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The Beavers have a lot more going for them than the last couple of teams we have faced. QB John Reese has a 233.2 QB rating so far - hard to believe they have only scored 37 points in two games with that kind of efficiency. It is also hard to believe because they don't have all that much talent at the skill positions to help him build numbers.

The offensive line is nice. I'm jealous, except for the center position (hey, we stink there too). LG Marcus Baxter was a stud last season and is again mauling people.

SO DT Billy Chamberlain has to be chomping at the bit with the prospect of running over, around, and through our centers. But he is nursing a separated shoulder which may keep him on the sidelines. He already has 4 hurries in 2 games.

FS Doug Bradshaw has 23 tackles and a pick in 2 games. I would support him going pro a year early if he feels he needs to support his family.
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