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Our first playoff game against the Cowboys was all Marco Turtschin, leading his new team to another victory. Has ever a less-touted, less talented QB been so successful? Maybe not since Joe Montana, whom many compare Turtschin to. Rebels win, 28-17.

The NFC Championship was all Turtschin again, throwing 23 of 29 for 256 yards, 3TDs, and 0 ints. The Rebels rolled to a 30-24 win. Turtschin led the Rebels to his third SuperBowl in a row; would he win his 3rd ring and 2nd SuperBowl MVP trophy?

In the SuperBowl Turtschin did indeed win his third ring, a 23-13 win over Browns. But Marco didn't grab MVP, as the defense stole the show, especially RDT Bernie Hicks, who not only led the team in sacks for the first time this year (with 11), but who also recorded a blazing 3 sacks, 2 hurries, and 5 tackles, earning game MVP. The offense struggled in the game, our inexperienced O-line not quite able to handle all the pressure, but the defense forced 5 turnovers to seal the game...and my fate?
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