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Originally Posted by eddieballgame View Post
Converted the "1960.csv" file & it worked. Thanks again, Billy Beane.

this file works, but there are quotes around every single name, so I monkeyed with the CSV for 1960. here is what i found.

column W in the csv needs to be moved to column V.
column X in the csv needs to be moved to column U.
salaries need to start at column BY
all values of 6 and 7 in the new BY (formerly CA) need to be changed to 5.
the last two years of bonus and salary (every column after CI) need to be deleted.

making these changes will allow you to generate a new player file for the year that you are looking at. Remember that you will have to change the salaries when generating these files using the Player File Generator app.

I'm happy to send the 1960 that I created to anyone who needs it.

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