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Cuckoo 07-05-2022 03:03 PM

NAFL Has Four Spots
One of the MP universe's longest-running and most stable leagues has a couple of openings. Although I'm certainly biased, there aren't many out there with a better collection of active and competitive GMs, and an atmosphere of respect and community.

About Us

The North American Football League has been around for over 17 years in real time and has just entered the 2062 offseason. So that means your opportunity to reshape your team has just begun!

About two thirds of our GMs have been with us for 10 game seasons or more, and believe it or not, we even have a few original GMs, including both Commissioners.

The NAFL is a real NFL teams league that began with a real player file in 2004. All of those players have since retired, of course, but they form our history. During the regular season, we sim on a consistent twice a week schedule with interim files released before all sims. Learn more about us and read our rules on

The Available Team

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play in one of the league's toughest divisions but were 11-5 just two years ago. The roster is full and has a Super Bowl winning QB, a former #2 overall pick at WR and plenty of depth all-around. The game has it currently rated as the league's 8th best roster.

What We're Looking For

Whether you're a beginning FOF player or a grizzled vet, the NAFL is simply looking for someone that is not only dedicated to his team but also to the league as a whole. We have quite a community of GMs, and we want someone who is willing to join that community. In other words, we put a premium on participation, whether it be in team write-ups or just being an active presence on the forum in discussions, polls, etc. We're looking for a history of dedication, reliability and participation or a firm commitment from a newbie to build that kind of history in the NAFL. We want someone who is in it for the long haul.

If interested, please post in the waiting list of our forum at

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Cuckoo 07-07-2022 02:48 PM


The Patriots are now filled, and a current GM has moved from Tampa Bay to his favorite team, the Bears. So the Bucs are now available.

Cuckoo 07-10-2022 01:55 PM


We're down to just 2 teams. Grab your spot now!

Cuckoo 07-12-2022 01:40 PM


We only have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers left!

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