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-- Tottenham beats Sunderland to win the FA Cup on penalty kicks after a 1:1 draw.

League 2 Playoff Semifinals

First Leg

Chesterfield 1 : 0 Oxford
Rochdale 2 : 1 Brighton

Second Leg

Oxford (3) 3 : 1 (2) Chesterfield - Oxford Advances
Brighton (3) 2 : 3 (5) Rochdale - Rochdale Advances

League 2 Playoff Finals

Rochdale p 0 : 0 Oxford

The game goes to penalty kicks, after 5 kicks each team has hit four, but on the 6th Rochdale scores and saves the pk by Oxford. Rochdale will advance to League 1 along with us.

-- Woking pay out $275k to the players as their bonus for winning the league.

-- Our finish is obviously our best ever, but we get a mail telling us

Award Winners

-- Constantino is the top goalscorer, we knew that but here its officially recognized

-- I am the league 2 manager of the year

-- Stelios Nikolaou, Joe O'Sullivan, Ed Upson, and Constantino are all named to the players team of the year
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