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Alright, let’s look at my starters:

QB Jack Yoo – He has passing potential, but he’s a bit green, so we’ll be seeing picks and incompletions for a while.
RB Tyrus Torres – What’s to say? He’s my horse. Good at pounding but also quality at breking it for a distance. All three of the first round RBs I was looking at came out pretty good, one is a major power back, the other, McMillan is a solid all around back, but Torres fits my desire for a speed back who can still run up the middle when needed.
FL Harris Powell – My star, our best player, and a ticket to winning games I hope.
SE Jerry Reeves – he was drafted high to be our other WR, and although he is the second best on the team, I was hoping for more from the way my scouts talked. I hope he outperforms his ratings.
FB Marcel Maloney – We will be playing a FB in our games. Crazy I know. Adequate blocker, great catcher, good blitz pickup, but a sketchy runner. With great catching stats (85, 50, 71) he could be better than my third WR option.
TE Reuben Rasmussen – A great blocker, and a good catcher, Rasmussen was a great 4th round pickup for my offense. However, my offenses have a tendency to lose the TE, so if that happens, remember I warned you here.
LT Dennis Dotson – One of my Pentagon picks and a good potential OT. He is a massively good run blocker with a 90 run blockings, his strength leaves something to be desired with 29.
RT Darryl Dotson – The other Dotson, Darryl was my first o-line player selected, and he is just a great all around tackle. His potentials are 66, 65, 55, 56. Good solid stats the entire way through, and you can’t go wrong with that.
LG Preston Blake – This was a thin G class so I wanted to grab the good ones early. Preston is a serviceable OG with 50’s blocking and strength stats.
RG Vince Malone – Third round pick 198 was when I took my last starting O Line, because I wanted these guys to be good. His strength is a little weaker, but his blocking stats are pretty good. The weakest of my starters, and he is still good.
C Orlando Patchet is flat out the best rookie center in the league, I checked. I took him in the early third and he is totally worth it.
P Tracy Gomez – You expect the second best punter when you take the second one off the board, and I got it.
K Fernando Sigman – You expect the top K when you take the first one off the board, and I didn’t.
LDE Peter Hill – This fifth round selection is very green, but could grow into a solid player but will never knock blocker around on the pass rush with his muscles.
RDE William Caldwell – Getting the second best DE at the 3/1 pick is a good deal. He is not the best play diagnosis player out there but he has a great motor and will be our sackmaster.
LDT Cedric Garrard – Like Caldwell, poor at diagnosing the play, but a strong hitter and a good run stopper.
RDT – Floyd Hicks – He’s a good DT with no major strengths or deficiencies after he develops
SLB Eric Haslett – Solid Run D, and acceptable pass rush meet weak man-to-man defense. He’s note that good at zone either.
MLB Raymond Turnbull – The saving grace of our LB corps is our first defensive player taken, Turnbull. He is great at everything except adequate hitting and poor zone.
WLB Shane Bronson – I brought him in as a 7th backup, but with Krueger’s bust and my other backup LBs all sucking, he was my only choice to move to WLB. That means all three of my LB starts ended the draft in other positions and have since been moved. Weak at punishing hitter, but solid everywhere else although a lot green.
LCB Chris Augustson – Although he was my second CB Taken, he is the best on the team, although very green and he’ll need to grow into his coverage. He has very high run D.
RCB Robbie Ramon – Although taken first in the 3rd round, there are other corners on the roster better than him, or just as good as him. He is starting because his stats happen to be aligned more with a starter, but he could get pulled at some time.
SS Walt Robinson – Taken in the seventh, I expected Walt to be a backup, not a starter, but that’s how things go sometimes. He has no hitting ability at all, but he’s serviceable in the other areas, once he learns the game and develops.
FS Lee Kinney – Despite being a 4th round pick and coming after both starting CBs, Lee is by far the best player I have in my secondary. He is my saving grace out there, like Raymond Turnbull is to my LBs. He’s not an interception machine, but at this point, I don’t care. He even has a run defense of 80 potential at the FS position.
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