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Young Drachma 07-08-2020 11:26 PM

Fast-sim OOTP League [Finnish Offseason Baseball League]
Launching a small [8 team] OOTP21 concept league based in Finland.

The Finnish Offseason Baseball League [FOBL] is a fast-sim league where we sim an entire season in a week over two sims [with a third sim for the post-season.] The opposite week is for free agency, trades and such alike.

If you ever played in FOOL [or one of its successors] or SLOP many years ago [both were hosted here], this is a league that'll remind you of that kind of experience.

Except many years into the future.

Fast-sim contrasts from normal OOTP leagues that sim a few days and take a month or more to run a season. We'll expect to run two seasons a month [So 24 in a calendar year] meaning that you can get through an entire generation of players over that time. But it makes rebuilds a lot faster, too!

FOBL will a static modern baseball experience in terms of settings, but it wouldn't be a DC fast-sim league without some quirks. I do not play to manage a team myself, just gonna run the league.

Here are the provisional cities for the league, like I said we've got at least 8 teams, but it might be as many as 10.





- No coaches or scouts
- Ratings are 1-10
- Financials on with media contracts balanced
- Salary cap of $10 million
- Injuries set to very low. Suspensions are off.
- Position Player Fatigue set to High [Is reset before the playoffs]
- Personality & morale settings are turned off
- DH on, Waivers off
- Minor League roster size is set to 40.
- No arbitration

I'm still working out some of the details, but I was ready to play fast-sim again and thought this was as good a time as any. The league will start with an inaugural draft though, so you won't inherit a bad team from the start. Still other features to work out -- that's why it's a concept league -- but it should fun and low key.

I've setup a Discord channel, so if you're interested PM me here, or just stop in there and help me discuss the finer points or if you just want to learn more about fast-sim.

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