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Woking @ Swindon

Swindon are struggling bad and currently sit in last in the league. They're favored pretty big here today though, 4:6 vs our 7:2. We've met Swindon twice in cup competitions, losing both times. Swindon has spent most of the last 15 years in League 1 with a couple seasons up in the Championship. They made the playoffs each of the last two years but didn't manage to win promotion up.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/Taylor/Marc/Ogogo
MC: Upson/Paulo
AM: Colin/N'Guessan
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

N'Guessan is healthy again and gets the start, we are happy with everyone else in the lineup. Standard mindset today even on the road, lets see what we can do.

10': They have control so far, on one of their many attacks, they pass it in to a striker, Austin, he turns by a defender at the 18 yard line and fires an absolute rocket that is in the back of the net before anyone has a chance to even see it really... 0-1

12': Constantino receives a pass near the edge of the penalty area, he beats a defender and gets into the area and has our first shot and its a clear cut chance, but the keeper makes a diving save, he should have been able to put that away.

24': midfielder Spearing gets a yellow for bringing down Colin.

30': Midfieldear Spearing brings down Upson in the midfield... its a foul... and a card, RED CARD! We get a man advantage for 60 minutes.

41': Upson gets the ball to Harsanyi after a defensive stop. Harsanyi is on our defensive side of midfield... he burns his man and he's off, with the man advantage there is a pretty damn big hole here, he sprints towards the area, there's one defender trying to close down, Constantino is running up the middle too... Harsanyi gets in the area and blasts a low shot near post and its by the keeper!! Great individual effort. 1-1

HALF: They're better but hey we have a man advantage. We have 6 shots but just 2 on target, they have 5 shots and just the one on target. We've been in control since their man got sent off, hopefully we can get another goal here.

50': they have it in the midfield, there's a long through ball to an attacker Porter, he's WAY behind our central defenders but Ogogo was hanging back screwing up the offsides trap. Their man Porter is in the area nd scores easily. UGGH giving up a goal a man up is sad. Ogogo is at fault there for screwing up our back line. 1-2

63': Ogogo crosses into the area, the ball bounces loose for a bit, Upson is first to control it and fires a shot that hits the left post and bounces back into play... they clear it, so close.

67': Zatara in for n'Guessan, O'Sullivan for Paulo.

75': constantino makes a long run down the right side, croses into the middle, Colin gets his head on it but its over. We have 14 shots now but only 4 on target, we just haven't done well .

77': Constantino with it again, he gets wide right, sends it back to Upson who pushes it ahead to Harsanyi, Harsanyi with a clear cut chance, he's got a point blank look at their keeper... but can't put it by, its saved.

79': Taylor with a yellow for a tackle near midfield.

81': Zatara has it down the right side after receiving a pass from Upson, he lofts in a cross, Constantino is about 15 yards out on the right side of the goal, he heads it across to the left side of the net and is able to place it by the keeper and in the left side of the net, a great, great header!! 2-2

They do a really good job of killing the clock after this to secure the tie a man down.

Swindon 2 : 2 Woking

We end up with 19 shots to their 8, we piled on the pressure but that second goal we gave up was just horrible.

Man of the Match: Harsanyi (8.3)
Goals: Harsanyi, Constantino (7.6)
Assists: Upson (7.6), Zatara (6.9)
Notables: Paulo (7.0), Colin (7.1)

Objectively the tie is a great result but going a man up 30 minutes in we really should have gotten a win here.
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