7
GAME 3: California 4, Nevada 1 (@ California)
GAME 4: California 3, Nevada 2 (10 innings)
GAME 5: California 9, Nevada 6 (@ Nevada)
GAME 6: Nevada 8, California 7
GAME 7: Nevada 3, California 2

The Silverhawks become the first CL team to get promoted since the New York Rens in 2004.

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