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Back to back screen passes, each get 9 yards.
FS Keith Thomas is out with an injury.
But OSU sees their opening drive die at their 37. Punt.

Rattay gets Olsen involved early, and he responds with a great move after the catch to gain 21 yards down to the 26.
Nothing after that, and Ellis is brought in for a 42 yard attempt. Good. 3-0, 10:25 left in the quarter.

25 yard pass for Reese - six straight passes to open the game.
3 straight runs = 3 yards = punt.
The ball is downed at our 6.

OG McAddley is called for holding on a 3rd down conversion.
No good on the 2nd attempt and we punt from deep in our territory.

3 more runs but no first downs. Punt.

Morris gains 13, which helps him get his YPC up to 3.
A penalty on C Slaughter wipes out a 37 yard pass.
Again the penalty kills the drive. Punt.

Holding on the Beavers on 1st down.
But RB Jeff Hayes gains 24 on the next carry.
Huge pass play to WR Jeff Warrick for 48 yards after the QB bought time with his feet. Down at the 5.
OSU runs it in from 2 yards out. 7-3, 0:16 left in the quarter.

22 yard pass play to WR Derrick Palmer. And no flag down ...
16 more to Martin, down to the 30.
Morris escapes a tackle in the backfield and motors for 18.
9 more on the next carry, down at the 3.
Morris scores from the 2. 10-7, 12:15 left in the half.

Reese picks up 9 through the air on 3rd and 7.
14 more yards to Warrick on 3rd and 4. He has 4 catches for 96 yards already.
Reese runs a draw for 1 on 3rd and 3 from the 40. Punt.

OT Glover again leaves a game with an injury - toe this time.
10 yard run for Gannon Dawson, up to the 50.
Rattay finds Voight for 7 on 3rd and 2, tackled at the 23.
Incomplete screen on 3rd and 1 at the 14. 32 yard field goal is good and the score is 13-7 with 2:39 left in the half.

Another good gain in the passing game for Oregon State: 32 yards to WR Zach Schulters, to the UCLA 36 with two minutes left in the half.
DE Dickerson get a sack on 3rd and 2, forcing a 48 yard field goal. It is good, 13-10, 1:11 left in the half.

26 yards on a screen pass to Morris.
15 yard to Martin, to the 36.
Rattay is sacked, loss of 4.
And no points go on the board - drat.

Halftime Notes:
OSU has done a nice job of keeping our WRs from getting anything but the short stuff.
Morris has 17 carries for 74 yards in a pretty effective first 30 minutes.
Our defense hasn't forced a turnover in over 6 quarters now - would like to change that soon.
Pretty closely contested first half - if we finish drives with 7 instead of 3 in the 2nd half we win this game.

18 yards for Morris on his first carry of the 2nd half.
19 on the next carry. And he is over the century mark.
10 more to Toomer - we have run the first four plays.
The streak runs to five before an incomplete Rattay pass.
Rattay finds Martin all alone on 3rd and 11. 32 yards later, he is in the end zone. 20-10, 11:50 left in the 3rd.

DE Dickerson forces a fumble, but we can't recover.
We get away with a hold on 3rd down, forcing a punt.
The punt is fair-caught at the 7.

Morris runs for 8 on 3rd and 2. Big game for him so far: 23 carries for 126 yards.
Rattay is sacked for the 2nd time today. And a punt soon follows.
So does an 82 yard return. Looks like we had better tweak the coverage team ...
20-17, 6:17 left in the 3rd quarter.

Morris gets mauled, fumbles, and gives OSU the ball on our 24. This game is turning ugly right now ...

Reese finds Warrick for 9 on 3rd and 1.
11 yard TD pass and OSU is out in front. 24-20, 3:40 left in the 3rd quarter.

Another sack for OSU, as we just can't do anything right at the moment.
3 plays = -5 yards. Punt.

3 and out for the Beavers. Punt.

Rattay is stopped a yard shy on a draw, but OSU is whistled for a face mask.
Rattay goes down again, loss of 11 on a sack by the safety Kasper.
We punt from the 49.

23 yard run for RB Jeff Hayes, to the UCLA 38.
WR Jimmie Williams drops a pass on 3rd and 4. 50 yard field goal is blocked, but we are called for offsides. AGAIN??? This is such crap!
Williams catches the next 3rd down pass, 1st and goal at the 4.
They run it in from 4 yards out. 31-20, 7:54 left in the game.

J.R. Jackson almost takes it back. 98 yards, down at the 4.
One play drive, TD pass to Martin. 2 point conversion to Palmer. 31-28, 6:56 left to play.

Ellis pushes the kick out of bounds at the 10. The Beavers will start at the 40.
Reese throws for 11, 1st down.
3rd and 3 at the 10 - big play here. Pass is incomplete.
Carr kicks a 28 yard field goal. Good, if he had not converted it we would have been offsides. 34-28, 3:51 left to play.

Morris is drilled a fumbles, but Perryman dives on it.
Rattay misses Voight on 3rd and 4. We punt and need a stop quickly.

OSU will start with the ball on their 18 and a little over 2 minutes.
8 yard run for Hayes on a draw.
1 yard run for King.
Hayes runs through a tackle, picking up 5.
The next set of three downs goes nowhere, but we don't use our timeouts.

So we get the ball at our 34 as 18 seconds elapse on a punt. Nothing like losing a game by six with all three timeouts still remaining.

Two straight games of giving an opponent 14 points caught up to us (punt return, extra set of downs after failed field goal). Very, very annoying loss.

OOG: I just hate when the game engine lets me down, as I would obviously have called timeouts if I was making playcalls.
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