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hey hoops, i forgot to mention this, i did start over with my career with the new patch

Stared off at TCU went 11-2 ( got lucky with the players the cpu gave me by default)
I wanted to go bigger and Colorado came offering.

Went 4-8 (2-6) frist season ( 22 recruit class)
went 9-3 (6-2) second (14 recruit class)
went 12-1 (8-1) beat Georgia in the second best bowl

im sure your asking why im telling you this and the reason is that my first season i got 3 transfers ( stud Qb, Stud O line, and an ok DE) had a 22 recruit class...... those transfers were huge and turned my program around....... i got immerssed, and dont want to take any other jobs..... USC offered this offseason....... I know u would hate to start over, but the trasnfers work with the new patch (when i started over) and it makes the game 10 more fun

thought u would like to know

btw still a hell of a read and still enjoying

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