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Bear with me here I am having to start completely over with a new host as apparently the original host seems to not want to take some of the larger OOTP League SQL files,and now OOTP is being a piece of Teenage coding when it comes to uploading league HTML files as it keeps losing connection in the middle of uploading.

Uploading from OOTP can be a pain. If you have either SSH access with the new host or can execute unix commands from your FTP program (consult your documentation/help files/forums), I highly recommend exporting everything from OOTP to your local computer, zipping up the HTML reports and SQL export files, FTPing them up to the server and extracting them on the remote server via the unix unzip command. If you have SSH access, definitely grab a copy of Putty.

Change to remote server directory:
cd /var/www/files/sql

The league HTML for my NABL demo site zips to 1/6 the size of the uncompressed size. The export SQL zips to 1/8. Might save some upload headaches. If you've never messed with command line linux before, now may not not be a bad time to dive in.

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