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Oregon won 27-24 at Minnesota.

Arizona lost at home to Illinois to fall to 0-2. Life after Tonnemaker looks hard so far ...

Oregon State lost at home to Western Michigan.

Right now it looks like USC is going to pistol-whip the rest of the Pac 10. We hope that we can get our house in order by the time that game comes around.

But we will have to make it through the next few games without the following players:
DE Phil Patten
CB Curry Thompson
WR Kato Thelwell
and a scrub QB

Those are manageable losses as long as injuries don't mount. But they represent two good young players that I hate to see miss out on development.

Patten's academic woes coincide with a complete ligament tear in his elbow. He was going to miss some time anyways. Gannon Dawson and Jack Farmer should be ready to play.
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