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As the year wore on, we struggled to a 9-4 record when injuries decimated the team, leaving us scrambling to sign players. Our stars were out, our line was gone, and anyone trying to play offense was left open to be fresh meat in the grinder.

An easier schedule at end of season enabled us to limp to 11-5, and with Atlanta's surprise loss, we won the division. Most importantly, that gave us a bye in the first round, which we desperately needed to heal our banged up lineup.

Even with the bye, we were forced to play our first playoff game without the help of John Abraham, CJ Atkins, Ahmad Carroll, or Marco Turtschin, who were all still out to injury. It's no surprise we lost to Giants, 20-12.

The surprise came at the end of the year, when the last of the payments were due. We had flirted with insolvency all year long, trying to stop ourselves from losing 14 million dollars--which would have bankrupted the 7 million I had reserved to finish the season (my 7 mil in reserves minus my 49% share of the losses). When the final cash register tolled, the team had lost 12 million. We made it. But barely.

In the next year of operations, I could lose no more than 2 million. I had one million left in the bank. That was it.
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