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Bad Things

I missed on Vincent Norris, a 6th round OG that is the second best in the class. Lance Ramos, a fourth round OG, was the third best, and I missed him too. I had taken both starters by then, so I missed twice on both of those guys. The bust at WLB really hurt my roster a lot, giving me a glaring hole and a weaker corps. Were I to do this over again, I’d nab a better LB much earlier. My kicker slightly busted down to second best. I wiffed on some corners. There was a lot of great CB talent that I just missed. Picked number 21, WLB Hamill was a 47/73 WLB and a good player. You have to think that had I gotten him, everything would have turned out differently. A late third round WLB is third best in the class and trated 27/61. That would have been a nice pickup too, but no, I had to take an OG who, although the 7th or so best G in the class, was way behind two other Gs on the board. I coulda done better there too.. I missed on DT Kenneth Brown when I took Hicks, and Brown is much better than Hicks. I went too late for Punter and missed the 60/81 awesomeness of P Tuggle. I picked the second punter off the board and got the second best one, which is expected, but there’s a big difference between a 70 rating and an 81 rating on a P. Green Bay took Tuggle with my pick too, so I could have had him.
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