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-- QPR tried to give us a midfielder on loan but since we've already used up our long term loans for the year we can't take anyone new. Upson/Paulo/O'Sullivan are working great anyway.

October 4th, 2016

Johnstone's Paint Trophy South Second Round

Swindon(24th, L1) @ Woking(4th, L1)

We played Swindon to a 2:2 draw on the road in one of our earlier League 1 Matches. It was a weird match though, it felt like they were the better team, but they had a man sent off. This will be our 4th ever meeting, we're 0-1-2, with the two losses in cup matches in 2014 and 2015. We're even money favorites today, i'm a bit skeptical after what I saw in our first match.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/Chester/Marc/Ogogo
MC: Upson/Paulo
AM: Colin/Zatara
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

Ogogo is back from injury but not quite ready yet. Taylor is hurt so we get Chester and Marc in the back. Zatara starts for N'Guessan today because he's going to be out on international duty for a bit after this so we give N'Guessan a rest today to prepare. We attack today.

14': Cross comes in from Colin after a run down the left, Zatara is at the far end of the 6 yard box and heads it... off the crossbar, close!

30': We've taken 6 shots but I've only seen a couple, only 1 on target, 3 from long range. We've only allowed one off target shot. They're trying a lot of through balls whenever I see highlights in our defensive end but Marc and Chester are doing a good job back there.

40': We control it for a good long while, Constantino makes a run that earns us a corner, we put the ball into the area many times, 5 or 6 times between crosses and putting clearances back in to try to find a shot... and tehre's just nothing there. Eventually they finally clear the ball away and possess it.

HALF: Constantino and Chester are struggling a lot here. Chester has been a pretty big disappointment so far, maybe the physical skills are bringing him way down. Nothing has changed from my 30 minute update, we have 6 shots, just 1 on target, they only have 1 shot that was blocked. We have a nice 58/42 possession edge but we really haven't generated anything that looked like a really good chance outside of Zatara's header off the bar.

52': Upson plays a wild long ball forward from the midfield... they have two defenders there, but constantino comes in and steals the ball away! I dunno what he's supposed to do here, it is basically a 1 on 5 situation, Constantino runs into the area, and he's brought down, penalty given! Upson takes the penalty and buries it. What a weird, weird sequence. 1-0

66': Ferry comes in for Harsanyi and we drop into a more defensive formation, Ferry DMC, just Constantino foward. We drop back into a standard mindset from attacking.

71': Paulo is hurt, his fitness drops like a rock and he needs a treatment of a number of minutes off the pitch.

75': O'Sullivan is in for the injured Paulo

81': Constantino makes a tackle in our defensive end, about 30 yards out, but can't clear the ball away, they recover, our defensive line is well set but they put a through ball into the area and its like we're asleep, this one is on chester... their forward Austin runs onto it and beats Lynch, evening the match late. 1-1

81': Back to attacking.

That's it, no more highlights on either side, we're going straight to penaltis here.

Swindon: Porter lines up, shoots to the right side, goal. 0-1
Woking: Ferry is up, he shoots slightly left of the keeper, not well placed, and its saved. 0-1
Swindon: Kinsella puts it in the left side of the net, no chance. 0-2
Woking: Colin steps up and buries it to the left of the keeper. 1-2
Swindon: Milsom is up, he goes left, into the back corner. 1-3
Woking: Constantino takes his turn, low to the right, its in. 2-3
Swindon: Vangeli is up, he sends it right... its the closest one yet, Lynch dives, but just barely misses. 2-4
Woking: Zatara steps up, he has to score here... but he doesn't, the keeper saves.

So disappointing, we were better all day, HEY THIS LOOKS FAMILIER KINDA. We shoot 12 times, control 60% of the possession, adn only allow 2 shots all match. We just totally dominated except they got their one goal and we couldn't finish more than one chance of ours. Penalties come up and we fail pretty hard.

Woking 1 : 1 Swindon (2-4 on Penalties)

Just a really disappointing result for us.

Man of the Match: Marc (7.3)
Goal: Upson (7.1)
Assist: Constantino (7.2)
Notables: Alcock (7.0), Colin (7.0)

James Chester is terrible today, winning only 3 of 11 headers and ending up with a 5.6 rating.

Injury Update

Paulo is going to miss 2 weeks with a thigh injury picked up late in today's match.
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