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CHAPTER 13: Aftershock

The celebration in the locker room was ecstatic, with champagne and music and dancing and high-fives and so on. The media covered it for about 15 minutes, then took their cameras and went home. I waited until the last reporter had left. Jeffrey Davis, who had never really cared that much about the players individually, hadn't even come into the locker room once his grandiose speechifyin' was wrapped up on the main stage.

I could tell there were some on the team who didn't let Davis' comments disturb them a bit. They were celebrating a championship and letting the non-football jokers be jokers. Most, to be honest, fell into this category. And while no one seemed truly disturbed about Davis' foolishness, there were a handful whose enthusiasm was curtailed a bit. Some had mixed feelings. Sure, we had just won the SuperBowl, but for who? For Southern revolutionaries? For a nutcase owner? Or for ourselves? It was time to celebrate, but were there other implications? And for those whose contracts were up, would we really be willing to play for Davis again?

After about 35 minutes of whooping and hollering, as some of the guys were stepping out of the shower, I stepped out of the office to address the team. I asked them all to finish showering and getting dressed, and before they left, I asked to address them all, if they would just hang on until everyone was ready.

About 15 minutes later, the players were out of the shower and either dressed or in the process. Again, I made another important speech:

"You have just proven yourselves the greatest football team in the world." The team let out a cheer. "Your owner has just proven himself to his rocker." Laughter. "The time for speeches came, but now is swiftly leaving. Jeffrey Davis' speech came, and now is over. His ownership, consequently, may also be over." Mumbles and whispers. "I am very sorry, for your sake, that you lived and played under the cloud he cast over this team. But that cloud is lifting. In winning this SuperBowl, you shot rays of light through the palor, you proved you were men of mettle who could win under any circumstances, and even if you owner has dishonored himself, you have left no question that you are men of honor, of valor, of courage, and of victory!" Shouts. "Let not your hearts be troubled by Jeffrey Davis. His storm shall quickly pass, but not your glory here this day. 34-3, gentlemen. 34 to freakin' 3!" Shouts. "In every stable there's manure, gentlemen. That doesn't mean the horses that live there aren't champions. You, gentlemen, you are champions! Go forth and celebrate!"

As the men left in a whoop and holler, a few stopped to shake my hand on the way out. Davis did everything he could to damper this celebration, but for a few of the guys, I had just given them their championship back. They could celebrate in freedom. And if everything worked just right, the Rebels would soon be free from Davis completely.

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