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I'll bite.

So Edward (or anyone for that matter), what would your idealistic Immigration bill look like?

What do we do with people here already illegally, whether they are adult or minor, or came across as adult or minor.

What should we do with the people who have left their countries and are currently trying to enter our country?

What do we do with people who have overstayed their Visas?

What penalties should people who knowingly employ illegal immigrants face?

What relevant issues have I missed?

Now that my time is freed up as flere-imsaho doesn't want to discuss with me ...

I knew I wrote up something a while ago. And guess what, it was to you. See Front Office Football Central - View Single Post - The Trump Presidency 2016

Before I start rambling, its always good to try level set a baseline. Here's where I'm coming from. Not in any particular order. Feel free to agree, disagree or add to.

1) Most of today's illegals come from south of the border. Most come for economic reasons, most are law-abiding but there is a criminal element
2) Legal visa holders stay in the US after their visa has expired
3) We can't track well who is in the country
4) Some industries need "migrants" to work jobs that American's won't. Many are hiring illegals and turning a blind eye (not as bad as before though)
5) It is to the US advantage to encourage highly skilled people (e.g. entrepreneurs, PhD students but not sure about pure wealth etc. you get the idea) to immigrate to the US. Certain groups should have preference
6) There is not a "chain immigration" problem where an immigrant is able to sponsor non-immediate family members. One should be able to sponsor immediate family members (e.g. spouse, child) but not an uncle, aunt etc.
7) There is a problem with H1B visa's, it has been abused by global companies. Benefit of visa lottery is suspect. Country quotas may not be fairly distributed
8) Non-citizen woman that has a baby in the US has secured US citizenship for that baby. Consider changing this law, maybe when child turns 18, the child can apply for fast track to citizenship vs automatic at birth

So my holistic solution (admittedly easier said than done) to immigration reform includes

1) Definitely kick out illegals with felonies
2) Acknowledge that economic need is the main driver. Setup something/fund etc. that helps the southern economies and encourages US companies that used illegals/migrant labor to invest further south; setup a renewable guest worker program
3) Make it harder for illegals to come and stay in the country. I personally believe the Wall is a good start to show commitment, resolve & deterrence; add the deterrent that if you are ever caught as an illegal, you can never, ever come back to the US legally or get guest worker visa
4) For the demand side of employers hiring, really crack down on them. I'm not just talking about a small business unit in a big conglomerate, I'm talking about the mom-and-pop farmers, builders, chicken processors, lawn improvement etc. also
5) However, don't just crack down on demand without offering an alternative. I think a renewable guest worker program is good. Allows us to track and control who stays or not. I do not know if guest worker should have a path to citizenship. I lean towards no but it should be renewable
6) Identify highly skilled immigrants and, assuming we can overcome the security and background check challenges, give them a fast track to US citizenship. Many of these will probably be Chinese or Asian students
7) Implement a system that can track all immigrants, guest workers, identified illegals, folks that overstayed their visas etc.
8) Fix the abuse with H1-B; get rid of lottery and give its allocations to other visa spots; review quota allocations to ensure its fair regardless of national origin
9) Fix the birthright law. Unsure what is possible but possibly when child turns 18, the child can apply for fast track to citizenship vs automatic at birth.


10) I think its perfectly reasonable to not allow immigrants/refugees from countries that we cannot clear satisfactorily. This is obviously tricky and I don't know the definition of "satisfactorily" is. We get flak from the Europeans but I don't see them (or the Vatican for that matter) volunteering to take our Latin/South American "refugees" or, in other words, you worry about countries close to you and we'll do the same.
11) I don't agree with US allowing dual citizenship. Probably a small matter in the big scheme of things but it eats at me. I understand US citizens benefit from this also from other countries (e.g. Canada)
12) DACA is tough. Under the assumption there is a holistic immigration reform, then I say let them stay (e.g. grandfathered) and provide path to citizenship
13) I don't see how this could work but if there was a way to ensure immigrants will "assimilate" that would be great. Obviously controversial and I don't know how to write a proposed law but here's a use case for me -- if you immigrate and insist on wearing a full burkha with face covered, see'ya. You want to wear a head scarf for modesty, no problems with that.
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